Best Trampoline For Fat People: The Ultimate Buying Guide

There are lots of options for trampolines, but which one is perfect for you and why? We have picked top trampolines in each weight category, above 700lbs, 500-700lbs, 200-500lbs weight limit here in our Ultimate Guide of Best Trampoline For Fat People.

Have you been wondering all this while about how you could get rid of that extra layer of fat underlying your skin? If you are that big guy or girl who is motivated to get in shape but does not know how to go about it, we are here to help you out. We have brought for you a detailed article that lists out the best trampoline for fat people

If you want to climb steps without gasping for breath, want to bend without cracking your back, and stand for a long time without experiencing any strains and discomfort, you should really give rebounding a try!

Rebounding is a low impact and more than that it is fun. Getting out of bed and hitting the track every morning can be challenging. But, jumping on a trampoline is fun, and anything that you enjoy with your whole heart does not need any extra motivation.

Have you heard about any trampoline with high weight limits, specially designed to give you maximum comfort along with an unparalleled performance? 

If you have not heard or never been on one since your childhood, you have been missing out on tons of enjoyment. Trampolines are highly effective for weight loss and increase your cardiovascular health, thus improving your overall fitness level.

Moreover, once you have learned the basics, it can also be one intense workout activity that can push your regime to the next level.  If you are obese, which means you have a body mass index of above 30, a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week is recommended. 

Trampolines come in a wide range of prices that can cost you from like $300 to almost your entire paycheck. To be very honest, large-sized trampolines are a little difficult to find and can be heavy on your pocket too.

This is why we have made sure that we present you with a well-curated article that makes the tedious job of researching easy and simplified. You can choose the one that suits your requirements, weight, and also your wallet.

Let dig in deeper to find out which is the Best Trampoline for Fat People.

Best Trampolines for Fat People

S.No.ProductDetailsBuy Button
1.Acon Air 16 Sport HD TrampolineDimensions: 10 x 17 ft.
Weight: 515lbs.
Weight Limit: No Single User Limit
Warranty: 1 year
Reviews & Ratings: 55 & 4.8/5
2.Upper Bounce Gymnastics Style Rectangular TrampolineDimensions: 9 x 15 ft.
Weight: 111lbs.
Weight Limit: 500lbs.
Warranty: 1 year
Reviews & Ratings: 175 & 4.1/5
3.Beast Trampoline 14 ft Round with Premium EnclosureDimensions: 14ft. diameter
Weight: 300lbs.
Weight Limit: NO Weight Limit
Warranty: Frame 5year, other parts 1 year
Reviews & Ratings: 5 & 4.6/5
4.Outdoor Heights Mega Outdoor Trampoline with Fiber Flex Enclosure SystemDimensions: 12 x 6 ft.
Weight: 105lbs.
Weight Limit: 500lbs.
Warranty: Trampoline frame, springs & mat: 1 Year
Enclosure net, pole caps: 90 Day
Reviews & Ratings: 16 & 4.6/5
5.Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle TrampolineDimensions: 13 x 23 ft.
Weight: 700lbs.
Weight Limit: 550lbs.
Warranty: Frame & Springs: Lifetime, 90 days on enclosure net and pole caps
Reviews & Ratings: 26 & 4.1/5
6.Trampoline Lxn 50-inch Orange, Silent Mini with Adjustable Handrail Indoor RebounderDimensions: 50in or 127cm (diameter)
Weight: 29.26lbs.
Weight Limit: 500lbs.
7.Urban Rebounder Trampoline with Workout DVD & Stabilizing BarDimensions: 40in or 100cm (diameter)
Weight: 29lbs.
Weight Limit: 300lbs.
Warranty: 1 year
Reviews & Ratings: 742 & 3.6/5
8.JumpSport 550F PRO Folding Fitness TrampolineDimensions: 44in or 111cm (diameter)
Weight: 31.7lbs.
Weight Limit: 325lbs.
Warranty: Frame: Lifetime, Mat: 5 years, Cords: 4 years
Reviews & Ratings: 74 & 4.2/5
9.MaXimus Life FIT BOUNCE PRO II Bungee RebounderDimensions: 40in or 100cm (diameter)
Weight: 26lbs, (12kg)
Weight Limit: 330lbs. (140kg)
Warranty: Frame: Lifetime, Mat: 3 years,
Reviews & Ratings:

