Fossil Gen 2 vs Gen 3: Which one is BEST for you?

Fossil is a well-known brand among youngsters, be it conventional watches or Fossil smartwatches Fossil has always made its place and mark in this competitive market. But it has different generations and creates confusion among buyers. And today we are trying to solve this confusion among the Gen and Gen with our detailed Fossil Gen 2 vs Gen 3 comparison.

Every big company tries to improve the quality of their products and this same thing Fossil is trying to achieve with their line of products, and with every generation upgrade, the old generation products look outdated. And here it is also the same, the Fossil Gen 2 products are outdated in terms of features to the Fossil Gen 3 products. So, you have to always go with the new and latest line of products.

With its Fossil Gen 2 and Gen 3 it has gathered some attention for its smartwatches which brings us here to Fossil Gen 2 vs Gen 3 With this Fossil Gen 3 vs Gen 2 we will help you to find out which one is a better option to go for.

In this Fossil Gen 3 vs Gen 2, we will compare all the features, functions, and PROs, and CONs of both the watches and then come to the conclusion of Fossil Gen 3 vs Gen 2.

Fossil Gen 2 vs Gen 3

One big reason why Garmin Fossil smartwatch Gen 3 vs Gen 2 is important is the fact that both of these watches are quite similar when it comes to their shape, few of their functions, and features yet they hold some major differences that can make you rethink your decision.

So let us start our hunt for the winner of Garmin Fossil Gen 2 vs Gen 3. We have picked two products here one is from Generation 2 and one is from Generation 3

Fossil Q Wander Gen 2Fossil Q Men’s Gen 3
Screen Resolution320 x 290 pixels454 x 454 pixels
Battery life24 hours24 hours
Water ResistanceIP certified IP67IP certified IP67
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Garmin Fossil Gen 2 Review

Fossil Gen 2 vs Gen 3
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  • Design: Fossil takes care of design more than anything else. The first and foremost thing Fossil pays attention to is an impressive design in its watches and Fossil Gen 2 Smartwatch supports this statement in every way possible.

Why? Well, it comes in 3 different variants to ensure it comes into the wishlist of as many costumers as it could. These three variants are Q Wander, Q Founder, and Q Marshal.

So if you ever wondered why there are comparisons like Fossil Q Wander Gen 2 vs Gen 3 or Fossil Q Founder Gen 2 vs Gen 3 this is the reason, Fossil offers different variants under its generation 2 and 3 range.

This is a smart move played by Fossil to attract costumers that have different preferences. Q Wander comes in 6 different variations, Q Founder in 5 different variations and Q marshal again in 5 different variations.

Each of these variants comes with interchangeable straps, options like leather, silicone, stainless steel are offered so one can select straps accordingly.

It doesn’t offer various size options but Fossil Q Wander comes with small frame size so it can be considered by people with small wrist. It has LED lighting which a good addition to the watch.

  • Display: Fossil Gen 2 smartwatch is a touch screen watch so you do not have to use those teeny tiny buttons for navigation. The display isn’t, however, that crisp and clear and needs improvement.

Being a smartwatch it gives you the liberty to customize the display according to your choice and there are tones of options available for the same, which mean you can surely find at least one design that perfectly matches your choice.

  • Features and Functions: Fossil Gen 2 smartwatches might be eye candy for many but it definitely falls back a bit when it comes to its features. It has few basic features but does not come with something too advanced and we all love unexpected, advanced, and smart features, and why not?

That is what we are paying for. However, if you are not a person always has an excessive desire for some new features that blow minds Fossil gen 2 smartwatch is always a good option for you since it does all the basic smartwatch job. It is water-resistant and is rated IP67.

It performs few basic functions like it displays all the major fitness data like total steps, total calories burned, total distance covered, it helps in tracking your fitness regime. The watch is in sleep mode while you are not looking at it, the display turns on when it detects a face.

It’s a smartwatch so it is ought to do a bit more than what a conventional watch does and it does. It comes with smart notification features that keep you alert and updated about the calls, messages and other notifications you get on your phone.

So you don’t have to search for your phone every time you hear it ringing. It can also control music so that is again a plus point. It also comes with a microphone and speakers so it can announce the alerts for you and keep you notified.

