TOP 10 Best Compact Home Gym UK Reviews & Buying Guide

Picking a  home gym is one of the most difficult tasks to do, there are so many options and home gyms don’t come cheap, and that is why we are here with our Best Compact Home Gym UK list. We have picked the Best and TOP Rated Home Gyms that are available on Amazon right now.

Home gyms are very much preferred but to make in a way that it keeps you hooked that is in a way that you can actually call it the best home gym is definitely something that needs a lot of suggestions and true reviews about the equipment you invest in. We have covered many articles here related to home gyms and supplements:

Best Compact Home Gym UK

Home gym in the present day scenario is one of the most wanted or I would say desired part of the houses. For fitness or gym freaks, it is the favorite part of the house.

I mean yes, the kitchen is the way to our hearts but after a hearty meal, the first thing that comes to the mind of any person who is health conscious is how they would balance a cheesy mac and peri-peri potato fritters with a balanced weight and calories. 

In fact speaking of the present time scenario when all of us face the quarantine, away from the gym, away from those heavy workouts and probably lost all the lean body, abs, biceps, and triceps. This wouldn’t have happened if you had a solution at home. 

Well, the truth is you can do all the on-ground workouts, but when it comes to the bodies which are used to the machines and heavy workouts, it is difficult to stay maintained without it. There are many benefits of owning a home gym and you can read more about it from this article by Barbend.

On top of it, it is always a better choice to be doing heavy workouts on machines as it not only keeps you fit but also builds strength to a greater level. Next are the effort and time that you put into traveling and preparing your backpacks for the gym, moreover, waiting in the queue if the gym is crowded. 

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And obviously not to forget that there was some person already working out on it who has left their sweat and germs back there where you are the next one to workout. Well yes, the home gym would be a better choice if we consider these scenarios.

The next important question comes is how do you build an amazing well-equipped gym in a budget-friendly manner?

So to answer these questions we have presented before you the most premium and best in class home gym equipment that is very much in your budget. Here you go Best Compact Multi Gym, have a look.

S.No.ProductDetailsBuy Button
1.BEST OVERALL COMPACT MULTI GYMBH Fitness G152X Global Multi GymResistance: 100kg/220 lbs
Dimensions: 174 x 200 x 225 cm
Weight: 180kg/396 lbs
Exercises: All Major Body Parts
Ratings: 4.3/5
2.BEST AFFORDABLEFit4Home 7080A (68 KG) Multi Gym Home GymResistance: 68kg/150 lbs
Dimensions: 205 x 102.5 x 168 cm
Weight: 94kg/207 lbs
Exercises: Pec dec, Leg extension, Arm curl, Low rowing, Chest press, Back leg curl, Lat pulldown
Ratings: 4.1/5
3.BEST COMPACT HOME GYMWeider Unisex’s 8700 I multigymResistance: 150kg/330 lbs
Dimensions: 196 x 110 x 210 cm
Weight: 100kg/220 lbs
Exercises:Chest, Back, Arms, Leg Extension, No Leg Press
Ratings: 3.6/5
4.BEST COMPLETE HOME GYMSportstech Premium 50in1 Multi GymResistance: 55kg/121 lbs
Dimensions: 184 x 103 x 202 cm
Weight: 137kg/302 lbs
Exercises: Complete Body with all minor muscles
Ratings: 4.5/5
5.BEST EASY TO USE HOME GYMV-Fit LFG2 Herculean COBRA Lay Flat Home GymResistance: 64kg/141 lbs
Dimensions: 215 x 100 x 193 cm
Weight: 77kg/169 lbs
Exercises: All Major Muscles
Ratings: 4.2/5
6.BEST BODYWEIGHT HOME GYMSportstech 7in1 Power Tower PT300Resistance: Bodyweight
Dimensions: 133 x 15 x 47 cm
Weight: 29.5kg/63 lbs
Exercises: All Bodyweight Exercises
Ratings: 4.6/5
7.BEST WEIGHT BENCHV-fit STB09-2 Herculean Folding Weight BenchResistance: You have to buy weight separately
Dimensions: 108.2 x 46.2 x 12.6 cm
Weight: 19.5Kg/42 lbs
Exercises: Chest and Legs
Ratings: 3.8/5
8.BEST FOLDABLE WEIGHT BENCHSportstech Innovative 21in1 weight benchResistance: Bar Weights
Dimensions: 161 x 68 x 106-120cm
Weight: 22.7Kg/50 lbs
Exercises: Chest, Legs, and Bodyweight Exercises
Ratings: 4.7/5
9.ANOTHER BEST COMPACT HOME GYMMarcy Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home GymResistance: 68 kg/150 lbs
Dimensions: 172 cm/68 inch x 91 cm
Weight: 120Kg/264 lbs
Exercises:All Major Muscles
Ratings: 4.6/5
Warranty: Lifetime frame, 3 years parts, 1 pad