Did you know that rebound exercises are 68% more effective than an hour of jogging every day? NASA’s Journal of Applied Physiology backs up this fact. Here are some more reasons as to why trampolines are a good way to exercise:

  • Helps in fat burning and weight loss 
  • Increases your blood circulation
  • Improves your balance and coordination
  • Betters your core strength
  • Improves your bone density
  • Improves your cardiovascular fitness
  • Regulates metabolism
  • Increases your muscle strength

With so many health benefits that you can get with a single machine, who would not want to give it a chance. 

Trampolines are very popular these days. You can see them everywhere but are all of them the same? No. With so many products listed online, it is very obvious that we might feel confused. But no worries, here we are to blow away all the clouds of confusion and get to the point. 

A cheap trampoline will often have a frame constructed of cheaper materials.

Therefore, it is essential that we check if the frame is galvanized inside out so that the trampoline lasts long. Make sure that the tubes have a precision-crafted thickness and diameter that will increase its structural strength.

You have to check if the springs are flexible and supple and if the mat has reinforced stitching to prevent premature wearing and tearing.

Make sure there is efficient padding and no sharp edges so that you are always supported and safe. A trampoline that is ergonomic and completely protected is what we all are looking for. 

Understand that when you are trying to save on mere bucks you are compromising on, 

  1. Safety
  2. Quality
  3. Bounce
  4. Size and shape
  5. and warranty as well 

And if not all, at least three of them. Buying a trampoline is a one time investment, so make the final move only when you are ready, both financially and mentally.

We don’t want you to buy a trampoline that does not comply with your needs, neither do we want it to lay unused, sitting in your lawn or gym covered in dirt. 

This is the reason as to why we have outlined this article, to ensure that your every penny gets its worth. In this article we have made sure to give you a clear idea on which are the top models in the market and have classified them according to their weight capacity and affordability. 

Let’s have a look. First we are going to show you the Best Trampolines above 700lbs. weight limit.

Acon Air 16 Sport HD Trampoline

Acon has been one of the best when it comes to manufacturing trampolines that can withstand heavy weights. Their products give you the perfect combination of style and comfort.

The Acon Air 16 Sport HD Trampoline Package is one such model from their product range that has won the hearts of many. It is extremely heavy-duty to give you optimum safety at all times.

Acon Air 16 Sport HD Trampoline
CC: Amazon

The diameter of its tube measures 2.4 inches and the tube itself is 0.10 inches thick. These frame tubes are galvanized, thus giving you a rust-free experience. 

What makes this model stand out from the rest are the 140 pieces of heavy gauge springs. They are all galvanized to prevent rusting and are a whopping 10 inches long.

All this together gives you a bounce that is simply out of this world. It makes the trampoline extremely responsive, allowing you to bounce very high with minimal efforts.

This trampoline measures 17 x 10 ft. and the jumping mat is about 15 x 8 ft. large. This means that there is almost 120 sq. ft. of jumping surface.

The jumping mat is crafted from polypropylene and is cross sewed six times to enhance the durability and is also covered with a UV resistant coating. This trampoline stands at a height of 40 inches from the ground.

The enclosure is 7.3 feet. in height when measured from the mat, and thus gives the trampoline a total height of over 10.5 feet. A total of 8 poles support the trampoline and they are 0.08 inches thick and 1.7 inches in diameter. They are galvanized too from both inside and outside.

The safety net is also made from polypropylene and is UV resistant to prevent degradation over time. There are special doors that assist in easy getting on and off the trampoline.

The safety pad is 1.2 inches thick and is 13.8 inches wide to seamlessly cover the whole length of the springs. When it comes to warranty, you get a 10 years warranty on the frame and the mat. The enclosure and net have a standard warranty of 1 year.

