Bowflex VS PowerBlock: Which is BETTER?

Bowflex and PowerBlock are the two top-rated adjustable dumbbells, but which one is better, we are doing a detailed Bowflex VS PowerBlock comparison to know which one you need to pick?

There are so many great things about each of those dumbbells. Bowflex and PowerBlocks are the top-rated and famous adjustable dumbbells, and these two have a lot of similarities and differences as well. 

And today we are going to mention all of them here, in our PowerBlocks VS Bowflex comparison.

Adjustable dumbbells have become popular from last two years, before that no one knows about them, and that is why there are many varieties of adjustable dumbbells, and PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells are quite unique square-shaped dumbbells.

They look a little odd and a little difficult to understand for the people who will see it for the first time.

Traditional dumbbells took so much space and it costs more than the adjustable dumbbells, that is why people who love to exercise at their homes, prefer the adjustable dumbbells over the traditional ones.

Staying fit and healthy is important for all of us, whether you are a regular 9-5 job person, a student or an old person, as health is the only thing which keeps us going if you are healthy you can focus on your job, work, studies or anything that you do, but if you are not healthy then you are not going to be happy or cannot focus on anything.

And home gyms are a great way to stay fit and healthy because you don’t have to worry about going to the gyms while having huge traffic jams, and you can exercise at your home whenever you are free. 

And having a home gym is much more affordable than having a gym membership. We have covered reviews of some affordable home gym exercise machines, you can read them out if you want:

Bowflex VS PowerBlock

In our PowerBlock and BowFlex Dumbbells comparison, we are going to first review each of the products and then tell the winner in each segment, that’s how you can understand the comparison better and it also becomes easy for us and for you as well to pick the winner.

Both the products have their own features and problems, and we are going to discuss the features and problems in our PowerBlock VS Bowflex Dumbbells comparison.

BowFlex SelectTech 522 Review

BowFlex SelectTech 522 is a very famous, best overall adjustable dumbbell, it has been picked up a Runner-up among the comparison of all kinds of adjustable dumbbells by WireCutter Comparison. And there is a reason for that. 

Bowflex VS PowerBlock
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In our BowFlex SelectTech 522 Review, we are going to see why this is so popular and what are the problems that it comes with.  It got around 5810 ratings on its amazon page, with 4.7 stars out of 5.

We have also made a detailed comparison between the Bowflex 522 vs Bowflex 1090, you can read that to know which one is better.

Good Things

  • 5 to 52.5 lbs weight: As these are adjustable dumbbells, it comes with the starting weight of 5 lbs and up to the 52.5 lbs. You can change the weight with the help of a knob that is present on both sides of the dumbbell. It comes with 15 sets of weights in one dumbbell.
  • Durable Molding: These dumbbells are covered with a molding that prevents any kind of damage to the metal plates inside them, and it makes the dumbbells quiet and smooth while changing the weight limits.
  • 2.5 lbs to 5 lbs increment: For the first 25 pounds the weight increases as 2.5 lbs and after the 25 lbs limit, the weight increases from 5 lbs.
  • Well built: The overall build quality of these dumbbells is strong and these come with two years of warranty as well.
  • Rubber Grips: BowFlex SelectTech 522 comes with rubber grips to hold the dumbbells, which makes it easy to grip if you have sweaty hands like mine.
  • BowFlex Connect App: The BowFlex SelectTech 522 has an app, from which you can learn the many exercises that you can perform with these dumbbells. It also comes with a rack in which you can put your dumbbells.
  • 30+ Exercises: You can use the Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells to do more than 30 exercises, and it can replace many of your home gyms as well.

Bad Things

  • Too Big to do Curls: The size of the dumbbells is too big if you want to do the traditional dumbbell bicep curls. The dimensions of the BowFlex SelectTech 522 are 15.75″ x 8″ x 9″.
  • Size of Handles is fixed: The size of the handlebars is fixed, as there are some other dumbbells whose sizes change when you shift from one weight to another.
  • Weight Changing Knob is of low quality: The dial that you are going to use to change the weights, is made up of some kind of polycarbonate material and seems to be of low quality and some users report that they have to change the dial after one or two years of usage.
powerblock vs bowflex
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These dumbbells are the most popular adjustable dumbbells of the market, and these are available on Amazon as well as on the official site, you can buy them from anywhere you want, they are selling with exact same price on both the sites.

You can click here if you want to read more information about these dumbbells from the official site, or wanna buy this from their own site.

Or else you can read some of the BowFlex SelectTech 522 Reviews from here as well. Now let’s get to our second product.

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells Review

PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells are also popular on Amazon, these are odd-looking adjustable dumbbells, it comes in square shape and has a different mechanism to change the weight of the dumbbell.