BH Fitness G152X Global Multi Gym

Best Compact Home Gym UK
CC: Amazon

BH Fitness G152X G152X Global Multi Gym Review, all about the BH Fitness G152X G152X Global Multi Gym equipment from the scratch.

If you are planning to buy this or any similar equipment for your home gym, this review is the one-stop destination to gather all the information about the BH Fitness G152X G152X Global Multi Gym. 

BH Fitness G152X G152X Global Multi Gym with leg press is the ultimate gym equipment for your home gym. It is an ideal combination of a full-body multi-purpose gym with a built-in leg press. 

BH Fitness G152X G152X Global Multi Gym with leg press is known for combining a gym, seated leg press, and a dip for leg raise stations. It features high and low pulleys, chest press, pec, Dec, and leg developer.

Its leg press has the maximum comfort along with the completely adjustable feature and the ergonomic upholstery. It has a folding seat, lat, and straight bar attachment as well. This will be the Best Compact Multi Gym for anyone, as you can train your complete body with this single machine.

Let’s look at its specifications:-

Dimensions 174 x 200 x 225 (cm)
Max user weight 100 kg
Max tension 100 kg
Weight 180 kg
Warranty2 years

Features: BH Fitness G152X G152X Global Multi Gym with leg press mainframe is of a strong and protective steel enclosure. The entire mainframe is completely and case which provides greater protection, safety, and comfort at the same time.

  • It has the attachments included which are lat pull down bar and the leg press.
  • When it comes to the dips and abs power tower it has an abdominal flexor with dip.
  • It has oversized seat parts for complete comfort, this enables you to work out for long hours be it a lighter workout for a heavy workout. Its seat is customized in order to fold and the seated leg press is adjustable. the exercises that you can do on this equipment are total-body training which includes the lat down, butterfly, leg extension, leg abductor, leg adductor, abdominal crunch, etc.
  • Its maximum dynamic tension is 100 kg. Its CAMS are ergonomically produced to provide even distribution of weight.
  • The guide for these exercises is printed on the machine.
  • It is available in silver, black, and a combination of red seat cover which looks very stylish and makes this machine low maintenance. The machine is completely sturdy.
  • It has a 73 kg stack included so you don’t have to buy weights separately.


  • Generously padded, big, and comfortable seat
  • Easy to use machine
  • Low maintenance
  • Guide provided
  • Weight stack included


  • Some units complain the machine can’t manage the lightweight stack of 100 kg.
  • Assembling the machine is difficult
  • Readjusting the seat is a bit tedious.

It has a 2 years warranty for parts and labor. BH Fitness G152X G152X Global Multi Gym with leg press is hence one of the best choices to make for your home gym.

Along with being a less space consumer in comparison to the typical gym machines it has multiple features in one and gives the best gym experience as well.

Fit4Home 7080A (68 KG) Multi Gym Home Gym

Fit4Home 7080A (68 KG) Multi-Gym is a budget model and provides a full-body weights workout at home. It does not have very stylish looks but it is sturdy and versatile.

It has a 45 kg stack included so you don’t have to buy weights separately. It covers all the main muscle groups and feedback is maximum positive. The best part of this equipment is the budget-friendly machine.

