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Why the Bowflex Xceed is so popular, and it is really worth buying? What are its features, and why there are so many great reviews of this product, today we are going to answer all of the questions that come to the mind of a buyer, before buying the Bowflex Xceed Home Gym.

The Bowflex Xceed Home Gym is a minimal machine that is well-built for offering strong execution with a solid guarantee back up. With the various exercise choices with power bar obstruction and movable seats, this machine works best for those who need sheltered, tasteful, and adaptable wellness hardware. 

A workout is a necessity for gym lovers. But do you people feel lethargic to go out or do not want to pay at regular intervals for gymming? Then here is the solution for all of you in the form of Bowflex Xceed. But is it worth it? We are going to answer this question in this Bowflex Xceed Review.

The reason for making this Bowflex Xceed Review is many of our readers are searching for reviews over the internet as Xceed is a very popular exercise machine.

Dimensions53″ x 49″ x 82″
Product Weight176.4 pounds
Max. Weight Capacity300 lbs.
No. of Exercises65+
ResistancePower Rod Resistance 210 lb. (upgradable to 410 lb.
FrameHeavy-duty steel frame
WarrantyPower Rods – lifetime, Frame – 7 years

Bowflex Xceed Review

But before we switch to our review first you should know what is Bowflex Xceed? Bowflex Xceed is a home gym for those who want to opt for intense muscle training and strength training. It is the updated version of Bowflex Xtreme 2SE with fewer pullies. 

As the name suggests, the product is made by Bowflex Incorporation which is making exercise equipment since 1986.

  • Frame and Accessories

As we’ve referenced over, the Bowflex Xceed has a comparative edge development to the Xtreme 2SE model. Nonetheless, it comes up short on the back-top pulley bar.

Bowflex Xceed Review
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It’s a machine worked from solid steel bars, highlighting a rustproof and chip safe paint wrap up, the hues black, grey, and red.

Contrasted with other home gyms, the Bowflex Xceed isn’t very enormous. It takes approx. 135 x 124 cm of floor space with the casing completely collected.

In any case, Bowflex suggests doling out a utilization surface of in any event 244 x 198 cm, for protected and unwind another home glimmered activity. 

The unit’s most astounding point comes to approx. 82 inches above floor level. What’s more, this being stated, it can be put in a room with a 7-inch roof. 

This Bowflex home gym doesn’t have flexible stabilizers. Its bases lay on rubber-treated cushions for an improved floor hold and additional soundness.

It’s likewise entirely substantial, gauging approx. 157 lbs  (71 kg) and this weight significantly improve its solidness also.

Its bases don’t have any gaps or grapple focuses, and regularly it shouldn’t be tied down to the floor; along these lines, in the event that you need to interface it to the floor, you should ad-lib. 

The front piece of the edge incorporates a standing plate for squats and different activities that require holding up. The parallel bars which fill in as help for the movable pulleys highlight four association focuses each.

Additionally, there’s another little bar connected to the foundation of the edge over the backrest to which you can append the pulleys for abdominal muscle crunches, trunk pivots, or other mid-pulley works out

Talking about pulleys, those included with the Bowflex Xceed Home Gymis 8 in number. They’re altogether made of fiberglass strengthened material and incorporate treated steel metal rollers for smooth activity.

They all swivel every which way permitting the execution of different activities. Two of the pulleys are movable, or you can append them to the littler bar over the seat for stomach muscle crunches or other related activities.

The unit incorporates a few arrangements of links, which are exceedingly tough, tried for more than 1,000 lbs of opposition. They’re likewise secured by a slim sheet of PVC material, for a smoother float over the pulleys. 

A portion of the links require migration from an activity to another; this additionally represents the movable pulleys. Be that as it may, as a general thought, the top pulleys and the front base pulleys ordinarily don’t should be moved.

Along these lines, you can set up the machine for 4-5 sorts of activities, which ought to be sufficient for one exercise. 

The Bowflex Xceed highlights a customizable seat. It offers a few stature positions so it can oblige clients up to 6’5″ (196 cm) with no issue for the greater part of the activities. The backrest, in any case, is non-flexible. Both the seat and backrest coordinate 2″ of froth cushioning for ideal solace.

