Gazelle Edge Review: Understanding if it is worth every penny spent

Gazelle Edge become a great product, there are thousands of reviews over amazon, but is it really worth buying? And what are the things that make it so popular? There are hundreds of questions about this product. And today we will try to help you to understand what this product is all about, read along to the end of our detailed Gazelle Edge Review.

Gazelle Edge is a low-impact workout machine that can be used by any person whether you are male or female, it uses the user’s weight to create resistance, and you can train all the major muscle groups with this. It can be used as stretching as well for cardio. Gazelle Edge is perfect for those who cannot take time to go for a walk or for the gym.

No machine is perfect and Gazelle Edge also has some limitations like you cannot use this machine for a hardcore workout, you cannot add more weight to create more resistance.

With changing lifestyle, busy work schedules, and stress it is important to dedicate some hours to self-care and fitness. Spending an hour in the gym can improve your work efficiency and help you be more productive.

Now if you hate going to the gym or want to save money, or seek convenience, working out at home is an easy choice. There is a variety of options for exercising at home; a room full of essential equipment can help you set up a home gym.

With changing lifestyles, busy work schedules, and stress it is important to dedicate some hours for self-care and fitness. Spending an hour in the gym can improve your work efficiency and help you be more productive.

Now if you hate going to the gym or want to save money, or seek convenience, working out at home is an easy choice. There is a variety of options for exercising at home; a room full of essential equipment can help you set up a home gym.

  1. 1Reduce the risk of heart attack
  2. 2Reduce your weight and manage it
  3. 3Reduce the cholesterol level
  4. 4Reduce the risk of fatigue and high blood pressure
  5. 5Reduce the risk of low-density bones and osteoporosis
Dimensions43″ x 29.25″ x 53.75″
Product Weight45 lbs or 20.4kgs
Max. Weight Capacity250 lbs or 113.3kgs
Foldable Yes
Warranty1 Year

If you want to feel better, confident and add some extra years to live, shedding some weight and losing a lot of sweat is essential. Also, remember that mental well-being is equally important to physical fitness. 

Calming you down and boosting your energy levels, early morning Gazelle Edge Workouts can make your whole day productive. You feel naturally happy and energetic.

Keeping this in mind, let’s understand what are the essential things that you need to keep in mind before taking the final leap. Also, moving forward we will understand how gazelle edge can help you with your goals of maintaining the shape or achieving a fit body.

Factors to consider while making a Buying Factor

Whether you are looking to start your gym or are an individual who wants to get in shape and become fit, these are the things that you will have to keep in mind before considering to buy it. 

Understand your needs: There are all types of exercising tools that serve different purposes. Be crystal clear about your preferences and expectations from the equipment.

Choose if you want to lose weight or build muscles or both. Here, Gazelle Edge Workout will efficiently help you reduce and control weight but when it comes to muscle building, it may be a little time-consuming.

  • Plan your budget: An important factor that a gym owner needs to bear in mind is the range of prices of the machine. No one wants to spend extra bucks for a unit that doesn’t give valuable outcomes to the money spent.

The internet is a vast ocean of information. You can read different reviews online, glance through magazines and journals that can help you before acquiring the piece from the market. 

Allocating space: Have a clear idea of how much space you are going to dedicate to the new member of the house or gym. In this case, the gazelle edge comes in a foldable frame which aids in easy storage and accessibility. This also offers the advantage of easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Warranty: A warranty is like a guarantee that you get while buying the product, which ensures that it meets all the safety standards, offering you complete peace of mind.

1-year warranty applicable on gazelle edge assures that it is a good quality product. Repairs and exchanges apply to it during this period, provided it does not work as originally described or intended.

  • Brand and reliability: After you are done allocating space and accomplishing the required budget, now it is time for you to scout for reliability.

If you visit a gym store with a wide range of durable and high-end fitness accessories, you might get confused. Here, we made your job simple with this detailed Gazelle Edge Review.

Gazelle is a renowned brand that promotes the idea of making fitness equipment affordable to all. ​Get an idea of the key factors that define the functionality of this product with this organized table.

Gazelle Edge Review

Gazelle Edge Review
CC: Amazon

With a lot of competition and loads of information online, one might get confused while deciding upon which gym equipment suits their convenience.

Is this product worth it?

This is a common question that pops up in everyone’s mind before taking a final buying decision.

After you research and read a lot of Gazelle Edge reviews, you might find out that everyone, from buyers to the critics’ bottle down to one answer, i.e. an excellent budget-priced alternative for both beginners and professionals.

Being completely unbiased and keeping my horizons open, I will list down some important factors that will influence your buying decisions. After glancing through the advantages and disadvantages, you will be crystal clear on your final thought.


With thousands of unsolved questions about the glider and some reviews flooded online, we still wonder if it is worth all your time and money. The answer to your question is a ‘yes.’