  • 10 x 17 ft high-quality rectangle trampoline
  • All-black design
  • Trampoline height 40 inches
  • Enclosure height 126 inches
  • Galvanized steel frame pipes from both inside and out prevent rusting
  • 140 heavy-duty 10-inch springs 
  • UV treated cross-sewn polypropylene mat
  • Comes with side cover to prevent any kind of fall


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Safe and Reliable model
  • Durable and long serving
  • UV treated cross-sewn polypropylene


  • Heavy while assembling
  • Only 1 year warranty

This is the only single trampoline with 700lbs and above weight limit, and if you need something like this, then you can go with it, and now its time to get to the next section of our article of Trampoline for Fat People, and in the next section we are going to discuss the best trampolines of 500-700lbs. weight limit.

Upper Bounce Gymnastics Style Rectangular Trampoline

This one is the Overall Best of this 500-700lbs category, the Upper Bounce Gymnastics Style, Rectangular Trampoline Set gives you the best of both worlds- comfort and performance. It features a sturdy thick gauge steel frame that can withstand a total weight capacity of 500 lbs.

trampoline with high weight limits
CC: Amazon

This trampoline is easy to set up and eliminates the need to use any complicated hardware. It features welded sockets on the frame that hold the upper enclosure poles, thus enhancing the structural integrity.

It prevents the frame from twisting and strengthens the connection between the poles and the frame.

The mat is crafted from premium PP mesh material with 8-row stitching that provides extra security that prevents the mat from tearing. 

Rectangular trampolines always give you a massive bounce as they feature the independently working springs that work at different rates, giving you the highest lift, along with giving you a better control over the height and landing.

It incorporates the Top Flex Pole Enclosure System that offers amazing stability and durability, and enables the net to stand tall and straight.

The safety pads have a 50 gram PVC on the top, 310 gram PE on the bottom, and 1-inch foam thickness to add optimum shock absorption. The 100% premium Terylene mesh material further enhances the overall experience without hindering your visibility. 

  • Easy assembly mechanism 
  • Thick gauge steel frame
  • Anti-fungal and weather resistant
  • Double safety enclosure
  • Premium thick safety pad
  • Curved and galvanized springs
  • The top ring enclosure system


  • Easy to set up
  • High-quality durable construction
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Rust resistant springs
  • Poles are covered with foam and vinyl
  • Comes in three models of different sizes


  • No reinforced stitching
  • Small parts easily breaks like zip, pads, springs

Beast Trampoline 14 ft Round with Premium Enclosure

This one is a feature-loaded trampoline for fat people, the Beast Trampoline is one of the heavy-duty trampolines we feel is a great deal for the comprehensive features that it offers. Like the Acon trampolines, this one also stands in the same line, offering you an outstanding no-weight-limit function.

It features a strong fully galvanized frame, both from the inside and outside and powder-coated in black. This feature makes the trampoline completely resistant to rusting. This way, the trampoline keeps looking as good as new even after prolonged use.

high weight capacity trampoline
CC: Amazon

The 96 Beast premium springs are cold dipped in ionized zinc to create a protection barrier and extend the life of the trampoline.

These springs are also coiled closely and multiple times to increase their strength and give you better jumps.

The 8.5-inch thick steel construction further adds up to its structural integrity. These springs connect to ensure that the frame is firmly secured to the mat, thanks to the curved hooks. 

The Beast safety pads are thick and sturdy and provide extra cushioning without ripping or tearing apart.

The Protect enclosure with a safe overlapping door allows you to easily enter inside. The enclosure keeps you safely enclosed and prevents accidental trips and falls. 

They feature T sockets that assist in easy assembly of the frame and enclosure poles. This model is completely reliable and exceeds all ASTM safety requirements. Moreover, the entire trampoline receives UV treatment to prevent degradation over time. 

When it comes to the look and appearance, the black protective coating of the frame contrasts with the blue color shade of the safety pad, adding depth and definition to its aesthetics. It comes with 5 years of warranty on frame, 1 year on other components, which is pretty good.

