Benefits of Rowing Machines, What makes it a PERFECT Machine

We all know Rowing machines are great for cardio, but very few people know what are the Benefits of Rowing Machine? Today we are here with our detailed article about the Benefits of using a Rowing Machine.

The wellness and health benefits of rowing machines are a lot of equivalent to those of water-based rowing. Rowing machines have taken their spot in the inescapable pattern of fitness trends though they were developed after some time.

Long-standing types of fitness are brought once again into consideration as a result of improvement in machinery and also better approaches to practice them.

8 Benefits of Rowing Machines

Benefits of Rowing Machines

Michelle Sosa, a professional rower, and a Hydrow athlete state that the rowing machine is like having an army knife at the gym.

Its multiple purposes include weight loss, toning and building muscles, core training, high spirit intervals, and increasing stamina, just like the Army knife.

In order to help you develop the upper and lower body, rowers work out several major muscle groups. Most significantly, rowing machines benefit you in getting your lungs working, heart-pumping overall proving a serious aerobic workout.

  • What are rowing machines good for?

    Rowing machines are one of few or the only one which gives you a full-body workout. While performing a complete stroke on this machine, both your upper body and the lower body are required to work in unison, unlike other full-body exercises. A wide range of muscles gets used while exercising.

    It gives minimal to no impact on the body due to its smooth motions and no external weights required for its functioning. It targets major muscle groups and strengthens your core, because of this, it helps to increase your stamina and even aids a lot in weight loss.

The movement you use in a rowing exercise is not generally instinctive, yet it is in reality quite straightforward once you are it in.

You ought to expand your legs, pivot your center, at that point utilize your arms to push the handle toward your chest. Then repeat the same procedure again and again. Let’s move on our article on Rowing Machine Exercise Benefits.

Full body workout

Exercising on a rowing machine truly gives you a full-body workout. In a study from the English Institute of Sport, it was found that while working out on this machine around 86% of your body muscles are used.

The shoulder rhomboids, lower back lats, and upper back trapezii get exercised by the rowers.

You will gain strong hands and wrists, as you need to keep up a solid grasp on the paddles. Compared to other rowing machine benefits, they give the best exercise to the lower body.

rowing machine benefits

The quads that are present in the upper front of the thighs are the fundamental leg muscles that get the most exercise. The buttocks and calves also get benefited.

Working out the lower body burns calories at a faster rate. An incredible method to keep up adaptability and equalization for notwithstanding improved muscle quality and tone is by preparing resistance on the line machine.

Rowing machine exercises target your core, biceps, quadriceps, chest, hamstrings, forearms, and not just your upper back muscles. Therefore, without having to hop from one machine to the other, you get a full-body workout.

  • What muscles does a rowing machine use?

    Rowing machines target all major muscle groups. Each stroke on the machine equally works on both the upper and lower body. It is an excellent workout for the upper and lower back and the shoulder muscles.

    Due to its moving seat feature, it provides lower body workout as well. The major muscles groups involved while working out on this machine include the calves, hamstrings, quadriceps and the glutes in the lower body and the pecs, triceps, biceps, upper back, and the laterals in the upper body.

    Your wrist and hands get stronger because of gripping the rower bars handles.

Improves posture

People who continuously workout then bike, elliptical machines tend to have a poor posture.

On the off chance that you are clinging to the rails as though you are prepared for the machine to suddenly switch into rodeo mode, the possibilities are you are inclining forward and your posture is languishing.

It is discovered that the greater part of the women are frequently more fragile in their upper body areas and this can mean their posture is more regrettable subsequently.

Thus if rowing is correctly managed without slumping or over-compacting causes you to be fit and have an improved posture.

The advantages of rowing machines incorporate core reinforcing, as well as improve your posture and lessen lower backaches.

rowing workout benefits

Since the rowing machine fundamentally utilizes your legs, core, and back, it has heaps of postural advantages and is an incredible instrument to connect with the back chain for example rear of the body, working your back chain is significant for adjusting our muscle quality, diminishing injury hazard, and remedying the terrible stance that is normal in our inactive society.

 Connecting with your center while utilizing the rowing machine will give strength to the remainder of your body which additionally forestalls various exercise-related wounds.

  • Are rowing machines effective?

    As rowing machines go, people think of them as just a workout for the arms but, there is much more to it. And because of these misconceptions, people then overlook the effectiveness of these. It is a total body workout.

    We use all of our major muscle groups while working on the rower. Exercising on these does not add any extra stress to the joints and other parts, with the added benefit that people of all fitness levels can use them without the risk of any significant impact on the body.

