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There is a lot of confusion between the Concept 2 Model D and E, which one of them is better and why it is better? We have answered all the questions regarding this comparison, so sit back and read along to the end to know the WINNER of this Concept 2 Model D vs Model E comparison.

Concept2’s Model D and Model E both the rowing machine are best in their classes, but there are very few differences between these two. Model D has low seat height as compared to the Model E, Model D comes with a flexible monitor arm whereas Model D doesn’t, Model D’s chain is partially enclosed whereas Model E’s chain is fully enclosed. Model D is a better pick between these two machines as it is more affordable and has all the things that are important for a good rowing machine.

Concept2 is a highly renowned brand in the field of fitness equipment it was established in 1972 and has been in this fitness-based market ever since then. Concept 2 has managed to set standards by introducing new, advanced, high-quality products.

It is known for its top-quality gym products and offers several gym products out of which rowing machines are Concept 2’s plus point, that is the reason why we are here for Concept 2 Model D vs E because these two rowing machines are its top-selling air rowing machines.

Model DModel E
Dimensions96″ x 24″ x 54″ (244cm x 61cm x 137cm)99″ x 24″ x 54″ (244cm x 61cm x 137cm)
Monorail length54″ (137cm)54″ (137cm)
Seat height14″ (36cm)20″ (51cm)
Machine weight57 lbs.67 lbs.
Maximum user weight500 lbs. (227kg)500 lbs. (227kg)
Warranty5 Years5 Years
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Concept 2 Rower Model D vs E

Model D and Model E are top-selling products of Concept 2 and their never-ending demand is the reason why we are here for concept 2 Model D vs E.

Both of these Concept 2 models are known for their high performance thus we are here for its comparison that is concept 2 Model D vs E since it is not an easy task to choose between these two identical rowing machines.

Both Model D and e offer similar features but still have some differences that can affect your decision.

So here in this comparison, we will compare the features and functions of both the rowing machines where we will talk in detail about their monitor, resistance, and features and then will discuss their pros and cons which will lead us to the verdict of this Concept 2 Model D vs E.

So let us now start to compare these two Concepts 2 Rower models and decide which one is for you, Concept 2 Model D or E?

Concept2 Model DConcept2 Model E
Monorail length54″ (137cm)54″ (137cm)
Seat Height14″ (36cm)20″ (51cm)
Chain MaterialNickel-Plated Steel ChainNickel-Plated Steel Chain
Chain housingPartially EnclosedFully Enclosed
Machine weight57lbs.65lbs.
Max. User Weight Limit500lbs. (227kg)500lbs. (227kg)
PaintSingle Powdered CoatedDouble Powdered Coated

From the above-given figures, we can surely say there are a lot of similarities that Model D and Model E share, so if we compare just by their specifications we won’t get a clear idea.

However to reach the verdict of concept 2 Model D vs E we will have to dig deeper since we can’t judge a book by its cover.

Concept 2 Model D Review

Concept 2 Model D indoor rowing machine is a well talked about the rowing machine. This rowing machine has a separate fan base because it is a reliable rowing machine that is going to serve for years.

Concept 2 Model D vs E
CC: Amazon

Be it its performance, structure, quality, or features everything about Concept 2 Model D rowing machine is something to pay attention to.

  • Frame: The frame is quite well made and is of high built quality. It is solid and sturdy, concept 2 Model D is built to last. Concept 2 Model D is an extremely durable product like any other concept 2 rowing machine.

Its body is electrostatically powder coated to avoid certain wear and tear. This rowing machine is of commercial grade quality thus is going to challenge time undoubtedly. It has a very compact body that can fit into small places. 

It supports a nickel plated chain that is of extremely high quality thus we can expect extended durability. This nickel plated chain works very smoothly and does not require much maintenance.

  • Design: This machine has an ergonomically designed body that ensures a comfortable workout experience. The handles are strategically designed to suit different grips. It comes with a 10-degree bend, this bend ensures the users can row in his or her natural arm position avoiding any extra muscle tension.

The footrests can accommodate almost every shoe size which is good news for people with huge foot who generally have to face problem while searching for a rowing machine for themselves that can accommodate their shoe size.

As mentioned by concept 2 this rowing machine features a quick-release frame lock mechanism, with the help of this mechanism concept 2 Model D can be stored in two separate pieces.

This makes the storage extremely easy. It also has wheels at the bottom these wheels make its movement easy, thus adding to its mobility.

  • Resistance: Concept 2 Model D resistance is an air-based resistance which means it is an air rowing machine. The air pressure is used in concept 2 Model D to create resistance that makes the workout challenging.

The resistance depends on how hard one pulls the bar. The harder one pulls the more challenging it gets. One additional feature is that the user can choose the feel of the stroke by adjusting the airflow to the flywheel with the help of the spiral damper, there are settings from 1 to 10.