Setup size168 x 106 x 205 cm
Max user weight100 kg
Floor space required4-5m²
Total box weight115.6 kg
Warranty1 year
best home multi gym uk
CC: Amazon
  • Fit4Home 7080A (68 KG) Multi Gym Home Gym Equipment comes as a huge, solid, and well-spectated home gym that weighs and total about 93 kgs after you assemble it. 
  • Alike almost all home multi gyms, you will have to assemble the pieces as per the instructions given in the manual. After you assemble the unit it is approximately 211cm in height, it is just over 1 meter wide and measures 168 cm from the frontal to the dorsal.
  • The solid steel bars which are grey in color and safely covered for the rare weight stack is a plus point.
  • The seat is generously padded and the backrest is enough to keep you stuck to it for hours.
  • Talking about the chest workout, you get a chest press and a pec-dec. It has independent arms to make sure that there is equal effort consumed on both sides.
  • There are padded grips on both the handlebars that are comfortable to handle having a good grip and it is fine with sweat and still remains as fresh as it is without sweat apart from the leg workout,  you can do your abs and core workout routine on this as well. From chest press to leg curls, all workouts are possible on this budget-friendly home gym.
  • It comes in a gunmetal black shade.


  • As compared to the features it provides, it is lightweight
  • Assembles quickly
  • Generously padded seat
  • Independent arms
  • Good grip
  • It  has a 1-year warranty


  • The missing parts in the package in some units
  • Assembling the machine is not a task unlike other models, but the absence of certain parts makes it trouble. As said in the reviews, some of the users have expressed their total hatred towards Fit4Home 7080A (68 KG) Multi Gym. It has value for money. All the time consumed in assembling just appears worth it after the assembly and once you start working out on this, there is no going back or being lazy by the thought of working out. 

Weider’s Unisex 8700 Multi-GYM

The Weider’s unisex 8700 Multi-gym is one of the best in class models in the market currently. If compared to other models in the market The Weider’s unisex 8700 Multi-gym it is a more compact multi-agent that can help you to start on your weight training without hurting your pockets.

In Weider’s unisex 8700 multi gym review we will go through some very basic information that you need to know before you buy this.  Here we go with the specifications:

Exercises Chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps.
Max user weight 150kg
Dimensions 62 x 197cm 
Weight 100kg
Warranty1 year
best home multi gym uk
CC: Amazon
  • The Weider’s unisex 8700 multi gym provides you with a machine that lets you do a wide variety of workouts on it. Chest presses, biceps curls, leg extensions, crunches, etc. All can be done on this machine.
  • To buy a home gym machine that doesn’t cross your budget line, Weider’s unisex 8700 multi gyms is a highly considerable and recommended option. And obviously, if you want a machine that supports all the above-given workouts, to fit in your budget this model is the one to go for.
  • This multi-gym machine comes with a 57 kg weight stack and provides maximum resistance of up to 150 kg.
  • Weider’s unisex 8700 multi gym comes with an adjustable and generously padded seat along with precision pulleys.
  • This multi-gym machine comes with an exercise chart as well which helps you get started smoothly and smartly.
  • Assembling the machine takes around 2 hours according to the manual but as per the user’s feedback, it has taken up to 5 hours as well.
  • But after assembly, it all felt as if it was worth it.
  • The machine is very sturdy and provides comfort with the heavy workout. 


  • Weight stack included
  • It comes with an exercise chart
  • Wide range of workouts possible
  • Sturdy machine
  • Generously padded seat


  • There are not many complaints about this machine. But one of it is that as reported by a user the pin locator does not align with the wait block while using light weights and hits the top of the weights block.
  • While assembling you might find the parts are not very well-identified and some users may experience difficulty while assembling it even though you might have the manual instructions with you.  This is something very unusual and might happen in really any of those units.
  • Users have reportedly consumed around 8 to 8.5 hours assembling the entire machine.

Apart from it, it has an aluminum and plastic body and is grey in color which does not make the machine very high maintenance and gives a good appearance as well.

So no minor downs about Weider’s unisex 8700 multi gyms. It is among the top 10 multi gym machines and has been rated between 3.6 to 4.2 stars by users.

So this machine can definitely come in your shortlist if you want to buy a budget-friendly and an all-around multigym which offers numerous workout routines. It comes with a 1-year parts warranty but it can be extended to two years if the user registers for it within 28 days.

Sportstech Premium 50in1 Multi Gym

best home gym equipment uk
CC: Amazon

The Sportstech Premium 50 in 1 multi gym is one of the most exciting machines to be working out on and with this machine your workout can never be boring. Put together your muscle-building training from over 45 workout routines possible on it.

Be it lat pull tower, rope pull bar, biceps curl bar, leg extension, bench press station, pull up bar, butterfly arms, leg curler, stepper, etc. it is the perfect replacement for entire gym equipment that can train your entire body at home itself with just one piece of exercise machine.

