Benefits of Compact Home Gym, (LOCKDOWN SPECIAL)

Aren’t you just bored by giving the same answers to your friends when they ask you how do you spend your time in quarantine? We, all are. 

But, do we just stop thinking about it or do something about it? We advise you to invest this time in getting on the tracks and making use of a home gym and trust us, there are a lot of benefits of a compact home gym. 

We will be very elaborately taking you through all of those and yes, you could run to an online shopping website to check out some of the most loved home gym equipment.

Benefits of Compact Home Gym

Before we actually jump onto listing out the benefits, advantages, or pros of having your own compact home gym we guess it is important that we give you a little backdrop of this whole scenario of owning your home gym.

Now, by this we don’t mean going to literally deciding a wallpaper for your home gym but giving you a little background for what you are up to. So, a home gym is basically a space, corner or room in your house dedicated for your gyming hours. 

This will contain all of the equipements you thought are essential for your workout sessions. A home gym comes as a saviour on days when you don’t feel like heading out of the home but still don’t want to break the consistency you have been maintaining for months now. 

Benefits of compact home gym
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While this can be seen as a direct and immediate benefit of building a home gym for yourself we just cannot get over our sense of humour where we nearly stopped ourselves from discussing the backdrop of your walls of the gym. 

But, on a serious note that too is one of the benefits where you get to decide the vibe of your gym. 

What can be better than you deciding the music, the view from the window and the colours of your gym walls. Agreed, not the best advantage out there but, it does count. Doesn’t it?

Now, let us just move on to some of the concrete benefits of a compact home gym which will actually help you in deciding if you want to build yourself a home gym or not.

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Trust us when we say that nothing can beat the comfort of doing things at home. 

Be it sending an email from your computer sitting at the sofa with some pizza on the table which also by the way, has been delivered to you at your doorstep or a trampoline in your backyard lifting up your mood on those bad and gloomy days. 

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We agree that you can go to public gyms for workout or an amusement park for having fun on the trampoline but, is it everyday that you visit an amusement park? 

No, right? if determined enough you can walk all the way to your gym everyday but there are going to be days when you won`t feel like stepping out or maybe the weather won’t allow you. 

Hence, your own personal home gym is very convenient and fuss free even when you don’t feel like working out.   


No matter how much ever you curse the situation, one thing that isn’t going to change is that from the past few years we haven’t been taking care of the hygiene factor as we ought to and now we surely don’t want to take it for granted. 

That starts from the first activity you would be attempting from the start of the day i.e. working out or gyming. When you go to a public gym no matter which surface you touch, hundreds of sweaty hands would have already contaminated or passed germs onto just that one particular surface. 

Imagine what will happen when you touch fifty such surfaces and the bitter truth is that using a sanitizer or disinfectant after everything you touch doesn’t seem to be practical enough as well. 

Hence, if you are seriously concerned about the hygiene around you, this for you becomes one of the greatest benefits of owning a home gym.

Less cost and few ongoing expenses

Let’s be honest, no matter how much we boast about our new iphone a good saving and discount never hurt anybody and that is precisely the reason why you should consider building a home gym and read this list of benefits of a home gym

benefits of a home gym
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The most commonly known way of working out is to pay heavy money to those public gyms and still struggle every single morning to reach there and start working out. 

Also, no matter how good a public gym is there is always going to be complaints. It can be the trainer, timing or even the long queue you have to wait in to use a particular workout equipment. 

Whereas, when you build a home gym you are the boss and there is no doubt about it. We agree, it might seem to be a big investment at first but these are the reasons why that investment is worth it. 

Moreover, there are no ongoing expenses as well in a home gym.

Save time and money

We know everytime you see a banner declaring huge discounts or sale on your favourite brand or the outfit you had your eyes on for the longest time, you just cannot resist it and guess what, it’s not just you but millions of others. 

Nobody likes to splurge money onto something that’s not worth it. But, we assure you that a home gym is completely worth all the money you will be investing in making and building it. 

When you compare working out at home vs gym you would notice that the price difference is real and huge. Not just money, but the time that you invest in a public gym is also different when it comes to the benefits of a compact home gym. 

We are saying so because we know that not everybody has a public gym nearby. A lot of us have to travel to reach there, work out and then come back. At the least it takes about 30 minutes or even an hour for this round trip. 

