Health Benefits of Smartwatches (How they can help you Live Longer)

Smartwatches make our lives very easy, but few people know the Health Benefits of Smartwatches, and today we are going to mention some of the best Health Benefits here in our article.

In the 16th century, wristwatches came into existence. The technology keeps on growing widely, every year we get to hear about different technologies coming across.

People too, enjoy this variation in technology and change according to it. People are very adaptable to technology.

Bang on! This time the growing technology has embraced people and is a bit shocking because it is “SmartWatches”.
Before jumping to any conclusion about this new technology, let’s first learn what it is?

Health Benefits of Smartwatches

Health Benefits of Smartwatches
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A SmartWatch is quite similar to a normal wristwatch with some additional features added. SmartWatch is defined as a wearable technology that can update you with every information that you access through the smartphone.

The main aim of designing a SmartWatch is health. How a smartwatch can be proved beneficial for your health. Yes, you have heard it correct, Health Benefits Of SmartWatches.

Basically, Smartwatch is an interface just similar to the smartphone which connects you with mobile apps, device management, call management, text management, and many more things that you perform daily on your smartphone.

  • Is smartwatch good for health?

    Yes, It is good for health unless and until you use it for a limited amount of time. Excess use can lead to a headache.

  • What is the point of a smartwatch?

    Yes, The never-ending list of advantages is itself a huge point to have a smartwatch with you. Also, it can add to your fashion too. Smartwatches can make you avoid using smartphones.

It includes additional IoT sensors that can measure and monitor your heart rate, the weather around you, your pulse rate, etc. This built-in sensor will sense the data present around.

Hence, with such a load of features and health care facilities, let’s learn some new functions and detailed information about “Health Benefits Of Smartwatch.”

To sum up, Smartwatch tracks the daily activities that you perform on your smartphone, also tracks your fitness, and provides accurate data about your health.

Friends, after knowing and understanding the definition of SmartWatch, it’s time to analyze and visualize the functionalities of SmartWatch and reasons to get a smartwatch.

Tracks Sleep

When it comes to sleep, that means we are idle doing nothing. It is very important for you to know how many hours you have slept? What quantity of sleep has been covered?.

There must be plenty of different ways discovered to answer your doubtful questions, and you must be waiting for the right person or right device to answer.

SmartWatches have made this job easier for you. The developers had included a small portion with few sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, and the orientation sensor to capture the user’s sleep posture and habits.

Whenever the smartwatch will come in contact with the wrist it will sense the sleep patterns, and display reading accurately.

Health and Fitness Related Benefits

Heart Rate Monitoring

benefits of a smartwatch
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Health should be given more priority than any other thing. Hence, SmartWatch having integration with heart rate sensor measures the heart rate. The heart rate is measured while performing some activities like exercise, walking with speed, even while running.

You must be wondering what’s present inside the watch that it measures the heart rate? Yes, it is a technology called “photoplethysmography”.

When your heart beats, the smartwatch will flash green light and show the reading on the screen. Also, there are some other health-related functionalities present.

SmartWatch ECG

Electrocardiogram This new feature was launched by Apple series 4. This feature was launched with an aim to get the public benefited from a health point of view.

SmartWatch generates ECG patterns via deep learning neural networks which predict through the graph and displays the reading.

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure is one of the health issues faced commonly by most people. Since there are many smartwatches available with Blood pressure enabled features.

With Apple smartwatch, you can now measure Blood Pressure and get proper accuracy too. What you need is just an app to monitor blood pressure, that app will be paired with your Apple SmartWatch.

After reading the input, Apple SmartWatch will absorb the readings and display the output in a red or green circle. If your BP is in control then, the smartwatch will display a green circle else it will display a red circle.

Also, Omron’s HeartGuide is the first SmartWatch for measuring blood pressure through an app. Hence, one more benefit to your health.

Measure Your Pulse

Pulse Oximeter is another sensor now available in SmartWatches. Recently, due to an increase in technology, it’s possible that a clip can be inserted into the smartwatch.

A pulse oximeter is usually used to measure the blood oxygen level or the intensity of the oxygen level. Two LEDs light are used of which one is red and other infrared, the reading is dependent on the oxygen flow whether blood is lacking oxygen or it is flowing normally.

