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Is Bowflex Power Tower worth buying? The cost of this machine makes this confusion, there are various things that this comes with, and today we are here with our Bowflex Power Tower Review, which will help you in making a better buying decision.

Bowflex Power Tower is made for people who want to use their own body weight to train their muscles, as you cannot add any more weight to the machine. And if you are above 6.4 feet then this machine can be short for you. It comes with 7 levels of adjustment to target different muscle groups.

ResistanceBody Weight
Dimensions53″ x 50″ x 77″
Number of Exercises20+
Weight120 lbs or 54.4 kgs
Maximum User Weight300 lbs or 136 kgs
WarrantyFrame: 5 years, Wear parts: 1 year
AccessoriesE-Z Adjustable Horizontal Bars, hand grips and sling straps, Back Pad
More InformationRead Reviews

Bowflex comes under the Nautilus, Inc. as it is one part of their many product line ups, and they are making fitness exercise machines from 1986 till this date.

Bowflex’s Power Tower is a great all-in-one exercise machine for any person, whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can use the Power Tower to train the whole body without any issue.

One can use the Bowflex Power Tower to train their muscles with the help of your body weight and by using the different modes. And in our Bowflex Power Tower Review, we are going to see all its features and disadvantages in our detailed Bowflex Power Tower Review.

Exercising is annoying for some people and the things that make it more annoying is that you have to go to a particular place to train and exercise, and that can be a GYM, fitness club or public parks.

But one can do train their body in their homes with the help of a Home Gym Machine and today we are here with an affordable home gym known as Bowflex Power Tower, and to know how great this machine is we are doing a detailed, Bowflex Power Tower Review.

Bowflex is a very famous company in making home gym machines they have a lot of home gyms, for every budget, for every need, for everyone. And we have reviewed some of them in our site, you can read them as well if you want:

Many people don’t have time to go to Gyms, or even to focus on their health and body, and that is why many people tend to prefer all in one Home Gyms that they can use in their free time to stay fit and active.

Going to the gym tends to take a lot of time, first, you need to buy good clothes to go to the gym, then you have to drive to your gym, then after the workout session, you have to come back to home again, and while traveling you also have to spend time in traffic.

The time you spend traveling and traffic you can have a great workout in your home comfort, and we didn’t mention the huge amount you need to spend to get the gym memberships, that is why home gyms are more economical and time-saving.

But there are hundreds of home gyms out there and some of them are too expensive to buy for an average person, and they also take a lot of space to store, but Bowflex Power Tower is not so costly or doesn’t take much space either.

Bowflex Power Tower Review
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And today we are here to see how great this machine is in our Bowflex Power Tower Review. And there are many of our readers who are searching for the Bowflex power tower reviews, then this can help them also.

Bowflex Power Tower Review

The design of the Bowflex Power Tower is quite unique and impressive as it comes with adjustable dip bars that you can adjust according to your height and your workout that you are doing with the Power Tower, it also comes with two handles that you can also use to do core exercises.

Bowflex Power Tower Review
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The design of the Power Tower is not so small or not so big, anyone with any height can use the machine with some minor adjustments. It can easily be used by a person up to 6.4 feet.

The dimensions of the machine are, it is 50 inches in width, 51 inches broad, and 77 inches in height. This means a person above 6.4 feet might face some problems while using the above handlebars to train their back muscles.

  • Body: The body of the Power Tower is made up of steel and it is quite sturdy and strong and can easily take the weight of the user without any problem, it has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs (136 kgs), which is pretty decent for an average user.

The frame of the Bow flex Power Tower comes with 5 years of warranty and the other parts have 1 year of warranty, the grips that come attached to the machine are also great for gripping the machine while working out.

It is a well-built machine and strong enough to take any kind of weight, but the low height can be an issue for people who are above 6.5 feet in height.

  • Assembly: The weight of the Bowflex Power Tower is around 120 lbs or 54.4 kgs, the machine is quite heavy to do the assembly along, you can take help from one more person to do the assembly, it will take around one hour to do the assembly.

Bowflex Power Tower comes with a detailed guide with pictures to do the complete assembly, you will find no problem in doing assembly, we suggest you do the assembly of the machine where you want to use this machine because after the assembly it cannot be moved easily from one room to another.

You need some tools to do the assembly of this machine, and those tools are an adjustable wrench, 6mm hex key. It also comes with the tools in the box, but those are small to use, so get yours first.

Bowflex Bodytower Exercises
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Bowflex Bodytower Exercises

You can do more than 20 Bowflex Bodytower Exercises, and to know how to do those exercises it also comes with a small booklet that has all the details about all kinds of Bowflex Bodytower Exercises.

It is a perfect machine for beginners as well as intermediate or professional athletes.

The first exercise that you can do with the Bowflex Bodytower is Pull-ups/chin-ups, that you can do that with the pull-up bar. There are a lot of exercises you can do and we are listing all of them here.

The first exercise that you can do with the Bowflex Bodytower is Pull-ups/chin-ups, that you can do that with the pull-up bar. There are a lot of exercises you can do and we are listing all of them here.

Back Pull-ups and Chin-ups
ChestIncline Push Up, Decline push-ups, Supine Row
TricepTricep Dips
AbdominalCrunch, Vertical Knee Raise, Rear Decline Plank
LegsSquat (Assisted Single Leg), Forward Angle Calf Raise, Hanging Leg Raise

These are some of the Bowflex Tower exercises that you can do with this machine and to know more about all the exercises and how to do it, you can read the owner’s manual and on page 11 you will find all the exercises in detail there.


Bowflex Power Tower has a lot of features and to discuss all we are making a separate section about its features, and without the features section, our Bowflex Power Tower Review is also incomplete.

bowflex bodytower review
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  • 20+ Exercises: You can do 20+ exercises with the Bowflex Power Tower, and it can help you train each and every muscle, and to train that you have to use your own body weight.
  • 7 levels of adjustment: You can adjust the E-Z Adjustable Horizontal Bars to seven different levels to train different body muscle groups.

Accessories Included: Bowflex Power Tower comes with all kinds of important accessories that you need to train your body like Hand Grips and sling straps.

  • Compact: The design of the Bowflex Power Tower is very small and can be easily be used in homes and you can easily fit this at any place in your house.


Bowflex Power Tower also got some problems and I think without discussing the issues or problems it is not fair to write this Bowflex Power Tower Review.

There are some bad things about the Bowflex Power Tower which can create a problem from some people so it is important to know them as well before purchasing the machine.

  • Not for Tall People: The height of the Bowflex Power Tower is around 6.4 feet or 77 inches and it can create problems for people who are above the height of 6.4 feet.
  • No Upgradeable Resistance: You have to use your own bodyweight for creating resistance, Bowflex Power Tower doesn’t come with extra weights or any place to add extra weight.
  • No Cardio: You cannot do any kind of cardio exercise with the machine, and that can be an issue for some people out there.



  • Affordable
  • 20+ Exercise Options
  • 7 levels of adjustment
  • Compact


  • Not for Tall People
  • No Upgradeable Resistance
  • No Cardio Training

At last, Bowflex Power Tower is a great machine for people who don’t mind the low height and no upgradable resistance problem, it is a well-built machine and offers a lot of things in so less price point. Anyone can use this machine to take care of their own health and can build a toned and fit body at your home comfort. 

If you ask us, what to do, we will say go for it, as it offers so much value in so little amount. And if you can extend your budget a little bit more then you can also check out the Bowflex Xceed, it has all the things that we are missing in this. You can read its review, to know more about this machine from our review.

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