Benefits of Having an Elliptical Machine

If you like to be updated about the happenings around the world and especially the most interesting and favorable sphere out there, the fitness field you must know what the town has recently been talking about.

Like most other times, it is a piece of fitness equipment called an ‘elliptical machine’ and that is exactly what we are here to talk about. But it is not just that but elliptical benefits or elliptical machine benefits.

Starting with a little information about this elliptical machine Wikipedia defines it as “an elliptical trainer, cross-trainer or an X-trainer standing stationary in your gym and used to stair climb, walk or run without the worry of excessively stressing up your joints.” 

The introduction is done we are all set to go through the elliptical benefits but before we do that we want to establish the fact that we do know that this wasn’t the best opening statement for exercise equipment that keeps you waiting for hours to be used in a public gym. 

That being said, no one better than you can explain the elliptical benefits but a fair shot never hurt anybody.

Elliptical Benefits

Elliptical Benefits

Marketing is a very troublesome tool. It can make people buy stuff they never thought they would need and they actually don’t but here we are surrounded by advertisements every time we lay our eyes upon something- social media, banners while driving, radio in the car, the first page of a newspaper and what not. 

The downside of the scenario is that somehow the products and equipment that are actually good, get lost in the crowd. 

But, a list like this with all the benefits, advantages, or pro whatever you like to call it can be very helpful in identifying those and making a decision for the good. 

Hence, here is a list of elliptical machine benefits:

Less stress on your joints

Joint pain and arthritis are some of the most common health problems faced these days. For the record, it has been estimated that 67 million people, 18 years or older which accounts for 25% of the population will have doctor-diagnosed arthritis by the end of the next decade. 

But we all know that these prophecies or estimation can be called off a day if we have the correct measures taken to solve the problem. 

In this case, it is going to be an elliptical machine. For people with arthritis or knee pain doctors advise that they should go with some light kind of exercises. Lucky for us, we have these elliptical machines being sold in the market that has a low impact not only on your joints but your wallet as well. 

The reason being, when we are engrossed in any other kind of exercises such as running, jogging or just a walk on the treadmill our foot comes off the ground even if it is just for a second but with an elliptical machine our feet remain in contact with the surface for a longer period. 

Thus, decreasing the intensity of pounding on the knees.

Both an upper and lower body workout

elliptical machine benefits

Let us burst the bubble with this point where people think that working out on an elliptical machine is going to give you those toned and perfect for the gram kind of legs and that’s it. There are two reasons to support this argument. 

Firstly, your legs are the ones playing a major role in the workout. Second, this is the kind of cardio workout any gym trainer would make you do in case you are aiming to lose some of that belly fat. 

Here is the thing, when you work out and lose some of the fat you don’t get rid of it just from a particular part of your body. Think of it as a collective process where working out means losing fat from every part of the body be it your belly, legs, arms, or back.

Tones the entire body

If you are wondering is elliptical good for weight loss? Then you are at the right destination. This point is going to tell you all about elliptical machine weight loss and toning of muscles and the entire body. 

Now, there is a quite popular misconception that toning and losing fat are the same thing. Truth be told, it is not.

To be precise weight loss is just a number on the scale, loss of body fat means getting rid of the fat that is stored in your body over some time while toning is the last process where you get rid of all the unnecessary fat of the body and then concentrate on gaining or building up muscles. 

Hence, if we talk about the toning of muscles it is quite obvious and natural that it helps in both losings of fat and gaining of muscles. 

We happen to guess that by far this is going to be the most helpful of elliptical benefits since it takes care of your doubts regarding elliptical workouts for weight loss.

Boosts cardiovascular health

While most of us take the word ‘cardiovascular’ to be related only to the heart we forget a major addition to its meaning. 

It is true that cardiovascular compromises of the heart, the blood vessels, essentially the whole circulatory system that carries nutrients and a very imperative component, oxygen throughout the body. 

But, when we talk about cardiovascular health we take it to a broader level and talk about enhancing the ability of the heart and, the lungs to supply fresh oxygen-infused blood to the rest of the muscles in your body resulting in the increased ability of these muscles to use up this oxygen and provide energy for the upcoming movements. 

When it comes to elliptical machine benefits you must know by now that these machines are a very good option for aerobic workouts and if is the elliptical good cardio, still your doubt let us tell you that it helps in strengthening of your heart, lungs, and muscles, the three very important parts.

Improves balance and mobility

Beginners who are just starting with fitness and try out different kinds of equipment can be a little more nervous than normal when it comes to something like an elliptical machine. A lot of times, they also end up losing balance, falling, and then getting injured.

But, we must adhere to the fact that these machines and equipment are built to, improve your balance and core strength. Once you gain the much-needed body balance it is going to be helpful in various other fields than just fitness such as dance, gymnastics, etc. about the mobility, any workout routine or exercising for that matter helps in keeping you active but since an elliptical machine involves the usage of your legs and the muscles at the utmost level it is even more helpful in improving your mobility.

Decreases chronic inflammation

Chronic inflammation is turning one to be one fo the worst diseases these days. If you arent aware of it and haven’t seen anyone experiencing this here is what it is.

It can be said as a sequel or up-gradation of the usual inflammation we see in our usual days except for the fact that it is for a prolonged period and changes in cells can be seen at the site of inflammation.

This might not be so bad at the moment but for you to know, in the long run, it can even damage your cells, tissues, and organs which are healthy and would not have been a problem if it wasn’t for the chronic inflammation. But where does an elliptical machine help in this?

