10 Best Adjustable Kettlebell UK Reviews & Buying Guide

Some fitness experts and enthusiasts consider kettlebells to be their best finds in the gym equipment industry. However, to some of our readers, kettlebells may be a completely alien term. Before listing the Best Adjustable Kettlebell UK, let us divulge into the history and usage of kettlebells.

The kettlebell resembles a canon and is made up of cast iron or cast steel. The kettlebell was made famous in Russia where it was used in kettlebell sports. Later on, it was brought to the USA where it was increasingly used to perform exercises and stay fit, not just for competitions.

Now, people worldwide use kettlebells to perform various forms of exercises for flexibility and cardiovascular strength. Kettlebells might seem like dumbbells considering how people might consider them to be doing the same work.

But in a kettlebell, the center of mass is distributed beyond the hand. That’s why kettlebells are also used for ballistic exercises. The shape of a kettlebell allows for the unstable force which makes it effective in training and strengthening muscles.

Kettlebells target lower back, shoulders, and legs in particular. Kettlebell exercises provide for the entire body to develop endurance and are nothing less than HIIT workouts with several reps.

These too come with a certain precaution that needs to be followed on the part of the users. You must remember not to straightaway jump into doing several reps with kettlebells. If done without proper knowledge or care, they could lead to back and shoulder injuries. Without wasting more time let’s get straight into our topic of Best Adjustable Kettlebell of the UK.


Adjustable kettlebells, as the name suggests, are different from any standard kettlebell. They come with the added benefit of saving space, an important factor if you are facing a space crunch, and they are a great money-saving option too. 

Adjustable kettlebells are a great home workout option in case you loathe going to the gym. Not only are they adjustable, kettlebells are all-rounders when it comes to endurance training, but they can also be used to replace various other types of weights.

Fitterritory has curated a list of the Best Adjustable Kettlebells of UK, that you can find online so that you end up spending your money in the right place. The list has adjustable kettlebells that have received more than 4 stars by their users.

There are many other exercise machines that you can use to train or for weight loss, and we have covered some here as well like air bikesRecumbent Exercise BikeRowing Machine (under $500)Spin Bikes

Buying Guide

While selecting an adjustable kettlebell to keep the following features your top priority:

  1. Budget: Of course, you can’t splurge your money on buying a kettlebell, when there are many mid-range to low-range products which are equally good as the expensive ones in the market. But, it all rounds up to the amount of money you plan on spending.
  2. Durability: You must-have details on what all elements have been used to make your kettlebell and how safe they are. Apart from this, you must also seek warranty details of the product.
  3. Design and look: This is based on your personal choice and how comfortable you are using a particular kettle bell.
  4. Value for money: Buying a high-priced adjustable kettlebell, when it provides you with no better features than a regular kettlebell is going to be foolery of the highest order. Unless you want to do it, it is always better to scan the choices before you and pick the best.
  5. Adjustment factor: Weight adjustment is an important feature of an adjustable kettlebell. So, pay special attention to this feature.
  6. Handle design: Handle design plays an important role in keeping your grip firm around the kettlebells as you are busy exercising. For an uncomfortable or slippery handle can be dangerous.
  7. Weight and size: Pick the correct weight according to your comfort level.

Working out with an adjusted kettlebell has several benefits which have made them popular with trainers and fitness experts. With regular use, adjusted kettlebells will help better your poise, strength, and flexibility. But to stay healthy and fit you have to also eat healthy and there are many multivitamins that you can use as supplements like Garlic SupplementsCurcumin Supplements.

While you achieve these, you will also be burning calories at a much faster pace than other exercises as well as improve your body composure and core stability. Here is our list of the Best Adjustable Kettlebells of UK.

Apex Adjustable Kettlebell APKB-5009

Best Adjustable Kettlebell UK
CC: Amazon

Weighing 20 pounds, this adjustable kettlebell by Apex is suitable for experienced lifters. It comes in a standard kettlebell design with a complete weight set making it suitable for muscle building and strengthening.

It has 4 removable disks, all made up of cast iron. The maximum weight provided is 18 kg, however, those looking for extra weight can buy an additional 5kg plate. Here are some of the features that these packs:

  1. Offers a complete went set- 15lb handle, 4 removable disks, 5lb bottom plate.
  2. Made out of solid, durable cast iron with a powder coating on top. Therefore, its texture is suitable for extreme wear and tear, which is bound to happen during exercising.
  3. Weight adjustment from 20 to 50 pounds.
  4. Spacer disk weights- 2.5, 5, and 10 lbs.
  5. Has a standard U-bar design, which helps in forming a proper grip while exercising.
  6. Can be used to perform a varying amount of exercises, right from circuit training to muscle building and even toning your body.