If you have a gym at your own home you wouldn’t have to travel and you can make use of every single minute you have early in the morning.

Your space, your style

For a lot of us gyming and working out is not just limited to witnessing the changes your body shows up but it is also about the time you spend doing a particular workout routine. 

Does it make you feel good? Does it seem very easy or little too challenging? All of these questions run through our mind. 

Moreover, the emotional space you are in, also holds importance. But, deciding that for yourself isn’t quite possible in a public gym. Had you own a home gym, you would decide the vibe and environment for yourself. 

Buy only those equipment you think you can make the most use of, play your own music, maintain proper hygiene, and whatnot. 

We also think that in this way, the working out is going to show results even more faster and efficiently because then you would give your 100% to all the exercising.  

Focused training

If you are still pondering upon, is a home gym a good investment? You should definitely check this point out where we talk about how you can see and observe some real changes in your workout session. 

So, when you go through all of the above mentioned points you would notice that when you are visiting a public gym for your daily workout session a lot of factors are involved in you, having a good one hour workout. 

But, when you have a gym set up in the next door the only thing that’s between you and your amazing workout session is a time span of five or ten minutes. No travelling, no seeing faces of people who are unkind to you and thus no worries.

This means you will focus on your workouts like you have never before and enjoy it at the same time. Moreover, if you are spending your money you would want to see the best results , so why not spend that money in building a home gym for yourself.

No worries about Lockdowns

In these times of uncertainty, the last thing you would want is losing track of your workout routine and then ending up falling sick or something like that. 

benefits of owning home gym
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As we know, the virus has imposed some serious actions, lockdowns for months altogether being the worst one and this has severely affected people who used to go to a public gym but those who already have a home gym set up at their home, they would not have felt a difference in their health and fitness. 

Hence, if you are having concerns about maintaining your health, setting up a home gym would be the smartest move right now.

No distractions

A major portion of our readers will definitely agree when we say that a public gym has more distractions to offer than a gym set up at your own home. This indeed is true. 

These distractions may come in various forms such as the bad company of people, an inattentive trainer, or equipment not in the best condition. But, when it comes to your own home gym you would always make sure that no distractions whatsoever interrupt.

  • Can home workout be as effective as gym?

    Yes, sure. Once you have a proper knowledge about different workouts, the equipment you need and the correct way to use it at home workout can be equally beneficial as gym. Moreover, with the power of the internet you can easily know whatever you want to and clear out all the doubts that you may have.

  • Why home gyms are better?

    If you are still wondering about the benefits of compact home gym the answer to your question lies in the question itself. You see, not all of us have a lot of space to spare for a gym so whatever space you have you can work with it and still benefit from the comfort of your home.

  • Is a home gym better than a gym?

    In very simple words, the answer to this question depends upon some very basic questions. For example, how long will you be dedicated to gyming? Is it just you who could benefit from it or your family members as well? Your answers will surely give you the answer if a home gym is better than a gym or not.

  • Is home gym a good idea?

    Home gym is a good idea for people who cannot think of any other way to stay fit and are seriously dedicated to gyming and also for a family who wants to stay fit but it is quite obvious that not all of the family gym can go to a gym at once.

  • Can I workout at home and gain muscles?

    You see, the only difference between a gym and home gym is about the environment you are working out in mainly. So, when you have the correct equipment and the dedication you can surely work out as per the need of the hour.

  • Should I buy my own weights or join a gym?

    Honestly, if you ask us we would not compromise with the comfort of our home with buying some weights. Especially, when you have online shopping websites giving such amazing deals and discounts.

  • Is it worth going to the gym?

    Now, if you are amongst those who have to change cities due to unavoidable reasons a home gym is not a practical thing to do, and thus going to a gym would be better for you. Thus, going to a gym or not building a home gym or not completely depends upon your situation and needs.

There was a time when going to the gym was more of a trend than a need and now it’s owning a home gym. But, that doesn’t mean these aren’t efficient in helping you stay fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

However, looking at the benefits of compact home gym mentioned above, it is very evident that a home gym is going to prove more helpful than going all the way to a gym. 

That being said, eventually the decision is yours the facts though had to be put forth. We have reviewed some of the best and famous portable home gyms here in our website, you can also check them out.

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