Welcome to FitnessGreed, a guide for your daily fitness needs. At FitnessGreed, we are committed to giving you a helping hand along your journey of getting fit and staying healthy. 

It’s not just Olympic athletes who have to be faster, higher, and stronger. Every individual has the innate ability to become a better version of themselves, physically and mentally. Fitness can help you achieve your physical needs and help you discover your true self in the process. This will eventually make you a stronger person mentally.

The journey of fitness is a long and often confusing one. Beginners do not know where to start, while intermediate fitness enthusiasts do not know how to proceed. Even fitness freaks are looking for new methods to maintain their health. 

This is where we, at FitnessGreed, are here to help you. With proper guidance, quick tips, and developments in the field of fitness, we aim to make your fitness experience a fun and exciting one.

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We bring you detailed information about basic and advanced exercise techniques, catering to the needs of beginners as well as fitness freaks. We also keep you up to speed with the latest trends and techniques to help you work out more effectively and efficiently.

We also provide you with detailed reviews of fitness equipment. We discuss a wide range of products across various points, helping you make the best choice according to your budget and needs. The products we review, from treadmills to fitness bands, will also help you gain access to fitness from the comfort of your homes and office spaces.

In short, FitnessGreed is here to help you achieve your fitness goals in the safest and best way possible, without having to spend a bombshell on it. When it comes to physical health, it’s okay to be a little greedy. After all, health is true wealth!

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Here are some of the tips that you can use to stay fit and healthy:


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Running is the most common form of cardiovascular exercise known to man. However, an outdoor run requires good weather, a proper surface to run on, and a peaceful environment to ensure you maximize the impact of this activity. This can be a great ask of many, especially for those with busy schedules and long working hours.

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The solution? A good old treadmill! Treadmills are designed to simulate running, walking, or even climbing up an incline. Ever since its discovery as an effective aerobic workout, treadmills have developed by leaps and bounds. The many benefits they offer include low impact training, an opportunity to exercise whenever, and faster weight loss.

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Our in-depth review of treadmills covers a wide range of products across reputable brands, from compact treadmills designed for confined spaces to high-end treadmills providing training features for athletes and sportspersons. 

Our reviews will help you get a basic understanding of the materials used in the construction of the frame, the length, and width of the belt, weight restrictions as well as the price point. 

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The in-depth analysis includes reviewing the quality of the motor, the ease of shifting, and using the equipment. The various features discussed include the display, the sensors, and the connectivity offered, as well as its stability during operation. The pros and cons section discusses the advantages and disadvantages, based on user feedback as well.

We have covered reviews of some of the top-selling and best-rated treadmills, you can read that from here.

Home Gyms

Gyms are an expensive affair for many people. They are also difficult to accommodate in many people’s schedules due to the distance of a good gym from their homes or workplaces. 

Many people also find the environment of a gym uncomfortable, with loud music, the smell of sweat and dirt, as well as ineffective ventilation drastically reducing their experience of working out. Many people can also feel insecure about working out in the presence of other people.

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Home gyms are an effective solution to this problem. Most home gyms consist of multiple moving parts and weights that can be used for a full-body workout. They also provide one with the opportunity to do exercises that target specific muscle groups like the arms, legs, and core. 

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Home gyms provide you with a chance to do simply inclined pushups, as well as complex bench presses, all from the comfort of your homes. Being a private property, home gyms solve a major issue of hygiene for those concerned.

Our reviews of home gym equipment include a wide variety of products across various price points. A quick glimpse gives you information about the various equipment included, the brand, the price point, and the warranty included. 

Going into the details, we review the quality of the materials used, the ease of access and maintenance, as well as the smoothness of the moving parts.

We also discuss the comfort while using the equipment, such as the seat and backrest padding. One can rely on the pros and cons for a summary about the product, which takes user feedback into consideration as well.

Here are some of the best-rated home gyms that one can find out:

Elliptical Machines

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With rapid advances in the field of fitness equipment, efforts were made to ensure the elderly, people with injuries, and joint pain could also exercise effectively without risking further problems. This saw the innovation of the elliptical, which has now become increasingly popular amongst those looking to exercise from the comfort of their homes.

