Best Treadmill Mat to Reduce Noise and For Floor Protection

Are you also facing issues with the noise coming from your treadmills? Yeah, many treadmill users feel the same and that is why treadmill mats come to existence, and today we come up with the best treadmill mat for noise reduction.

Considering the global pandemic we all have been affected by, most of our exercise routines have taken a hit. 

Treadmills are the most popular gym equipment category all over the world. They enable users to walk, jog, or run in the same place, which makes for a great indoor workout option. In this article, we will help you choose the best treadmill mat to reduce noise.

Treadmills consist of a belt-driven by a motor, which drives the belt to the rear such that the user has to take a step forward to stay on the belt without losing their balance. 

This mechanism can cause a lot of disturbance to the surroundings for various reasons.

The motors can be very noisy, especially at high speeds. This can also be accompanied by very strong vibrations that radiate into the ground below through the frame. 

While reducing the stability of the treadmill, these vibrations can travel through the walls and floors and become a disturbance to the neighbors too.

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While most treadmills come accompanied with rubber shock absorbers at the feet, more often than not, there is a fair amount of vibration that still goes through to the ground. 

Long term effects of this vibration on the product could include loosening of screws and joints, which could reduce the efficiency of the device, and even cause injury in extreme circumstances.

This is why manufacturers recommend noise-canceling mats which can reduce vibrations. Here are the best treadmill mat floor protection and noise reduction.

8 Best Treadmill Mat to Reduce Noise

Treadmills are amongst the most effective gym equipment for most users. The issues of noise and vibration can be a major issue, depending on the thickness and type of flooring and type of floor covering used. 

This could not only affect the performance of the device but also become a nuisance for neighbors below or people in the nearby rooms.

Treadmill mats are recommended by most manufacturers to help tackle the issue. They prolong the lifetime of the treadmill, by preventing dust from collecting under the treadmill and motor compartment. 

They can also absorb the vibrations from the motor, which reduces the stresses on the frame, which prolongs the longevity of the treadmill.

These are the some of the best treadmill mat floor protection and noise reduction:

Treadmill mats can also protect your floors from damage due to the treadmill. Another benefit is mats increase the grip of the treadmill, which can prevent it from slipping during operation, which might cause injury to the user.

We shall now review a few mats that are commonly available on Amazon, taking a look at the features to see if it is the best treadmill mat to reduce noise.

BalanceFrom High-Density Equipment Mat

First up in our search to find the best treadmill mat for noise reduction is the High-Density Equipment Mat manufactured by BalanceFrom.

This carpet has dimensions of 2.5’x5’ or 3’x6.5’ depending on your requirements. The smaller variant is sufficient for most treadmills and exercise equipment.

best treadmill mat for noise reduction
CC: Amazon
  • This Equipment Mat is made of high-density materials that help protect the floor from damage and marks from the weight of the treadmill, especially during intense operation. This material also does a good job in absorbing the vibrations from the treadmill
  • The rigid patterns on both sides of this product make it resistant to slipping. This feature is essential to prevent user injury due to accidental slipping while the treadmill is in operation
  • The mat is made of a moisture-resistant material that allows for easy maintenance of the mat. A bucket of water, a little soap, and a dry clean cloth is all you need to clean the mat, and it retains its brand new appearance once again
  • The mat has different designs on both sides, which add to the aesthetics of the workout area
  • This mat efficiently eliminates static because of the operation of the treadmill. This prevents the user from feeling an unpleasant shock when they come in contact with the frame
  • The High-Density Equipment Mat from BalanceFrom is provided with a two-year warranty and a quality assurance promise as well


  • Anti-slip design provides more grip during treadmill operation
  • Moisture resistant high-density material absorbs vibrations well, reduces static, and allows easy maintenance
  • Designs on the surface improve the aesthetics of the surrounding
  • Two-year warranty and quality assurance from BalanceFrom


  • Non foldable design
  • Material is not thick, heavier treadmills sink in quickly because of the softness
  • The black color of the mat tends to stick to the floor, with few users complaining of a strong chemical smell

Sunny Health and Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat

The Exercise Equipment from Sunny Health and Fitness is available in three sizes, small (4’x2’), medium (6.5’x3’), and large (7.5’x3.3’). We shall now discuss a few features and find out if it is the best treadmill mat for noise reduction