    Taking all these points into consideration and adding to other beneficiaries, we can conclude that these machines are highly effective for various aspects like building stamina, aiding in weight loss, etc.

  • Does Rowing give you big arms?

    No, rowing will not give you big arms. Rowing helps in muscle toning and gives even shape to the body. Bulking is a result of various factors, especially your diet. If you have a well-balanced diet, then there is no reason to fear. It is one sure way of preventing big arms by rowing.

Safe and Hygienic

The rowing machine is seen as safe and Hygienic at the same time. It utilizes a straightforward mechanism that makes it safe and shields you from causing wounds and solid issues.

Specialists at London Metropolitan University found that, as a major aspect of a more extensive recovery process, rowing machines are significantly more secure than cycling and other low-sway sports with regards to rewarding knee wounds.

This activity could be valuable to individuals all things considered. It is completely ok for individuals who have low vision and visual deficiency.

rowing machine exercise benefits

A recent report from a US Medicine Institute of Health incorporating 24 individuals with low vision found that rowing 5 days every week for about a month and a half prompted a critical decline in fat mass and all-out muscle versus fat percent.

Moreover, the members brought down their cholesterol levels, and their back quality and trunk flexion expanded essentially.

Great rowing stance lets your legs accomplish the work, easing the heat away from you. There’s a psyche body association with rowing.

Rowing additionally discharges endorphins, which are those vibe acceptable hormones that lessen pressure.

Low Impact

Rowing practices are incredible for individuals with knee joint torment or joint inflammation. They are low-sway and simple on the joints. Rowing machine exercises additionally have a generally safe of wounds. 

benefits of using a rowing machine

There is practically no effect being put on the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees or lower legs which are all inclined to injury because your feet stay in contact with the foot cushions and your hands keep contact with the handles.

This additionally makes it a proper type of activity for the individuals who are nursing a physical issue, or who feel genuinely awkward during weight-bearing activities, for example, strolling, running, or certain other oxygen consuming exercises.

Illustrisimo, a rower expert states that power practices like plyometric and running can some of the time be no picnic for the body, however low-sway instruments like rowing machines and bikes are extraordinary for the body. 

Rowing machines provide numerous factors like obstruction, pace, and separation that could be altered to provide low impact.

You need to make a point not to include an excessive amount of obstruction. It is better to include as much opposition that permits you to complete 3 arrangements of 15 reps effortlessly. Include more opposition slowly as your quality increments.

  • Is rowing bad for your back?

    In a broad sense, rowing helps to ease back pain, strengthen your lower back as well as prevent from having injuries. But the problem lies in getting the exercise right. This saying goes will all the different workout routines or the various equipment out there.

    The main aspect of all the workout routines lies in getting it right and not doing it in the wrong way. Rowing is the best exercise out there for all the back problems as it not only prevents back-ache but also helps to heal it. If done the right way, rowing is excellent for your back.

Great cardio workout

The cardiovascular system that incorporates the blood, veins, and the heart is reinforced as rowing gives great cardio workout. It’s liable for the transport of significant materials, all through the body, for example, supplements and oxygen.

The heart needs to make a solid effort to move more blood to the body as paddling is such an extraordinary exercise. This can improve heart quality.

This might be useful for individuals who have or could be in danger of heart issues.

In order to gain expanded vitality, toned muscles, and burn calories, performing normal exercises on a rower is found to be the best option. You can burn around 600 calories in just 60 minutes by exercising on the rowing machine.

That is more effective than numerous other home rec center machines available.

Metabolic entanglements of obesity are direct consequences of upper body fat. Rowing helps in getting rid of upper body fat that in turn helps in reducing obesity-related ailments.

  • Does a rowing machine build muscle?

    Rowing is something known as power cardio. It is a cardio-intensive workout routine. In addition to burning about 1000 calories an hour, it helps stimulate muscle growth. It helps transform your body while having a low impact on the body joints, ligaments, etc.

    It helps get you ripped, although it may not significantly boost your muscles that you get bulky. There is significant muscle growth, while it isn’t the ideal solution for extreme muscle growth.

  • Why do rowers have big thighs?

    The rowing strokes comprise of majorly the lower body workout that is about 65% – 70%. Thus, a lot of work is done by the lower body muscles such as the quadriceps, calves, glutes, etc. This significantly boosts the growth of these muscles, especially the quads. This is the reason the rowers have big thighs.

Easy to use

Rowing machine exercise is easy to learn and perfect for all ages and capacities as it is such a natural development. There are no confounded tips or tricks involved in rowing.

It’s critical to ensure you utilize legitimate rowing procedure when you work out. It will help to both augment your exercise and limit the potential for injury.