Defining the famous phrase in English, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” is this stunning gazelle edge. At first glance, it seems to not be capable enough to provide optimal stability. However, this is not true.

It is made of aluminum and rolled steel frame that is sturdy with a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. The high-quality tubing provides stability while you increase the intensity of the workout. 

Adding to it are some outstanding functionalities like the non-skid handlebars which provide a firm grip preventing accidental falls and injuries in operation. Furthermore, they are padded for comfortable use and maximum control. 

The stepping surface is ergonomically designed for convenient usage. Crafted from a hard polyurethane material, it can accommodate shoes of all sizes. The person can rest their feet on it to mimic the cycling motion.

This light-weight and swift model provides a firm base for efficiently performing your daily low-impact cardiovascular and resistance workouts. It is compact and a small-sized model which can be easily folded, offering convenience while traveling and the flexibility to store in narrow spaces. The anti-corrosive silver paint ensures your optimal durability.

Moreover, it features a versatile data computer frame which displays some important workout scales like speed, calories burnt, the total time taken, and the distance covered. One can do proper analyses of these workout quotients and glance through the progress over time. After studying the results, one can implement essential steps to improve productivity.

​This non-electrical and low-cost machine is easy to use. One has to pedal through circularly to push and pull, slowly transitioning through various ranges of motions.

There are a variety of ways that one can use a Gazelle edge. But we recommend you to tape the calorie-burning capacity against its muscle-building ability. 

Ideally used by everyone, ranging from amateurs to senior gym instructors, the Gazelle edge works on low-impact sprinting motion. This means that it is it does not strain your joints like the knees, elbows, or ankles. This amazing functionality makes it suitable for those who have recently undergone surgery.

Follow these steps for starting: 

  1. Position your feet on each footplate carefully. Hold the handlebar and each hand for a firm and secure grip.
  2. Start slowly by warming up at a steady pace and then aim for a faster speed.
  3. Maintain your momentum for at least 3 to 7 minutes and then gradually move down to a medium pace.
  4. Stay there for another 2 to 5 minutes and then end it up with a 2-minute intense workout and cardio.
  5. Try to target different muscles in your arms, back, thighs, calves, and abdominal area as you glide in an elliptical motion.
  6. To add resistance to your workout and make it even more challenging, try leaning forward and backward.
  7. After you pass the basic level and are well-versed with the machine, try to change and implement different positions to engage every part of your body. You can lift the heels of your feet or use your hands to experiment and understand what works best for you.
  8. After you are finished with the workout, cool down for 2 to 3 minutes to keep your heart rate steady and pumped up. Feel the adrenaline rush and the oxygen fills your lungs. 

If you want to get more information about this product, then you can check out the official Amazon page of this product, and it got 3000+ reviews with 4.4 stars out of 5. You can read the customers reviews as well to know their experiences. (Click here to go to the Amazon page)


gazelle edge reviews
CC: Amazon

Helping you to fix your posture and getting back in shape, this tough and durable Gazelle Edge is one of the best deals. With attractive aesthetics and robust steel construction, it is sure to bring you productive results.

Crafted for comfort and convenience, it offers you quick and effortless assembly functionality. Moving forward, we’ll take an in-depth look at the benefits and disadvantages that it has to offer in this detailed gazelle edge review.

  • Convenient installation: Gazelle edge is an ultimate solution that not only saves your money but also a lot of time. It ensures an effortless installation in a much faster way. One can single-handedly assemble it without much trouble. The space-saving design offers you an additional benefit of folding it flat for comfortable storage in narrow spaces.
  • An ideal solution for a good cardio workout: The gazelle edge is a one-stop solution that gives you toned upper and lower body strength. To build your hand muscles, you are required to focus and co-ordinate your movements towards it.

This easy to adapt machine can also be used to work on your buttocks and abdomen. The adjustable speed of this elliptical enhances your experience of toning your muscles. As you slowly increase the pace you’ll feel the muscles starting to burn the calories as you are rejuvenated and pumped up.

  • Budget-friendly option: This amazing model can deliver great results in a most simplified fashion. Thus, it is one of the most budget-friendly elliptical that you can find at a price range of $200 and below. Therefore they don’t require any huge financial commitment that eats away a chunk of your salary as EMI.
  • Immediate, real-time feedback: This sleek piece comes with a built-in computer that features essential factors functions like the total distance covered, speed taken, and the number of calories burnt. These deciding factors can be used to precisely track your progress and plan an organized solution to overcome challenges.
  • Versatile glider: After going through a lot of gazelle edge reviews, I noticed that people prefer it for its versatility. Allowing you a smooth controlled motion, it can be an ideal choice to add a cardio workout to your existing workout routine.

