ElliptiGO Arc Review: Is it worth to spend hundreds of Dollars?

Though people start working out with excitement and enthusiasm but most of the people tend to leave their workout routine in between because, in the long run, it might become tedious.

ElliptiGO attempts to take away the boredom from the exercise routine by providing elliptical bikes which are used outdoors and this characteristic of elliptical outdoor bikes are taking the fitness world by storm.

ElliptiGO is popular for being the manufacturer of the first outdoor elliptical bikes. Though ElliptiGo got established in 2009 it had already spent many years in prototype testing and test rides to provide a low-impact training while doing outdoor workouts.

The necessity of having a machine alternative to running and biking gave birth to the idea of outdoor elliptical bikes. The owners of ElliptiGO had to work hard for many years before selling their first elliptical outdoor bike in 2010.

ElliptiGO bikes are quite similar to traditional bikes but what makes these two differ is the ability to adjust the stride of the bike and standing design.

These elliptical bikes from ElliptiGO move while you work out and can be described as a hybrid of the elliptical exerciser and traditional bikes. It offers low impact workout and is beneficial for those people who are suffering from an extensive injury.

ElliptiGO provides a combination of stationary elliptical and mobility of traditional bikes which altogether provides a great way to burn calories with low impact motion of hands and feet.

ElliptiGO looks like a bicycle without a seat, unusual off course. It is a long bicycle which comes into motion due to elliptical motion and offers extensive cardiovascular workout and goes easy on hips, knees, and feet at the same time.

It features 2 wheels which makes the rider experience like he is riding a bicycle as having 2 wheels requires the rider to self-balance the bike while riding it. To maintain balance while riding, the rider has to simply hold the handlebars which are fixed.

Benefits of ElipticalGO

While there are many stand up elliptical bikes in the market with a similar quality, materials, and a spotlight, they vary on the idea of many attributes such as:

  • Stride Length – the idea for the bike sort and choice. Either a shorter, compact stride (intended for a lot of intense exercises) or an extended, a lot of recreational strides (but still providing the maximum amount exercise because of the fun in mistreatment it)
  • Rider Motivation – does one will use your bike for fitness or a lot of for a recreational cruise? Or does one wish to use it for building endurance for performance and competition instead?

Additionally, square measure you the somatotype at the peak of your fitness game, or does one have any health problems, previous injury, anatomical concerns (such constraints in the knee, articulatio talocruralis or hip)? There’s a model particularly suited to you.

  • A general piece of land – is that the general space you propose to be frequently biking on a largely flat plain, or a lot of vertically-inclined space like a rough or mountainous region?

Additionally, is that the space you propose to be biking on an area you expect to be placed for the predictable future, or can you would like a lot of generalized machines which will adapt to ever-changing environments?

  • Ride length – square measure you an off-the-cuff, fun-seeking user that expects to use your device for an associate hour or less, typically for recreational purposes? Or does one expect to use your machine for extended periods and completely different goals, like for endurance functions or performance coaching, as athletes do for example?
  • Budget – whereas all sorts of those devices give a similar general edges distinctive to the class, some models have further choices or square measure suited to a unique style of the user that creates it costlier however give bigger skillfulness, that not everybody may additionally like.

The ElliptiGO offers many models such as Elliptigo ARC 3, ElliptiGO ARC 8, Elliptigo ARC 24 and many more and they fall in the price range of $1799 – $3499.There are many benefits of working out on outdoor elliptical bikes which are compelling fitness freaks and common masses to use them. Following are the benefits of using ElliptiGO:

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Weight loss
  3. Low impact exercise
  4. Portable
  5. Different Exercises
  6. Numerous Health benefits
  7. Adjustability
  8. Flexibility
  • ElliptiGO does not require any resources such as batteries, fuel or electricity to run the device. It just requires the kinetic energy of the motion of your legs to get going. It is an environment-friendly device.
  •  Workout on ElliptiGO involves natural movements of hands and feet and those are enough to lose calories.
  • ElliptiGO offers different exercises which have a low impact on the knees, joints, and hips. The movement of pedals is smooth enough to protect your body during an extensive workout.
  • ElliptiGO models are small in size which makes them possible to fit anywhere within a room when they are not in use. One can carry them from one place to another in a vehicle as it can be folded.
  • ElliptiGO provides exercises that are used for strengthening the core body owing to its feature that one has to pedal the bike in a standing position. The types of exercises it provides are running, cycling, and elliptical training.
  • With a range of different exercises, it offers many health benefits as well such as it offers an extensive cardiovascular workout, core strengthening and works on the lower body as well. It offers all these benefits amidst nature.
  • ElliptiGO can be adjusted according to the workout intensity you desire. For rigorous and extensive training one has to adjust the resistance or inclination of the bike. According to your surroundings, one needs to adjust the bike at different speeds and levels for smooth movements.
  • ElliptiGO can be used by anyone irrespective of age, gender, and level of fitness they have. It has application flexibility and one does not have to be a fitness freak or advanced trainer to operate or use this bike.