Sunny Health and Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat
CC: Amazon
  • This Exercise Equipment mat is made of high-density PVC foam, which is 4mm thick. This provides an efficient noise dampening and vibration-absorbing product that can be placed under your treadmill to reduce the disturbance to your surroundings
  • This mat is anti-slip, which provides a good grip for the treadmill. This also ensures that the treadmill doesn’t move around during intense workouts like a run or steep incline jog.
  • The Exercise Equipment Mat from Sunny Health and Fitness is waterproof. This means it can be easily cleaned with water and soap while ensuring any accidental spillages on the mat do not get absorbed and result in stains or odor.
  • This mat can be easily rolled up thanks to its PVC foam material. This makes it convenient to store and put back when you want to use your treadmill


  • Multi-size options to fit different treadmill sizes, need not cut the mat to fit
  • Made of high-density PVC foam, 4mm padding
  • Anti-slip improves treadmill grip
  • Waterproof allows for easy maintenance
  • PVC material allows the at to be rolled, convenient for storage


  • Not very thick at just 4mm padding
  • Heavier treadmills could sink in easily, reducing the effectiveness of damping and noise reduction
  • Poor durability, with users complaining of tear rather quickly
  • No warranty

MotionTex Exercise Equipment Mat

The MotionTex Exercise Equipment Mat is our next contender in the battle for the best treadmill mat to reduce noise. Manufactured in 5 sizes, this mat is made with recycled PVC. We shall now discuss a few of its features

best treadmill mat floor protection and noise reduction
CC: Amazon
  • This Exercise Equipment Mat is made of recyclable PVC, which makes it environment friendly. This mat from MotionTex is designed to minimize noise from the treadmill while reducing the vibrations that could damage the floor and the treadmill as well.
  •  A textured top surface ensures minimal movement of the treadmill while it is in operation. This anti-slip is essential to prevent injuries due to sudden and unexpected movement of the treadmill.
  • The mat is made of antimicrobial materials. Also containing fungistatic agents, this mat ensures the mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria do not accumulate on the mat
  • The PVC material of this mat is waterproof. This means cleaning is a very easy task, with just soap and water enough to make it look good again.
  • The edges of this mat are rounded, which prevents the mat from curling up after being set on the ground. This also prevents the user from accidentally tripping while getting on or off the treadmill.


  • Made of recyclable PVC, environment friendly
  • Anti-slip thanks to the textured top surface, provides grip and stability to the treadmill
  • Antimicrobial, prevents fungi and bacteria
  • Waterproof, easy to maintain, and clean
  • Rounded corners to prevent accidental tripping
  • Multiple sizes according to treadmill size and user requirement


  • Thin padding offers reduced vibration absorption
  • Works well only for hardened floors, lacks grip on carpets
  • No warranty

SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat

Next up vying for the title of best treadmill mat for floor protection and noise reduction is the SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat. This mat also comes in multiple sizes and is made of a vinyl composite construction. Here are a few features of the product.

best treadmill mat floor protection and noise reduction
CC: Amazon

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  • This mat is made of a vinyl composite material, which makes it durable and offers great cushioning as well as vibration absorption when a treadmill is placed on it. As a result, you have a silent and nuisance free treadmill workout. It also helps ensure the floor on which it is placed is protected from damage.
  • This mat is waterproof and durable. This makes maintenance a hassle-free process, with users needing just some soap and water to clean the mat
  • The mat is made in the USA, with all the raw materials being sourced from the USA itself
  • The product is chemical-free, which makes it a safe product to have around children and pets too.


  • Made in the USA, raw materials sourced from the USA
  • Heavy-duty vinyl composite construction to protect the floor from vibrations and reduce noise
  • Waterproof material makes for easy cleaning
  • Prevents damage to the floor because heavy-duty construction
  • Comfortable user experience, with good cushioning


  • Thin padding, susceptible to tear if a sharp object is placed on it
  • Few reports of chemical smell when initially taken from packaging needs to be dried in the sun to eliminate the smell
  • No warranty

Marcy Fitness Equipment Mat and Floor Protector

The Equipment Mat and Floor Protector is the next product in our search for the best soundproofing mats for treadmills. Manufactured by Marcy Fitness, this mat is made of EVA foam and measures 6.5’x3’.

We shall take a look at the features of this particular Equipment Mat and Floor Protector.

best soundproofing mats for treadmills
CC: Amazon
  • The mat is lightweight and durable thanks to its EVA foam material. This makes the product easy to transport. It also does a great job absorbing vibrations and reducing noise because of the high density of the material, making it an effective floor protector.
  • This mat is designed to be anti-slip, thanks to a matte layer that prevents the treadmill from moving around during operation. This prevents user injury due to falls caused by the unintentional movement of the treadmill during use
  • The mat is waterproof. This benefits the user when it comes to maintenance. All you need is some soap and water to clean the mat and retain a brand new appearance.
  • The anti-fatigue foam evenly distributes the load across the mat, reducing the stress on a specific area and thus helping it last longer. This is very important for heavy equipment like treadmills as it ensures the mat doesn’t tear quickly, especially over intense use.


