How to make Elliptical Quieter in just 5 Steps

Elliptical machines are one of the easiest to use and quiet workout machines, but after using it for a long time it starts to create unusual noise and sounds, and that same happened with me during this quarantine time.

And then I start searching for How to make Elliptical Quieter, and after spending a complete day checking and removing all the unusual sounds from my machine, I am here to help you as well.

So here are some of the tips that you can use as well to make your elliptical machine quieter:

  • Make sure the elliptical machine is on a straight level with the ground, and check all the levelers are touching the floor completely.
  • Check all the joints and all the parts of the machine for any missing parts or loose nuts and bolts, and if something is broken or loose, tight them up.
  • Pull out all the bearing and rotating parts and apply synthetic grease to them and put them back.
  • Make sure nothing is broken or lost, and use the assembly manual to check for all the parts that nothing is missing. 

Let me explain all the points in detail about the points of How do you fix a noisy elliptical:

Adjust the Levellers

Elliptical machines come with leveling feet so that you can adjust the level of the machine according to your floor, if you have an uneven floor then you can still make it straight, all you need to do is to rotate the levelers to adjust their length, and then you can make your machine parallel to the floor. 

But sometime after some use, these levelers become uneven in their height, and then it starts to hit the floor when you use the machine, but you can adjust it easily without the need of any kind of special tools. Make sure the machine is well balanced before using it.

If your floor is uneven then you have to move your elliptical machine to a straight floor, and then adjust the leveling feet, so it will not hit the floor again. When the levelers are evenly adjusted then your workout will become more smooth. 

Check all Joints and Bolts

After using any machine, some of its joints and bolts start to loosen up, and then it starts vibrating and creating noise, but you can remove these kinds of noises easily. First, you need to shake the handles and all the joints to find out from where the noise is coming and after finding the loose joint or bolt, you can tighten them up with Allen keys or wrenches.

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And make sure nothing is missing or broken from the bolts and nuts, if you find something is missing or broken, you can order that part from the official website, and only after replacing the part, then use the machine otherwise it can create more harm and damage to your machine.

Apply Grease to the Bearings and Rotating Parts

There are many bearings present wherever one part is connected to the other part like in between the handlebar and the rod where you put your foot, and you can pull them out and apply synthetic grease to them so that they can rotate easily without making any kind of noise because of friction.

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There are other parts where you will find out bearings, you can use the assembly manual to find out where the bearings are, and you can add grease to those as well. This point is also mentioned in the maintenance guide as well, but many of the users forget to read that.

Make sure no part is Missing or Broken

After using the machine for a long time, there will be some kind of wear and tear caused by the machine, and that is why make sure nothing is broken, and all the parts are in their place and are in good shape and nothing is loose.

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Sometimes the noise is created because some part like a bolt or a nut is missing and the two parts are hitting each other and creating unusual sounds, so read your manual first to see everything is in its original place. 

Prefer Magnetic Elliptical Machines

If your machine is now too old and you are looking for a new elliptical machine then we will suggest you go with magnetic elliptical machines, these machines use electricity to create resistance, and there is no mechanical part for resistance, and that is why nothing is creating any kind of friction inside the flywheel of the machine.

That is why it makes the magnetic elliptical machines much quieter as compared to the traditional elliptical machines, I have found some great magnetic elliptical machines that you can check:

Why does Elliptical create Noise?

The reason why do elliptical machines create clunking sounds or unusual noise is the lack of regular maintenance and leveling issues, if the owner reads the manual completely then the machine will never create any type of noise at all. 

If you are thinking why is my elliptical making a clunking sound, then there must be a loose nut or there is something that is loose at any of the joints of the machines, or it may be possible the bearing is not working smoothly.

To remove that kind of noise you can check all the joints and make sure all the nuts and bolts are in their place and are tightened up properly, and put grease on all the bearings so that they can rotate smoothly.

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First, find out from where you are getting noise and then start working on it and if you found that your flywheel is creating noise then you can replace the belt, or you can consult professional help. Here is a short video of how you can replace the flywheel belt of an elliptical machine. 

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