Best Stretching Equipment for Dancers, IMPROVE your MOVES

Are you also looking for best dance equipment for stretching, yeah, we are a fitness geek, but dancing is also a good form of exercise and some people love dancing over lifting weights? We have made a detailed list of some of the best leg stretcher for dancer.

Dancing is a very popular form of art, which involves synchronized and well thought out sequences of movement of the human body. 

Since it is a physical activity, dancers are required to warm up adequately before practicing or performing their routines. 

Stretches are essential to this warmup. The purpose of this article is to highlight great dance flexibility equipment, which will help them warm up better.

As dance takes on new dimensions, with new forms that require a lot more physical effort and endurance, the strain on the human body is also evolving. 

Warm-ups are intended to prepare the muscles and joints for the physical exertion that will occur during the dance routine. 

Performing without warming up can result in serious injury, or a lack of fluidity and flexibility in the movements, which could have an adverse effect on the performance

Dancers often combine slow rhythmic movements and stretch as part of their warm-up routines. 

This article focuses on the stretching aspect of warming up, and also helps you find the ideal stretching equipment for dancers.

10 Best Leg Stretcher for Dancers

Stretches are an important exercise that helps strengthen and release the stress of tensed up muscles. These improve stamina, increase flexibility, and prevent injuries. 

It also enhances the dancer’s routine as they can smoothen out movements, which helps them appear more graceful and confident while making the routine look effortless.

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Stretchers are important aids in stretching. They help the users maintain the posture while stretching, which is important in preventing injury due to poor form. 

Stretchers also add an element of resistance to the exercise, which makes your stretches more effective and give the user an added boost before physical taxing activities like dancing.

ProFlex Stretching MachineReviews: 25
Ratings: 4.2/5
Homlpope Leg StretcherReviews: 18
Ratings: 4.5/5
Valor Fitness CA-27 Leg Stretcher and Split MachineReviews: 237
Ratings: 4.1/5
Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch MachineReviews: 130
Ratings: 4.6/5
Popsport Pro Leg StretchReviews: 76
Ratings: 4.2/5
FIGROL Leg StretcherReviews: 681
Ratings: 4.3/5
IdealStretch Hamstring Stretching DeviceReviews: 240
Ratings: 4.5/5
The Main Dancer Stretch BandReviews: 459
Ratings: 4.4/5
EverStretch Leg StretcherReviews: 370
Ratings: 4.5/5
Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS100Reviews: 26
Ratings: 4.4/5

Different Types of Stretches

leg stretcher for dancers
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

Stretches are broadly classified into dynamic and static stretches as per the research done by a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 

Dynamic stretches involve motion, while static stretches do not involve motion of the part that is being stretched. The various classifications of stretches are as follows

  • Ballistic Stretching

Ballistic stretching forces the body or limb to stretch beyond its natural limits by using the momentum when the body or limb is in motion. 

This stretching is not considered useful as it does not allow the muscle to adjust to the stretched position or relax in the stretched position. 

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It leads to tightening of the muscles due to the muscle contracting by reflex to avoid the unnatural stretch. 

This is called the stretch reflex. Ballistic stretching can also lead to injury due to the forcefulness of this kind of stretching. Eg: Bouncing down repeatedly to reach your toes.

  • Dynamic Stretching

According to Kurz, dynamic stretches “involve moving body parts of your body and gradually increasing reach, speed of movement or both”. 

Dynamic stretching is gentle in nature, with the muscles or limbs being in complete control during the motion, unlike the jerks experienced during ballistic stretching. 

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These stretches are highly recommended to be done in sets of 8 or 12, right before dance or aerobic workouts. Eg: Slow controlled leg, arm, and torso swings

It is important to keep in mind that you must not continue stretching if you are tired and your range of motion is reduced, as you will lose control and flexibility.

  • Active Stretching

Active stretching, also called static-active stretching, involves taking up a position and holding it in the position without assistance, using just the primary moving muscles (also known as agonist muscles). 