GPS: Know about Calorie

benefits of a smart watch
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You can track yourself and get to know how many calories you have burned in the whole day and accordingly you can decide what you have to eat.

The Smartwatch wearables have an accelerometer to track your movements, also it includes a Global Positioning System that tracks your current position. GPS in your fitness tracker calculates the distance covered with the help of a series of satellites.

Hence, get to know about the calories burned in a day and plan your diet. Here, you can get a package of benefits with the smartwatches. Hence, no need to worry about your health anymore, SmartWatches are here to take care of your health with built-in functionalities.

The above were a few built-in functionalities present in a smartwatch, therefore, “ Health Benefits Of SmartWatch”. Now let’s have a look towards some additional features provided by Smartwatches.

Call over Watch: Strange

Become independent of a smartphone, sometimes people usually forget their smartphones at home and step outside for work without a smartphone.

This may prove hazardous sometimes, no need to worry, carry a smartwatch, and step out. Take calls and make calls without reaching your smartphones, yes you have heard correct this can be possible in today’s era.

Apple series 4 smartwatch support sim card, this has really made life easier by answering calls over smartwatch and also by connecting calls over a smartwatch.

According to a survey, most people never forget to wear a watch as it’s fashionable and adds to your style. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier LTE, Samsung Gear S, Ticwatch E, and many more are the few best SmartWatches that support Cellular connectivity.

Emergency SOS

You never know about any unpredictable incident that may happen with you. You might get into trouble or might face some real crisis, in this case, you need emergency assistance as soon as possible.

  • Does a smartwatch need a data plan?

    No, It’s not required to have an activated data plan for your smartwatch. You just need to connect your smartwatch with any wireless device,

Apple Watch Series have this additional built-in feature included. What you need to do is to tap on the SOS slider and press it.

To whomever, you want to call for help, just tap on the SOS slider and an emergency SOS will be assigned to the contact person. Hence, one more benefit of SmartWatch, that can rescue you from danger.

Ease Access to Notifications

reasons to get a smartwatch
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Notifications play an important role in our daily life. We get notifications from Whatsapp, messenger, email, social media apps, sometimes we are unable to attend those notifications due to some work or might be any other reason.

  • Can you text on a smartwatch?

    Yes, you can send n number of text messages via voice. You can even type on it, but because of the small screen, it is more comfortable to use voice over typing.

  • Which smartwatch can answer calls?

    There are ample smartwatches present but few of them support SIM cards. They are Apple Series 4, Samsung Gear S3 Frontier LTE, Samsung Gear S2, Samsung Gear S, TicWatch E2, LG Urbane 2nd Edition LTE Smartwatch, LEMFO KW88, BURG Neon 16A are the best SIM card supported smartwatches.

To avoid skipping notifications, SmartWatches are designed that will never let you skip your important notifications. A wearable smartwatch Operating System supports an interesting feature called the wrist-based keyboard.

If you are an android user and want to get notifications on your wristwatch for that you have provided permission on your android smartphone, on enabling the notification bar, you will be able to reply to your emails, WhatsApp messages over wristwatch, no need to use your smartphone.

Great feature, isn’t it? There are a number of features added into this tiny SmartWatch. I will brief you quickly with some other features.

Wireless Device Activation

Wi-Fi also called Wireless Fidelity is well known to most of the public because most people use this to get access to the internet, also they use public wifi while hanging out in any cafes or mall.

It’s unbelievable that you can now connect your wearable OS to any wireless device.

Let it be a router or your smartphone’s data pack, you can flip to your smartwatch’s settings and add wireless network into it. It’s absolutely possible to get connected to any wireless device without any contact with your smartphone.

With Google’s latest updated feature, smartwatches can get connected to wireless adapters like Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC without being in contact with your smartphone. Additionally, smartwatches have microSD cards that you can use to store songs, messages, or any other important stuff.

Listen to Music Without Using Phone

This one is an awesome feature, as everyone loves to listen to music. You carry a smartphone and headset to Gym or for a jog. To carry both the things might trouble you a lot, or may distract your focus from jogging or gyming.

smartwatch pros and cons
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To get rid of this and to be free from carrying this, you have Wearable OS, viz SmartWatch. Your smartwatch has a microphone, speaker that you can use for instructing via voice, also you can cache music into your microSD.

Hence, while Gyming or jogging you need to enable Bluetooth and get your headset connected to your smartwatch. Therefore, this is another benefit Of smartwatch that you can use with ease.