  • Made of EVA foam, ¼” thick, effectively absorb impacts and vibrations, protects floors well
  • Anti-slip matte layer adds grip to gym equipment
  • Waterproof material makes it easy to clean and maintain
  • The anti-fatigue design spreads loads evenly, increases the longevity of the product
  • Grips well on the hardwood as well as carpeted surfaces
  • Offers great stability because of the slight compressibility of the foam


  • No warranty
  • Comes in a single size only
  • Users reported a strong rubber smell when newly purchased, which had to be sun-dried to remove the smell

AmazonBasics High-Density Exercise Equipment and Treadmill Mat

Manufactured by Amazon, the AmazonBasics High-Density Exercise Equipment and Treadmill is the next competitor for the best treadmill mat to reduce noise.

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best treadmill mat to reduce noise
CC: Amazon

Available in two sizes (3’ x 8.5’ and 4’ x 6’), this mat is made of PVC. Here are a few noteworthy features of this product

  • The mat is made of a durable PVC material that provides the means to control vibrations and reduce noise from the operation of the treadmill.
  • The material is of high density, which protects the floor underneath from sustaining damage over long periods of use. It also adds grip to the treadmill during operation
  • The black color integrates nicely into most workout spaces
  • It effectively prevents dust from getting under gym equipment like treadmills, helping the equipment last longer
  • This mat is provided with a limited 1-year warranty under the AmazonBasics program


  • Durable PVC material absorbs noise and vibrations well
  • Floor protection because of high-density material
  • Simple and plain design, integrates well into the workout space because of the black color
  • Prevents dust accumulation
  • 1-year Amazon Basics warranty
  • Can be rolled up and stored easily


  • Very thin, heavy equipment sinks and can potentially damage the floor over the long term
  • Users reported tears and flaking of the product early on after purchasing
  • Very strong rubber smell reported from new deliveries must be air-dried before use

BestXD Exercise Equipment Mat 

The BestXD Exercise Equipment Mat is a unique product as it is not a conventional mat that spreads across the entire surface of the floor.

These consist of a pack of 4 or 6 pieces, which must be placed under the treadmill at the contact points only. Here are a few unique features of the product, which also makes it competition for conventional rubber mats under the treadmill.

best treadmill mat to reduce noise
CC: Amazon
  • Consists of pads (4 or 6 depending on your purchase) that are made of high-density rubber that can absorb vibrations well thanks to its unique punching design
  • The pads need to be placed only on the contact points of the treadmill, which allows for a reduction in noise and increases the grip of the treadmill by providing extra friction
  • The pads are extremely lightweight, measuring 3.9”x3.9” and extremely versatile as they allow you to place the pads wherever there is a lot of vibration. It is also the easiest to store
  • They are very easy to maintain thanks to its small footprint, which also means it doesn’t have to be cleaned for dust frequently.


  • Lightweight, easy to store, portable, and unique design
  • Made of a hard and textured rubber, increase friction and provides more grip
  • Thick 12mm padding absorbs vibrations and effectively reduces noise


  • Cannot protect the underbody of the treadmill from dust accumulation
  • Very small dimensions mean it may not cover the legs completely, proving ineffective in such cases
  • Disconnected mat design means the treadmill could occasionally move around due to uneven load distribution

VersaTex Multi-Purpose Rubber Floor Mat

The last product in our efforts to find the best treadmill mats to reduce noise is the Multi-Purpose Rubber Floor Mat by VersaTex.