There exist many features of ElliptiGO bikes which make them popular such as solid light aluminum frame, personalize bike accessories, removable parts for easy storage, etc.

ARC 8 by ElliptiGo was the first ARC model launched on December 15 and the basis of its huge success the other 2 models i.e. ElliptiGO ARC 3 and ElliptiGO ARC 24.

The amalgamation of quality and good performance made ARC 8 to be a phenomenal success and inspired the creation of the other 2 models.

ElliptiGO ARC 8 provides sleek design along with 8 gears and a compact stride. ElliptiGO ARC 3 is the most affordable bike in the ARC model range. ARC 3 is easy to maintain and has 3 gears which make it ideal for medium rides on rolling terrain.

ElliptiGO ARC 24 has a wide range of gear which makes it suitable for any terrain and comes with ergonomic bar ends that helps in greater versatility.

The ElliptiGO ARC is good for active folks on the go. If you would like to get pleasure from outdoor workouts however can’t take the impact of running, the ARC provides a full-body elbow grease that’s low-impact, fun, and straightforward to use. you’ll lose up to thirty-third additional calories than on a conventional bike, and also the natural standing position makes it feel as if you’re running on air.

There exist multiple adjustable options and special attention to choices that create ElliptiGO ARC models, making them light-weight and convenient to use and store away, ideal for little areas.

So let’s do an overall Elliptigo ARC Review i.e. ElliptiGo ARC 3, ElliptiGo ARC 8, and ElliptiGo ARC 24 to understand which stand-up elliptical bikes suits your needs.

In this ElliptiGO ARC review, we will see each model in-depth and analyze their technical specifications, features, PROs, and CONs to get a deeper understanding and help you make a well-informed decision regarding investing on Elliptigo ARC stand-up elliptical bikes and by the end of the ElliptiGO ARC review, we will conclude whether ElliptiGo ARC bike provides value for the money spent on it.

So let’s get started with ElliptiGO ARC Review!

ElliptiGO Arc Review

ElliptiGO ARC 3 is the most affordable model among all the ElliptiGo models and offers an extensive workout session on medium length rides which are ideal on rolling terrains. It has 3 gears and is easy to maintain.

Let’s us see the technical specifications for Elliptigo ARC 3 Review which makes it the top-selling model of ElliptiGO ARC models.

Frame6061-T6 Aluminum
HandlebarsAluminum riser bar
Brake levers2 finger
BrakesLinear pull rim brakes
RimsAluminum Aero
RimsForged aluminum


ElliptiGO Arc Review
CC: Elliptigo.com

In this ElliptiGO Review, we will assess the important features of a standup elliptical bike to compare ElliptiGO ARC 3 with other 2 models of EllliptiGO ARC.

  1. Light frame: The frame is made up of 6061-T6 aluminum which gives a sleek and solid look along with being the lightest frame of approx. 37 pounds.
  2. Compact stride: It has a compact stride length of 35 cm which offers similar cyclic motion and gives extensive leg workout. ElliptiGO ARC 3 employs a crank rocker system that gives compact stride motion along with smoother, vertical, and circular riding experience.
  3. Ergonomic bar ends: ElliptiGO ARC 3 has an Aluminum MTB riser bar having a dimension of 50 mm x 670 mm at the top of the steer tube.
  4. Customizable setup: This ARC model can be customized according to your needs to increase your comfort during biking. The steering height can be adjusted from 4’10’’ to 6’10’’ according to riding styles. The foot platform can be slid forward or backward to set the pedaling stride for optimal experience while riding.
  5. 3- speed internal hub: It has 3 gears that offer a wide variety of resistance and requires less maintenance. ElliptiGO ARC 3 can be used in steepest terrains which will provide a good level of cardio and the gears can be adjusted accordingly using barrel adjuster.
  6. ​User weight capacity: It has a maximum user weight capacity of 250 lbs.
  7. Independent platform pivots: ElliptiGO ARC 3 has independent platform pivots which adjust according to the angle of the rider’s foot to provide comforting experience while riding.
  8. Accessories: ElliptiGO bikes have some amazing accessories in one single kit which ensures that their rider is hydrated, has emergency repair tools, and stays updated on their fitness data by tracking their fitness data.
  9. Safety: It has a fender to protect the bike from flying debris on the road and road wetness and the fender has a mini taillight to enhance visibility in the dark.

ElliptiGO Arc 8 Review

ElliptiGO ARC 8 is the first standup elliptical bike launched in the ARC range and offers a fantastic workout with fun and comfort. It offers different ways to lose weight while you go outdoors for running errands. It helps its rider to lose one-third more calories than that on a bike and that too with a low impact on his hips, knees, and joints.