  • Monitor: Concept 2 Model D comes with concept 2’s most advanced monitor called PM5 which has a backlit LCD screen, the screen is quite bright and big which makes it easily readable.

This performance monitor is equipped with many advanced features. One can choose to either just row or to perform a variety of workouts, that is totally up to the user’s choice.

It tracks distance, pace, speed, watts and calculates total calories burned. This console is quite user-friendly yet is full of features.

It comes with a total of 5 preset workouts too, so if you want some change from that regular rowing exercise you can simply choose any workout from these 5 options. PM5 automatically turn on when one starts rowing on it and turns off after a few minutes of inactivity.

By these details, we can already figure out that concept 2 Model D is a great rowing machine but we can’t make any judgment until we get to know what the other one has to offer so to come to a conclusion of Concept2 Model D vs E we will have to talk about Model E too.


PROs and CONs play a major role in decision making thus there is no way we are not adding pros and cons list of both the models in this comparison.


  • High build quality: Well, this rowing machine has set a standard when it comes to its quality. Its frame is well constructed and is extremely durable. It is made to last years without any damages. It has a powder coating that helps in avoiding scratches and chipping thus giving it a posh and expensive look.
  • Easy storage and mobility: As we discussed before, concept 2 Model D supports a quick-release frame lock mechanism that separates the machine into 2 parts that make its storage very easy. It does not take much space which is a major pro of Model D. It also features wheels at the bottom that ensure mobility.
  • Resistance customization: Another thing we just can’t miss to add to this list is its spiral damper. It offers sets ranging from 1 to 10, the user can choose any of these settings according to his or her preference that would control the amount of air that enters the flywheel with every stroke. So even though the resistance is based on your performance yet there still is some amount of customization available.
  • Easy assembly: Many rowing machines take a lot of time to assemble, however that is not the case with concept 2 Model D. It comes with clear instructions with the help of these instructions one can easily assemble Model D within half an hour that too single-handedly.


  • Noisy: If we compare to other rowing machines it is less noisy however we just can’t deny the fact that it does produce some noise when the wind enters the flywheel which is quite expected from an air rowing machine.
  • Size: The size of the seat falls short for people who have extremely long height. So it is not an option for them. So people with a long height just can enjoy this great machine comfortably and will have to look out for another option instead.

Concept 2 Model E Review

Concept 2 Model D vs E
CC: Amazon

Concept 2 Model E is again a high-quality rowing machine that has made its place in the market just like Concept 2 Model D.

Be it performance, features or anything Model E is not the one that is going to disappoint us at any point of time.

  • Frame: Concept 2 Model E quality can’t be doubted since it is made of the best quality material. This rowing machine is extremely strong, sturdy, and solid.

It comes with a nickel-plated chain, this nickel-plated chain undoubtedly is a lot more durable than a regular chain. It also requires less maintenance since the chains are fully enclosed.

Concept 2 Model E has longer legs that bring 20-inch frame height. It supports one-piece leg design for better stability and sturdiness.

  • Design: Concept 2 Model E is a well-designed high built rowing machine. The seat of Model E is well padded and cushioned to ensure comfort. The footrest that this Concept 2 Model E support accommodates almost every shoe size so for those with large foot this rowing machine will not cause a problem at all.

It again supports ergonomically designed handlebars that are bent on 10 degrees for better grip and handling. These handles take care of the natural movement and try to stimulate the same movement for a comfortable outcome.

However, the monitor arms are fixed and can’t be adjusted. This rowing machine has a quite high profile, concept 2 went for a high profile with the rowing machine so that it is suitable for people with long height or for those who have joint issues.

  • Resistance: Concept 2 Model E again supports air resistance. The resistance is similar to that of concept 2 Model D. The resistance depends on how intensely the user rows.

It has a similar flywheel that has blades attached to it, this flywheel provides resistance to the rowing machine. Damper helps in adjusting the airflow that in turn brings a change in the feel of the strokes.

Any setting can be chosen between 1 to 10. Lower the number lower is the resistance and easier it is to row, the higher the number higher is the resistance and harder it is to do the rowing.

Resistance generally plays a major role in deciding the winner of any gym machine however in this comparison it won’t play such a role since both have similar resistance type, settings and both offer resistance based on the exerciser’s performance.

  • Monitor: Concept 2 Model E monitor is again PM5 monitor just like Model D. This monitor is full of features and also offers several preset workout options. It supports heart rate monitoring that can be done through a separate chest strap.

The data is received wirelessly since it allows connectivity through ATN and Bluetooth as well. Both of these options can be used to show heart rate data.

It also features a game, this game offers a machine to machine race. In simple words, one can choose to race with another rowing machine or one’s own recorded workout which means it gives the motivation to perform the better workout.

It has a ‘just row’ mode in which one can simply row regularly or can choose not to select the just row mode and work on a different variety of workouts.


Concept 2 Model E has similar PROs and CONs as concept 2 Model D however there are some differences so it is important to know about the PROs and CONs of both to understand what one offers and lacks.


