Bodyfit Exercise Bike Review: Worth Buying?

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The Bodyfit Upright exercise bike is one of the important pieces of fitness equipment that is stealing the limelight in the fitness industry for those who want to have a home gym.  Today we will run through the Bodyfit Exercise Bike Review. Out of all the exercise bikes on the market, why should you buy the Bodyfit Upright exercise bike is your question?

Bodyfit exercise bike is a compact, affordable, and quiet machine, don’t go with its looks, this bike can easily hold upto 100kgs of maximum user weight, and comes with a pulse reading sensor, a display, and magnetic resistance. And after using it, you can easily fold up this bike to save some space.

Dimensions82 x 51 x 110 cm
Max. Weight Capacity100kgs
ConsoleHeart Rate, Distance, Time, Calories Burned, Speed
Warranty1 year
More InformationRead Reviews

Bodyfit Exercise Bike Review

Bodyfit Upright exercise bike is known for a lot of its products and a budget buy. Its quality is uniquely egregious. Bodyfit has been a leading brand for fitness equipment. Although its rates are really affordable, it compromises quality nowhere.

Its features are evidently up to the mark. It’s a fitness bike fit for your home gym from beginners to professionals, it is such equipment that anyone and everyone would be comfortable working out on. 

Along with strength, it provides comfort. Unlike typical gym machines, it consumes very little space and is easy to operate. To add some more, it is very lightweight, so lightweight that you can actually lift and place it wherever you want to work out, that is, it is portable as well. 

Bodyfit Upright exercise bike is the perfect blend of all qualities that fit tightly in your budget and caters to your requirements without any sort of compromise.  For its popularity in more than just these aspects, why is it so? Let’s find out.

To begin with, let’s look at the Body Fit Exercise Bike specifications table because that something no buyer should miss out on before buying any product.


Bodyfit Exercise Bike Review
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The body of the Bodyfit Exercise Bike is made up of metal and polycarbonate material to keep the overall weight of the machine light yet strong. The upright comes with a padded seat. It is broad enough to sit on it comfortably for a long time.

It resembles a typical bike seat. It adjusts up and down to fit a range of heights. Bodyfit Upright exercise bikes come with handlebars that curve out on either side on and towards the console.

There are silver metal patches on the handlebars that indicate handgrip heart rate monitors. As soon as you grasp the strips, within a few seconds, you will see the heart rate displayed on the monitor. This is highly accurate.


It is mounted right in front of you. It accurately displays speed, rotations per minute, distance traveled, time spent and a rough estimate of calories burned. It also contains the controls that allow you to manually adjust between the bike’s 16 levels of resistance, or select one of its six preprogrammed workouts.

Bodyfit Exercise Bike Review
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Bodyfit Upright exercise bikes come with an AC/DC adapter. To function, it has to be plugged into the wall socket. The counter-weighted pedals come with toe straps. You can slide your toes in and then flex and extend your ankles as you pedal for the maximum calf involvement.

As mentioned in detail above, it is fixed right in front of you at eye level while you sit on the seat. The monitor is an LCD screen with a good resolution.

It helps you focus on your workout in a better way as it displays the speed, rotations per minute, distance traveled, time spent and a rough estimate of calories burned accurately and helps you plan out your workout more precisely.

It has all the controls of the bike on the screen itself. As the bike has 16 levels of resistance, you can adjust between them easily. It is preloaded with six programmed workouts and even that can be chosen through the console itself.


There are a lot of Body Fit exercise bike features, and we are going to mention them here in bullet points for easy understanding.

Bodyfit Exercise Bike Review
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  • It has silver metal strip patches on either of the handlebars to monitor heart rate through handgrip.
  • The handlebar has an amazing grip which is also fit for sweaty hands.
  • Unlike many equipments which have meters that aren’t medically accurate,  Bodyfit Upright exercise bikes have accuracy.
  • It is portable as well as foldable.
  • It has a 5kg flywheel which increases the momentum of your speed and makes your workout effortless.
  • It has a complete electromagnetic mechanism.
  • To keep you hydrated, there is a water bottle option where you can keep a bottle.
  • Bodyfit Upright exercise bikes manual has all the details about it in an elaborate manual. 
  • Assembling the bike is not very time-consuming and it’s easy to use further.
  • It is not high maintenance equipment.
  • It comes with an adapter.
  • It has an advanced console with the most premium features.
  • It gives the experience of a typical gym machine although it is lighter as gym equipment but fits well for a home gym purpose.
  • Height issues are not faced with this as it is adjustable from small to average and tall heights as well.
  • It can weigh a person as heavy as 100 kg.
  • It comes with a guarantee and a warranty of 1 year.