The upholstery on them is made of tough vinyl material. Rather than the more seasoned Xceed model, the new 100382 model highlights a more extensive backrest which conveys an improved lumbar help. Likewise, a significant angle with respect to the unit’s seat is its weight limit. It can bolster clients up to 300 lbs (136 kg). 

Regarding extras and connections, there are a few included with the machine. The first to make reference to is the two D-handles which spread generally works out. They have rubber treated holds for ideal solace.

Two additional adornments are the straight squat bar alongside a 50″ twisted lat bar. Additionally, the leg designer is likewise included. It highlights 4 inches froth rollers for the most extreme solace and offers the likelihood to perform leg augmentations or standing leg twists.


So, the main part of this Bowflex Xceed Review is to get you equipped with the features of the machine. So, here are some important features of Bowflex Xceed –

  • Size: As it is a home gym, it is compact in size. As compared to its market counterparts, it takes just 137 x 124 floor space. However, one needs to have at least 244 x 198 cm space for safety purpose as well as for proper workout on Bowflex Xceed.

The main point is that it can reach a maximum height of 82 inches.

  • Durable Construction: One of the main concerns of the individual with a home gym is its durability and stability. But you don’t need to worry for Bowflex Xceed as it is made up of heavy-duty steel which is both durable and stable.

To improve its floor grips, the base of Bowflex Xceed is based on rubber pads. Also, it comes up with a lifetime warranty on power rods and seven years warranty for the frame.

  • Power Rod Resistance: Bowflex Xceed home gym is powered by a power rod resistance system. These power rods are made up of high-grade elastomer. It is also coated with thin sheets of rubber to improve its performance and flexibility.

This system removes the need for great weight and dumble plates. 

These power rods give a weight resistance of 210 pounds. The maximum weight resistance you can expect from Bowflex Xceed home gym is around 410 pounds.

  • Adjustable seat: Bowflex Xceed gives you access to a wide range of exercises. You can perform 65 full work out on Bowflex Xceed home gym. This exercise can range from back exercises, shoulder exercises, chest exercises to leg exercises and abdominal exercises.

Also, Bowflex Xceed comes with a guide that can help you perform various exercises.

  • Wide range of exercise possibility: Bowflex Xceed home gym offers adjustable seats with extra comfort and flexibility. The seat is made of polyurethane form that increases the durability of Bowflex Xceed. The weight capacity of the seat is 136 kgs.

Also, the backrest has been widened to provide good lumbar support.

  • Great Pulley system: Bowflex Xceed home gym has 8 pulleys. These pulleys are made of fiberglass-reinforced material. They also have a stainless steel bar to ensure the smooth working and operating of the machine.

One of the interesting aspects of Bowflex Xceed is that the pulleys swivel in all the directions. This will help you perform all the exercises as prescribed in the manual.

  • Stylish Look: Home gyms are considered to be an eyesore in the homes. But, Bowflex Xceed home gym comes in three colors – red, grey, and black. This will surely help you to match your interiors.

Also, its minimalist design will leave you in a split.

  • Bench Press: Bowflex Xceed comes up with bench press that helps you to customize the exercise based on your own requirements.
  • Multifunctional Press Arm: Multifunctional press arm allows you to engage in the upper and lower body exercises with ease.
  • Comes with accessories and attachments: Bowflex Xceed comes with few attachments. This includes the rubber D handles which are required in almost every exercise. The other accessories are lat bars, leg developer, and squat bars.

It also comes with a 4-inch leg roller for performing your leg exercise to make full use of your leg day.

However, the Bowflex Xceed lacks some of the features. These include no provision to play music, no provision for aerobic rowing, and no folding option.