  • 8.5 inch thick springs enhance the structural integrity
  • 14 feet diameter gives comfortable surface space
  • 96 Beast premium springs
  • Best feature-loaded trampoline 450 lb weight limit 
  • Includes free 2-step ladder in package
  • Unlimited customer service


  • Easy assemble
  • Safe and reliable model
  • No weight limit


  • Instruction manual is not detailed
  • Only 5 reviews and ratings

Outdoor Heights Mega Outdoor Trampoline with Fiber Flex Enclosure System

This is the affordable option of our 500-700lbs category, this trampoline by Outdoor Heights is one the best trampoline for fat people that falls under 700 lbs weight capacity. Along with offering you a great tolerance level, what makes this trampoline stand apart is the affordability.

Best Trampoline For Fat People
CC: Amazon

As we all know, the trampoline above the 450 lb weight limit is sure to be on the higher side when it comes to cost.

If you are planning to buy your first trampoline, we are sure you don’t want to compromise on the features for a couple of bucks.

This trampoline costs you around a thousand dollars and trusts us, that’s the least you can expect for the amazing features that it offers. The genuine reviews of buyers on Amazon can vouch for this fact.  

This trampoline is made with rust-resistant galvanized steel and is powder-coated for durability. The rectangular shape of the trampoline integrated with independently working springs at different rates allows for a high bounce.

Moreover, the jumper has maximum control over their jumping height and landing. With the 106-inch tall safety net enclosing it, enter inside with complete confidence.  This comes with 1 year of warranty on frame, springs, and mat, 90 days on enclosure net and pole caps.

  • Comes with a 3-step ladder
  • 4 sturdy and non-slip legs
  • 8 curved poles
  • Total of 86 galvanized springs
  • Premium-quality foam safety pad with double rubber
  • Included screwdriver and T-hook for easy assembly


  • Easy assemble
  • Enhanced safety
  • Sturdy and reliable construction
  • Detailed instruction manual


  • Safety net acting as hinderane

These are some honorable mentions that we would like you to have a glance at, we have also covered detailed Trampoline 450 lb Weight Limit.

Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

This Happy Trampoline is engineered keeping in mind the end user. It is durable and all weather-resistant, owing to its galvanized steel construction.

heavy duty trampoline
CC: Amazon

It efficiently handles the harshest of weather conditions, be it the intense and extreme desert sun, windy beaches or the arctic snow. 

The stay-put enclosure net is crafted from the tough, high grade polyester mesh. The tie-down straps are wrapped to the outer frame, thus allowing a maximum jumping space for you. 

The 14-inch spring pad hides the spring from view and is reversible to extend the life of the trampoline. The coil springs are thick and long in diameter to add structural strength and to give you optimum safety at all times. 

The best part of this trampoline is its size, which is 13 X 23 Ft, and the lifetime warranty on frame and springs and it comes with a 750lbs jumping capacity.

  • Galvanized frame prevents rusting
  • 3mm steel tubing
  • 92-156 springs
  • 9 inch long and tapered springs
  • Comes with a Grade A, non-abrasive jumping mat, extra-wide spring pad cover, net enclosure system, and a ladder


  • Practical design
  • Spacious
  • Safe and reliable construction


  • Expensive

 Trampoline Lxn 50-inch Orange, Silent Mini with Adjustable Handrail Indoor Rebounder

The Trampoline Lxn is designed to give you both convenience and optimum utility. It is one of the best trampoline for fat people and helps train a wide range of muscle groups, build muscle mass and strengthen the shoulder, hip, and leg muscles.

 best trampoline for fat people
CC: Amazon

Rebounding is a low-impact exercise and is a perfect way to burn calories and improve heart health.

This trampoline is hexagonal shaped and features the elastic band design instead of the springs to give you a great jump.

The elastic band design makes the model durable while also giving you a noise-free operation. The high-quality PP jump mat is waterproof, making it all-weather tolerant. 

