Inspire FT1 Review, Is it Worth Spending $$$$?

Confused about the Inspire Fitness Functional Trainer FT1? What makes it worthy, and it really a good purchase or not. Read the detailed Inspire Fitness Functional Trainer FT1 Review. It comes with lots of great features with a $$$$ price tag.

Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer is a complete workout machine that can replace many other machines, it comes with different kinds of attachments to train different parts of the body, and the frame is also well strong and stable, and can handle heavyweights as well. If you are looking for a good and reliable machine then it can be a perfect fit for you.

Dimensions47.2 x 53.9 x 81.5″
No. of Exercises40+
Weight of Machine725 lbs (329kg)
FrameHeavy-duty steel
Max. User weight350 lbs
AccessoriesTablet Holder Attachment, Tricep Rope, Rubber D Handles, Straight Bar, EZ Curl Bar, Ankle Strap, Multi-Function Belt, Sports Handle Exercise Booklet, Add-On Weights, Exercise Booklet
WarrantyFrame and Parts: Lifetime (Residential) & Frame & Parts: 10 Years (Commercial) 
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People are getting more conscious about their health and fitness due to fear of the adverse impact of the current lifestyle, social media influence, and many more reasons.

With the rise of the buzz of health and fitness, Functional trainers are gaining popularity because they can be used to mimic basic and normal activities like pushing, pulling, lunging, twisting, turning and much more.

The basic function of functional trainers is to assist its user to perform a wide range of movements safely and can be used by people of all ages and experiences. It helps to incorporate core strength, stability, and endurance by performing activities that are very much similar to everyday activities.

Functional trainers have a pulley-pull-up bar integrated frame, 2 independent weight stacks, and independent cables which makes choosing and inserting weight an easy task. Due to this reason functional trainers are used in circuit training.

People mostly opt for functional trainers, since it allows you to perform a variety of exercises using the same equipment which would prevent spending money on different other expensive equipment and save from occupying unnecessary space and will provide the ability to do a full-body work out without the possibility of an injury due to improper training.

Inspire FT1 Review

If you are hunting for fitness equipment for your gym or wanting to convert your home into the gym then don’t worry, functional trainers are a good investment that would provide the widest variety of exercise to stay fit and fine.

Inspire Fitness FT1 is a functional trainer offered by California based company named Inspire Fitness. This company started in 2003 and offers many gym systems, fitness machines, and accessories. It is the maker of one of the best and biggest functional trainer i.e. Inspire fitness FT2.

Inspire Fitness FT1 functional trainer is a compact version of fitness FT2. Inspire Fitness FT1 functional trainer is a compact version of Fitness FT2 and comes with the possibility to perform a wide range of exercises in a smaller price tag.

Owing to its smaller footprint and significantly good cost/quality ratio, it is installed in a personal training studio, home, schools, hotels, etc.

Inspire FT1 Review
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It can be said that Inspire Fitness FT1 functional trainer is a good option even if you are budget constrained. In other words, it can be said that Inspire Fitness FT1 is a must-buy product.

But before investing those hard-earned bucks let’s walk through the Inspire FT1 review to see whether it deserves to be called one of the best functional trainers.

Let’s start with the Inspire Fitness Functional Trainer FT1 Review by knowing the basic information about the equipment which will give us a head start to understand the Inspire Fitness FT1 functional trainer..

Inspire Fitness FT1 is one of the four functional trainers offered by Inspire Fitness which has a reputation of offering fitness equipment for more than 15 years.

It has a V-shaped machine having compact construction along with forwarding workout space which makes it suitable for residential fitness usage as it can be fitted in any corner of the room without getting worried about space clearance.  

As there are many functional trainers in the market and they come in all shapes and sizes, therefore, while choosing a functional trainer, one has to consider many factors like weight stacks, Pulley ratio, attachments, accessories, and much more.


Inspire ft1 has a small footprint measuring 119 x 113 cm making it suitable for home gym system. It has a heavy-duty and sturdy machine frame coated with powder to protect from accidental dents and scratches. 

  • It has a compact construction weighing 245 kg making it a stable machine. It has a 2’’x4’’, 11-gauge tubular unfold able machine frame which has anti-corrosive paint on it to preserve its original look.
  • The adjustable pulley can pivot 180 ° freely according to different exercises and can adjust to 30 different positions. The cables have a tensile strength of 2000 lbs. They have a PVC coating which yields smooth pulley movement.

Weight Resistance

Inspire FT1 functional trainer has a dual weight stack weighing 72.5 kg each. The weight stack comprises of 15 heavy-duty metallic alloy plates of 4.5 kg each. It comes with some extra weight plates which can be used to increment the stacks.

  • It has easy weight adjustment system. Each plate on the stack has its mentioned weight and an adjustment hole. You have to insert the pin into the adjustment hole to select a particular weight on the stack.
  • The weight stack offers a 2:1 weight ratio which can be upgraded with the help of weight stack add-ons.


Inspire FT1 functional trainer comes with a bunch of attachments such as Ankle strap, EZ curl bar, straight bar, Triceps rope, 2 rubber handles, Pull bar, Exercise booklet, two 5lbs add-ons, sports handle and Multi-function wide belt. 

  • They offer these varieties of accessories to perform many exercises on the trainer such as 2 rubber handles is used for moves like cable crossover, single-arm bicep curls, etc. An ankle strap is used for hip-strengthening exercises like hip abduction, hip extension, etc. 
  • Inspire fitness FT1 doesn’t have a bench for doing bench presses and shoulder presses.


Inspire has a reputation for giving warranties and this reflects in this trainer as well. It has 2 types of warranties: Residential and Light commercial.

  • Residential warranty implies limited lifetime warranty on frame and parts. Having a lifetime warranty is comforting for anyone who is getting home gym equipment for the first time.
  • Light commercial warranty implies limited lifetime on frame and 10-years warranty on parts.