We have covered a well-detailed PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbell Review on our site, you can read that if you want to read about these dumbbells in detail.

Bowflex VS PowerBlock
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As it has a different shape, it means it has some other problems as well, and we are going to see all the good and bad things about these dumbbells here.

Good Things

  • Compact Size: The size of the PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells is compact and takes less space than any other adjustable dumbbell take. 
  • 5-50 lbs Weight Range: The PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells come with 5 to 50 lbs of weight range to choose from.
  • Great Warranty: PowerBlock Elite dumbbells comes with 10 years of the warranty period, which makes it a great choice for people who are concerned about trying a new product.
  • Metal Plates: The plates of the PowerBlock Elite dumbbells are made from metal which is covered with black color protective paint to prevent the dumbells from rust and corrosion.
  • Durable Body: The body of the PowerBlock Elite dumbbells are well built and strong, and all the parts of these dumbbells are also well built.

Bad Things

  • Grabbing Handle is small: The gap between the grabbing handle can be tight for some people if you have a big hand like me, but if you have normal hands then you are fine.
  • Changing Weights takes too much time: Changing weights while using the dumbbells takes so much time, and it can cause an issue for some people. And as it uses a pin to change the weight, and sometimes it gets stuck to different holes and can cause a problem.

These are the things that are good and bad about the PowerBlock Elite dumbbells, and now let’s see which one is the winner in each segment. While picking any product we need to see the features and we all have different priorities and needs. 

And picking a winner in each segment can help the customer to pick the best product which suits their needs and budget.

PowerBlock VS Bowflex

You have now seen the features as well as problems of each of the products and now it’s time to pick the winner of our PowerBlock VS BowFlex comparison. To make this reader-friendly and easy to understand we are going to pick a winner in each segment.

  • Weight Range: If you need a product that has better weight selection, then we will recommend you the PowerBlock as it has weight range starting from the 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10,15, 17.5, 20, 25, 27.5, 30, 35, 37.5, 40, 45, 47.5, and 50 lbs. (Winner: PowerBlock)
  • Ease of USE: If you need a product that is easy to use and don’t waste your time, then you can go with the BowFlex, it is very easy to use the product, you can easily change the weight of the dumbell from the knob. (Winner: BowFlex)
  • Budget: If you are looking for a more affordable adjustable dumbbell then the winner of the budget section is PowerBlock, it is more affordable than the BowFlex, and it comes with a better warranty as well. (Winner: PowerBlock)
  • Space Saver: The PowerBlock elite dumbbells are more compact than the BowFlex, you can easily place this dumbbell in tight spaces without worrying about anything. (Winner: PowerBlock)
  • Overall Winner: The overall winner of the BowFlex VS PowerBlock comparison is the PowerBlock, as it has more features in affordable pricing and comes with a great warranty. It has some problems but you can easily get used to the machine after one month of use. (Winner: PowerBlock)

These are all the things about the Bowflex VS PowerBlock comparison, now you can buy a better product based on your needs and budget.

They have their own advantages and disadvantages, and we also mentioned the overall winner of PowerBlock VS BowFlex dumbbells comparison. 

We hope our PowerBlock vs BowFlex adjustable dumbbells comparison solves your confusion of which adjustable dumbbell to pick, Powerblock or BowFlex? 

And if you have any questions regarding this comparison, you can comment down below, and we are happy to answer all of them.

  • Are Powerblock dumbbells any good?

    Yes, these are good, it comes with many weight ranges, is more affordable, comes with a great warranty. 

  • What are the best adjustable dumbbells?

    There are many adjustable dumbbells out there, and picking up the best is difficult, as different people have different needs and priorities. But here are some of the top-rated adjustable dumbbells:
    Bowflex SelectTech 522
    PowerBlocks Elite Dumbbells
    ATIVA FIT Adjustable Dumbbell
    Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells
    Core Home Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell

  • Which is better PowerBlock or Bowflex?

    The overall best among the Bowflex VS PowerBlock is the PowerBlock Elite, as it has more features at affordable prices, with a great warranty. And Bowflex has some issues that Powerblocks doesn’t come with.

  • Where are Powerblock dumbbells made?

    The PowerBlock dumbbells are made up of metal and is covered with paint to prevent rust and some other models are covered with Urethane, it is a rubber-like material

  • Can you drop PowerBlock dumbbells?

    If you are using foam on the floor then you can, but we recommend you don’t do it as it can damage your legs if it falls on your legs.

  • Is Bowflex better than free weights?

    If you don’t have much space to store all the dumbbells or you don’t have that much budget, then Bowflex Adjustable Dumbells are worth for you, but if you don’t any of hthe above problem, then go with traditional dumbells set.

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