The removable handrail assists in easy portability. With an adjustable handlebar from 41 to 53 inches, it is suitable for people of all heights.

The handle is covered with foam that adds a firm grip along with making it resistant to damage due to sweat.

The leg tube with rubber holders ensures that your flooring does not get damaged. The shape of this treadmill is a hexagon, and is very compact in shape, but the weight capacity of this trampoline is 500lbs. and it comes in the orange and black color combination, the diameter is 50 inches or 127cm.

  • Premium-quality PP jumping mat offers superior tear resistance
  • Fade and stain resistant frame cover
  • Easy assembly
  • Compact size
  • It comes with a height-adjustable handrail that can be removable.


  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Safe and reliable design
  • Foldable and portable
  • Space-saving
  • Noise-free Operation


  • No safety enclosure

These are some of the top picks of our 500-700lbs. weight capacity category, not let’s mover further in our Best trampolines in the weight limit range of 200 to 500 lbs.

Urban Rebounder Trampoline with Workout DVD & Stabilizing Bar

The Urban Rebounder Trampoline is one of the commercial-grade models available in the market. If you are looking for a trampoline that can help you sculpt your muscles while also reducing body fat, this is your pick. It also helps improve your balance and coordination. 

mini trampoline weight limit
CC: Amazon

This mini trampoline weight limit is 300 lbs and what makes it stand apart is its super compact, foldable design. Be sure to never miss out on your fun as you can carry it conveniently with you on the go. 

This trampoline stands stable on its eight sturdy legs and gives you optimum safety and reliability at all times. The rubber crutches on the legs  It features a soft jumping surface that gives you a good bounce.

The heavy-duty springs can comfortably withstand the pressure and extend the life of the trampoline. You can set the trampoline flat or in a slightly elevated position, totally customizable.

This low-impact conditioning is very light on your muscles and joints and thus allows you to extend your sessions comfortably.

The mega DVD that comes along has six motivational workouts that can guide you, or rather give you a push through your weight loss journey.

So now you can workout at the comfort of your home for just 20 minutes a day and three times per week.

It comes with 1 year of warranty, and the weight capacity of this trampoline is 300lbs, but the weight of the trampoline is around 29lbs.

  • Eight sturdy legs for a safe, low-impact workout
  • Odor-free, rust-free and scratch-resistant construction
  • Videos assist in the assembly and also are categorized for beginners, advanced and seniors as well.
  • Size is very compact


  • Easy assembly
  • Lightweight and compact model
  • Detailed instruction
  • Compact Size


  • Noisy operation
  • Some Bad Reviews

JumpSport 550F PRO Folding Fitness Trampoline

The JumpSporty 550F is one the top pick by professionals all around the world. It offers you the best of performance and safety. It comes almost fully assembled, all you have to do is attach the easy-on legs and you are all set to jump on it.

high weight capacity trampoline
CC: Amazon

It features a sturdy built that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. This pro model comes with the strongest frame as compared to the standard one.

Unlike its predecessor, it has six more cords to give you a total of 36 premium (8mm) EnduroLast cords that are cycle-tested to millions of bounces.

These cords are covered with overlapping padded petals that further provide 51% of extra surface for comfortable move and jump.

You can now comfortably perform non-standing exercises, abdominal, and leg lift work on it.

It features the patented wide-stance arched legs that give you safety, confidence, and complete peace of mind every time you step inside. This non-tipping frame is further coated with three layers of silver finish to enhance its durability.

This comes with residential use it comes with a lifetime warranty on steel frame and legs, 3 years of EnduroLast 4 elastic cords, and all other parts come with 1 year.

And for commercial use, it comes with 5 years of warranty on steel frame and legs, 18 months of EnduroLast 4 elastic cords, and all other parts come with 1 year. This one is the overall best in this category.

