Benefits of Using a Foldable Exercise Bike: Why they are SO POPULAR?

While there are tonnes of ways put there to help you stay fit and healthy we choose what suits us the best. For some, it might be a quick stroll with their pet in the park while for others it might be a sweaty run in the park. 

If you ask us, that is what fitness is, free for interpretation. Some like to take it heavy and rough whereas others, light and smooth. 

All of us have our own set of workout routines we have been practicing for years or months. On the course we change machines and equipment but once you enjoy something to the T you just cannot go back. One of such activities could be cycling. 

Be it our childhood days or cycling around the park just to stay fit, all of us are very closely related to it and that is one of the reasons an exercise bike is so popular these days. When compared to a treadmill or any other exercise equipment an exercise bike seems much easier and user-friendly.

That being said, we decided to dedicate an article to these exercise bikes realizing how fun and perfect they can be for the job of working out and exercising. 

But, as usual, we had to add a surprise element to it. Hence, these aren’t just any exercise bikes but the foldable ones. Heard of them before? We are sure you must have. Despite that, the facts and information that we are going to state today will surely take you by surprise.

Benefits of Using a Foldable Exercise Bike

Starting with a simple definition, an exercise bike is pretty similar to your regular bicycle except for the fact that you do not have to step out of your home to enjoy cycling.

With a bicycle that gives you all the benefits of cycling and that too at the comfort of your own home, you couldn’t ask for more. 

Usually, when you feel like listening to some good music in your AirPods while you cycle your way through the park or the road you have to take a lot of things into consideration.

For example, children are playing in the park, old people too. I should be a little more careful and listen to music some other time or is it too late, what if they close the park? 

On the worst days, the weather is just not in your favor. It started raining just when you were heading out with your bicycle. Isn’t it something we all have pondered upon?

In such cases, an indoor exercise bike comes to your rescue. But if you are wondering about the storage aspect of these bikes. Worry not because the ones we are talking about here are foldable and when not in use it can be easily folded and stored in a garage, corner, or even your closet.

Benefits of Using a Foldable Exercise Bike
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Now, there are also models of a workout bicycle that can be folded but these are far better than those because they are light-weight and portable.

If you are short on space but still want a workout machine to use when you cannot head out of the home a foldable exercise bike can be the perfect pick.

Moving on, there are two types of indoor exercise bikes-traditional upright and recumbent exercise bikes. The striking difference between the two is that the recumbent bike has the seat positioning a little lower along with a backrest and handles on either side for absolute stability. 

For commonality, both of them are folding exercise bikes. However, the recumbent exercise bikes are more comfortable for elderly people since they have good back support and are easier to hop on and then get off.

With hundreds of things being said about every product in the market you might end up thinking is it worth it? in this case, you might be pondering, are foldable exercise bikes any good? 

But, if you have been following us for a while you must be knowing that we like stating facts and figures in front of our customers and then letting them make the final call. 

Similarly, you can decide for yourself if you want to invest in a foldable exercise bike or not but we will be giving every reason to do so since we honestly think that it is great equipment for all those fitness enthusiasts out there. Now, let us start with explaining the benefits of using a foldable exercise bike:

Makes your Joints Stronger

If you have been in the habit of cycling before you must be aware of the fact that how good it is for your joints. The same goes for exercising with an indoor exercise bike.

Joint pains in our opinion can be one of the worst pains you can ever experience. It can go from hampering your day-to-day activities to getting you down for complete bed rest. Hence, it is always better to treat your joint pain before it’s too late.

Doesn’t matter if you are old, recovering from a recent accident or suffering from early joint pain an exercise bike can help you keep it in control and even treat it in the longer run.

You see, there is no other exercise equipment in the market that takes care of your joints as an exercise bike can. Thus, this is a benefit of a foldable exercise bike in the truest sense. 

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Interesting fact, did you know for every seven deaths in the United States one of them dies from heart disease? Hence, we cannot stress enough when it comes to taking care of your cardiovascular health.

But, when it comes to looking out for ways to do so we do have an option for you. An exercise bike, in that case, might look a bit too light and that your efforts are going in vain but then there is a solution for everything.

Since these bikes come with intensity levels to choose from when in the mood for some cardio, you can go for the highest one but in case, you are not satisfied even then because normally cardio exercises are meant to be highly exhausting you can even put on a weighted jacket with appropriate weight bars to enhance the experience and improve your cardiovascular health.