  • Durable
  • U-bar handle for improved grip
  • Suitabe for a variety of exercises
  • Simple adjustment of weights


  • Have to buy additional weight plates

Bowflex SelectTech 840 Adjustable Kettlebell

Best Adjustable Kettlebell UK
CC: Amazon

Bowflex 840 Selecttech is probably the most high-priced adjustable kettlebell in this list. This kettlebell offers easy switching of weights and comes with 6 weights ranging from 3.6 kg to 18 kg.

Bowflex is one brand that has over the years learned how to keep its customers happy through their impeccable customer support services and top-notch equipment. 


  1. This kettlebell comes with one adjustable weight.
  2. Wide range of resistance offered by this adjustable kettlebell, ranging from 8, 12, 20, 25, 35, and 40 lbs.
  3. Remember not to drop the item or else it might damage its body.


  • Allows one to perform various full-body exercises
  • Space-efficient design
  • Durabel handle


  • Too expensive

Empower Adjustable Kettlebell

Best Adjustable Kettlebell UK
CC: Amazon

This is one of the very popular adjustable kettlebell UK brands to be used by people. One of the main reasons for this being that it is slightly on the lighter price range along with being one of the easiest to use kettlebell sets. Its design is suitable to be used by women or men, who are new into the world of weight training and need a more secure start.

However, empowerment is a brand specially designed for females who find extreme weight training too tough. They can start by using products like the Empower adjustable kettlebell. 


  • It has the click and twist design to adjust weights. Thus, making adjustments becomes easier for users.
  • Weight options available in this kettlebell-5, 8, 12 lbs.
  • Smooth handle feature helps users maintain a firm grip and control during their workouts.
  • Comes with a Swing Yourself Fit Total Body Workout DVD, featuring Gin Miller. 


  • Affordable
  • Easy adjustments
  • Free workout DVD


  • Limited weight adjustments options
  • Small handle
  • Not durable, not for long-term purposes

Sveltus Kettlebell Variable

kettlebell sets uk
CC: Amazon

Through an adjustable kettlebell, the sveltus variable load kettlebell is very similar to a standard kettle. It is very easy to change weights in it, merely by a lock mechanism. It comes in black and orange color. And it got great star ratings as well in amazon as well, you can read that as well.


  • Different range of weights offered- 4kg to 18kg.
  • Storing it is easy, owing to its design and size.
  • Has a plastic handle with excellent finishing and design.


  • Attractive design and color finish
  • Not very heavy
  • Great weight distribution


  • Too expensive

PowerBlock Kettleblock

kettlebell sets uk
CC: Amazon

Its design makes it one of the most attractive kettlebells in the market. All power block products have carved out their reputation for being long-lasting and this one too does no different. One of the most admirable features of this adjustable kettlebell is that it is easily able to replace 8 kettlebells. Thus, at its price, it is a super-saver deal for customers.

Powerblock also make adjustable dumbell as well, and we have covered its comparison with the Bowflex adjustable dumbell and with Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbells.

  • A huge range of weights adjustments available- 8, 12, 20, 25, 30,40 lbs.
  • Replaces around 8 kettlebells, which is equal to 186lbs of the total weight
  • Comes with a 3 years parts warranty and a five-year weights warranty.


  • Super-saver deal replaces 8 kettlebells
  • A wide range of weight extensions is possible
  • Durable
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Best for those who are traveling


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Can be a little rough for some exercises
  • Sharp edges can cause easy bruising

We R Sports Adjustable Kettlebell

kettlebell sets uk
CC: Amazon

This adjustable kettlebell, like our previous kettlebell on the list, can easily manage the job of 8 kettlebells. Its solid steel center adds durability and strength to the product. It comes with a tight spinlock to prevent any unwanted movements while exercising. Customers can use the spinlock collars to adjust the weights easily and quickly.

  • This kettlebell offers a wide array of weight variations for its users- 8,10,12,14,18,20,22, and 24 kg.
  • Its handle diameter is 28mm.
  • Weight of the kettlebell, minus the weights, is 5.7kg.
  • Heavily built, suitable for commercial or home usage


  • Easy weight adjustment
  • Sturdy, durable design
  • Solid center
  • Easy grip around the handle
  • Two-times spinlock collars for stability


  • Spinlocks could have been longer

Fitness House adjustable kettlebell

adjustable kettlebell uk
CC: Amazon

This adjustable kettlebell from a fitness house happens to be the favorite of many fitness enthusiasts. It is a traditional-looking kettlebell but has the power of nearly 5 kettlebells. Here are some of the features that this has:

  • The kettlebell comes with 6 metal plates.
  • Each plate weighs 2.27 kg.
  • The weight ranges from 4.5 kg to 18 kg.
  • It has a flat bottom with a rubbery finish.