Bowflex Xceed Exercises

Bowflex Xceed helps to execute around 65 full-time exercises. The exercise guide is usually provided along with Bowflex Xceed. Various exercises you can perform are 

Bowflex Xceed Review
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  1. Arm Exercises
    • Curling on seated biceps
    • Standing Biceps Curl
  2. Abdominal exercises
    • Seated Oblique abdominal crunch
    • Trunk rotation
    • Seated abdominal crunch
    • Triceps Extension
    • Cross Triceps extension
    • Rope Pushdown
    • Single-arm pushdown
    • Triceps Pushdown
    • Triceps hammer pushdown
    • Reverse Curl
    • Hammer biceps curl
    • Concentration biceps curl
    • Seated biceps curl
    • Wrist Curl
    • Barbell biceps curl
    • Triceps kickback
    • Wrist extension
    • Upper body opposition pull
    • Hammer Triceps Kickback
    • Arm opposition push-pull
  3. Back Exercises
    • Pulldowns
    • Reverse Grip Pulldowns
    • Crossover Narrow Pulldowns
    • Stiff Arm Pulldowns
    • Crossover Wide Pulldowns
    • Seated Wide (lat pulldown)
    • Narrow Pulldowns (handgrip)
    • Narrow Pulldowns (lat bars)
    • Bent Rear Delt Row
    • Crossover Rear Delt Row
    • Low Back Extension
    • Seated Lat Rows
    • Crossover Lat Rows
    • Reverse Grip Pulldown (lat bar)
  4. Leg Exercises
    • Squats
    • Leg Kickback
    • Leg Extension
    • Standing Hip Abduction
    • Standing Hip Extension with bent knees
    • Standing Hip Extension with extended knees
    • Calf raise
    • Hip Flexion
  5. Chest Exercises
    • Bench Press
    • Incline Chest Fly
    • Chest Fly
  6. Shoulder Exercises
    • Shoulder Extension
    • Scapular Depression
    • Shoulder Shrug
    • Scapular Protraction
    • Reverse Fly
    • Seated Shoulder Press
    • Crossover Reverse Fly
    • Shoulder Rotator Cuff (external)
    • Shoulder Rotator Cuff (internal)
    • Scapular Retraction
    • Lateral Shoulder Raise
    • Crossover Rear Delt Rows
    • Crossover Seated Rear Delt Rows
    • Crossover High Rear Delt Rows

Definitely, there are some exercises that require extra accessories, for example, ab crunch. Also, the ankle cuff is required for leg kickbacks. However, with the aforementioned exercises, one can simply attempt a lot of exercises on Bowflex Xceed.



  • Great All in one Machine for Begineers
  • Smooth resistance
  • Progressive resistance
  • Versatile


  • Loads of link alteration
  • Not for intense muscle training

Safe to Use – There is no dread of loads pummelling down while changing your opposition here, there’s additionally no dread of being squashed by a free weight.

The power bars are stationary toward one side with the opposite end joined to a link. The high-security proportion is one reason one of the Bowflex’s made it onto my best home gym for seniors list.

Smooth Resistance – The obstruction itself is like the vibe of utilizing a quality opposition band or link. Like an obstruction band, the more remote the power bar twists, the more opposition you feel.

This implies the activity you are doing is simpler toward the start of the development (when your muscles are normally at their greatest impediment and weakest) and it ends up more earnestly as you achieve the center and end of the development (when your muscles have a bit of leeway and are at their most grounded).

Versatile – Bowflex works admirably of utilizing various pulleys and link frameworks to give countless activities utilizing a similar power bar set. Contingent upon the model, you can hope to perform anyplace between 26 – 70 unique activities.

Heavy Resistance – The power bars can give more opposition than you may suspect. The Xceed comes standard with 210 lb of intensity bar obstruction, anyway it very well may be moved up to 310 or even 410 lb.

Remember, however, much the same as a link framework with a weight stack, the utilization of pulleys will diminish the genuine measure of obstruction you are lifting against.

Advanced Provisions – Exercising on Bowflex Xceed gives you access to some smart provisions like an adjustable and comfortable seat, warranty coverage, easy assembling, provision of lat bar, ab training strap and squat bar.

Good for Beginners – Further, working out with the Bowflex may bring about less muscle soreness than freeloads, particularly for amateurs. 

Bowflex appears to require more positive work on the muscles – that is, stress when the muscle is protracting to come back to its beginning position – than freeloads.

Activities that require heaps of negative action can prompt huge muscle soreness, particularly in amateurs.