  • Accuracy: Because of the lack of features like GPS the data that requires GPS is not 100% accurate however it has features like temperature reading etc which show accurate information.


  • Options: Fossil comes with several options to match the liking of every customer. Fossil gen 2 smartwatch comes in three variants namely Q Wander, Q Founder, and Q marshal, so there are enough options available. There are several strap options available too. 
  • Watch Face: You can not only experiment with its straps but also the face of the watch. The face of the watch is completely customizable so you don’t necessarily have to stick with the face it came with. Users can download and customize the watch face according to his choice.
  • Touch Screen: With Fossil gen 2 smartwatch you don’t have to use those traditional side buttons to navigate. It comes with a touch screen so you can easily navigate through the touch screen.
  • Smart Notifications: This smartwatch supports a smart notification which means it keeps you aware of all the messages, calls, events, and other notifications. So every time you get a call while you are doing some seriously important work, you do not have to search for your phone just to find out later that it was a faulty call that had nothing to do with you.
  • Durable: Fossil is a well-known brand, it is known for its quality products that will not leave you discontented when it comes to its durability.


  • Battery: One big negative side of this watch is its battery performance. It can go without charging only up to 24 hours. There are a lot of many watches that come under the same price range and can offer a far better battery life performance.
  • No heart Rate Monitoring: Here is another major disadvantage of Fossil gen 2 smartwatches, it does not come with an inbuilt heart rate monitor which is can be found in many of its competitors.
  • No GPS: It does not support GPS which also means that many of the data that this watch produce might not be exact.
  • Price: Even though the Fossil gen 2 smartwatch is not the highest priced smartwatch in the market, the price tag still cannot be fully justified. It lacks some major features and functions that other watches offer in the same price range. 

Garmin Fossil Gen 3 Smartwatch Review

Fossil Gen 2 vs Gen 3
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  • Design: Fossil Gen 3 smartwatch is again a fashion-oriented smartwatch just like its predecessor fossil gen 2 smartwatch this does not comes out of the blue since Fossil is known more for its sleek and impressive design than anything else. Similar to gen 2,

Fossil Gen 3 smartwatch comes in different variants. Gen 3 Fossil comes in Q Explorist and Q Venture styles.

Venture offers eight different colors like rose gold stainless steel, stainless, etc, and also comes with several options for the band, on the other hand, explorist comes in five colors, in addition to rose gold stainless steel and stainless steel another color option available in smoke grey.

It no more has a flat tire that gives Gen 3 a perfect circle look which is far more appealing.

  • Display: When it comes to displaying the Fossil gen 3 smartwatch has got a lot of positive reviews. The display is an AMOLED display that is crispier, brighter, and has a high resolution. It allows you to customize the face of the watch and comes with several options for the same.
  • Features and Functions: It is not a surprise that Fossil prefers style over functionality, we do not mean that it completely ditches good features but the Fossil gen 3 smartwatch does not provide any specific feature that could blow your mind and leave you amazed.

However it takes care of basic requirements and supports several smartwatch features that make it more than just a watch. Fossil gen 3 IP67 rated water resistance watch similar to Fossil gen 2.

It supports smart notifications which mean it keeps you informed about all the notifications and alerts you are getting on your phone.

It also tracks the daily movement and keeps a record of total distance covered; total calories burned and total steps count. However, it still lacks heart rate monitoring and GPS just like gen 2.

  • Accuracy: It cannot be called the most accurate data giving smartwatch in the market and that is quite expected since it lacks heart rate monitoring and GPS. It gives estimated information which does show some fluctuation from the actual data.

Before we reach our conclusion of Fossil Gen 2 vs Gen 3 it is necessary to find out the PROs and CONs of both Fossil Gen 2 and Gen 3.