Assembly and Maintenance

The assembling procedure is a little bit complicated and would require 2 persons to set up the machine within 2-3 hours. It comes with all the tools and a detailed instruction manual which explains every step for assembly.

  • It doesn’t require much maintenance. To have smooth movements of the weight stacks it is recommended to grease the rods and pulleys require lubrication periodically to avoid squeaking.

Inspire Fitness Functional Trainer FT1 Review seems to go in the favor of Inspire FT1 due to its amazing features such as upgradable weight stacks, numerous accessories, ergonomic pull-bar, etc.

But we cannot arrive at any conclusion of Inspire FT1 Review without assessing the PROs and CONs of Inspire FT1 functional trainer which will decide the final fate of this product.


Making a learned decision is of prime importance and for that pros and cons help us to make an easy and effective decision. It is time to explore the Pros and Cons of Inspire Fitness FT1 to compare and analyze the equipment altogether and reach to the right decision regarding this Inspire FT1 Review.


  • Small footprint and has V-shaped design making it possible for room accommodation
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Brings a good warranty plan along with itself
  • Versatile, allows more than 40 exercises to perform
  • Comes with numerous accessories such as Easy curl bar, Triceps role, Ankle cuff
  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Dual weight stack each of 72.5 kg
  • Can be used by all types of people
  • Long-lasting and smooth pulley and cable movement.
  • Pulley can be adjusted to 30 different positions


  • Lacks a few advanced features when compared to Inspire Fitness Ft 2 functional trainer.
  • It has a 2:1 weight ratio, need to buy weight plates
  • Complicated setup procedure
  • Does not include a bench
  • No smith bar like one to Inspire fitness FT2
  • Difficult to move after assembling the entire setup, therefore needs a dedicated area

Inspire FT1 Workouts

  • Bicep curls
  • Lateral single-arm biceps curls
  • Lying biceps curls
  • Close-grip pulldowns
  • Triceps extensions
  • Cable crunches
  • Cable twist crunches
  • Seated trunk rotations
  • Back flies
  • Back presses
  • Crossover rowing
  • Kneeling rowing
  • Chest presses
  • Single-arm chest presses
  • Wide grip chest presses
  • Pullovers
  • Pullovers with crunches
  • Pullovers with twisting crunches
  • Stand-up leg curls
  • Calf raises
  • Squats
  • Front lunges
  • Shoulder presses
  • Upright rows
  • Lateral deltoid raises
  • Shoulder extensions
  • Lateral arm pulls
  • Lateral deltoid raises
  • Front deltoid raises
  • Lying front deltoid raises
  • What is the product code of Inspire fitness FT1?

    Inspire fitness FT1 has a product code of FT10.

  • Does Inspire fitness FT1 come with a manual?

    Yes, it has a detailed instruction manual which provides assembly instruction of Inspire Fitness ft 1 Functional trainer.

  • Can I have Inspire fitness FT1 at my house?

    Yes, it has a compact construction which makes it possible to accommodate it in a small space.

  • How much time does FT1 take to assemble?

    FT1 takes 2-3 hours to get assembled by two persons. It would take several hours for the first time to assemble it.

  • Does FT1 have a smith bar?

    FT1 doesn’t come with a smith bar.

  • In how many boxes is the FT1 trainer shipped in?

    FT1 comes in 8 boxes. The first box contains the mainframe and the second box contains the parts of the machine, while box no. 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 contain weight plates.

  • Does Inspire FT1 has foldable frame like HCI Fitness PTX trainer?

    No, FT1 does not have a foldable machine frame.

  • Does Inspire Functional FT1 trainer have warranty?

    Yes, FT1 has 2 types of warranty on frame and parts of the machine.
    Residential warranty: limited lifetime warranty on frame and parts.
    Light commercial warranty: limited lifetime on frame and 10-years warranty on parts.

  • Does Inspire Fitness FT1 has accessories with it?

    Yes, FT1 has numerous accessories/attachments such as Ankle strap, EZ curl bar, straight bar, Triceps rope, 2 rubber handles, Pull bar, Exercise booklet, two 5lbs add-ons, sport handle and Multi-function wide belt.
    These accessories are used to perform many exercises on the trainer such as 2 rubber handles is used for moves like cable crossover, single-arm bicep curls, etc. The ankle strap is used for hip-strengthening exercises like hip abduction, hip extension, etc.

  • Can I move the Inspire FT1 Trainer from one room to another?

    No, because it is quite difficult to after complete assembly so make sure to have a dedicated area for the trainer.

We are at the most important part of the Inspire Ft1 Functional Trainer Review, where we have assessed whether Inspire fitness FT1 is a must buy or not, and if yes, then why so?

The Verdict of Inspire FT1 Review is…YES, Inspire Fitness FT1 is must buy and it has many features like ergonomically designed pull-bar, low maintenance requirement, durable and stable machine frame with a sleek look which makes it a must-buy product.

Whether you are a gym freak or somebody who is out of shape aspiring to get fit and into shape, you will love this product as it is affordable and gives an excellent cost/quality ratio.

Even if you don’t have time to hit the gym then don’t worry you can have this Inspire Fitness FT 1 functional trainer installed at home, since it has a smaller footprint as compared to other functional trainers in the fitness equipment market.

Lifetime residential warranty on this trainer is similar to the cherry on the cake. If you compare trainers in the price range of Inspire FT1 then It is very difficult to find a nicer, more versatile dual weight stacks functional trainer in the market.

To sum up, this Inspire f1 Review, Inspire fitness FT1 functional trainer is quality and versatile fitness equipment and investing in it like earning much more in the long term with health and fitness. So what are you thinking– GO GRAB IT!

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