FreeMotion 645 Elliptical Review, Why it is not SO POPULAR?

Physical exercise is an essential requirement for everyone, irrespective of age. In a fast-paced world like ours, it might seem a bit inconvenient to fit in a trip to the gym on a busy schedule.

Home gym equipment offers a great alternative in such situations. We shall discuss one such product in our Freemotion 645 Elliptical review.

Home gym equipment such as ellipticals, exercise bikes, and treadmills are compactly designed, keeping in mind the space limitations in houses and offices.

An elliptical bike, also known as an elliptical, is an exercise machine created for cardiovascular workouts with low impact. Ellipticals are preferred by people nursing injuries and fragile health, with an engaging push/pull motion that gives the whole body a workout, including the arms and legs.

This simultaneous action mimics the natural movement of the human body, but the trajectory ensures joints like the elbow and knee are not put under too much pressure. This reduces the risk of injury over longer periods of use. 

Ellipticals like the Freemotion 645 help target lower body muscle groups like the glutes, calves, and hamstrings, but are also capable of providing a workout for the entire body.

The major advantages of the elliptical include its compact nature and flexible storage and transport options. Thus, offices and homes are the perfect settings to install an elliptical. The smooth motion allows people across all age groups to workout on an elliptical, providing them with low intensity but effective cardio workouts. 

We shall go into the details of the features, pros, and cons in our Freemotion 645 Elliptical reviews.

Freemotion 645 Elliptical Review

Freemotion Fitness was founded in 1999 and is one of the companies under the portfolio of the Icon Health & Fitness Inc. The brand is a pioneer in the elliptical segment. 

Freemotion Fitness was the brains behind Workout TV, which provided users with access to a cable TV network on their ellipticals. 

They revolutionized the purpose of ellipticals from simple weight loss workouts to include integrated functional strength training as well. 

The EPIC Strength designs from Freemotion also provide users with ergonomic ellipticals that develop their strength while ensuring the highest safety standards

The Freemotion Fitness 645 Elliptical is a forward drive elliptical. This elliptical is compact, sleek, and stylish in the design aspect and is visually appealing to customers.

Multiple features are offered on the 645 Elliptical, with the latest technology integrated into the product. The Freemotion 645 Elliptical specs are also very impressive, making it an ideal product for new customers.

Dimensions78.34 x 18.50 x 30.71 Inches
Max. Weight Capacity325lbs.
Display6” Backlit
Workout Programs28
Flywheel Weight28lbs.
Stride Length20-21” (adjustable)
WarrantyLifetime Frame Warranty, 3-Year Parts, and 1-Year Labor

We shall now discuss the various features incorporated into the 645 in our Freemotion 645 Elliptical review.


Freemotion 645 Elliptical review
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The Freemotion 645 Elliptical looks sleek and compact at first glance. The grey and black color scheme don’t stand out as much but still looks visually appealing.

Commercial-grade steel construction ensures the elliptical is stable and sturdy over long periods of time Along with the forward drive system, a width of 34” and length of 68.25” ensure the elliptical remains compact and stands at a height of 69.3”. Despite being non-foldable, it appeals to consumers with space constraints.

At 275 lbs, the elliptical is a heavy product. The provision of wheels in the front ease the process of transporting this elliptical, but the weight of the elliptical may require two people to comfortably move the elliptical around

Manually adjustable stabilizers ensure smooth and stable operation of the Freemotion 645 Elliptical. Post assembly, the stabilizers have to be adjusted depending on the surface.

A bottle holder is provided to ensure the user stays hydrated and refreshed during their workouts.

Cushioned and oversized pedals provide users with the required grip, while allowing them to comfortably place their feet on the pedals irrespective of their foot size

The provision of fixed and moving handlebars with multiple grip positions allows the user to isolate certain muscle groups according to the workout requirements of the user.

Display and Console

The Freemotion 645 Elliptical is provided with a 6” backlit display. It can be viewed comfortably, with a large viewing angle that caters to most users irrespective of their height. It is also provided with large buttons and multiple setting options on the console. The incline can be adjusted quickly with the preset angles on the console itself. 

The console is also provided with an iFit button to quickly access the iFit library of workouts and physical training.

In terms of the parameters displayed, the user is kept up to date about their speed, elapsed time of the workout, mileage, user heart rate, resistance level selected, and the calories burned. The mileage can be displayed in miles or kilometers, depending on the convenience of the user.

The elliptical is provided with iPod connectivity. It integrates the music with the inbuilt Intermix Acoustic Sound System, which makes workouts a fun experience.

The console also provides access to the CoolAire fan, with two settings to choose from depending on the workout. 

The absence of a pause button was a bit of a surprise. This means an unavoidable task during the workout will result in interruption and the workout cannot be resumed from where it was left out.


This Freemotion 645 Elliptical review discusses the various features of this product.

The Freemotion 645 Elliptical is provided with 28 default workouts designed by certified personal trainers. The 22 resistance levels provide flexibility to users, allowing them to customize the workouts according to their needs.

The handlebars have multiple grips and are also equipped with a stationary handlebar set. Dual EKG grips are provided in the stationary handlebars, which sense the heart rate and other vitals of the user.

The moving handlebars are provided with multiple grip positions, which allow the user to train specific muscle groups according to their requirement.

The Freemotion 645 Elliptical is iFit integrated. However, the iFit subscription is independent of the product and has to be paid for separately.

freemotion elliptical 645 review
CC: Amazon

IFit gives the user unrestricted access to fitness trainers during a workout session, allowing the user to receive expert advice during their workout routines. The lack of an integrated tablet holder makes it an inconvenience to view the iFit routines during the workout.

The adjustable incline feature is also provided in this product. The quick incline setting allows the user to change the incline to a preset incline from 0° to 20°, with a minimum of incline of -3°.

This provides versatility to the product, enabling them to train in various landscapes and scenarios. During preset workouts, the incline is automatically adjusted according to the chosen workout.

The 21” stride length is a generous provision, enabling tall users to go through their workouts without feeling cramped up. 

The pedals are well cushioned and oversized. This allows the user to find a foot position that suits them. The grip provided also ensures the user is at a lower risk of injuring.


The Freemotion 645 Elliptical gives the user 22 digital resistance settings to choose from with buttons on the console providing access to the switching mechanism. 

The Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) patented technology, a feature in brands managed by Icon Health & Fitness Inc., allows for smooth and frictionless functioning at all the levels irrespective of the intensity. The silent operation of this resistance is an added bonus to the drive system

Weighing 28 lbs, the inertia enhanced flywheel offers a seamless user experience, even for regular gym-goers looking for a challenge to meet their expectations. This along with the combination of oversized pedals provide a smooth and steady pedal stroke. This provides a natural stride experience to the user. Quicker gear ratios and efficient weight placement offer additional boosts to the flywheel mechanism

The SMR system also enables users to shift resistance levels quickly and quietly. This allows the user to experience an intense workout without disturbing the surrounding peace

The front-drive system provides the stride length and performance of the pedals. It also ensures the product has a small footprint.

The Freeform 645 has a maximum weight allowance of 325 lbs, making it viable for use by people with very different requirements and physical attributes.


The Freeform 645 Commercial Grade Elliptical is delivered in a flat box to the customer and can be assembled by the customer without professional assistance. 

Apart from the Freemotion 645 Elliptical specifications, the manual provides a 9 step process to assemble the elliptical by yourself that is easy to understand. Simple instructions along with precise and clear diagrams ensure the user can carry out the assembly without much confusion. 

The assembly is recommended to be completed by two persons. The packaging also comes with the required set of tools needed for the assembly and installation of the elliptical

The drive system and resistance system are pre-assembled by the manufacturer, which drastically reduces the complexity of the assembly. Despite the weight of the product, the assembly can be completed without too many hassles

Attaching the console, adjusting the pedals and handles are amongst the few tasks that have to be undertaken. Adjusting the rear stabilizers, which will ensure stable operation even on uneven surfaces, is the last step of the installation.

The manual also outlines the procedure for setting up the console separately. No prior assembling experience or skill is required to complete the assembly of the Freemotion 645 Elliptical.


Machines like ellipticals must be maintained regularly to ensure the high-performance standards of the product during extended operation.

As part of our Freemotion 645 Elliptical reviews, we outline a few maintenance tips that will help a new customer benefit from the product over a long term of use. 

freemotion elliptical 645 review
CC: Amazon

The handlebars must be thoroughly cleaned with a dry lint-free towel after every use. By absorbing the post-workout sweat, this will reduce odor retention and permanent sweat staining.