It well defines and strengthens your biceps, back, legs, abdomen, shoulder, or bottom as well as you can train Your endurance on the workout stepper. Well let’s look at the specifications:

Dimensions1896 x 2116 x 2196 cm
ColorBlack and red
Max user weight130kg
  • The Sportstech Premium 50 in 1 multi gym combines multiple gym equipment into one in which it includes a leg press and dip/leg raise station, features high and low pulleys, chest press, pec/dec, and leg developer. Its leg press is fully adjustable, provides maximum comfort while training, and has ergonomic upholstery, fold-up seat, lat, and straight bar attachment. 
  • Safety during training, the usage of bearings, and CAMS give you a guarantee of an ultra-smooth motion.
  •  It has a 75 kg solid vinyl weight stack that generates 100 kg of resistance, providing a wider ground area that enhances the stability extremely. 
  • The maintenance of this machine is not very much except for the basic cleaning and a little lubrication of certain parts.
  • Unfortunately, there are sweating and bad odor issues during the workout but worry not, this machine has a solution for the same to prevent them as far as possible. With the choicest metals quality seat covers and back cushions of high-quality EVA material, it is particularly resistant, hardwearing, and more over water repellent. This makes your workout pleasant. 
  • The matter of settings is taken very seriously. The adjustable sheets handle, or leg pads, their sizes, and all parts of this machine can be quickly and easily adjusted using the integrated swivel mechanism. 
  • It is very important to have the appropriate stance during the workout to prevent injuries or pain. This makes this machine a perfect choice to go for if you want something that suits your budget and your home gym at the same time.


  • Includes leg press and leg dip
  • Weight stack included
  • Low maintenance
  • Good quality grips and foam
  • Swivel mechanism
  • It has a 1-year warranty


  • After assembling and working out heavily on this machine its small parts fall off as mentioned by a user. But apparently, if you fix all the parts properly using good wrenches and tools, study the manual properly and assemble the machine accordingly, this is least likely to happen.
  • The tools that come in the package are not as useful as the ones we have. Using them is more useful. Only the nuts and bolts that come in the package are the ones you should use. 

V-Fit LFG2 Herculean COBRA Lay Flat Home Gym

The V-fit STB 09-2 Herculean Folding weight bench is the combination of 38 mm and 33mm square tubular Steel mainframes. The machine is a chip-resistant black/ gunmetal grey hammertone epoxy powder coated frame finish. It is cloth-backed, deeply padded vinyl covered seat and backrest with screen printed v-fit logo.

Flat and 3 additional backrest incline angles provide maximum comfort as well as amazing for your workout. The high density expanded form groups and leg rollers are very noticeable as they are water repellent and don’t let the sweat and odor stay in and also they have a very good grip which also offers comfort.

To name a few exercise modes are bench press, leg extension, and crunches or sit-ups. The good part of this machine is that there are removable pec-dec attachments.

Have a look at the specifications:

Dimension 108.2 x 46.2 x 12.6 cm
Weight 19.5 kg
Colour Black /orange
Max user weight 200kg
best home multi gym uk
CC: Amazon
  • The V-fit STB 09-2 Herculean Folding weight bench comes with anything and everything you need for an intense anaerobic and strength building workout routine in the comfort of your very own home. It is one of the most versatile and western class home gym premium machines that you could equip. Fitting and the budget,
  • The V-fit STB 09-2 Herculean Folding weight bench is an exemplary machine. Customer reviews for this product are very positive and appreciable. 
  • The package comes with all the required tools for assembling the machine. It remains perfectly sturdy during working out.
  •  This simple looking bench provides you with all the exercise routines possible on it making it a multi gym. As a bench, its max user capacity is high enough. But along with these plus points, there are some minor downs this machine has.


  • Weight stack included
  • Comfortable and strong
  • Foldable design
  • It too has a 1-year warranty
  • A huge set of workouts possible


  • The V-fit STB 09-2 Herculean Folding weight bench is mainly for beginners and intermediates workouts.
  • If you are a high power user, you must look for some other variables as this machine cant take more than 90kg on the barbell stand.
  • Secondly, as per user reports, people did find the bench quite sturdy whereas some of them had issues with the frontal side being a little unstable.
  • And the common complaint of long long hours being taken to assemble the machine remains constant here as well. But again the hours are totally worth it after it is assembled and you get the final masterpiece.
  • The machine might not look very fancy and stylish but the strength and high-quality materials are something you can count on. In your home gym, it won’t consume much of the space but still, look good.
  • Maintaining the bench isn’t very difficult, it’s only the occasional lubrication and cleaning the machine from time to time.