  • High profile: The height of the seat that concept 2 Model E has is 20 inches. This height makes it very comfortable for the users who suffer from joint pain or injury and is a good option for people with long height too. Since not many rowing machines offer such a high profile concept 2 Model E has this as an advantage over any other rowing machine.
  • Finish: If we say concept 2 Model E is a high built product we certainly mean it. This rowing machine is double powder coated and has a clear topcoat. This coating ensures scratch resistance and helps in avoiding chipping. The coating gives a glossy finish and gives a very rich feel to concept 2 Model E.
  • Monitor: Concept 2 Model E comes with an LCD screen, this screen is quite large thus is easily readable. Another advantage of the Model E monitor is that its angle is adjustable so one can adjust the monitor angle according to the requirement. The monitor offers all the necessary data.


  • Monitor arm: One problem with concept 2 Model E is that its monitor arms are fixed, unlike concept 2 Model D. Since the arms can’t be adjusted according to the preference many people find it difficult to work out on this machine and do not find it comfortable enough.
  • Seat: Even though the seat is ergonomically designed and is well padded and cushioned yet it is not comfortable enough. Many users have admitted that they can’t work out for a long time this rowing machine since it gets uncomfortable. One can add a cushion for comfort.


Concept 2 Model D and Model E share a lot of similarities however some features set both of these apart which is why concept 2 advertises them as two different entities and not one. Here in this Concept 2 Model D vs E, we will find out those differences to get a clear vision.

Price: One can never deny the fact that price plays a crucial role in any comparison so it does in our CONCEPT 2 MODEL D VS E. One has to pay a few more bucks for Model E so concept 2 Model D is a more affordable option to go for. These extra bucks do not make any sense until one requires a high profile that Model E offers so undoubtedly Model D wins Concept2 Model D vs Model E when we talk about the pricing.  (Winner: Model D)

  • High profile: one significant difference between Concept 2 Model D and E is its seat height. Concept 2 Model E is a high-profile rowing machine which makes it a preferable option for people who have a long height or who suffer immobility since its seat is quite high raised.

So basically if that extra height is needed Model E wins this comparison for its high profile however if it is not required then it makes no difference. (Winner: Model E)

  • Monitor arm: Another major difference between these two rowing machines is their monitor arm. Model D comes with a flexible monitor arm, this monitor arm can be adjusted according to the requirement, on the contrary, Model E comes with a fixed monitor arm that cannot be adjusted.

Another good thing about the Model D monitor arm is that it can be folded for storage while on the other hand Model E doesn’t come with a foldable monitor arm, thus it is quite clear that Model D wins Concept 2 Model D vs Model E when it comes monitor arm. (Winner: Model D)

  • Chain: Both models come with a nickel-plated chain however the difference is in their enclosure. Model D chain is partially enclosed whereas the Concept 2 Model E chain is fully enclosed. This enclosure keeps the chain protected. (Winner: Model E)
  • Finishing: This might not be a major difference but it does add some richness to the body. Model D has a single powder coating while the other Model E has a double powder coating. Model D powder coating gives a matte finish to the machine while on the other hand Model E powder coating gives it a very glossy look. So in terms of finishing Model E wins Concept 2 Rower Model D vs E. (Winner: Model E)

So finally we have reached the verdict of comparison and we for sure have a clear winner. If you can’t already guess, well the winner of concept 2 Model D vs E is Model D.

Both of these rowing machines offer similar features, quality, and everything and one can hardly make out any difference and that is the reason why we prefer Concept2 model D since model E asks for extra dollars for few minor additions that might not be in your priority list but it still can make a difference for many people, however, if we talk about their functionality we hardly see any difference.

One major thing that sets Model D and Model E apart is their price. Model D is on the cheaper side as compared to Model E. It offers almost exact features that too at a lower price which is a plus point.

Model E is for people who suffer from immobility and can’t bend much due to some injury or joint pain, it is also a considerable option for people with long height, this is because Model E has a higher profile.

So it is not a waste of money for those who require those additions. However, for people with standard height Model E can be a waste of money since there is no point in paying extra bucks since Model D is quite sufficient.

So by this Concept2 Model D vs E comparison, it is quite clear that Model D is the one to go for until the high profile is needed since Model D is the best value for money.

  • What is the difference between Concept 2 Model D and E?

    The first difference between the Concept 2 Model D and E is the pricing, and then the second difference is the seat height, Model E is slightly higher than the Model D, and the third difference is the chain, Model E comes with a nickel-plated steel chain.

  • How long is a Concept 2 rowing machine?

    The length of the Concept 2 rowing machine is 96″ or 244 cm.

  • What is the best rowing machine?

    There are so many options in the rowing machine and if you say which one is best, then it will be little difficult for us because it depends on various needs of the customer to pick best, Concept 2 Model D and E are also amazing machines to pick from.

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