The tension of the agonist muscle forces the muscle to be stretched (antagonist muscles) to relax. These stretches are effective in strengthening the agonist muscles and increasing flexibility. 

These stretches are difficult to hold and are usually held for a maximum of 15 seconds. Eg: Bringing your leg up and holding it in the same position.

  • Passive Stretching

Passive stretching, also called static-passive stretches, involves assuming a position and holding the position with the assistance of a partner, apparatus, or another part of your body. 

These types of stretches are great for post-workout and dance sessions, as it helps the muscles relax slowly while gradually relieving any muscle spasms that may have occurred. 

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These stretchers also work well for muscles recovering from an injury, following expert advice from doctors. Eg: Splits, where the floor assists the stretch by being the apparatus.

  • Static Stretching

Static stretching, as defined by M. Alter, consists of “stretching a muscle/muscle group to its farthest point and then holding that position. 

Static stretches are an extreme type of passive stretches and put the muscle groups under more stress than passive stretches. Eg: Hamstring stretch, where the hamstring is extended fully and the position is held for a while.

  • Isometric Stretching
dance stretching tools
Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU from Pexels

Isometric stretching is a form of nonmotion static stretches, which involves isometric contractions of a stretched muscle. Isometric contraction involves holding an activated muscle at a constant length. 

These stretches are extremely strong and help develop passive flexibility and strength faster than any other form of stretching while reducing the pain associated with stretches. 

These stretches should be done ideally after some dynamic stretch training. The resistance required can be provided manually using your limbs, a partner, or any apparatus. Eg: Having a leg held up by a partner, while trying to push it back down

  • PNF Stretching

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation or PNF stretching combines passive and isometric stretching to achieve maximum static flexibility. 

These stretches are done by first passively stretching the muscle, before contracting isometrically against the resistance while in the stretched position. 

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These stretches require a partner to help with providing the required resistance, and then passively take the joint through its increased motion range. Eg: The hold relaxes stretch, where a muscle is stretched passively, then isometrically contracted. 

This is followed by a brief relaxation and then followed by another passive stretch which is further than the initial passive stretch, before being finally relaxed.

A lot of the above-mentioned stretches require the assistance of a partner or apparatus, which is where equipment like stretchers come in handy. 

Stretchers double up as dance flexibility equipment that can be used easily within the confines of a home or studio. Using such equipment does not need professional help or assistance. 

We shall now look at some of the stretch equipment for dancers in detail.

ProFlex Stretching Machine

stretching equipment for dancers
CC: Amazon

First up, competing for the top spot amongst the various dance equipment for stretching, we have the ProFlex Stretching Machine. 

ProFlex ensured great research and development went into designing this product, whose features we shall now discuss at length

  • This product ensures the correct posture and technique while stretching, which is key to ensure injury safe warm-up. 
  • This dance flexibility equipment allows the user to measure the progress they have made. This is helpful especially for dancers looking to get back to full fitness after an injury or muscle spasm, without worrying about hurting themselves again.
  • It ensures the user is comfortable thanks to its padding. This allows users to relax their muscles well, and thus improves circulation in the stretched muscles.
  • The ProFlex Stretching Machine comes with extremely good support. The videos are informational for users with no prior knowledge about stretching. These detail the 6 basic stretches suggested by ProFlex. An easy to understand the depiction of the positions are also placed in front of the machine for a quick look during stretching.
  • The assembly is easy, with the required tools and a manual provided. A video is also provided to avoid any confusion.
  • This product is easy to store thanks to heavy wheels which allow for easy transporting, and the upright position in which it can be folded.