Your feet ought to be safely affixed in the stirrups with your shins near a 90-degree point to the floor. It’s ideal to keep your back straight, your center drew in, and to push in a smooth, smooth movement.

Since a rowing machine can be collapsed up, you can stow it away when you’re not utilizing it. This is a genuine advantage for those living in small spaces.

It’s fundamental that you get your structure option to truly boost the rowing machine benefits. The rowing machine comes with controls for pacing, distance, and speed that improves the ease of use.

The rowing structure is simple and taking care of business will guarantee that you get the most out of your exercise and limit your danger of injury.

Quick results

The Researchers at Loughborough University as of late found that when you contrast one with a paddling machine, your body is preparing a lot harder with the last mentioned.

Since your body is truly being tested, you’ll really observe a distinction quicker.

Thornley says that you have to invest less energy in the rowing machine to get similar wellness benefits as on the bicycle or treadmill.

Believe it or not, you will have the option to get results soon after five rower sessions.

rowing machine exercise benefits

There are huge amounts of varieties of rowing machine exercises out there that will help with seeking quick outcomes. Starting moderate, holding upstanding back constantly, and with moderate resistance, guarantees you the best and brisk results.

The fuel to all the stored fat is the rowing machines. 100-200 calories could be burned by rowing for just ten minutes. It all depends on your body weight, resistance, force utilized.

Libby Peters, the former partner lead trainer of the University of Pennsylvania ladies’ rowing group, says only in 12 minutes you can get in an amazing quick HIIT cardio session doing in snaps.

  • How long does it take to see results from using a rowing machine?

    There is no sure answer to it. It depends on various factors, such as eating habits, lifestyle, body type, etc. It is an effective routine and can benefit you well.

    If done right regularly coupled with many other factors such as proper nutrition, balanced lifestyle, etc. you can see and feel the results as little as in 2 weeks.

  • Can you lose belly fat by rowing?

    The short answer to it is yes, rowing helps to lose belly fat. It is one of the best exercises in burning calories.

    That said, no one exercise targets the belly area to stimulate fat burning. The way it’s done is by elevating the heart rate, which helps to burn fat all over and thus the belly fat as well.

Types of Rowing Machines

There are three main types of rowing machine used. These are

  •  Air
  •  Magnetic
  • Water / Fluid 

Air rowers: Air rowers are one of the most well-known sorts of rowing machines.

Air paddling is additionally viewed as the best kind. Resistance is given via air blowing through the flywheel; the harder you pull, the quicker the fans move around, and the more obstruction it gives.

This is the reason paddling clubs will in general use air rowers as they give genuine paddling feel and sound. We have made a detailed comparison of the best air rowing machine of all time, Concept 2 Model vs Model E.


  • Automatic resistance
  • Smooth working
  • Accurate measurements
  • Affordable
  • Many options available


  • Noisy

Magnetic rowers: These are one of the most famous kinds of rower machine, particularly for use in the home. The distance between the turning flywheel which is joined to the handle and the solid magnets is changed to make the rowers work.

The computerized support controls and mechanical sliders are utilized to alter the resistance levels.


  • Operates quietly
  • Wide range of resistance levels
  • Smaller in Size
  • Little Maintenance Needed
  • Produces very low sound


  • Costly

Water rowers: Water rowers are one of the more up to date developments in rowing machine innovation and use water and oars to make opposition.

The water flywheels associated with chains and handles are utilized by the water rowers. These Oars start to rotate in the water, as you pull back the handle.

The resistance is produced as the mass of the moving water makes a drag against the paddles. We compared the best water rowing machine to the best air rowing machine, in one of our article.,WaterRower VS Concept2, you can read the detailed comparison.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Smooth action
  • Consistent
  • Little Maintenance Needed
  • Produces very low sound


  • Very Costly

With the Advancement of technology, the once bulky machines have been transformed into sleek and refined fitness types of equipment.

A rowing machine is one such equipment that lets you receive the benefits of exercising indoors. Rowing has numerous advantages, for example, helping you gain endurance and fortify your body. Rowing has also been the most recommended form of exercise.

In contrast with other exercise machines, for example, a treadmill or circular, the rowing machine has a quite powerful effect.

Rowing is a magnificent type of activity, yet it’s not without dangers. In case you are new to rowing or any wellness schedule, converse with your fitness trainer or a physician first to ensure the right forms of rowing before you start.

Now, you all know What is the rowing machine good for, and if you have any doubt regarding our Benefits of rowing machines, or we missed any point then you can comment down below, we’ll add that point to our rowing workout benefits article.

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