It remains to be a popular choice amongst both amateurs and professionals for it allows a full-body workout by using multiple muscle groups at once.

  • Patented gliding suspension: The dual-action split suspension allows a complete range of motions, thus increasing the efficiency. With the suspended pedal above the ground level, it applies a very little stress on the spine and other joints.

As the user’s feet never touch the ground, the jarring impact of walking or running on the ground is reduced. This makes it an ideal option for those who have recently gone through hips, knees, or ankles surgeries.

  • Easy on the joints: This stunning product is a great alternative to walking on the road or any hard surfaces. A consistent and proper gazelle exercise can be effective to cure and bring movement to people who had joint surgery. Walking on hard surfaces applies impact and shocks to the surgical spots. This can lead to pain and demotivation in the patient.

After sifting through many gazelle exercise review pages I observed that many people had positive experiences and productive results infused. The padded and cushioned handlebars and comfortable pedals are the primary reason for comfort and convenience. Absorbing impacts by gliding in tune with the momentum, working out becomes fun and easy.

  • Understanding its maximum potential: We have all heard and had experiences of making a resolution to start exercising and then procrastinating for it to never happen again. Some of us might still be having some gym equipment sitting there in a corner collecting dust. When we talk about the gazelle edge, the easy assembly and fun-to-use model bring you in action.

Offering you a higher potential of getting in shape at your convenience, taking full advantage of what it has to offer completely depends on our attitude and passion. You can carry low-impact aerobic exercises on it. The package comes with a DVD that shows you six simple exercises that you can start with. 

What are the challenges that you may face?

gazelle edge review
CC: Amazon

With every new technology serving new purposes and an exponential increase in the available options to choose from, one gets trapped in the confusion.

Taking advantage of this Gazelle edge review, you can get a clear idea as you understand the benefits and the flaws that it has to offer.

Equally balancing out the advantages with some disadvantages, the Gazelle Edge machine can put forth the following challenges.

Extra efforts

When a user makes a final buying decision, he reads a review and compares it to other products to find out what best suits the needs.

When he/she compares it to a treadmill, they can get stuck on a valid point that an elliptical gilder takes extra effort. Exerting your legs while burning the same amount of calories, people easily fall to the second option. This makes it an avoided choice by many gym enthusiasts.


One is required to stand tall and straight while you are working on this Gazelle edge. The correct posture is the shoulders pulled out and the head and back are straight and chin-up.

The abdominal needs to be held inside and your hands need to be in a relaxed position. Slouching or leaning onto the rails can lead to misbalance and instability. Remember that workout is a balanced blend of mental and physical coordination.

Watching television while working out or reading a book will subconsciously lead to loss of concentration and a poor posture.


I do not recommend this machine if you are taller. Those extra inches can bring for you some extra challenges. A short stride makes it difficult for tall people, restricting their movements and hurting their knees.

Therefore, a treadmill can be the best alternative in this situation. Taking into consideration its non-compatibility with smooth surfaces, it is ideal to use on carpeted surfaces or a training mat.

This will ensure that it does not slip and cause accidental injuries and damages to the machine or flooring. 

Improper use

The arm poles are supposed to be move front and back in a rhythm for efficient coordination. Many users neglect using the arm poles leading to an unproductive upper body workout.

Novice users may find it difficult to use in the beginning as pedaling becomes a task with increasing intensity. This leads to limited use and unrewarding results.

Monotonous workout

We learn better when you add a fun element to a task. The regular movements, monotonous functionalities, and restricted movements instill a laid back and boring attitude towards the product.

The feet rest on the paddle for hours making you feel confined to a small area. Therefore, slowly with constant use people tend to lose interest and slowly cut down on it, leading to a waste of money and time.

Noisy due to lack of resistance

The Gazelle Edge is named as an elliptical glider, referring to its rotational movement. With faster speed comes increased momentum, which in line gives your muscles the advantage to not work hard on the pedals.

With resistance applied, your hands and legs have to put in efforts, for visible results. Know that resistance equals to safe and secure usage. With the absence of resistance, you can lean forward or backward for increasing the intensity of the workout.

The machine does not work on any crank system or motor for resistance. This means that it will be noisy and irritable. If you are deciding to install it in your house and live around with neighbors, this might annoy them.

However, durable construction is resistant to wear and tear. Offering you a smooth gliding action, this versatile machine can be an effective solution to your exercising needs.

Introductory model

Gazelle entered the market of elliptical gliders by unveiling this very first product. Hence, the basic design that it carries falls behind with the recent advancements in the updated models.

It does not come with extra accessories like a bottle holder or a frame cage. The pedals feature a lesser surface area for smaller footprints. This standard and compact-sized model thus becomes an ideal option to be placed in apartments or small living spaces. You can watch the video about How Gazelle® Glider Works, from here.