Helps you in Getting a Better Shape

Most of the time when we are working out we target to tone our muscles. With cycling on a foldable exercise bike toning of your lower body is fully guaranteed.

Benefits of Foldable Exercise Bike
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Women who complain about thick and uneven thighs can benefit from it. Again deciding on the intensity level, will help you in getting faster and effective results. 

When aiming for toning of muscles you must always keep in mind that it is your complete body muscles you are targeting for obvious reasons. So, when you are cycling on a foldable exercise bike make sure you are lifting hand weights or doing some kind of exercise to tone your upper body as well.

One thing to keep in mind while doing so is that you should go for less weight than you would usually do so that you do not fall while focusing on the weights.

Now, the benefit of working on your upper body while still cycling your way through these bikes is that you are improving your core muscles, overall balance, and strengthening the muscles as well.

Help you in Getting Better sleep

We understand that not all of us are fortunate to get into a deep sleep as you lie on the bed. For some, it takes hours while others get annoyed and tired trying to sleep and then end up ruining the next morning as well. Hence, it is very important to get a good night’s sleep.

Essentially there can be a million reasons why you are not getting one. From being stressed about the smallest of matters to a dangerous disease there can be a lot of factors responsible for your sleep cycle. But what does wonders is a good workout session in the evening.

We all know getting exhausted works as an invitation for a calming sleep but cycling exercises do a lot more than that. It helps you lose weight and increase your lung capacity, both of which play an important role in overcoming obstacles between you and your dreams.  (Study)

Helps you Burning all Extra Calories

As mentioned earlier, exercising on these bikes helps you tone down the lower body muscles? What does that even mean? That means you will be losing all the calories in that area and thus your muscles appear more toned and fit.

This leads us to the fact that cycling also leads to burning up a lot of calories and losing weight.

All of us have seen people obsess about not falling in the correct weight category and trying out whatever seems to help them even a little. Had they known the benefits of foldable exercise bike as losing weight and burning calories apart from the several others it would have been a lot easier for them until now.


Moving on to the more practical and benefits of foldable exercise bike you would agree with us when we say that being lightweight is the biggest benefit of foldable exercise bikes. This means you can easily move these exercise bikes from one space in your house to another.

Even if you plan to change your abode, carrying this won’t be a problem. Also, since they are foldable, being lightweight should have been one of the characteristic features to move it from the center of the hall to a corner or something. 

Low impact: Another great benefit of a foldable exercise machine is that it has a low impact on your body and muscles at first.

We understand why you would want an exercise machine that has a low impact such as when you are a beginner, you are recovering from a disease or accident or maybe you are simply in a mood to take it slow. A foldable exercise bike comes to your rescue on such days. 

Improves Lung Health

We did mention above that working out on an exercise bike improves the capacity of your lungs. Did you know a normal human uses up a very few percentages of its lung capacity when compared to a physically active person such as an athlete or a runner?

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But, with a consistent and disciplined workout, you can increase up the percentage and thus improve the capacity of your lungs which in turn has a plethora of benefits. (Study)


Amongst the many exercise equipment you would have seen in a gym or a professional gym an exercise bicycle is the simplest and most convenient.

From the assembly to transportation to using it all things to do with a foldable exercise bike revolves around the word convenient. 

Saves your Hard Earned Money

How can we miss this point when talking about a product that can easily burn a hole in your pocket if not chosen wisely.

But, we do have to say that an exercise bike is way more affordable than any other exercising equipment that would give you nearly the same benefits as this one. Moreover, the best part is that a model is catering to everyone’s choice and preference out there.  

We have covered reviews of some of the most famous foldable exercise bikes over here, if you want to buy one or want to check out what features they packs then you can read their detailed review articles as well:

This was our take on the benefits of using a foldable exercise bike and we hope it will be helpful for you in deciding for yourself.

Once you decide that you want to make a home gym of your own and that you want to get more involved in the fitness sphere a foldable exercise bike is a good option, to begin with.

In such instances, you will receive tonnes of advice from several different people but ultimately it comes to you what it is you want to invest your money on. Through this article, we aimed at providing you with a better perspective on things and helping you make an easier and wiser decision.

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