It is available in 2 color options i.e. black and green. This 2 wheeler bike is made up of heavy-duty aluminum which offers a solid and sleek design.

It has 8 gear which offers an adventurous workout experience with a speed of 20+ mph and makes it suitable to ride it on flat terrain.

ElliptiGO Arc 8 Review
CC: Elliptigo.com

This bike has left no stone right-side-out on ways in which to form the user expertise each convenient and fun. the complete bike weighs simply thirty-seven pounds, and options a removable steering column for simple storage. Its light-weight metal frame is durable however additionally simple to require from home to street in seconds.

This model offers a cruising speed of up to twelve mph, a sprinting speed of up twenty mph, and options eight resistance levels, 8 gears, also as a 20-30% ascension grade (just like the 8C and 11R). It’s a mountain bike that’s equipped with a system and a lot of compact stride of 13.8.”

Following are the Technical specifications of ElliptiGO ARC 8, to know the basic information about the equipment and to get a further vision for review of ElliptiGo ARC.

Total length72″
Equipment Weight37 lbs
Crank length175mm
Stride length13.8″
Stride Height9.4″-11.8″


So tells understand these key features of ElliptiGO ARC 8 to get a clearer picture of ElliptiGO Review.

  1. Dimensions: The ElliptiGO ARC 8 has a wheelbase of 52.6’’ and weighs 37 pounds. The stride length is approximately 14’’ long making it suitable to use for rider having a height in a range of 4’11’’ to 6’8’’. The bike has a maximum user weight capacity of 250 pounds.
  2. Customizable setup: ARC 8 can be customized according to the user’s suitability and can also install other components to make the bike more perfect for its rider. By customizing the equipment, one can increase the effectiveness of the workout sessions. The adjustability of the components adds versatility.      
  3. Body workout: ElliptiGO ARC 8 offers much more than just leg workout. While riding the bike, one has to balance the bike by synchronizing the movements on pedals which works on strengthening your core muscles. The feature of standing and pedaling of these bikes plays an important role in cardiovascular workouts with low impact on joints, knees, and hips.
  4. Drive: ARC 8 has a chain drive system which makes it riders feel that there is no stress on knees or ankles. This Chain drive system comprises of the chain. Crankset, pedals, sprockets, and crank arms.
  5. Telescoping steering column: The height of ARC 8 can be easily adjusted using the quick-release lever. By adjusting the steering column, it becomes easy to reduce its height and transport it easily from one place to another. To lower the handles, the front wheels have to be removed and after doing so yields a height of 24.5’’ while the height of the ARC with the front wheel is 33’’.
  6. Ergonomic Bar-ends: ARC 8 has ergonomic bar ends which help in adjusting your position while riding and makes riding through hills or cruising descents a smooth experience.
  7. Storage: ElliptiGO ARC 8 is easy in storage because the front wheels and steering column is removable which makes it easy to store in a room or can be taken from one place to another by transportation.
  8. Warranty: ElliptiGo ARC 8 comes with a great warranty and 30-day money-back challenge which ensures that they provide good quality along with a great warranty. It has a 5-year warranty on frame, 2 years’ warranty on components like crank arms, fork and offers 1-year coverage on other components of the bike.
  9. Shipping and Assembly: The ARC 8 is delivered in a box having the dimension of 63’’x19’’x27’’ and weighs around 60 pounds which can be easily managed upon arrival. ARC 8 does not require many efforts for assembling as it becomes 90% assembled. One needs to only install the handlebars and wheels and then it is ready for you to take a ride.
  10. Workout resistance: ElliptiGO ARC 8 has 8 levels of resistance which helps in getting maximum results while having a low impact workout. The change time of shifting from one resistance level to another is 18%.
  11. Heart Workout: Sine ElliptiGO ARC 8 has 8 resistance levels to work with which implies it offers extensive and effective workout sessions resulting in losing more weight in less time. While working out on ARC 8, one will experience increased heart rate and calories loss. It helps in transforming the body since it works on the upper body and core along with the lower body.
  12. Console: No console is installed on ElliptiGO ARC 8 for tracking workout sessions and fitness data in real-time. To do so, one has to purchase a monitoring device.
  13. No suspension: Unlike traditional bicycles, ElliptiGO ARC 8 lacks having suspension which can cause inconvenience even riding through uneven terrain.

ElliptiGO ARC 24 Review

ElliptiGO ARC 24 is the bigger version of ARC 8 as it has 24 gears which makes it a high-performance bike even on uneven terrain. It can be used in the hilly region without any damage making it is suitable for people living in the hilly region due to having 24 gears.

It comes along with many loaded features to make the ride comfortable and give ultimate performance. It weighs around 39.7 pounds and has a maximum user weight capacity of up to 250 pounds. It offers a good gear ratio and creates less lactic acid in the legs as compared to ARC 8 during the high stride and long duration rides.

One can easily surpass the speed of 20 mph on ARC 24 but similar to ARC 8 it does not have any suspension which can create inconvenience on bumpy roads.

Let’s get into the specifications of the ElliptiGO ARC 24 review, to get a vivid idea of the exercise bike for this ElliptiGO Review.

Weight39.7 lbs
Total length72″
Stride length13.8″
Operating height50″-58″


ElliptiGO ARC 24 has amazing features which are to die for. So let us drill down the features one by one to get a much clearer picture of ElliptiGO Review.

  1. Compact stride: ElliptiGO ARC 24 has compact stride which offers effective leg work and can be adjusted 12 inches in height. It feels like standing and riding on a traditional bike but it’s more comfortable than traditional bikes.
  2. Full body workout: The very feature of standing while riding instead of sitting works on the upper body and core along with working on the lower body. It offers low impact workout through an elliptical movement which decreases the strain and stress on the legs which leads to losing more calories in less time.
  3. Portability: By adjusting the steering column, it becomes easy to reduce its height and transport it easily from one place to another. Since the front wheels and steering column are removable which makes it easy to store in a room or can be taken from one place to another by transportation.
  4. Adjustable stride height: The stride height can be adjusted from 9.4’’ – 11.8’’ to make the bike more perfect for its rider. The foot platform can be adjusted in forwarding or backward direction for optimal experience while riding.
  5. Low maintenance: It does not require heavy maintenance and is lightly weighted and give the ultimate performance.
  6. Pivoting foot platform: The angle of the foot platform can be adjusted according to your foot owing to independent pivots. It offers versatility to everyone irrespective of age, gender, and level of fitness they have.
  7. Comfort: The feature of standing and pedaling of ARC 24 offers low impact workout and is beneficial for those people who are suffering from an extensive injury. It also reduces stress from back and neck and simultaneously gives the comfort of workout amidst nature.


ElliptiGO ARC Review will be incomplete without a pros and cons assessment of standup elliptical bikes in ElliptiGo ARC model. So let’s get started with PROs and CONs:

After seeing so many features of ElliptiGO ARC models, let’s get started with the important section of Elliptigo ARC Review to assess some pros and cons of the machine to get a clearer idea about Elliptigo ARC bikes to determine why are they worth buying.


  • Great overall value with amazing features.
  • Offers performance and quality at a great price.
  • Superior-quality design, materials, manufacture, and product overall.
  • Low-impact (superior to running)
  • Better full-body workout potential (an arguably superior alternative to biking for casual riding and exercise)
  • Effective workout (superior cardio routine)
  • Efficient workout (for the same amount of time and effort as with other activities, you get more fun and burn more calories)
  • Money-back guarantee (30-days)
  • Extensive resources and community (videos, groups)
  • Works equally well on flat terrain or steeper inclines (hills, etc.)
  • Comfortable riding
  • Relief from the spinal, posterior and back problems associated or attributed to prolonged sitting and riding on a regular bike.


  • It is an outdoor bike. It does not come with the option for indoor use
  • Not ideal for long-distance rides
  • No bottle holder is present; one has to purchase a bottle cage separately.
  • Steering columns are not foldable
  • It has no console to track activity level in real-time
  • It cannot handle user weights bigger than 250 pounds
  • It does not come with suspension
  • Heavy, clocking in at about 40 or so pounds

So here we are at the very last part of the ElliptiGO ARC Review.

After evaluating ElliptiGO ARC bikes we have reached to the final section of our Elliptigo ARC Review, For this ElliptiGO ARC review, we conclude that ElliptiGO ARC bikes are excellent well-priced equipment with amazing functionalities which will meet all the fitness requirements of its users which make it a good buy.

If you’re sorting out the way to exercise outdoors however miss the comfort and cardio exercise of an elliptical trainer, attempt the ElliptiGO bikes.

As we know ElliptiGO offers some of the best elliptical bikes with amazing functionality in the mid-range tier. The decision of which model to choose from ElliptiGO bikes depends on the requirements of the user/buyer.

If you are looking for the most affordable bike along with okayish features, then going for ARC 3 would be a good choice. If you are looking for an ElliptiGO bike with good features, then ARC 8 is a nice option to go with. The ARC eight has eight gears and is best suited to use in places with few hills.

Meanwhile, If you are willing to invest money on best features the ARC 24 is the one you are looking for, the ARC 24 has 24 gears i.e. 3 times the quantity of gears in ARC 8 and 8 times the quantity of gears in ARC 3, therefore it’s easier to ride once rise hills. It conjointly comes normal with accessories like toe cages, extended bar grips, and a fender.

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