  • Maximum user weight rating 275lbs.
  • Easy transport 
  • Features stable non-tipping arched legs 
  • Includes 4 music workout videos


  • Noise-free operation
  • Safe and reliable model
  • Durable construction


  • Expensive

MaXimus Life FIT BOUNCE PRO II Bungee Rebounder

The MaXimus Life Fit Bounce Pro rebounder is one of the most effective and versatile models available in the market. It is the best trampoline for fat people who weigh up to 330 lbs.

It implements the bungee system with 60 strong connectors that makes this trampoline perfect for fitness and holistic training. 

It features high-grade steel construction and ergonomically designed machine parts that make it highly robust for everyday use. It is easy to transport and comes with a bag in which you can store it to carry comfortably on the go.

You can attach a stability handlebar if you want to add extra balance and support, if you are a beginner, or are rehabilitating from injuries. 

It comes with a DVD that presents you with suitable workouts and demonstrates good techniques and exercises, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced. 

It comes with Lifetime warranty on frame and 3 years on mat, and has 4.8/5 stars on Amazon.

  • Half folding model 
  • Silent operation
  • Includes DVD, storage bag and bounce counter
  • Offers online free workout videos


  • Durable construction
  • No assembly required
  • Noise-free operation
  • Low-impact exercises
  • Great ratings
  • Easy storage and transportation


  • High maintenance
  • Too small for some users
trampoline for fat people
CC: Amazon

As we have observed in the above listed products, trampolines come in varied shapes like round, oval, rectangular and square.

According to us, rectangular trampolines are the best when it comes to people with heavier weights. They are a little on the higher side when it comes to price, but they provide a larger surface area and always have a sturdier frame.

The round mini trampolines can also be a great pick as they incorporate a single person at a time and are affordable as compared to the rectangular ones.

Also, rectangular trampolines occupy more space unlike the round ones, and are ideal for placing in your lawn or anywhere outdoors. They are perfect for both home and commercial use.

Taking into consideration all these aspects, we think that the Acon Air 16 Sport HD Trampoline beats them all and tops the list. Let’s find why. 

The primary reason we recommend it as the best trampoline for fat people is the fact that it gives you good value for money. It is an all-weather trampoline that does not need to be disassembled when faced with harsh weather conditions.

It is larger and sturdier and thus gives you the confidence to step in and spend money. It does not have a dedicated weight capacity range and ensures that its users, who are usually heavy weighted, don’t bottom out, that is touch the ground as they jump. Moreover, it is backed by a 10-year warranty on its frame. What else do we want? 

If you are restricted by space and want something that can be adjusted in a tighter room, we have  got you covered. In such a situation, we think that the MaXimus Life Fit Bounce Pro II Bungee Rebounder is an ideal choice. This mini trampoline will not eat up a lot of space in the room and is sure to give you excellent results.

It is lightweight and easy to carry as well. It is a good deal and the tons of positive reviews on Amazon stand true to this statement. It is designed to last, offers a good bounce, and is affordable too. It is an indoor trampoline and thus a great pick for home gyms.

Trampolines are the key to a healthy lifestyle. They are a fun yet practical way to reduce weight. It is highly advisable to consult and get approval from your doctor before you start using a trampoline, especially those who are obese, or morbidly obese, and have high blood pressure or diabetes.

Finding the best trampoline for fat people can be a little tricky, but we hope this article has helped you find your best pick. If yes, then get going and have fun. We hope you ‘jump’ to newer heights in your weight loss journey. 

  • Can you lose belly fat by jumping on a trampoline?

    Yes, you can lose weight by jumping on a trampoline, jumping on a trampoline works like cardio, it increases the heart rate of the person that leads in the burning of calories if you monitor your calorie intake and use trampoline then you can lose belly fat as well.

  • How effective is rebounding for weight loss?`

    Yes, it does, according to a study published in Science & Sports in 2007, found that rebounding exercise can help in burning seven calories per minute, but it depends on the person’s age, weight, and sex. But it does help in burning calories that leads to weight loss.

  • How long should you jump on a trampoline to lose weight?

    You can use trampoline for 30 minutes and along with that you have to be on calorie deficit diet then you can easily lose weight only with jumping on trampolines, but calorie counting is important here.

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