  • Water-resistant: This was is an IP7 rated watch which means you don’t have to worry much about your watch while you get drenched in rain, this watch will be perfectly fine.
  • Display: Fossil Gen 3 smartwatch comes with impressive high-resolution screen. The screen is an AMOLED screen and is bright and high in contrast. It is far more crisp and beautiful than is predecessor.
  • Buttons: There is good news for people who find it difficult to navigate through touch; gen 3 smartwatch comes with buttons that helps in easy navigation. The buttons might feel conventional but they help in navigating easily making the experience a lot better. With Q Explorist one can use both touch screen and buttons to navigate.
  • Customization: Don’t like your current watch face? No worries gen 3 smartwatch just like its predecessor comes with several watch face options so you can customize its faces according to your choice. You not only can change the background but can also select what all information you want on the screen. This certainly adds to the perks of having a smartwatch.


  • Battery Performance: Fossil seems to be okay with its poor battery products since there is no sign of improvement even in the Fossil gen 3 smartwatch. It still comes with a battery that can only last up to 24 hours. This is the standard battery performance as mentioned by the fossil.
  • No, Heart Rate Monitoring: Fossil gen 3 smartwatch does not support heart rate monitoring which makes it a deal-breaker. A smartwatch without a heart monitor is not something that fitness freak would entertain.
  • No GPS: Yes, this smartwatch lacks GPS. It is not good news for many buyers since GPS can be one of the priorities of those willing to buy a smartwatch.
  • iOS compatibility: There are some major features that an iPhone user cannot enjoy like answering calls through your watch which is very much possible on Android devices.IOS compatibility is quite restricted making this one a bad option for those who have an IOS device.
  • Does not offer much: To be very honest, Gen 3 does not offer something that will make you switch from gen 2 to gen 3, it is superior to gen 2 in some cases but for those who already own gen 2, upgrading to gen 3 is not a good idea.

Fossil Gen 3 VS Gen 2

Display: Fossil smartwatch Gen 2 comes with a 320×290 screen resolution while on the other hand, Fossil Gen 3 smartwatch comes with a 454×454 screen resolution which is far better than that of Gen 2. Thus Gen 3 wins Fossil Q Gen 2 vs Gen 3 when it comes to displaying.

Features: Both of these models support similar features and there is hardly any difference when it comes to features. It might have been a tie for this comparison but since Gen 3 comes with some additional sensors like light sensors and optical sensors, it wins this case. Gen 3 also comes with three navigation buttons while Gen 2 comes with a single button which might be a plus point for many.

Battery Life: Both of these watches do not live up to our expectations when it comes to their battery life. Both of these watches can provide 24-hour performance at max.

This is certainly not an impressive battery performance making no one win Fossil Smartwatch Gen 2 vs Gen 3 for battery considering both have a poor battery performance.

  • Design: Fossil Gen 2 and Gen 3 stick to circular design however in Fossil Smartwatch Gen 2 there is a flat tire that is not something very pleasing to the eyes. 

With fossil, Gen 3 smartwatch fossil came up with a full circular design that gives a flawless display without any cut-off. Thus it is clear fossil Gen 3 smartwatch wins fossil Gen 3 vs 2 when it comes to design.

  • Price: This side-to-side comparison can’t be over without their price comparison. Gen 2 has a lower price as compared to Gen 3 however the difference is not much. 

So Fossil smartwatch Gen 2 might win this battle smartwatch when we talk about the price tag but Fossil Gen 3 smartwatch is a better option with only a few added bucks.

Fossil watches are more for people who prioritize looks more than features and functions. Taking this fact into consideration Fossil Gen 3 smartwatch should be the winner of Fossil Gen 2 vs Gen 3 since it is far better in looks if compared to Fossil Gen 2 smartwatch.

Fossil Gen 3 smartwatch has bid farewell to the flat tire that existed in Fossil Gen 2 smartwatch since it does not support flat tire anymore the display looks fuller and more impressive because there is no sudden cut off anymore.

There is a noticeable change in display quality which is now a lot more clear and brighter while on the other hand Gen 2 had a very dull and grainy display.

Fossil has added some sensors that were missing in Fossil Gen 2 smartwatch so it has added something more than just an amazing design to set itself apart from the predecessor.

All these small differences make a major impact when put together and work towards a better user experience. Since all of these improvements come at a very minimal cost difference Fossil Gen 3 smartwatch is to go for. Thus Fossil Gen 3 wins Fossil Gen 2 vs Gen 3. Here are some of the bestselling Fossil smartwatches that you can check:

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