Well see, there can be a lot of causes for chronic inflammation one of them is a desk-bound or stationary lifestyle.

Hence, you have an elliptical machine sitting idly in your home gym you will be intrigued to get up and start mobilizing and this is where it prevents you from chronic inflammation and gaining weight for no reason whatsoever.

Enjoyable workout program

We have seen people being dragged out of bed on mornings to attend their workout sessions and the scenario speaks for the fact that they are having a dull and not so enjoyable routine and trust us, we have been in your shoes when you talk about it.

We agree there are other workout programs such as Zumba and whatnot which are more enjoyable and fun than the exercises that do the better good for your body but the truth be told, if you are being serious about achieving a good body you surely have to sacrifice a little.

So, how is it that you can make your workouts enjoyable? Well, it isn’t a formula but equipment, the elliptical machine that helps you in toughening your heart, lungs, and muscles which in turn improves your stamina and endurance.

With these two, greater stamina and better endurance, you would not even feel the dullness in exercising and would complete your workout routines every day with a smile on your face.

Low maintenance

We indeed ponder over various factors a lot when we are about to lay a heavy hand on your wallet and that’s the true thing to do as well because as mentioned earlier, the marketing strategies these days can make you buy anything and everything under the sun.

But, the gym equipment that we are talking about here, the elliptical machine is something that actually goes very light and smooth in your pocket and it isn’t just about one-time investment but low maintenance cost as well.

We have reviewed a great low maintenance and compact elliptical machine, i.e. Schwinn 411. It comes with lots of smart features and has many great reviews and ratings as well.

This is one of the major elliptical benefits and reasons why you should be getting your hands on one of these and try for yourself.


The market these days is flooded with things which some of us but need but a major percentage of us don’t. In that scenario, we need something that takes away a lot of burden from us, something that is versatile, all-rounder, and a multi-tasker. But, hey! Is it a lot to ask for?

With an elliptical machine, we guess it’s not. Once you make up your mind that you want to invest in it there is nothing more you could have ever asked for.

The settings you get on these is pretty versatile. Different resistance levels, incline, stride length, etc. There is a setting for every mood and every person out there.

Easy for beginners

We did mention it in one of the previous points of elliptical benefits that how overwhelming it can get for one of the beginners out there, to try new stuff, get used to new equipment, adjust your body according to it, so forth and so on.

An elliptical machine, in that case, sounds to be something very high-tech and advanced. But trust us, it is not.

Once you gather proper information about it which, of course, is available on different platforms and do a little try out by yourself you will definitely get a hang of it at the end of the day.

Gluteal workouts

Now, how can we not talk about gluteal workouts and its benefits when everybody else is soo excitedly talking about it. When you think about a good back we always end up going through some of the toughest exercises such as squats, lunges, and whatnot.

But, elliptical being a piece of versatile equipment excels in this particular space as well.

  • Do ellipticals help lose belly fat?

    Look, elliptical machines can hell you in burning the calories, and it doesn’t target any specific part of the body, but if you use elliptical machine for a long run and you also monitor your calorie intake and use calorie deficit diet then you can lose all the extra body fat from your complete body.

  • Is it good to use the elliptical every day?

    Well, this isn’t just concentrated on an elliptical because experts say that you should not stick to a particular kind of movement for very long. If you do so, your body keeps getting used to one single movement, and ultimately when you try to introduce some variety it would be a little more difficult than usual. You can add running, weight training, and swimming to your workout routine to get more benefits.

  • Is 30 minutes a day on the elliptical good enough to lose weight?

    The answer to this very direct question is that yes, you can surely lose some weight if you are using your elliptical for 30 minutes a day. To be precise, you can lose up to 1 to 2 pounds a week. But you have to eat balanced meals with a calorie deficit diet if you want to lose weight

  • Are 15 minutes on the elliptical enough?

    We do understand that not at all days we have the time for workouts but still don’t want to let go of the consistency. So, if you have just 15 minutes to spend on your elliptical it is advised that you should spend it doing some High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

  • Does elliptical tone buttocks?

    If you are still not sure about how effective is the elliptical you might want to check out the last of elliptical benefits we have mentioned in the list. In a nutshell, an elliptical machine indeed helps in the toning of buttocks.

  • Can I lose weight by just doing the elliptical?

    We did mention above that you should incorporate some variations in your workout but if it is just an elliptical machine you have been using lately you can surely lose weight.

  • Is elliptical good for abs?

    It has come to our notice that elliptical machines haven’t been designed to specifically target your abs but it does help in improving your core muscles and strength as a result of which you improve the overall balance as well.

  • Will the elliptical slim my thighs?

    Since an elliptical machine involves the working of your legs there is no doubt about the fact that it will help in slimming your thighs over a while.

  • Is elliptical better than walking?

    With the last question, we again come back to the first of the elliptical benefits we mentioned in our list, a low impact on joints. Being stated the reason earlier, we are sure that walking is not better than elliptical.

We are sure that going through our list of elliptical benefits and the most frequently asked questions about the benefits would have definitely shoved away all the clouds of second thoughts you might be having up until now. 

Our last two cents for the elliptical machine is that the one factor which distinguishes it from all of the other gym equipment is that it protects your joints from going through unnecessary pain and stress. 

Hence, if you are going through the same problem and have been reaching out to a permanent solution this is it. We have made reviews of many great elliptical machines out here, and if you are thinking to buy one you can check the reviews of different elliptical machines that we have covered.

Below are the some of the best selling elliptical machines from Amazon.

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