Change These 7 Factors And You Will Start Gaining Muscles

Description: You might be spending time in the gym, breaking your back lifting those weights, but still not gaining muscle. There are several reasons why this might be happening to you. Here are seven that you should consider and seek to rectify if you want abs.

Many reasons can take you to the gym, like losing weight or aiming to be fitter. If we are honest, many gym-goers, especially men, are in the gym because they want to gain muscle.

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So, you’ve read your sports nutrition, you’ve learned about the workouts for gaining muscle mass, you’ve packed a punch every time you’ve had a workout session. But still, you are not gaining muscle. What could be the problem?

We know you are frustrated. So here are a couple of reasons that might explain why your training is not working.

  1. Inconsistency

Consistency is the key to success in every area of life. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that it applies to gaining muscle as well. You have to be consistent if you want to see results.

Be consistent with your program, be consistent with your nutrition, and be consistent with your gym visits.

Once you have the right program, stick to it for at least three months. Do not change your routine because you will reduce your effectiveness.

Also, go to the gym at least three times every week. Then wait and see yourself build some muscles.

The best muscle gaining workouts will not provide you with any results if you fail to be consistent. The most important thing to remember is that results do take time. Therefore, you have to remain patient, as well. 

  1. Poor Nutrition
healthy eating is the key to excellent physical shape
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Eat right, not enough. That should be the motto you carry if you are on track to gaining muscle. Eating the right food is probably the most important thing you should do.

This is because the right food will rebuild your muscles, help them grow, and give you the fuel you need to keep working.

No amount of training will give you muscle if your nutrition is deficient. Thus, it would be best if you incorporated muscle gaining foods into your diet. Such foods include healthy whole foods from natural sources.

The trick is to ensure that you have a well-balanced intake of proteins and calories. 

You can have protein shakes for gaining muscle before you start your workouts. Also, consider buying the best muscle gaining supplement and adding them to your diet. Don’t forget to look at your quantity just as you look into your food quality.

  1. Wrong Training Type

Did you know that gaining muscle demands the right program? There are many misconceptions about training your muscles. For instance, many people believe that the more they train, the faster they will get muscles. This is not true.

Take beginners, for instance. Someone who has just started working out will gain muscles fast and in a short period. Why? They are straining their muscles for the first time; hence, they are bound to see some progress.

However, for seasoned trainers, progressively increasing their muscles’ size will require a well thought out and planned program. True, you might be lifting weights.

But if you find yourself gaining muscle but not losing belly fat, you might be on the wrong training program. 

What you need to do is think of yourself as a bodybuilder and not a weightlifter. A weight lifter cares about increasing the amount of load they lift. But this will only show you how to lose arm fat without gaining muscle. 

On the other hand, a bodybuilder will not care about the amount of weight they carry as long as they strain their muscles. The right program will do this for you effectively. 

  1. Not Putting in The Work

You might be consistent, have the best program, buy the best muscle gaining product, and eat the best meals, but you will not be gaining muscle if you are not putting in the work. Pay attention to your workouts as much as you are paying attention to work or class.

If you want to build muscle, push yourself mentally as much as you push yourself physically. Focus on the significant movements and stop worrying about the cute girl in the gym who’s glaring while you sweat. Work yourself to the maximum. 

This does not mean that you should use up all your energy. What you need to do is to work hard, focus on exercises that work on all parts of your body, not just the abs, arms, and legs, and finish all your reps for the day.

Your muscles need to feel pumped for them to grow. And remember always to monitor your progress.

  1. Doing It Yourself
Group training improves results
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Doing it alone is a fast track on how to lose body fat without gaining muscle. Therefore, if you desire to build muscles, you should consider getting social support or a trainer. Why do you need a trainer? 

Did you know that losing fat before gaining muscle is the ideal way to go? This is the type of knowledge you will get from your trainer. Besides, a trainer is well versed with the right training techniques. 

They will put you on a surefire program, push you to your limits, monitor your results, and motivate you when needed. There is a reason why people like to work out in packs as well. The more people you find in the gym, the more motivation you gain, and the less likely you are to give up. 

Tell your family and friends about your gym experience too. You might be surprised how much sharing your goals and efforts increases your confidence. Gaining muscle is a social event.

  1. Stress

If you are having trouble gaining muscle, check your stress levels. This is how stress affects your muscle build-up. When stressed, your body produces a hormone known as cortisol. Too much cortisol in the body interferes with your growth hormones.

Therefore, your testosterone will increase, and as a result, your muscle growth will become dull. An increase in hormones also stimulates the growth of fat in the body. So instead of gaining muscle, your expected results will reverse. 

Remember, there is a difference between internal and physical stress. The stress we are talking about here is the internal stress.

So, find a beach where you can relax, hang out with your friends and laugh, watch a comedy, or read a book. 

Do anything to make sure your stress levels are low if you are determined to lose weight and gain muscle.

  1. Forgetting To Rest
rest after workout is as important as workout itself
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Have you heard of overtraining to the point of burning muscle? That is what will happen to you if you do not rest. Part of gaining muscle is knowing when to let your muscles recover. If you strain your body and deny it enough time to rest, it will not build muscle. 

In fact, your muscles may start to grow smaller. This is how muscle building works. When you are in gym training, what you are doing is breaking down the muscles.

Hence, you do not gain muscle in the gym; you do so outside the gym when you are resting.

So, take days off the gym, do not work out continuously the entire week. Also, consider increasing the number of hours you sleep. Your muscles grow the most while you are asleep.

Therefore, 7 hours a day should suffice. Listen to your body and always stay hydrated.


Now that you know why you are not gaining muscle remember that many variables add up to give you the desired results. Expect the process to be harder the longer you take the journey.

If your muscles are not growing, evaluate this list, and be honest about your efforts.

Have you experienced muscle growth since you started working out? Did you experience stunted growth? Tell us what you did to get back on track. 

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