  • Easy to remove and add weight
  • Good quality adjustable kettlebell
  • Great range of resistance
  • Easy storage
  • Flat bottomed


  • Too expensive

Gorilla Sports adjustable cast iron kettlebell

adjustable kettlebell uk
CC: Amazon

Gorilla Sports has been ruling the fitness world for a long time now, and so they have a major contribution towards making kettlebells popular.. The cast iron is of much better quality than most other adjustable kettlebells. 

Many customers in their reviews declared it to be the best adjustable kettlebell ever. There are many features that it packs, and here are some:

  • It is easily adaptable to a customer’s needs
  • You can change weights by using 6mm Allen keys, which are to be bought separately.
  • The bar weighs around 1.5kg
  • It allows users to perform a wide variety of exercises like the swing angle, ripped snatch, and the jumper.


  • Good quality rubber handles
  • Value for price
  • Is suitable for a number of exercises


  • Allen keys not included

Alpha Stretch Design Adjustable Kettlebell

adjustable kettlebell uk
CC: Amazon

This adjustable kettlebell UK deserves a place in the list as it is everything that any fitness maniac can dream of. With its 13 in 1 weight combinations and other high-end features, it is an ideal kettlebell for group workouts. 

The kettlebell is designed in Germany and offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee to its customers (in case of a faulty product) Buying this kettlebell will save a lot of your money as it covers up to 4 kettlebells for the cost of one. 

Unlike other adjustable kettlebells, this one has its weight distributed similarly to a normal kettlebell. This makes it easier to be handled rather than just be heavy and chunky.

  • Alpha stretch kettlebell has 13 adjustable weight options for its users. They range from 4kg to 18kg.
  • Ultimate after feature with added rubber plates. This protects the floor as well as the kettlebell from getting damaged.
  • Comes with a free nylon bag for storing it. This prevents dust from settling on it and keeps it new and undamaged.
  • Each kettlebell goes through a stringent quality check process before being finalized.


  • Attractive design and color finish
  • Great weight distribution
  • Not very heavy
  • Rubber base for floor protection


  • Expensive

Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell

kettlebell sets uk
CC: Amazon

It has a solid cast steel body and is designed in the shape of a standard kettlebell. It adds weights by means of cylinders and not plates, like other adjustable kettlebells in this list. It is a highly popular adjustable kettlebell UK.

  • Allows weight adjustment from 14, 17, and 20 lbs.
  • Its thoughtful design helps it maintain a consistent balance helping the user to adopt a good posture and form.


  • Simple,fuss-free weight adjustments
  • Traditional shape and design


  • Limited weight adjustment options
  • High priced
  • No warranty

Now, that you have been through our list of the Best Adjustable Kettlebell UK, you must know the various exercises that can be performed using them. You will be amazed at the range of exercises that you can perform using adjustable kettlebells.

You can use them to perform kettlebell swings, goblet squats, sumo upright, Russian twists, kettlebell windmill, deck squat, bent press, renegade row, and a plethora of other different types of exercises.

Make sure you follow proper instructions and body form while performing this. Arriving at a definite decision on which adjustable kettlebell will be best for you can be a strenuous task, after all, it is your hard-earned money that you are spending.

But all these kettlebells that we have mentioned in the list have been able to stay on top of the market by garnering excellent customer reviews on Amazon and have topped major customer polls too.

Traditional kettlebells as explained earlier have no weight adjustment feature, they always come in standard weight sizes, usually ranging from- 5lbs to 100lbs. An adjustable kettlebell provides you with much better features and is beneficial in the long-run as it is economically benefiting.

Buying a good quality adjustable kettlebell, UK is plagued by several decisions as we have discussed above. There is a lot that depends on the quality of the kettlebell that you will buy. So in order to hit a jackpot, you will have to do your homework really well.

  • Are adjustable kettlebells any good?

    Yes, they saves a lot of space and money as well, you can buy them and have all the benefits of a traditional kettlebell, there are various companies out there selling adjustable kettlebells, but buy the best one and high rated ones.

  • Will kettlebell swings burn belly fat?

    You can use a kettlebell to build strength, and tone up your muscles, and it also helps in burning calories and losing weight, but for that you have to eat healthy and monitor your calorie intake.

  • What are the famous adjustable kettlebells?

    There are various companies out there selling adjustable kettlebells and the popular ones of them are Bowflex, PowerBlocks, We R Sports, Apex, etc.

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