  • Takes care of 3 major flexibility aspects: correct stretching technique, progress tracking, and proper muscle relaxation
  • Great support, with videos and diagrams well thought out to assist users
  • Comfortable to use thanks to padding, easy to store because of wheels and foldable upright storage position
  • Easy to assemble, tools and manual provided, the light at 85 lbs
  • Can be used by professionals as well as users recovering from injuries
  • Three-year manufacturer warranty provided


  • Functional design lacks aesthetically pleasing looks
  • Very expensive

Homlpope Leg Stretcher

leg stretcher for dancers
CC: Amazon

The Leg Stretcher Heavy Duty Leg Stretching Training Machine by Homlpope is up next in our list of dance stretching tools

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It has a simplistic design that is easy to understand, with minimal moving parts. We shall now have a look at the features of this product.

  • This product was designed to keep stretches in mind, which serves the purpose of those reading this article. A simple to understand mechanism helps maximize the benefits of stretches.
  • The product is compact and easy to use, with sufficient padding and a backrest included to ensure users are comfortable while doing their stretches.
  • This product is lightweight at just 35 lbs, which makes it easy to store and transport. The simple design is easy to assemble and is provided with the tools in the packaging which allow for quick self-assembly.


  • Lower body stretches are effective, improves circulation
  • Light and easy to assemble
  • Backrest and padding ensure comfort


  • Requires a smooth flooring surface for smooth motion of legs
  • The flywheel handle can easily result in overstretched muscles, resulting in injuries
  • No upper body stretching options

Valor Fitness CA-27 Leg Stretcher and Split Machine

dance equipment for stretching
CC: Amazon

The Valor Fitness CA-27 Leg Stretcher and Split Machine is our next product to feature in this list of dance tools for flexibility. Here are a few features we’d like you to know about the product:

  • The CA-27 is equipped with a wheel crank system that allows users to stretch to a full 180° while giving the user the precise control they need while they control the extent of their stretches with the handle.
  • The CA-27 has an adjustable backrest, with a dual position arrangement that helps stretch different muscles according to their requirement. 
  • The product is well padded at the backrest, seat, thigh, and calf supports to ensure maximum user comfort. This also ensures maximum stretch in the glutes, lower back, and legs.
  • The product is lightweight at just 50lbs, and easy to assemble, which can be completed quickly without any hassles.


  • Full 180° stretchability because of wheel crank system
  • Backrest and calf rest are adjustable, easy to use for users of different heights
  • Well padded product ensures user comfortability and stretches for back, legs, and glutes
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Handle flywheel enables small increments of stretching according to user requirement
  • 3-year warranty from the manufacturer


  • No workout for upper body
  • Product lacks stability
  • Cannot track flexibility progress
  • The legs do not move simultaneously, as reported by a few users
  • Needs a smooth floor for comfortable and gradual stretching
  • Flywheel handle can lead to overextension, which could result in injury
  • The leg mechanism doesn’t have a locking system for storage

Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine

dance stretching tools
CC: Amazon

Next up on our list of dance equipment for stretching is the Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine. This machine, designed for a great full-body stretching workout, has a plethora of features that we shall now discuss in detail.

  • The Popsport Pro Leg Stretch has an adjustable backseat, which allows users to find a comfortable position to stretch the required muscles.
  • The gear system is smooth and allows for a gradual yet effective stretch without having to worry about injuring yourself.
  • This product is well padded at the seat, backrest, and leg rest, which allows users to comfortably stretch.
  • The product is mostly pre-assembled. Final assembly is a very easy process and the required tools are provided in the packaging for self-assembly. The product is also lightweight, despite its heavy-duty steel construction, weighing in at under 60lbs.
  • The turning wheel is removable and self-locking with the mechanism, which makes for easy installation and use.