Bowflex Home Gyms can be helpful for individuals who need to accomplish and keep up a general degree of strong wellness. They’re anything but difficult to store and simple to utilize.

Changing protections and activities is genuinely simple to do. What’s more, you won’t require a spotter for the vast majority of the activities.

As I stated, control poles aren’t immaculate and they aren’t for everybody. Several cons to consider:

Loads of link alterations: It’s incredible that the Bowflex Xceed can offer such a significant number of activity alternatives, however shockingly you need to complete a lot of link associations and pulley modifications when exchanging between activities.

You will most likely need to reference your client manual when exchanging practices until you become familiar with all the various blends. Some Bowflex’s have the “fast change framework” to decrease this time, however, the Xceed doesn’t.

If you are hoping to add some more muscle mass then the power rods aren’t meant for you. When you want some old-fashioned powerlifting, nothing can beat hitting the iron. Therefore, power rods should be leaner.


  • Is Bowflex Xceed Home Gym worth buying?

    If you are looking for a full-body workout machine, and want to go with the reputed brand then Bowflex Xceed is worth buying for you, you can do 65+ exercises with it, and it has a max, user weight capacity of 300lbs. and it comes with a great warranty as well. You will not be disappointed with this machine.

  • What is the best Bowflex home gym to buy?

    There are many Bowflex machines to buy from. But the top five ones are Bowflex Xtreme 2SE, Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym, Bowflex Revolution Home Gym, Bowflex Blaze Gym, Bowflex PR3000 Workout Machine.

  • What is the difference between Bowflex Xtreme 2 and Xtreme 2 SE?

    Albeit both Bowflex models-Xtreme SE and Xtreme 2 SE come outfitted with a power pole framework that enables the client to alter obstruction up to 410 lbs., the Xtreme 2 control bar framework empowers the client to rapidly change starting with one opposition then onto the next without investing an excess of energy resting between sets.

  • Do Bowflex really work?

    The machine bolsters your body and permits practice in just a particular scope of development, so activities will, in general, seclude explicit real muscles and not require auxiliary stabilizer muscles to do as much work. 

  • Is Bowflex good for building muscle?

    The Bowflex can be truly adept at the structure and keeping up bulk – whenever utilized consistently! The main restriction it has is that it gives a limit of 410 pounds of opposition. The Bowflex uses control bars rather than loads to give obstruction during the activity.

  • How much weight does a Bowflex have? 

    The Bowflex home gym is incredible for all individuals from the family. With a weight territory that keeps running from 5 lbs up to 600 lbs (272 kg) of obstruction (contingent upon model) and no substantial loads to lift, this machine is similarly helpful for all. 

  • Is Bowflex resistance training?

    The Bowflex Home Gym is an opposition exercise machine utilized for structure quality and muscle. Numerous activities you can do on an exercise center machine should likewise be possible on Bowflex Home Gyms. In any case, the Bowflex has the upside of being minimized enough to store in practically any room of the house.

  • How much does a Bowflex Xceed cost?

    Because of its diminished number of pulleys, it costs impressively not exactly other Bowflex home gym. Be that as it may, it’s as yet an excellent wellness machine, with a remarkable value/quality proportion. It costs less than $700. Hence, it falls under the budget-friendly category.


So here our Bowflex Xceed Review finishes, but before ending our review, I am presenting you some of my points. 

Bowflex Xceed is a compact all-in-one workout machine that one can use to train all the major muscle groups without leaving one place. The frame of this machine is strong and can last many years (regular maintenance required).

Bowflex Xceed doesn’t use the traditional weights, it uses a 210 pounds Power Rod to create resistance, which makes it a compact machine. It can replace many traditional exercise machines as you can use it to train a lot of muscle groups.

Be that as it may, in the event that you want to have more exercise choices and a brisk change pulley framework, at that point our suggestion is to go for Bowflex Xtreme 2SE that is supported by ten additional activities and a fast change pulley framework. 

On the off chance that you need execution arranged wellness hardware and you feel sure about the power pole obstruction, at that point having the Bowflex Home Gym makes the best arrangement for you as its valuing and highlights are superb.

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