Fitness Reality TR3000 Review: What no one told you about

Fitness Reality TR3000 is a magnetic treadmill but is it worth buying, to know read our detailed Fitness Reality TR3000 Review to the end. There are hundreds of manual treadmills out there, and we are here with the most underrated treadmill that is TR300. 

And today we are going to see what are its features and how it can help us. 

Getting fit and healthy in this modern era is quite difficult, we have so much work to do, that we don’t have time for ourselves, but you can still stay fit and healthy, with the help of a treadmill.

There are many types of treadmills out there and most of them are so costly, but there are still some affordable options like the Fitness Reality TR3000 Treadmill. 

A treadmill can save you a lot of time and money, as you don’t have to go to the gym or fitness clubs to stay fit. They are way affordable than the gym memberships and you don’t have to take out time from your busy schedule to stay fit, you can use machine whenever you are free or you are getting bored.

Having a treadmill at home is so important, as it has many benefits, but which one to pick? We have picked and covered the reviews of many famous and affordable treadmills here, you can read them if you want. 

Running or jogging is a complete body workout that can help you in staying fit and healthy, there are a lot of health benefits of running like, it helps in maintaining body weight, improving the immune system, strengthening the leg muscles, prevents blood pressure, increase joint stability and improves body posture. 

If you want to read more about the health benefits of running, then you can read this awesome article by PodiumRunner. We are going to see Fitness Reality TR3000 Treadmill’s features and specifications in our Fitness Reality TR3000 Treadmill Review.

Fitness Reality TR3000 Review

Fitness Reality TR3000 Review
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Fitness Reality TR3000 is a basic-looking treadmill that doesn’t have a full-fledged motor to drive the belt, but it uses dual 6-inch diameter flywheel, which runs the belt. This makes the TR300 lightweight and easy to use the machine.

This treadmill is way affordable than the other treadmills, you can use this machine for running and jogging. It has many features like these and to know all those features you need to read the article to the end. Fitness Reality makes many fitness equipments and recently we reviewed its 810XLT rack machine in our site.

Before going further in our Fitness Reality TR3000 Treadmill Review, let’s see some specifications of the TR300 first.

Dimensions50”L x 29” W x 50”H
Folded Dimensions35”L x 29”W x 61”H
Product Weight73 lbs. (33 kg)
Max. Weight Capacity325 lbs (147 kg)
Belt Size16″ w x 45″L 
DisplayLCD Display
Resistance Levels8 levels Magnetic
Inclination Levels3 (8, 10, and 13 degrees)
Warranty3 years
More InformationRead Reviews


Fitness Reality TR3000 Review
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The body of the Fitness Reality TR3000 treadmill is made up of steel and polycarbonate material, they use lightweight materials to make the treadmill to keep the weight of the treadmill less so that you can easily move this machine from one place to another. 

The body of the machine is painted with grey and black color, and it makes the look modern and classic.

You can easily do running and jogging on this treadmill without any worries, it can easily handle the maximum user weight of 325 pounds or 147 kgs, which is enough for a home user.

The overall weight of the treadmill is 73 pounds or 33 kg which makes this machine light and easy to move and store. The best thing about the Fitness Reality TR3000 Treadmill is that it comes with a foldable design body.

That means you can easily fold the machine after use and can store it at any small space, the dimensions before folding is 50”L x 29” W x 50”H and after folding it becomes 35”L x 29”W x 61”H. 

It comes with long handles in which you will find heart rate sensors, that you can use to track your heart rate, and the length of the handle is twice as big of any traditional treadmill, and the machine also comes with transport wheels at the bottom, means you can fold the machine and use these wheels to move it from here to there.

And it also has a bottle holder or remote holder, that you can use to set your mobile or water bottle, whatever you want.


Fitness Reality TR3000 treadmill comes with a lot of features and we are going to address them all in bullet points in our Fitness Reality TR3000 Review. So, you can easily get the idea of all its features and understand the machine better.

Fitness Reality TR3000 Review
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  • Heart Pulse Pads: The Fitness Reality TR3000 treadmill comes with a heart rate monitoring sensor that is placed at the handlebars, for easy to reach and can be used to get the data of your pulses.
  • Doesn’t have motor: Fitness Reality TR3000 treadmill doesn’t have a motor to move the belts, it uses the two 6 inch flywheel to create resistance and it can be operated with only 2 AA batteries. It makes the machine lightweight and provides a smooth motion for running and jogging.
  • Incline settings: This is the best feature of the TR300 treadmill, it comes with three different incline settings that you can use to make the workout more intense and tough, it has 8, 10, and 13 degrees of incline levels. You have to set the settings manually, it is not automated.
  • Extended Treadmill Belt: It comes with a treadmill belt that is bigger than the traditional manual treadmills, the dimensions of the belt is 16″ w x 45″L.
  • LCD Display: The TR3000 treadmill comes with 6 inches of LCD display, but this is not backlit, it can track elapsed time, distance walked calorie burn, speed, and heart rate. It comes with 2 AA batteries inside the box. It doesn’t need more energy to work, you can operate the machine with these two batteries.
  • Resistance: The TR300 comes with 8 Level Magnetic resistance, that you can control with the help of a knob present on the console. It doesn’t have any kind of exercise program.

These are the some of the features that come with the TR3000, it has better features than many of the manual treadmills, and it can easily compete with some of the big electric treadmills out there with these features.

Assembly and Warranty

The assembly of the Fitness Reality TR3000 is very easy, it comes pre-assembled, all you need to do is to attach the console of the machine to the frame and that’s it. This process only takes around 15 minutes, and after that, you can do your workout.

Fitness Reality TR3000 comes with three years of warranty, if you find any issue with the machine you can get a replacement or the company will fix the issue for you.

PROs and CONs


  • 3 Incline Levels: No other manual treadmill offers this feature, you can adjust the incline levels manually and it is a quick-release mechanism to change the inclination level.
  • Affordable: Fitness Reality TR3000 is an affordable manual treadmill, that comes under the price of $200.
  • Lightweight: The weight of the treadmill is around 73 pounds or 33 kg, which makes it a lightweight treadmill.
  • Foldable Design: The Fitness Reality TR3000 comes with an easy to fold design, that can save you many spaces while storing the machine. It also comes with transport wheels as well.


  • Little Loud: The Fitness Reality TR3000 makes some sound while running, but you can ignore this if you are watching TV while using this. But it can be a problem for some people.
  • Width of the treadmill is thinner: The width of the treadmill is slightly thin as compared to other manual treadmills. 

This is the complete detailed Fitness Reality TR3000 Review, now you can understand what this treadmill has to offer you. It has many features that many manual treadmills lack. But also comes with some issues, that you can easily ignore as they are not going to affect your workout.

This machine is not built for full-fledged runners, as it is just a basic treadmill that you can use for staying fit and in shape, this can be a perfect replacement for the people who want something for backup for a rainy day, as they can run at home with this machine.

It is an affordable option for people who want to start running first, it is easy to set up and easy to use, and comes with incline and magnetic resistance as well.

The machine is well built and has 325 pounds of maximum user weight capacity. If you want, you can read some of the Fitness Reality TR3000 reviews

This is a great machine you can definitely “GO FOR IT”, if you find some issues with the machine, then it comes with three years of warranty.

I hope our Fitness Reality TR3000 Treadmill Review helped you in making a better decision, and if you have any questions regarding the review, you can comment down below, we are happy to help you.

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