  • Adjustable seat position for users of varying height
  • Great product for full body stretches 
  • Removable board for calf stretches, three angular positions for stretching flexibility
  • Dual handle provision along with safety straps for enhanced safety
  • Padded seat for comfort
  • 9 basic exercises displayed between handles, easy to follow 
  • Integrated wheels in the frame, easy to transport
  • Two-year warranty on parts and one year warranty on the labor provided by the manufacturer


  • Very expensive
  • Padding could be better for the price 
  • The Calf board could do with more padding for a better experience

Popsport Pro Leg Stretch

dance tools for flexibility
CC: Amazon

Next up in our list of leg stretchers for dancers, we have the Popsport Pro Leg Stretch. It follows a similar design philosophy to the Valor Fitness CA-27, with a wheel crank system. We shall now take a look at its features:

  • The Popsport Pro Leg Stretch has an adjustable backseat, which allows users to find a comfortable position to stretch the required muscles.
  • The gear system is smooth and allows for a gradual yet effective stretch without having to worry about injuring yourself
  • This product is well padded at the seat, backrest, and leg rest, which allows users to comfortably stretch.
  • The product is mostly pre-assembled. Final assembly is a very easy process and the required tools are provided in the packaging for self-assembly. The product is also lightweight, despite its heavy-duty steel construction, weighing in at under 60lbs.
  • The turning wheel is removable and self-locking with the mechanism, which makes for easy installation and use.


  • Adjustable backseat for stretching multiple muscle groups in the lower body
  • Easy to assemble, lightweight design
  • Well padded for comfortable use
  • Smooth gear system for gradual stretch 
  • Self-locking turning wheel
  • Attractive color scheme


  • No stretches for the upper body area
  • Requires hardwood flooring for smooth stretching 
  • Poor weld quality as reported by many users resulted in breakage

FIGROL Leg Stretcher

stretch equipment for dancers
CC: Amazon

When it comes to dance stretching tools, the FIGROL Leg Stretcher has a unique and portable design that provides great portability.

This allows users to stretch whenever, wherever. We shall now take a look at the various features of this leg stretcher 

  • The FIGROL Leg Stretcher is made of steel, to provide steady assistance while stretching. It is also padded at the grips with EVA foam to ensure no accidental slips happen while stretching.
  • Each pole has five positions that you can adjust according to your requirement. This ensures that users of different heights can use this product. The design is also portable, which makes it easy to carry around.
  • This product can extend upto 180°, making it a great ballet stretching tool for ballerinas looking to perfect their splits. 


  • Sturdy construction and good padding to ensure stable and comfortable support while stretching 
  • Adjustable arm length according to user height for multiple user use
  • Extends up to 180°, provides great support while learning how to split
  • Pre-assembled, easy to transport thanks to the portable design
  • Cheap and effective aid for stretching 


  • No way to track progress
  • People above 6’ find the design a bit cramped and small for them, the middle bar prevents them from getting to a full split
  • No upper body stretch 
  • No mention of the warranty before purchasing
  • Lacks a locking system

IdealStretch Hamstring Stretching Device

dance flexibility equipment
CC: Amazon

Next up in our list of dance stretching tools is the IdealStretch Hamstring Stretching Device. This product has a unique design, meant to effectively stretch the hamstring and hips specifically. We shall now discuss its features in detail:

  • This stretching device is made of heavy-duty materials but has a lightweight unique frame, which allows users to use this apparatus without much strain.
  • This product allows for stretching while lying down, to eliminate pressure on the spine that is caused due to bending. This posture also ensures that the hips are in the correct position during stretches.
  • This product can be used to stretch the hips and illio-tibial (IT) band tissues, the hamstring, the groin, and the adductor with just a single apparatus, making it versatile. It is also adjustable to the length of your legs and calves, which makes stretching comfortable according to your height.
  • This product comes with a DVD option, which details different stretches that can be done using this product.


  • DVD option for users who need instructions regarding the use
  • A lightweight frame made of heavy-duty materials
  • The unique design stretches hamstring, hips and IT band tissue, groin and adductor muscles
  • Safe to use as requires the user to lie down, taking pressure off the spine and maintaining hip posture
  • Cost-effective stretching machine with 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • Can be used only on surfaces that have a smooth and flat floor surface
  • Upper body stretches not possible with this apparatus
  • Reports of spring button holding metal tubing breaking after a few months

The Main Dancer Stretch Band 

ballet stretching tools
CC: Amazon

The Main Dancer Stretch Band is the next product in our list of dance tools for flexibility. Consisting of a simple but well-designed band design, we shall review the features of this product below:

  • This product was designed to keep ballerinas and dancers in mind, with its ultimate aim to improve the degree of flexibility of the user.
  • The product is made in Europe, with the highest quality materials. This ensures great user confidence in the product.
  • The anchor is padded well to prevent damage to the doors, while the welded stainless steel D rings are heavy-duty, which ensures good grip and slip-free stretching.
  • Installing the product is as simple as shutting a door shut and then taking the band through the D ring, ensuring a great anchor to your stretches.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Manufactured in Europe with high-quality materials
  • Heavy-duty D rings and padding to anchor ensure no damage to the door and good strong grip while stretching 
  • Cheap, but well designed specifically for dancer and ballerinas
  • Multiple stretches possible using this product


  • Requires a door to be used, cannot attach to a fixed support
  • No free return
  • No padding option can make for uncomfortable use over long periods

EverStretch Leg Stretcher

stretching equipment for dancers
CC: Amazon

The EverStretch Leg Stretcher is the next leg stretcher for dancers that we will be reviewing. This product is similar to the previous one, but it comes with a few more features that we shall be reviewing now:

  • Designed for physical activities where flexibility is key, this product is made of premium materials (150 gr cotton and 6mm D-ring) to ensure maximum stretching without risking injury or overstretching.
  • Comes with a heavy-duty strap, a door anchor with heavy-duty D-rings, and comfortable padding for the user in the loops that help them grip the band, to ensure maximum comfort while stretching.
  • Additional support is provided to the user in the form of a breathable carry bag, inserts door signs to warn people that the door is being used for stretching and a stretching guide for amateur dancers looking to improve flexibility.
  • Great support for the product online, with an e-booklet, videos, and online portal access provided to customers.
  • Users have a money-back guarantee if users are not happy with the product and a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Durable materials that are comfortable to use and provide good assistance while stretching, with a door anchor to ensure stretching without slipping
  • Carry bag, door warning signs, and stretching guide included
  • Money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty
  • Great product support online


  • Needs a door to anchor the band and then stretch

Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS100

leg stretcher for dancers
CC: Amazon

The last of our recommended dance equipment for home is the Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS100. This full-body stretching machine is the base model of stretching machines from Motive Fitness. It has multiple features that we shall go through below

  • This product has a solid and compact design that makes it perfect for dance studios and homes.
  • This product has an ErgoStretch handlebar that provides multiple positions to grip while stretching, which makes the stretches more effective in targeting particular muscle groups.
  • The ErgoStretch footrest provides great stability to the leg and lower body while stretching other areas of the body, to minimize the risk of injury.
  • The seat provides an option for elderly people or those nursing injuries to comfortably stretch without the risk of hurting themselves.
  • A single wheel provided in the frame allows for easy maneuvering in tight spaces, which makes it convenient to store.
  • Safety handles are provided for users to minimize the risk of injury.
  • Clear instructions about different muscle stretch provided in between the handle for easy referral during a string.


  • Solid and compact design, the single wheel ensures easy transporting
  • ErgoStretch handlebar helps to target muscles by providing multiple grip positions
  • ErgoStretch footrest helps to stabilize the leg and lower body during full body stretches 
  • Safety handles for additional grip
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Basic stretches placed in the handle, easy to refer during a workout
  • 5-year warranty on frame, 1-year warranty on parts from the manufacturer


  • Very expensive

Benefits of Stretching

leg stretcher for dancers
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Stretching has many benefits for our health. While short term benefits include increased flexibility and range of motion, long term benefits include strengthening muscles, reducing stress on the back and spine, and increased blood circulation that results in people feeling more active in their daily routine. 

Stretching is beneficial to people with poor posture. Being able to hold stretches increases the muscle’s ability to hold a position before spasming. This ensures that people can maintain the correct posture without feeling uncomfortable for longer periods.

