Garmin 230 vs 235: Which one to BUY this year?

You talk about smartwatches and skip onto Garmin, well that’s nearly impossible because of the indelible trails the launches of Garmin have left behind. That reminds us of the Garmin 230 vs 235 forerunners, the very close comparison.

Today, smartwatches aren`t worn just for the features they come with but are more of an accessory or status symbol. It is not just the fitness freaks but each one of us has wanted to own them at one point in time. 

But are we ready to splurge on these wrist wears? Mostly, No. This is where Garmin forerunners enter the frame as they are really easy on to your pocket. From teenagers to professionals everyone can afford them.

Apart from the price point, the Garmin smartwatches like other products from the brand live up to the expectations and hype. They are adorned with not just the basic features that you require in a smartwatch but some unique ones too to make them stand out from the crowd. 

If you too are apart from the crowd and refrain yourselves from the conventional options like Apple and Fitbit this brand right here is the correct choice.

Ready to check out the Garmin smartwatch collection? You can make your call from the Fenix, Instinct, Forerunner, or the Vivoactive series.

Since we have been keeping up with the recent and new launches in the market we present to you a complete and comprehensive comparison of the Garmin forerunner 230 vs 235

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This will definitely help you make your choice so that you don’t have to wait any longer to flaunt one of these on your wrists the next time you head out of your houses.

Garmin 230 vs 235

Garmin Ltd. an American multinational company has been into the technology over three decades now. When a new year unfolds Garmin has already buckled up for new launches and new products which surprisingly do not burn a hole into the buyer`s pockets. 

Though, they specialize in GPS technology for various uses such as automobiles, sports activities, marine, aviation, etc. their smartwatches have been a game-changer.

Marine GPS, handheld ones, eTrex, dog tracking, fishfinders the list of products by Garmin goes on and on.

What changed the game for the multinational company was their smartwatches. These smartwatches can be used for any sports activity under the sun regardless of how rough or smooth it is. 

But what caught everybody’s attention was the Garmin forerunner series and the Garmin 230 vs 235 comparisons where what people were looking for since they badly wanted to get their hands on one of these.

Apart from the above-mentioned series, there are Vivofit, Vivosmart, Fenix, Quatix series meant for different types of activities.

The Forerunner series is mainly made for sports enthusiasts indulging in the running and triathlon activities. These Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled sports watches can precisely measure the distance, heart rate(in some of the models), time, speed, altitude, etc. to help the athlete track his activity during the training period and improve accordingly.

The 2003 introduced series comes in 25+ models that can be used to keep a record of data as well which can be later transferred to a computer.

The GPS technology in the wrist wears is not like some usual ones but specially curated for athletes wherein they can mark different coordinates, keep a track of it and then use it any further too. 

The list of features about the Garmin Forerunner series is a long one to cut it short, here is a detailed information Garmin forerunner 235 vs 230  comparison:

Garmin 230Garmin 235
Dimensions45 x 45 x 11.7 mm45 x 45 x 11.7 mm
Display 31.1 mm31.1 mm
Resolution215 x 180 Pixels215 x 180 Pixels
Battery Life 5 Weeks (GPS On)  / 16 Hours (GPS Off)5 Weeks (GPS On)  / 16 Hours (GPS Off)
Heart Rate MonitoringChest strap paired onlyYes
Notifications YesYes
Warranty1 year1 year
More InformationRead ReviewsRead Reviews

Garmin 230 Review

Garmin 230 vs 235
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Be it the underlying sportsperson or accessory person who wants to buy a smartwatch, in both cases, the Garmin Forerunner 230 GPS Running Watch could be a great option. The Bluetooth enabled smartwatch is the apt option for an intermediate runner.

Giving running metrics, providing notifications in your smartphones, and telling you the precise heart rate are some of the basic features apart from others.

Be it an indoor session you are looking forward to on a rainy day or a run in the morning air, Gramin 230 can be your perfect partner.

Here is a detailed Garmin Forerunner 230 review with all the features:

  • Body and Design: Since we think these smartwatches would make great accessories too the physical dimensions and appearances become equally important. Being the successor of 220, Garmin 230 is comparatively smaller in size, diameter, and thickness. The display is now larger and the screen resolution better by some pixels. The user can open four data screens with the font still being illegible.
  • Connectivity: The Garmin 230 can be connected with your smartphone as well which means every time you get a notification on your phone you can respond to it quickly even if you are on a casual run. Social media sharing, audio prompts, and music controls are some of the things you can do with your smartwatch once it is connected to the smartwatch.
  • Battery life: The Garmin forerunner 230 battery life in this successor gets an increment of 60% than the 220. Once charged fully, it will easily last up to 16 hours in the activity mode.
  • Tracking: The smartwatch keeps a record of the number of steps, distance covered, calories burnt, and sleep taken. Not only this, but it also prompts you through notifications when you take a longer than required break.
  • User-friendly: The charts and graphs shown to you aren’t complicated but easy to understand. Upload your data on the Garmin Connect network and you can compete with family members and friends and work towards achieving your goals together.
  • GPS: The Garmin forerunner 230 GPS is intensively accurate and comes with interval sessions and custom workouts for the user which can be made with Garmin Connect.


  • The forerunner has a good battery life, 16 hours to be precise.
  • Bibendum ispum dolor elitis
  • Activity tracking is a great feature that is very accurate and precise at the same time.
  • Audio prompts are helpful in case you tend to ignore the notifications.
  • The essential running data is provided to the user.
  • Since the display is big enough the user can easily navigate to different menus and make use of the varied features available.
  • Keeping the Garmin forerunner 230 UK price in mind it seems to be pretty affordable with the best in class features and accurate data.