Not an ideal option for muscle building needs

Ideal for losing weight, this stunning model fails when it comes to muscle building. However, don’t confuse it with muscle strength. When it comes to enhancing the muscular strength, it can surely give you best results with consistent usage.

This product can be used by people of all skill levels, however, not everyone will find it worth the value. Low resistance tends to burn calories at a low level, thus no delivering results that are at par with other elliptical training machines. 



  • Compact-sized, lightweight model is foldable for easy storage and travel needs
  • Budget-friendly product ensures you a considerable saving of your hard-earned money
  • Built-in computer system allows effective tracking of personal progress
  • Being easy on the joints makes it an ideal option for people who have gone through a surgery
  • Dual-action split suspension allows for a wide range of motions
  • Foam handlebars and gripped pedals for added comfort


  • Slides on smooth surfaces making it prone to accidental damages and injuries
  • Resistance is absent, leaving you with no option but to increase speed for increasing intensity
  • Absence of built-in training programs
  • Irritating noise can disturb your peace of mind
  • Can withstand a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Not ideal for use by tall people
  • Console is absent making it difficult to store water bottle or phone while exercising


I know that you seek quality and expect that every penny that you spend on it is worth it. Keeping this in mind we have drafted this detailed Gazelle Edge review.

Understand that a watched pot never boils. Be cautious enough while moving forward with the final decision. Build a strong base of research and inform yourself with all the details. 

Read a Gazelle Edge Review to understand all the features that it offers. Make sure that it meets your expectations and consider all the needs that it will fulfill.

Although we ensure you that it will be a worthwhile investment, who wants to bear the pain of an expensive mistake?
Here are some tips for you to keep in mind to pull out the maximum efficiency that the product has to offer,

  • Understand that slow and steady wins the race: At an initial stage when you have recently started using this product, there are chances that you might find it a little intimidating. Start slow and feel your muscles heat up.

At around 30min. within the workout, when you are warmed up slowly increase your speed. After gaining a comfortable pace, maintain it, be concentrated and keep a stable hold. Follow this routine for noticeable results.

  • Don’t neglect the handrails: Make sure that you are using the handrails which position your body in the right manner. Grip them tightly for safe and convenient usage.
  • Keep yourself hydrated: Dehydration can lead to weakness, dizziness, blurred eyesight, and tiredness. To avoid this, keep a water bottle near you every time for a hydrated and healthy workout session.
  • Track your progress: Use the computer system efficiently to track your growth. Take measures, plan steps for increasing your stamina and core strength.
  • Too much of anything is bad for you: Understand that precaution is better than cure. Do not exert yourself by exercising for longer durations. If you experience tightness or pain, stop exercising immediately. If it persists for days, consult your doctor for medication.
  • Wear appropriate and comfortable clothes while exercising: The workout clothing should be soft and lightweight. It should absorb sweat and prevent bad odor. Pair the apparel with athletic shoes, i.e. running or aerobic shoes. Using this product with bare feet may give you injuries.
  • Keep it out of reach of children and pets: Keep this fitness equipment out of the reach of children and pets and maintain a minimum of 3 feet of clearance in front and back of this machine.

With more and more products entering the market, people have now started to question the reliability and durability of this product. In the world of cheap elliptical equipment, gazelle edge tops the list.

Everyone agrees to one point that there is no other cheap alternative that will offer you such amazing functionalities. 

This is what makes it a great choice for those who are on a tight budget. Be sure that you will get what you paid for. The Gazelle Workout Machine ensure you enhanced cardiovascular system, delivering high oxygen levels and improving the quality of life. 

When Gazelle came up with this product, it gained popularity due to their idea of making fitness affordable and convenient. Reforming the idea of visiting a gym to working out at home, at our convenience attracted a lot of eyeballs.

Out of an unending list of amazing fitness equipment, the gazelle edge stole our hearts.


  • Does the Gazelle Edge really work?

    Yes, it works, if you are new to the exercising world, you can do the start the exercising if you don’t have time for a GYM membership. You can easily do a quick workout of 15-20 times. It is also helpful for those who want to do the cardio.

  • Can you really lose weight with the gazelle?

    Yeah, it also help you to losse weight, if you do the proper exercise with proper intervals, you can also do the High Intensity workout by increasing the resistance of the machine.

  • Does the Gazelle Edge have resistance?

    No, Gazelle Edge doesn’t have any resistance.

  • How many calories do you burn on a gazelle edge?

    It depends on many factors how much calories you burn, but according to the, if your weight is 200lbs and if you use the Gazelle edge lighly then you’ll burn 573 calories in one hour.

  • How many calories do you burn on a gazelle edge?

    It depends on many factors how much calories you burn, but according to the, if your weight is 200lbs and if you use the Gazelle edge lighly then you’ll burn 573 calories in one hour.

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