8 LIFE Lessons Brazilian JIU-JITSU Teaches

Brazilian JIU-JITSU

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ is one of the most popular and widely practiced sports in the whole world. Not only this but it is also one of the handful of sports that provide character building and practical life skills apart from mental and physical health benefits.

BJJ has many different forms such as Gi-BJJ and no-Gi BJJ and all of its forms are very healthy and teach valuable life skills, and in this article, we will talk about what these valuable lessons are.

1- Size is not everything

In every area of life, you must have heard that your physical size plays a vital role in all aspects of your life. For those people who aren’t actually 6 feet tall, this social norm results in diminishing their self-esteem, self-confidence, and results in developing insecurities.

This fighting discipline has many types of workouts and moves that are specifically designed so that even the smallest size of individuals can partake in this combat sport and can learn the techniques and moves this sport has to offer.

With the right skills and practice, even the smallest size individual can defeat a larger opponent that results in boosting the self-confidence of the individuals who don’t have that much of athletic bodies.

2-  You learn to enjoy the pain

When you have fitness goals in mind and work steadily towards them by exercising different types of workout routines. You grow to learn that the harder you push yourself the more you endure the pain the better results you will get.

The intensive exercises, techniques, and moves involved in the training sessions allow you to develop a mindset of enjoying the pain and associating the factor of growth with it. The more you go through pain the more you will grow.

3- Learning to fail

In BJJ training matches it is inevitable that you will lose multiple times to your opponents even after giving your 100%. It teaches you to fail in order to improve yourself. You cannot expect to win at everything in life in your first try.

To gain the things you desire you must try again and again and fail. Because when you fail it allows you the opportunity to improve your weak areas and try harder to accomplish your goals.

Studying this fighting discipline will help you to build resiliency and prevent you from becoming a soar loser who loses his will even in the slightest of stressful situations.

4- It teaches you to face your fears

In life, you will be fearful of a lot of things. Even if it is the fear of failure that keeps you from starting a new business, or the fear of asking for a raise after years of working in the same position and so on.

This sports art teaches you that success awaits behind the closed doors of fears. The only way to grow and achieve something that you desire is to face your fears and to conquer them.

Similarly, the partakers of BJJ understand the risks of getting injured or suffering severe health conditions like concussions but they set their fears aside and face the dangers head-on.

5- It builds your character

What good are your muscles and lean body if you do not even have the manners and etiquettes to communicate with someone? BJJ practitioners work as a team of coaches, trainers, and challengers to achieve their desired fitness dreams.

This teamwork teaches you how to respect others in your circle and how to display good manners and regard to others in order to effectively communicate with them and make relations that can last a lifetime.

6- It teaches you to respect the rules

Every sport has its rules and regulations that are required by participants to be followed.

However, if you do not follow the rules and regulations in these combat sports not only will you be suspended from entering the building but also all of your hard work and physical workout efforts will go into vain.

For instance, if you work hard for participating in a tournament to achieve the next level in this sport.

But for not following the in-ring sports attire regulations you get disqualified and will be prevented from entering into the tournament. Studying this sport allows you to learn the importance of rules and regulations in every aspect of life.

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