  • The Bluetooth sync could have been a bit smoother.
  • The battery life isn’t that great when compared to other devices available in the market.
  • It does not have an optical heart rate monitor.
  • The smartwatch is useful only for the runners. People interested in other sports activities cannot actually make use of it.

Garmin Forerunner 235 Review

garmin forerunner 230 vs 235
CC: Amazon

The Garmin Forerunner 235 can be counted amongst the good looking and stylish smartwatches without any doubt. We say this not just because it has a good looking strap or bezel but because you can make your choices in them too, choices in colors.

The smartwatch comes in three very cool and trendy shades- black and frost blue, black and red, and black and grey. Is black your favorite color? Hooray! A great excuse to get your hands on these, right?

The screen size is too pretty well which makes it easy to navigate between different applications. This isn’t a touchscreen which might be a little old school but the five buttons placed on the sides can be worked with as well.

The Garmin Forerunner 235 features of the forerunner are mentioned below:

  • Tracking the heart rate: When worn on the wrist it gives accurate data as well but the user can completely go ahead with the chest straps to get away with the slightest of errors. To check your heart rate you just need to press the button and it shows complete information consisting of a visual from the last four hours apart from the current heart rate, highs, lows, average RHR, etc. The data will help you in deciding your further take on the activities.
  • Tracking your run: Your run in the outdoor space is tracked with the help of GPS but what if you go for the treadmill instead? This too is tracked by the accelerometer.
  • Storage: With a smartwatch that comes at such a surprisingly great price you cannot ask for much. But what if you get more than you asked for? Yes, right the Garmin 235 forerunner can store up to 200 hours of activity in case you wish to peek into the past records and access yourself.
  • Notifications: Like most of the smartwatches which allow you to connect them with the smartphone Garmin 235 Forerunner notifies you of any new email, messages, social media notifications, and music controls. The best part, in fact, is that it shows not only the subject but the complete message so that you do not think of anything else on the run.
  • Battery life: The battery that comes with the Garmin 235 is surely better than the rest of its predecessors. The Garmin Forerunner 235 battery life is for approximately nine days which is even more than a week in watch mode. Whereas, with the Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS and heart monitor in use the battery lasts for about 11 hours straight.
  • Advanced workouts: Another thing that is unique in this wristwear is that it comes with many advanced workouts such as Auto Pause, Live Track, Manual Lap, etc.


  • The GPS with the smartwatch is very close to perfect.
  • The heart rate monitor is a really useful feature for all.
  • Notifications aren’t just quick but smart as well. These notifications appear with not just the subject line but the complete message as well.
  • The smartwatch is resistant to water up to a particular extent as well.
  • The face layouts that come with the wrist wear can be customized according to the writer`s wish as well.
  • With the smartwatch, you can gain quick access to the Garmin Connect and Connect IQ.
  • The watch is lightweight and durable which makes it a pretty good sports watch keeping the weight and comfort in mind.
  • The price in accordance with the features it comes with is well justified.


  • The heart rate monitoring cannot be completely accurate at times.
  • It seems to lose connection with the smartphone quite often.
  • The watch can be scratched real quick and requires a protective case if you want it to last longer.
  • Since it is lightweight it has some downside too. To some, it seems to be flimsy and not up to the mark.
  • As most of the models from the series, it is not multi-sport friendly and is suitable only for runners.
  • The design and looks are not high-end rather on the average side.
  • The Garmin forerunner 235 battery life still seems to lag behind the others in the market.

Garmin Forerunner 235 vs 230

Though we are comparing the two smartwatches- Garmin 230 vs 235 they share a lot of similarities such as – the same size and weight, both have a color display, are perfect for runners, can be connected to the smartphones, etc.

In case we place both the smartwatches side by side you truly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference and say that both are the same watches. 

If you still have a question in your mind about the difference between Garmin 230 and 235, the first difference is that the 235 model has Wrist Based HR Tracking and the other that it can track the pulse nonstop. The differences being pointed out, we reached the final verdict of the comparison.

We say unless heart rate tracking is really important to you you should go for the Garmin Forerunner 230 because there is a price difference of about 20%.

But, keep in mind the first con of the Garmin 235 Forerunner which said that the data is not accurate most of the time. Hence, you should surely go for the Garmin 230 forerunner if you want to save some of that hard-earned money.

Some of the alternatives we would like to suggest you are- Fitbit Blaze, Polar M400, Samsung Gear Fit2, Fitbit Charge HR, etc. if you have been with us all throughout, there might be some of the questions in your mind which are unanswered yet. You might find answers to those in the last segment of the article. 

Here we are ending our Garmin Forerunner 230 vs 235, comparison, if you have any questions regarding our Garmin 230 vs Garmin 235 comparison you can ask us from the comment section.

  1. Is Running smartwatch is for me?

    If you are a runner or in the training period yes, this is for you. Even if you are an enthusiast of running you can still go for it. But, keep in mind it is not a multi-sport watch.

  2. Running Smartwatch worth the money?

    The two above mentioned smartwatches are totally worth the money. There are other smartwatches as well in the market but some of them are overpriced while others not up to the mark.

  3. How long does a Garmin 235 last?

    The battery life of the Garmin 235 lasts 9 weeks without GPS use and with GPS it lasts 10 hours during our testing.

  4. Is it water-resistant?

    Yes, both Garmin 230 and 235 forerunners are water-resistant up to 50 meters.

  5. Can you read text messages on Garmin 235?

    Yes, you can as it supports smartphone notifications.

  6. Does Garmin 235 track stress?

    No, there is no feature to measure the stress in the Garmin 235.

  7. How many years does a Garmin watch last?

    Garmin watch can easily last two or three years, without giving any kind of major issue.

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