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Stretching is also a great way to ease muscles into intense physical activities like dancing or exercise. A good stretch before and after such activities will reduce muscle fatigue and improve muscle recovery drastically. It will also reduce the risk of injuries.

Circulation is improved during stretching without putting too much cardiovascular training. This ensures that people who stretch feel more active and lively throughout the day.

This also helps to keep diabetes under check thanks to reducing blood sugar levels. You can read more benefits of stretching from this amazing article.

Different Stretching Exercises that do not need a Machine

dance equipment for stretching
Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

If you did not find a leg stretcher for dancers to suit your requirements from the products listed above, you need not worry. 

Most stretches can be done without the need for apparatus. The most popular form of unassisted stretching is yoga, which combines stretching and breathing techniques to help improve physical fitness and flexibility.

Stretches like lunges and torso twists are other simple alternatives that do not require any equipment. 

Static stretches like planks and the cobra pose do not need anything more than a floor to perform but can be a physical challenge even to regular fitness enthusiasts, as they involve a plethora of muscle groups to hold the posture. 

Piriformis, triceps, and knee to chest stretches are some basic stretches that do not take too much effort and can be performed by users with no previous stretching experience or returning from injury. 

For those who have just recently started stretching, we would recommend gradually increasing the range of motion and the limits of your stretches to ensure safe stretching without risking injury.

You can read about more exercises about Stretching Exercises for Better Flexibility from this article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are good stretches for dancers?

    Dancers are recommended to stretch their hip flexor and quads, which can be done by doing lunges. Another recommended stretch is for the calves, heel, and feet. This can be done by placing one foot behind the other, with a hands-on wall for support. Lean forward a bit to feel the stretch through your calf. Bending both knees stretches the lower back. Dance studios also suggest stretching your piriformis, hips, and knee flexion. Using leg stretchers for dancers would aid in stretching too.

  • How long should a dancer stretch each day?

    Dancers stretch for around 15-20 minutes before practicing their routines. This heavily depends on the genre of dance too. Ballerinas need to stretch quite a bit to enhance their flexibility, posture, and smoothen movement. Other dance genres require stretching to increase heart rate, which improves circulation and relaxes the muscle while avoiding soreness after intense activity.

  • What are 5 exercises for flexibility?

    The five exercises for flexibility we would suggest are:
    Hamstring stretches – Strengthen lower back, hips, and knees. Done by scissor stretch, reclined stretch, and forward bend
    Glutes stretch – Reduce back pain by opening up tight hips. Done by seated spine twists or using foam rollers
    Shoulder stretches – Loosen shoulder and neck muscles. Shoulder rotations and rolls are the best stretches for this type
    Abdominal stretches – Prevent soreness in the abs region after core workout. Cobra pose and spinal stretches are primary abdominal stretches 
    Neck stretches – Tight neck muscles can lead to headaches and back pain. Stretching the neck sideways and to the back provide great relief

  • Why do dancers stretch?

    Dancers stretch to improve their dancing abilities while preventing injury. Stretching increases blood flow which reduces muscle fatigue. It improves flexibility which also increases the dancer’s athletic ability. Stretches also increase stamina, by delaying muscle fatigue considerably. By allowing the dancer to keep in tune with their movements, stretches also improve coordination.

  • Is it OK to stretch every day?

    Stretching every day is a very good way to maintain physical fitness. It improves circulation in the body while loosening tight muscles. This in turn allows for faster recovery of muscles, especially after a workout or intense physical activity. Stretches are recommended warm-up before exercising.

At the end of this article about leg stretcher for dancers, we choose the EverStretch Leg Stretcher as the best stretch equipment for dancers

The product is easy to use and simple to install, with durable materials ensuring a stable stretching experience while providing a premium feel to the product. 

The product is lightweight and easy to transport, with a carry bag provided for the same. It is provided with additional features like a stretching manual and great online support for users. 

Customer satisfaction is a primary objective, with a money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer.

With this, we come to the end of our article on the best stretching equipment for dancers. We hope this article has helped you choose the stretcher that suits your requirements.

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