It is made of recyclable rubber and comes in three sizes (2’ x 3’, 2.5’ x 4’, and 3’ x 10’). We shall take a look at the features of this product

Best Treadmill Mat to Reduce Noise
CC: Amazon
  • This mat is made of recyclable rubber, which is environment friendly. The rubber also ensures grip for the treadmill during operation and prevents slipping
  • The material of this mat protects the flooring while reducing the noise and vibration from the treadmill’s operation
  • The mat is non-porous and waterproof. Cleaning this mat is as simple as scrubbing the mat with some water and soap
  • The mat is antimicrobial, which means it prevents fungi, bacteria that cause odor, and other microbial organisms thanks to its fungal and antimicrobial agents
  • This product is made in the USA
  • The product is provided with a 1-year warranty


  • Made in the USA from recyclable rubber, environment friendly
  • Anti-slip texture provides grip for treadmill
  • Multi-size availability can be cut easily according to requirements
  • Waterproof and nonporous, easy to maintain and clean


  • Thin padding, not designed specifically for treadmills
  • Contains lead, which is carcinogenic
  • Rolled packaging means it can retain a curled shape on unpacking in hot and humid conditions

Things to remember before purchasing a Treadmill Mat

  • Dimensions of the mat – Make sure that the product you are purchasing is large enough to conveniently accommodate the length and width of the frame of the treadmill. If the product is too large, you can most likely cut the product to the required size with a knife.
  • Material – Ensure the material is a high-density material that has good absorbing properties. Also, check for anti-slip and antimicrobial properties to ensure a safe and hygienic treadmill experience. Also, check the softness and thickness of the padding to make sure it can accommodate heavier treadmill models
  • Reviews & Ratings – Our article to find the best treadmill mat to reduce noise views the features of the above-mentioned products in detail. Go through the user reviews on Amazon, even for higher rated products to get first-hand user information about the product
  • Price – Do not hesitate to spend money on a good mat as it could increase the longevity of the much more expensive treadmills by keeping dust away and minimizing the impact of harmful vibrations

Importance of Using a Treadmill Mat

  • Protects flooring – The vibrations of a treadmill during operation, which are caused by the motor driving the belt, are dissipated into the floor through the feet. These strong vibrations can cause cracks and scratches on hardwood floors over long periods of use. Treadmill mats protect the floor by allowing most of the vibrations to dissipate across the surface of the mat itself before reaching the floor.
  • Reduces vibration – The vibration can not only damage flooring but the treadmill itself, by making it unstable and causing additional stress to the frame. These vibrations can be contained by the use of equipment mats, that can effectively dissipate these vibrations safely
  • Reduces noise – The motor produces noise along with the vibrations which propagate through the walls and floor connected to the feet of the treadmill. These are disturbances to the neighbors and the surroundings. A mat dampens these noises and vibrations by being in direct contact with the feet of the treadmill
  • Easy to clean and maintain – Made of waterproof materials, these mats can keep the treadmill’s underside dust-free. Also, cleaning the floor is easy, you can easily remove it to clean the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do treadmill mats work?

Treadmill mats are made of high-density foam or rubber, that have high absorbing properties. They absorb the vibrations from your treadmill, which minimizes the disturbance to neighbors and your surroundings due to the vibration propagating through walls and floors.

How do I protect my hardwood floors from the treadmill?

An easy way to protect hardwood floors from the operation of a treadmill is by placing a treadmill or exercise equipment mat under the entire surface of the treadmill. The points of contact will allow the vibrations from the treadmill to dissipate across the mat before reaching the floor, minimizing the harmful impact of these vibrations. This also answers the question of how to reduce treadmill noise in an apartment, as these vibrations also are the main source of the unpleasant noise.

Is it OK to put a treadmill on the carpet?

Yes, you can use your treadmill on a carpeted surface. However, the treadmill will not have a good grip because of the uneven carpet surface, which could lead to injuries because of the slipping off the treadmill during operation. Also, the carpet fibers could get into the treadmill mechanism along with dust, which could affect the motor and other important parts of the treadmill.

Where should I put my treadmill in my house?

Treadmills must be kept in a dry place away from the sunlight. Ensure the treadmill is placed in an environment that is free of moisture and humidity, as these could cause rusting of certain metallic components.

Will a treadmill damage my floor?

A treadmill mechanism consists of a motor that drives a belt. This mechanism can cause a lot of vibrations, especially when operated at higher speeds. These vibrations can propagate through the feet of the treadmill and into the floor. Overextended periods, these vibrations can cause cracks and scratches on the surface of hardwood floors.

At the end of our journey to find the best treadmill mat to reduce noise, we give the title to the Marcy Fitness Equipment Mat and Floor Protector.

The high-density EVA foam material used to make the product ensured great vibration and noise dampening, even though it was not the thickest product. 

This mat also had a great cushioning and anti-grip design that stabilized a treadmill well. Despite being available in a single size, this mat fits most treadmills available in the market. 

The anti-fatigue design also ensured even loading across the mat, which increased the longevity of both the treadmill as well as the mat. 

These are some of the best treadmill mat floor protection and noise reduction, and if you have any questions regarding it, you can comment down below.

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