After briefing you about the features and functionalities of SmartWatch you must be looking for affordable and fashionable smartwatches so that you can buy it for you or gift it to someone.

You can switch to Apple Series 4, Apple series 5 smartwatches, Samsung smartwatches, etc these smartwatches are affordable ones with all the above features and functionalities.

You can get various types included in it. Other than that, Fitbit Versa Lite, TicWatch E2 are few options that you can look for, as these smartwatches are pocket-friendly and fashionable with a shiny surface.

  • What are the advantages of Smartwatches?

    Make or Take Phone calls, be updated by getting notifications on your smartwatch, get optimal information using fitness trackers, connect to wireless devices, communicate via voice, listen to music, get health-related benefits.

After understanding the definition of SmartWatch and reading detailed information about the features and functionalities of smartwatch, it’s time to discuss some smartwatch PROs and CONs.

Advantages Of SmartWatches(PROS)

  • Ease in Receiving Phone Calls: It’s natural to have phone calls in between of driving a car, this might distract your focus from driving, but with this wearable OS it will be easy for you to attend the call or make a call with the help of google assistant present in the android smartwatches or Siri for Apple users. 
  • Less Use Of SmartPhone: Another advantage of using a smartwatch is that you don’t have to reach towards the phone for any purpose. Let’s say if it’s about replying to any Whatsapp messages or any text messages then you can use smartwatches, also to get weather-related updates, to know your environment temperature too.
  • Health Benefits: The SmartWatches include fitness tracking activities like heart rate monitoring, ECG, Blood Pressure, Step counter, an accelerometer to track body movements, GPS for knowing about your Calorie Burn, pulse Oximeter to measure oxygen level and many more.
  • Important Notifications: No need to worry, you will get notified on every important notification. Irrespective of any app installed on your SmartWatch, you will be notified about your important meetings schedule, etc. You can also track your To-Do List.
  • Listen to music,  stay connected to wireless devices without being in contact with your phone.

Disadvantages of SmartWatches(CONS)

  • More Battery Consumption: Due to the cellular Connectivity, battery drains a lot. Also, accessing messages, phone calls, using apps can drain out battery. If you are using smartwatches for the sports activity you have to charge the smartwatch at the end of the day.
  • Short Screen might frustrate you a lot while using. It’s hard to touch or rotate in a small size.
  • SmartWatches are quite expensive.
  • You still need a Smartphone for enabling the features and accessing it.
  • Sometimes, the fitness tracker may not provide optimal accuracy. Most of the Fitness Tracker provides accuracy up to 80% which is not sufficient to jump over any conclusion.
  • What are the disadvantages of smartwatches?

    Limited Battery, short screen size, difficulty in taping or rotating due to small screen size, high expense, sometimes fitness tracker may provide inappropriate readings are some of the disadvantages of smartwatches.

  • Is a smartwatch really worth it?

    Yes, it is worth it for those who really want to explore the special features and functionalities. Those who want to use it casually can prefer the traditional ones.

The above-discussed points were some pros and cons of using the smartwatch. According to me. Pros overweight the cons.

  • Can a smartwatch be hacked?

    According to research, yes your smartphones can be hacked by hackers but not easily. Already, the developer provides security to smartwatches, hence it will be not easy for them to hack.

  • Are Smartwatches a waste of money?

    No, It is actually not a waste of money at all. It solely depends upon the use of the people, if they don’t have enough time to spend on mobile then they can prefer smartwatch. For them, who cannot afford the cost or have time to spend to check out the phone, it’s not worth buying for them.

  • How do I choose a smartwatch?

    Look for proper battery life smartwatches, also it should touch screen one. Most of the hybrids one tends to have great battery life. If you are health conscious then get a fitness smartwatch for you which includes all health-related functionalities. If you want to use just for calling or messaging then you get a smartwatch for yourself. Hope it is very clear to you about selecting a proper watch.

Here, I would like to end the topic. Health Benefits Of SmartWatch, by reading the above information you must have understood the importance of smartwatch for health purposes.

Also, I have discussed Pros and Cons about using a smartwatch or not. If you have any questions regarding our article Health Benefits of smartwatches, then you can comment down below, we are happy to help you. We have made reviews and comparisons of different kinds of smartwatches.

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