Sportstech 7in1 Power Tower PT300

best home gym equipment uk
CC: Amazon

The Sportstech 7 in 1 Power Tower PT300 is designed in order to strengthen your core which further actually results in building a more powerful body.

Where floor exercises like crunches and leg lift only let you reach half of your potential, a power tower, on the other hand, provides suitable levels of resistance to develop your abdominals into shape making it the most required gym equipment at home.

These pullup and dip stations help you increase your overall strength. It is very true that everything from your quads to lats can contribute beneficially depending on the exercises or workout you follow.

The Sportstech 7 in 1 Power Tower PT300 is one of the models that can settle all these is said to be one of the most sophisticated and strength inclusive power towers. This model offers more than what a standard power tower can offer. 

Let’s first look at the Sportstech 7in1 Power Tower PT300 specs:

Maximum user weight 120 kg 
Height 153cm(lowest) & 218cm(highest)
Width 83.5cm
Depth 110cm
Dips bar handle spacings62cm
Push ups bar handle spacing63cm
  • The Sportstech 7 in 1 Power Tower PT300 is the choicest home gym equipment you need to get to get your body in the desired shape or the basic fitness and strength building purpose. This equipment is fit for all levels of fitness.
  • From push-ups to pull-ups, every workout routine can be followed on this power tower. 
  • This machine has safety as its first priority.
  • It has a set of strong rubber suction cups located on the bottom of the tower. How is it helpful? Your machine won’t drive you anywhere while you workout on it.
  • You can customize the height of the tower according to your requirement. It has 4 adjustable height levels. 
  • Next comes its grips, which are extra padded and are easy to grip for comfort and safety.
  •  The package includes an e-book and assembly manual. It also has sturdy eyelet holes for more workout freedom and customization. 


  • Rubber suction cups
  • Sturdy enough
  • E-book and assemble manual provided
  • Good grip
  • Height can be customized


  • The sturdy build given to the machine gives us this expectation that this could take a greater max user weight but apparently it is 120 kg. I wouldn’t say it is less but the quality it has makes us think that way that more would be better. 

This Sportstech 7 in 1 Power Tower PT300 stands out of the ordinary. To our surprise, there are no negative customer reviews the machine has. In fact, no user has given it less than 3.6 stars.

This definitely makes up your mind to choose this power tower over any other power tower. Again this machine requires no high maintenance. So this is one of the best home gym equipment you must be wanting by now. It comes with a long time warranty of 5 years.

Best Home Multi Gym UK

So we went through some Best Compact Home Gyms in the UK in the market which are among the top ten fitness machines each unique in their own manner.

These are some of the Best Compact Multi Gym equipment which the fitness community would suggest. All of them are specially designed in order to be equipped at home.

Not only that but give you a gym-like experience on a budget and without any traveling. This adds a focus light to your house as well as gives a stylish appearance. No worries of going at a certain time when you assume there might be less rush or that would suit your daily schedule. 

It’s all yours and you can spend ample hours working out unless it doesn’t affect you physically. With this, we come to the end of our reviews for the best home gym. If there are yet any queries they are welcomed in the comment box below.

Are home multi gyms any good?

They are, they not only saves you money, but they saves you time and time, that you will spend on going gym, and all, there are lots of benefits of home gyms over traditional gyms, like you can do exercise whenever you want, and you will always get clean machine, no hygiene problem, and they are affordable as well.

Is it worth buying home gym equipment?

Yes, in 2020, we all face the lockdown, and at that time, many of us wished we had a home gym, but we don’t, they give you freedom to exercise whenever you want, saves money, and time, and they are cleaner then the Gym Equipments which is used by too many people.

Should I buy treadmill or go to the gym?

It depends on your needs, if you don’t like weight training then go with treadmill and vice versa, but the all rounder is a home gym, as it doesn’t require much things to work, and they have less chances of getting fail. So, go with a Home gym.

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