Fortified Bike Review: What makes it a perfect bike for daily use?

Confused about whether to buy the Fortified Bike or NOT? There are many great things about this bike, and our Fortified Bike Review will help you in making a better buying decision, so sit back and read along to the end.

To be fit and healthy as a horse, one needs to be physically active. Regular physical activity will help you fight against serious diseases like a heart condition, obesity, cancer, mental disease, and inflammatory disease.

Riding your bicycle frequently is one amongst the most effective ways that to cut back your risk of health issues related to inactive style.

Cycling may be a healthy, low-impact exercise that is enjoyed by folks of all ages, from young kids to older adults and simultaneously fun, low-cost activity in outdoors. One of the foremost time-efficient ways that to mix regular exercise with your everyday routine is to ride our way to shops or office.

Outdoor cycling for weight loss is a good option as a result of it, the body burns a lot of calories than walking and a few different low-intensity exercises.

Exercise works hand in hand with dieting for body fat reduction or maintaining an existing weight. Since cycling is a high-intensity exercise it leads to the burning of a lot of calories.

A person weighing 70 kg will burn up to 600 calories in an hour if he cycles at a speed of twenty kilometers per hour. Of course, this speed might vary depending on many factors such as weight, wind direction road slope.

It not only makes you lose your body fat but also enhances your overall health and fitness. It strengthens the calves and muscles and bones of your thighs. If you are looking for some workout that is gentle and is enjoyable in outdoors, then cycling is the one you are looking for.

Fortified Bike Review

Fortified Bike Review
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Now if you are looking for a top-notch bicycle then don’t worry we are here with the Fortified Bicycle Review. Fortifies hybrid bikes are rugged and beautiful rides but what makes them special is the factor that they are hard to steal (yes, they are theft-proof) making you are an investment on them secure.

The agenda of this Fortified Review is to help you make a correct decision regarding investing your hard-earned bucks on Fortified bicycles. Fortified bike review will evaluate every aspect related to the bike and help you decide to take your fitness to another level.

These bikes have a build made up of a special aluminum frame which prevents puncture-resistant tires, rust, and locked components to make it theft-resistant. At present, Fortified is offering two models, Fortified theft-resistant 8-speed, and Fortified city commuter 1-speed model.

Let us start with the Fortified Bike Review to understand their features, analyze its technical specifications and pros and cons to and see which one of the models are suitable for your needs.

FrameIntegrated Head Tube, Rack & Fender Mounts
BrakesTektro MD-280 Mechanical Disc Brakes
ChainKMC Rustbuster
Wheel700 x 32 with Puncture Protection
Weight Limit270 Pounds
Weigh of Bike26 Pounds

Fortified theft-resistant 8-speed disc brake city commuter also known as the Fortified invincible bike is a lightweight bike suitable for a newbie or pro cyclists. It meets all the needs of daily commuters and can be used by anyone irrespective of gender.


Fortified Bike Review
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  • Rust-proof frame and chain: The chain is made of 6061 Aluminum which makes it rustproof and bulletproof. So you are not compelled to worry about oiling it too typically.
  • Puncture-resistant tires: It has the best puncture-resistant tires among hybrid bike. This implies that you just don’t have to worry about a flat and having to push your bike back due to flat.
  • Custom lockup Hardware: Bike theft is very common and fortified bikes have tackled it by protecting its bikes and its components by adding special theft-resistant bolts on a very component such as water bottle holder, handlebars, seat, etc. It uses a system called Delta locking system on wheels to prevent the steeling of wheels. To unlock the delta locking system, one requires a special locking tool.

Fortified bike run on 32 mm wide wheels and uses Tektro disc brakes to stop the bike. The bike is lightly weighted due to the usage of 6061 Aluminum which makes it weigh only 26 pounds. It has a maximum user weight capacity of 270 pounds. It comes in 3 different sizes i.e. small  (5’2’’-5’6’’), medium (5’7’’ – 5’1’’) and large (6.0-6’4’’).

  1. This bike is straightforward to assemble because it’s around 80% assembled on delivery and detailed assembly instruction is available online.
  2. You don’t need to worry regarding the safety of the bike once you’ve got it lay outside in a public space.
  3. It can be easily stored or carried into the house since it’s made of light-weight Aluminum.
  4. The fortified theft-resistant eight-speed commuter bike is rust-resistant which makes it sturdiness.
  5. While traveling your safety is assured due to the disk brakes and reflectors. The reflectors enhance visibility and the brakes have excellent stopping power.
  6. This bike is quite pocket-friendly as compared to different commuter bikes.
  7. The physical look of the bike is quite good and the manufacturers haven’t let their customers down. This fortified bike appears nice on the road.
  8. It requires less maintenance and all Thanks to the rust-proof elements and flat-proof tires.
  9. The breaks supply more control over the bike along with safety by providing you with additional management. The durable frame of the bike including the good brake offers stability.
  10. You get extra space to hold some things like books on the rear rack of the bike.
  11. The eight speeds build it less difficult for you to tackle different terrains without wasting much of your energy.