Elliptical machines are low impact machines that reduce the amount of stress on the knee and ankle joints. The smooth motion along with the moving arm support works out multiple muscle groups, thus catering to the requirements of a wider group of people. 

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These machines have also been made into the more compact and cost-effective mini-elliptical, which provides the same benefits as the full-body version, but fits even in small apartments and compact office gyms.

Our reviews of elliptical machines cover products from different brands, across a wide price point. We give you expert feedback on products ranging from mini-ellipticals to full body high-end ellipticals. Our reviews give you an idea about the brand, the weight restriction, and the quality of materials used at first sight.

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Further details include the number of resistance settings, the smoothness, and efficiency of the flywheel, the quietness and comfort of operating the machine. Features like the display, incline and speed settings, external connectivity, and inbuilt workout preset are also discussed.

The pros and cons section is based on a combination of expert opinion as well as user-based feedback. Read some of the reviews of the best selling elliptical machines:

Exercise Bikes

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Cycling has long evolved from being a mode of transportation to being a great way to get fit. Another popular form of cardiovascular exercise, it is a great way to lose weight and stay fit. 

However, cycling requires good roads, minimal traffic or dedicated cycling paths, and specialized equipment for safety reasons. It can still be disrupted by external factors like rain and fog. 

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Exercise bikes are a suitable and effective way of cycling yourself to good health. The pedaling motion ensures you gain the same benefits of cycling, all while being stationary and in the comfort of your apartment. Exercise bikes are especially effective in developing the strength and endurance of the muscles in your core and legs. 

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Our reviews of exercise bikes cover a variety of products from reputed brands in the field. We discuss the quality of the materials involved, the footprint of the model, and its warranty period in brief. Our in-depth review covers the comfort aspect of the device, like the pedal and seat comfort, stride length, and so on. 

We also discuss the various features of the product, including the entertainment and preset workout routines, the various sensors and display parameters, as well the stability and smoothness of the bike during operation. 

The pros and cons section gives you a brief understanding of whether the product is right for you or not, based not only on technical specifications but also on the reviews of existing users. Read some of the reviews that we have covered:

Fitness Bands

Fitness bands are a great way to provide resistance to your workouts, and thus make them challenging whenever, wherever. These compact workout aids are not only essential for fitness enthusiasts looking to develop strength in their muscles. It is an important tool in improving flexibility and endurance, which makes it a go-to aid for dancers and gymnasts as well.

We review the best and most popular fitness bands available in the market. In-depth details are provided about the quality and reputation of the manufacturing brand. We also provide expert opinions about the comfort of the materials and the ease of use of each product. 

The pros and cons section is based on user usage, including dancers and athletes who have a better understanding of the products after rigorous use for their respective fields.

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Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells play a crucial role in strength and weight training. They are amongst the most compact and effective ways to build muscle. Dumbbells are also used in the joint-isolation exercises, as well as full-body multiplanar exercises. 

This helps improve inter and intramuscular coordination and also builds strength in muscle groups. Dumbbells are also effective in training a single arm or leg, which helps you target specific muscle groups easily. Dumbbells also do not have any moving parts, making it a low-cost expense compared to complex gym machines.

Adjustable dumbbells are an all in one combination of different weights. They allow the user to use a single pair of dumbbells and interchange or add the extra weight depending on their requirements. This makes it a great option for those looking for compact solutions to workout at small apartments and offices.

Our reviews of these dumbbells take a look at each product in detail. We discuss the brand, the quality of materials used, and the price point of these products. In-depth details in our review will include information about the grip they offer, the ease of changing or adjusting the weights, the durability of the construction, and the stability of the weights while exercising. We also present user-based feedback on the product, highlighting its various pros and cons. 

Our comprehensive reviews leave minimal room for doubt, but if you have one, feel free to contact us and we will clarify them as soon as we can. Read some of the best adjustable dumbells from our site: