Fuelband versus Fitbit, A Complete Comparison and Buying Guide

Confused between Fuelband or Fitbit? There are very few similarities between these two, and we have made a detailed Fuelband versus Fitbit comparison with each feature compared, read to the end to know the WINNER.

Wearable trackers make us aware of our day to day fitness activities and power us with the ability to see our health statistics at our fingertips.

These wearables motivate us to stay fit and healthy and allow us to track our routine without any manual calculations saving time and efforts. Nowadays Wearable fitness trackers are coming in all shapes and sizes which adds a charm to the clothing on person’s body.

To cater to our needs there exists many wearable trackers in the market with varying features but to selecting the one which goes according to our personal needs is a hell of a task.

One looking for a wearable tracker suitable to his daily activities will obviously come across 2 names that is Nike Fuelband and Fitbit, which are considered to be on the top list of fitness wearables of different brands.

These two brands stand out due to their obvious strengths but specs such as sleep tracking, heart rate, and calorie counting vary from device to device and these specs are of prime importance while deciding which one to buy.

Fuelband versus Fitbit

To rescue you from the dilemma of “which one fitness wearables trackers to buy?” We are here to do a Fuelband vs Fitbit. In this To rescue you from the dilemma of fitness wearables trackers we are here to do a  Fitbit versus Fuelband.

In this Fuelband versus Fitbit, we will compare features such as design, pricing, battery life and many more to check how well they fit according to your list of needs.

We will compare features of Fuelband and Fitbit such as design, pricing, battery life and many more to check how well they fit according to your list of needs.

Fitbit was the very first tech company to bring us close to counting steps and calorie burns with its generation 1 devices like the Fitbit One and the Ultra. It introduces us to the wearable trackers and gained popularity in the fitness industry such that in general fitness activity trackers were called Fitbit.

FuelBand is a range of wearable trackers with iOS and Android compatibility offered by the international sports apparel giant, Nike. Nike launched Fuelband in 2012 but very soon it attracted many people by gamifying activity levels and became a huge competitor of Fitbit.

It introduced a concept of fuelpoints which are earned by completing daily fitness goals and these earned points can be shared and utilized on Nike+ account,

The Hunt for finding the best Wearable fitness tracker between Nike fuelBand and Fitbit is not easy because both are at the top in this fitness game and offers a plethora of features in the same price range. Customer needs to compare Nike Fuelband VS Fitbit to find the suitability of the devices before spending his hard earned money.

So let’s get started with Nike Fuelband vs fitbit to compare their features and decide the best between the two.

Let us see the specifications of both competitors in Fitbit vs Fuelband to get a deeper understanding.

Nike FuelBand Review

Fuelband versus Fitbit
CC: Nike

Nike FuelBand is an Activity tracker offered by the sports giant Nike which allows its users to count steps, calories burned and keep track his/her fitness goals. 

This tracker is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android and synchronizes itself with the Nike+ website or mobile application. 

The tracker keeps a count of the user’s activity levels and converts them into fuel points which can be used to earn rewards and achievements on Nike+ profile.

Fuelband has a thick bangle like design which sits on your wrist and displays time, steps count, calories burned and fuel points.

The band is not so bulky and is made up of thermoplastic elastomers, magnesium, and stainless steel.

It has 100 white LEDs and 20 red and green LEDs for displaying the readouts. Though it is said to be water-resistant, it cannot survive a swim. It can handle water-splash.

Simplicity is the very feature of this band, it has only one button to scroll through. It comes in 3 circumferences i.e. 5.97 inches, 6.77 inches, 7.76 inches.

Nike Fuelband SE is the successor of Nike fuelband. Fuelband SE uses Bluetooth 4.0 to automatically sync data with iOS devices.

The tracker has in-built USB to plug it into PC and USB chargers nullifying the requirement for some dedicated charger to charge the tracker device.



  • It is not so bulky and gives simple and elegant look
  • It has a good battery life which lasts up to 7 days owing to 2 lithium polymer.
  • It automatically syncs with the iOS or android devices via Bluetooth v4.0.
  • It gamifies the completion of daily goals by converting the activity levels into fuel points, thereby motivating users to workout daily to complete daily fitness goals.
  • It tracks how active the user is.
  • Due to its sleek design, it doesn’t obstruct any movements during a workout.
  • It displays the progress of the user in real-time.


  • It has limited features compared to other fitness trackers. It does not have a sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, etc.
  • It doesn’t have a silent alarm.
  • It cannot give a correct reading for some activities like cycling and horseback riding.
  • The support application has been discontinued by Nike since it has decided to no longer exist in the wearable technology market.

Fitbit Versa Lite Review

Fuelband versus Fitbit
CC: Amazon

Fitbit Versa Lite is a slim wristband that can track heart rate, sleep quality, distance traveled, time, calorie intake, calorie burned indicating progress in real-time. 

It has a square LCD touchscreen display with corning Gorilla glass 3 and a button on the left which can be used to navigate on the screen or put the device to sleep and it comes in 5 different colors i.e. charcoal, mulberry, Marina Blue, Lilac, White. The packaging of the product is an old plastic package. 

This device has silent alarm instead of ringing one, which vibrates to wake up the user without waking the other person in the room. Fitbit tracker needs its companion application on the device to sync the data wirelessly.

Unlike other fitness trackers, it cannot be inserted into the USB port of PC or laptop for charging. It comes with a dedicated charger whose one end is connected to the tracker and another end to the USB port.

Fitbit trackers have a variety of sensors and functions to deal with any number of activity along with detailed reports.

One can choose from 15 modes to get activity status. It is waterproof and can survive under 50 m deep water becoming a great choice for tracking swimming activities.

It has a sleep state algorithm that analyzes the sleep quality with the help of the heart rate and accelerometer data. It can take a snapshot of your activity levels and give personal insights based on your fitness levels.



  • It is a light-weighted elegant wristband having sensors on the back.
  • It has many features such as 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, etc.
  • It is water-resistance level up of 50 m. This is an important feature due to which it can be used by athletes and swimmers.
  • It has a silent alarm which can be set with the help of app. It vibrates due to the presence of a vibration motor in it.
  • It has a 34 mm LCD touchscreen which makes it easy to see the screen in daylight as well.
  • It comes in five different color options.
  • It has an application which is compatible with iOS, windows and android devices using which one can check and analysis his daily performance.
  • It can be used to answer your calls and gets notifications from various apps like FB, Gmail, etc. when the synced phone is nearby.


  • The battery lasts only  4 days.
  • It cannot count the number of floors you have climbed.
  • It cannot be directly connected to the USB port for charging, it requires dedicated charging cable to connect it with the USB port in PC or laptop.

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FitBit vs Fuelband

Material: Nike Fuelband is made up of thermoplastic elastomers, polypropylene, and stainless steel. Fitbit Versa Lite has aluminum with silicone strap band.

Water Resistance: Fitbit Versa lite is more water-resistant as compared to Fuelband. Fitbit Versa lite is swim-proof up to 50 m of depth whereas Fuelband is not swimming proof. But Fuelband can handle shower or water splash.

Display: Fuelband has 100 white LEDs and 20 smaller arrays of LEDs to display red and green color. Fitbit Versa lite has a 34 mm LCD touchscreen due to which it is easier to see the screen in the sunlight.

Features: Fitbit has many features such as heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, steps taken, calories intake, calories burned, etc. and gives a clearer picture of your health. whereas Fuelband has limited basic features.

Design: Fuelband has a very simple wrist bangle like design with one button to operate it whereas Fitbit Versa lite is a touchscreen and also has a button with it to operate.

Battery life: Fuelband has 2 lithium polymer batteries and it lasts it 7 days. Fitbit has a battery life of 4 days.

Compatibility with other devices: Nike has discontinued its Fuelband app so that present there exists no companion app from Nike.

An earlier application for Nike Fuelband was compatible with iOS and Android mobiles and it consumed around 43MB which was approximately 3 times of the space required by the application of Fitbit. 

Fitbit Versa lite has an application that is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows mobiles.

Nike+ FuelBandFitbit Versa Lite Edition
Dimensions15.163 cm (small) 17.195 cm (medium) 197.710 (large)10.3 x 5.1 x 22.2 cm
Weight27 g(small),30 g (medium), 35 g (large)40.8 g
Display100-dot LEDFull square 1.34 inch LCD display touchscreen
MaterialThermoplastic elastomers, Polypropylene and stainless steelElastomer
Activity tracker sensorsPedometer, Accelerometer, calorie counter, NikeFuel3-axis accelerometer, Heartrate, Altimeter, relative SPO2, vibration motor, sleep, calories
Battery3.7 V lithum Polymer (2)Lithium Ion
Battery Backup7 days4 days
Heartrate FeaturesNoYes
More InformationRead ReviewsRead Reviews

Does Fitbit versa lite work without application?

Yes, it works without application but connecting to the application on phone will give your elaborated reports.

Can I share my Fitbit badges and achievements with friends and family?

Yes, you can share and celebrate Fitbit challenges via application.

Does Fitbit versa lite show notifications from call and messages?

Yes, it will show your notifications when your phone is nearby your fitbit.

Can Fitbit save my activity levels from previous day?

Yes, it can save detailed reports of previous seven days.

Can I measure my blood pressure using Fitbit versa lite?

No, it does not support this feature.

Is Fitbit Versa Lite available in one color?

No, it is available in 5 different colors .i.e. charcoal, mulberry, Marina Blue, Lilac, White and has interchangeable straps.

Does Nike fuelband has touchscreen display?

No, Nike fuelband has one button to operate the tracker.

At the beginning of this comparison article of Fuelband versus Fitbit, we had an agenda of finding the best option to invest your hard-earned money to keep yourself fit and healthy. 

In this comparison of Fuelband versus Fitbit, we have a clear winner.

And the winner if Fuelband vs Fitbit Versa lite is Fitbit which will motivate you to reach your weight and fitness goals, due to its wide range of features like heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, steps taken, calories intake, calories burned, etc. whereas its competitor in the same price range offered many limited features.

Fuelband has more water resistance as compared to Nike Fuelband and offers some advanced features like Intuitive touchscreen display, different clock faces, reminders, connected GPS, etc.

Fitbit can analyze sleep and calculate time spent in light, deep and REM sleep stages and give tips to improve your sleep quality. It has a feature to track monthly cycles of a woman, record symptoms and many more.

It gives personalized guided breathing sessions by analyzing your heart rate.

Nike Fuelband is not a bad option either but looking to the fact that Nike has discontinued its application. But if you still want to have one then you can definitely find Fuelband in market.

Due to lack of application, Nike Fuelband lost this comparison of Fuelband vs Fitbit Versa lite with a huge margin.

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