The most concerning factor to note about the Fortified town Commuter Theft-Resistant Single Speed bike is that along with solid and sturdy nature it also offers a comforting and smooth ride and is constructed to survive town and hilly terrain.

It can be used to commute by anyone irrespective of gender and one need not be a pro to ride and bicycle.
The bike has an aluminum 6061 metal frame that contributes to its lightweight weight. It also has horizontal Drop-Outs, rack & renders mounts handlebars that make the bike comfortable and gives upright posture.

The bike weighs around 26 pounds and incorporates a maximum weight limit of 270 pounds. The bike is constructed with Promax fifteen degree 20 mm rise Brakes and wide 700 x 32c puncture resistant chain to tackle cross-country toughness with ease.

The foremost wonderful upgrade on Fortified town commuter theft-resistant single speed bike is that the KMC Rust buster Security Bolts. It additionally comes with fortified wheel locks that improve its anti-theft property.


fortified bike review
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The Fortified Invincible bike comes with great features that dish out even greater pros. One thing that is clear fortified has set a standard for hybrid bikes by meeting its users’ needs. The next part of the Fortified Bike Review focuses on the PROs of this bike.

So we have looked into the features of the fortified invincible bike which makes it be a superb ride for every commuter and once can gain various good stuff from those features. Now it is time to see the cons of the bike to help us you understand the dynamics and factors that around it decide on purchasing.

Let’s see the cons section of the fortified bike review takes a look at the cons that come with this bike.


  • The anti-theft feature is one of the most enticing features and pro as well. When you are in a public place you can be relaxed without having any tension of losing the bike even when it is not in your sight. The locks on the seat, handle and delta locking system on wheels ensure that you don’t suffer from bike theft and can have peace of mind.
  • Another benefit is that this bike is rustproof because of the KMC rust buster components such as the frame and the chain.
  • The flat-proof tire is one more thing to add to this list. there is no need to worry about frequent punctures even if the situation of the road is serious.
  • If the height of the seat isn’t comfortable then do not worry because it can be easily adjusted according to your comfort.
  • On delivery, the bike is nearly 80% to 90% assembled which makes the process of assembly very easy and you can find a detailed instruction manual online to help you throughout the process.
  • Even if you live in hilly terrain you can commute easily using this bike. Without much hustling, you can commute easily.
  • The bike is cost-effective because it requires very less regular maintenance.


  • When compared to the rest of the bike, the pedal is not that strong and in some months you might have to replace it because of wear and tear.
  • One having height shorter than 5’2” or taller than 6’3” cannot ride this bike. One has to get a bike of another type.
  • The bike is not convenient for those living in flat terrain.
  • The price tag may be too much for commuters who are too much budget constrained.
  • This commuter bike does not have a water bottle holder.
  • People who don’t have any idea regarding the assembly for them the instructions would provide any help because they are not foolproof.

Fortified Bike Light Review

Fortified Bike Light Review
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While commuting in dark it is necessary to have lights which increase visibility and prevents accidents during the dark. Fortified bikes take care of his users and meet their every requirement. Fortified is offering us 2 models for lights to keep us safe in the night and they become with the anti-theft property.

Features of Fortified bike light

Fortified has designed a single integrated system comprising of light and bike. Both of them are molded together and there exists a tool-free mechanism to remove the battery for charging.

Since these are theft-proof like the bikes, so one doesn’t have to take any tension of carrying or taking off these lights after locking up the bike somewhere.

These lights can be Easy charged and have a long battery life that can easily handle several settings of flash and you can easily to turn off them also. Also, these are made of some seriously strong material which imparts them durability.

  1. Modes: Both of them come with multiple settings. The rear light has a steady blinking mode which can be used as a taillight and it becomes an attention grabber.
  2. Warranty: They provide a lifetime warranty against theft, breakage, and water damage.
  3. Switching: A slight tap on the lens turns the light it on and another tap will switch between the modes. Hold it down for a few seconds to turn it off. you won’t forget to turn them off when your ride’s done because these lights are quite bright.


So here we are at the finale of Fortified bike review.

The Verdict of Fortified bike review is Yes, Fortified hybrid bikes are one of the best bicycles on which money can be safely invested.

After assessing both the bicycles we have concluded fortified bikes are an excellent product in the descent price with great features which can be used to commute by anyone irrespective of gender and one need not be a pro to ride and bicycle.

These bikes are theft-proof which makes your investment stable and secure. Fortified bicycle price varies from $399 to $949 depending on the package for different types of terrains.

While concluding the fortified bike review, I would recommend hybrid bikes with anti theft property, since it comes with a package of comfort and convenience features to spice up your workout routines amidst nature. It offers low-intensity workout sessions to be enjoyed outside.

If you’re a person who wants to workout outdoors with some less straining exercises, then don’t worry Fortified bikes is here for your rescue.

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