This will also ensure the dual EKG sensor integrated into the grips will work correctly and provide accurate information about heart rate and other vital parameters. 

The area around the rollers and the stride rails must be cleaned properly once in a month. Every six months, the internal components must be inspected for dust accumulation and vacuumed carefully if detected. Ensure the arrangement of the internal components is not disturbed.

Annual maintenance includes lubricating the moving parts and joints to smoothen the mechanism and ensure frictionless operation. 

These small tips will help customers care and maintain the product with ease. It will reduce the requirements for manufacturer services and troubleshooting while maintaining the high performance offered by the product.


Freemotion Fitness offers a lifetime warranty on the frame. A 3-year warranty for parts and a 1-year warranty for labor complete the warranty package for this product.

The provision of lifetime frame warranty increases the appeal of this product by leaps and bounds and is offered by few other brands in this segment.

Pros and Cons 


  • Multiple default workouts – 28 preset workouts from certified trainers serve the needs of users with different requirements
  • Resistance and flywheel – The 28 lbs inertia enhanced flywheel and 22 digital resistance levels with SMR technology provide a range of challenges for the user
  • iFit integration – This model has an integrated iFit module which provides an unlimited library of physical fitness routines
  • Integrated fan – The CoolAire fan with dual speed setting provides much-needed cooling and ventilation
  • Water bottle holder – Conveniently placed to ensure easy access and maintain hydration
  • Adjustable incline – Preset incline levels for quick changes as well as automatic adjustments during preset and iFit workouts
  • Cushioned, oversized pedals – Provide sufficient grip and numerous foot position options according to the comfort of the user
  • USB port and iPod connectivity – The iPod can be connected to the Intermix Acoustic Sound System while the USB port enables charging feature
  • Good warranty – Lifetime warranty on frame, 3-year warranty on parts and a 1-year warranty on labor


  • Lack of Bluetooth connectivity – Prevents wireless integration of smartphones and other devices to the elliptical
  • Hazardous materials – As per California Proposition 65, contains carcinogenic chemicals that may affect health in the long run
  • Heavy frame – Makes transporting the elliptical alone difficult
  • Lack of iFit subscription – Users have to pay separately to access the iFit features
  • Lack of an integrated tablet holder – Prevents the user from multitasking and accessing iFit content

As part of our Freemotion 645 Elliptical review, the main features are summed up below 

  • iFit, USB and iPod connectivity to the Intermix Acoustics sound system 
  • 28 preset workouts for multiple workout options
  • 22 digital resistance levels equipped with the patented Silent Magnetic Resistance technology
  • CoolAire fan with two-speed setting
  • Multiple handlebar grip positions for flexibility in workouts
  • Dual EKG grips which enable heart rate monitoring
  • 21” adjustable stride length
  • Water bottle holder for user convenience
  • 6” large backlit display with large viewing angle for increased clarity
  • Auto inclination function for virtual terrain mapping with easy to access setting adjustment
  • 28 lbs inertia enhanced flywheel
  • Appealing forward drive design and sturdy build quality


This review of the Freemotion 645 Elliptical has covered the features and aspects of the product in detail. Here’s our conclusion about the product.

The feature-laden and compactly designed Freemotion 645 Elliptical looks good for a home or office setting. It offers a steady performance, thanks to its SMR technology and inertia enhanced flywheel while ensuring maximum user comfort during their workouts.

Multiple resistance levels, preset workouts, and adjustable incline options provide a great deal of flexibility and customization to its users. 

The iFit feature is a point of contention. While the module is iFit integrated, the user has to pay extra for a subscription, while other brands offer a free subscription for the same price range. 

The lack of Bluetooth connectivity and an integrated tablet is its biggest drawbacks, which makes it an inconvenience to multitask

This elliptical is ideal for beginners or intermediate fitness enthusiasts with a steady fitness plan, considering its many challenging modes and a plethora of features.

If your workouts are a time for you to multitask or catch up on the latest entertainment, this model is not the ideal one for you. If you have any questions regarding our Freemotion 645 Elliptical Review, you can comment down below, we are happy to answer.

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