Bodyfit Upright exercise bikes aren’t very high maintenance. They need the basic lubrication from time to time as mentioned in the instruction in the manual of  Bodyfit Upright exercise bikes. The tension of the bike might get affected sometimes but worry not.

It can be fixed by tightening the drive belt. If you hear squeaky noises from your bike, it might be because of some loose parts rubbing against each other. In that case, the belt again needs to be tightened.

The basic cleaning of the bike is necessary to maintain hygiene as well as the appearance of the bike. It can be done using normal water or the solutions provided in the  Bodyfit Upright exercise bikes set.

Assembly & Warranty

A flat area of 5’ x 4’ is required for assembling the Bodyfit Upright exercise bikes as mentioned in the Bodyfit Upright exercise bikes assembly section of the manual. The number of parts and their specific quantities are clearly mentioned in the beginning pages of the manual.

Further for assembling, the part numbers and names as well are used with diagrams to explain stepwise how to assemble the entire bike. Two people are likely to assemble it with ease. The average time consumed in assembling is around an hour. The screws, nuts and bolts, and the required screwdrivers are in the package through which you can assemble and fix the bike.

The Bodyfit Exercise Bike assembly process is an easy process, one can easily do it. It has a 12-month guarantee and warranty of a year as well. Certain parts of it are replaceable and repairable by professionals.



  • It’s easy to use
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It is foldable
  • It is affordable
  • Space consumption is less
  • It has Accurate meters
  • It comes with a guarantee and warranty


  • It takes a sweet amount of time to assemble
  • It does not have back support
  • Adapter heats up a bit after running for a long time and with more resistance
  • Not handling it carefully and hurting its small parts can damage the product sooner
  • Pedal material is jerky and cheap

Bodyfit Upright Exercise Bike review probably had every aspect and feature elaborated very well. To save your time and effort we came up with its details from the scratch. From its pros to its cons, we provide all the information about the Bodyfit Upright exercise bike review.

At last, to go with the customer review, the Bodyfit Upright exercise bike received many critical comments unlike how it has been mentioned in the entire review. Beginning with the very common issue of assembling, customers have said to be taking over 2 hours to assemble it yet not perfectly as some parts fit very well, but some don’t fit at all. The price frame is said to be catchy but when it comes to the quality of the pedals, it is cheap and jerky.

To put the foam or the grip on the handlebars is virtually impossible as said by a user. The seat is padded yet too short for average height people considering a person of 170cm as well faces difficulty in working out on the Bodyfit Upright exercise bike. The brake system again is very poor.

It is said to be running quite smoothly but apparently, the users have mentioned their disappointment in that aspect. Its tension does not adjust and peddling is very difficult due to its light quality and jerky condition.

In spite of these negative comments, there are positive ones as well which mention the perfect functioning of the bike as mentioned in the review. Basically, the Bodyfit Upright exercise bike is a good option for amateurs. If you go instructions viz and assemble the Bodyfit Upright exercise bike with patience, you would probably have fun doing it.

For a home gym, a Bodyfit Upright exercise bike is a budget buy. It is praised heavily for its price value. It is highly recommended for beginners of average height, but if one is already into exercising and heavy workout routines, there are better options in the market.

Not that this is not a good option but professionals would not appreciate the Bodyfit Upright exercise bike much and it will be extremely tedious for them to adjust to its compromising points.

I would give this product 3.8 stars out of 5. For the easy-to-use and money value part, the Bodyfit Upright exercise bike is recommendable for the youngest age group eligible to do workouts on machines. It comes with all the instructions in the Bodyfit Upright exercise bike manual which mentions all the medical hazards possible and injuries. But it also has the solution to it.

To go for a better option having all these flaws solved is the Schwinn 170 Upright Bike. It has a dual LCD track that provides 13 different display feedbacks to be monitored, its LCD screens are backlit and can be seen under any light condition. It has 29 preloaded programmed workouts. Its resistance level can go up to 25 levels.

It is aligned with a high-speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel. It comes with a charging USB port and data exchange. It is a budget buy as well. It has a 3 level fan. Its grip is ergonomic and suitable for sweaty hands. Assembling the machine is easier. Its frame has a 10 years warranty, mechanical parts have a 2-year warranty, electronics have a year’s warranty and the labor has a 90 days warranty.

So to conclude with the Bodyfit Upright exercise bike review, we would end by saying that this bike is a good choice for amateurs but to invest a better amount in a much better product that suits multiple people at home and meets all the quality checks is a smarter option. And to go for an alternative we have mentioned it, along with all its details as well.

If further there are any questions you have in mind they are more than welcome in the comment section below. We reviewed many exercise bikes here as well:

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