Intrepid i300 Treadmill Review: Is it WORTH BUYING?

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Confused about Intrepid i300, whether to buy it or not? Or go with some other treadmill? Intrepid i300 is a very basic kind of treadmill, but it is even worth investing in, you will know about that in our Intrepid i300 Treadmill Review. So, sit back and read along to the end to know how great this treadmill is and how many features it got that are actually going to help you.

Intrepid i300 is a cheap treadmill that comes with very basic kind of features, and there are many issues that come with it like it only has 250lbs. of max. user weight and it is perfect for those who are looking for an affordable and doesn’t need so many features.

Dimensions63.4” x 30.9” x 51.4”
Dimensions (When Folded)28” x 30.9” x 62”
Display4.5” LCD display
Exercise Programs12
Product Weight108 lbs.
Max. Weight Capacity250 lbs.
Motor1.5 HP
Speed0.5 to 10 mph
WarrantyFrame: Lifetime, Motor: 1 year, Parts & Labor: 90 days

Staying fit and healthy in this modern era is quite difficult for some people because they don’t have time to take care of themselves, but they still want to be fit and in shape, and for those people, treadmills and home gyms are great workout machines.

One can stay fit and in shape without going anywhere and they can use this machine according to their time, and treadmills and home gyms are so affordable than the monthly subscriptions of those fancy gyms and fitness clubs.

Going to the gym or fitness clubs are such a pain in the ass, you need to first drive to the gym, then do the clothes change, then do your workout and then do all the process again to reach to your room or home, and if there is a traffic jam comes to your way, then you are going to be more pissed off.

And that is where you think that you need a home gym or treadmill so that you can stay in shape without leaving your home, and saves a lot of money as well as time at the same time.

There are a lot of types of machines out there, from budget options to the costly ones, and today we are here with an affordable treadmill. If you want to read some of the treadmill reviews that we have covered then here are their links:

The Intrepid i300 Treadmill is a pretty basic looking treadmill but it packs a hell lot of features, and in our Intrepid i300 Treadmill Review, we are going to see what are those features and how good they are. 

Intrepid i300 Treadmill Review

Intrepid i300 Treadmill Review
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Intrepid i300 comes with hell lots of features, compared to the price they are demanding like they are providing 12 different programs to choose from, a lifetime warranty on the frame, an LCD display, inclination levels, and many more to know all the features we will provide a dedicated features section in our Intrepid i300 Treadmill Review. 

Before we get into the features of the Intrepid i300 Treadmill, we’ll first see the basic information of the Intrepid i300.


Intrepid i300 Treadmill Review
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The frame of the Intrepid i300 Treadmill is made up of steel and can last long years. The body of the Intrepid i300 Treadmill is strong and sturdy, and can easily handle the weight of around 250 lbs maximum without any issue.

The frame of the Intrepid i300 can be easily folded in half, that will not take much space, and you can store that after folding to any place, the dimensions before folding is 63.4” x 30.9” x 51.4” and after folding the treadmill the length reduces to the 28 inches. 

The Intrepid i300 comes with rollers so that you can easily move the machine from one place to another, the weight of the machine is 108 lbs, which is light enough to move around. 

This treadmill comes with 18″ x 47″ of running surface which comes with a cushioned deck so that it can absorb the vibrations and impacts while running and provide you a comfortable running so that your joints will not feel any kind of pain from the impacts.


The design of the Intrepid i300 comes with two different levels of inclination, which means you can make your workout more tough and intense, but you have to set the inclination level manually. 

Intrepid i300 Treadmill Review
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The Intrepid i300 also comes with a holder for bottles, and a media shelf to carry your tablets, phones, or magazines.

Intrepid i300 comes with a 4.5 inch LCD display which doesn’t come with the backlit feature, you can use the buttons provided on the shelf to change through the settings and menu. It can track all the things like speed, distance, time, and calories you have burned throughout the workout.

It also comes with large buttons, so that you can easily change through the different exercise programs. The treadmill comes with a speed of 0.5 to 10 MPH, you will find your needed speed without any issue. 


Intrepid i300 comes with a 1.5 horsepower motor that does all the hard work, this motor produced enough power to give you a good and comfortable workout without creating any kind of noise and problem.

The maximum speed you can get with this motor is around 10mph which is not enough for professional sprinters, but it is enough for people who do running or jogging to stay fit and healthy. So, if you are one of those regular runners then you will not find any problem with this.

You can do medium to light workout training with the Intrepid i300 easily. This motor comes with a warranty period of 1 year. If you face any problem related to the motor, you can contact the company and they will repair or replace the motor for you.


The overall quality of the Intrepid i300 is good enough that can easily last long for years without creating any issues, or problems. The frame is strong and well built and comes with powder-coated paint that will prevent the body from rust and corrosion. 

The wheels are strong enough to hold the machine for a long time and all the joints of the treadmill are well connected. 

And if you find any problem with the frame, then you don’t have to worry about anything as the frame of this treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty, which means if you find any issues with the frame, then they will fix that for you for free.


Intrepid i300 Treadmill doesn’t come in one piece, you have to do the assembly of this machine by yourself, they are not providing any information regarding the assembly process on their amazon page, but they provide that information in the manual.

Intrepid i300 Treadmill Review
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The information regarding the assembly process is not so detailed and you will face some problems while doing it by yourself, but they are providing assistance with the assembly process but you have to pay for that extra.


Warranty is quite crucial when we talk about any gym product since you can rely on a product if it has a good warranty period. It assures you that the product you are buying is backed up by the company.

If we talk about the warranty, the Intrepid i300 comes with a lifetime warranty of the frame, one year warranty for the motor, and 90 days for the parts and labor, which is enough for ensuring the quality of the product. Its price always fluctuates, you can check its latest price from Amazon. (Click here to go Amazon page)

PROs and CONs

Every machine has some advantages and some disadvantages, and that is the same as the Intrepid i300 Treadmill, as we are reviewing it, we have to also mention the bad things about this machine. Because without mentioning the bad things about this machine our Intrepid i300 Treadmill Review, will look biased.


  • Affordable: The pricing of the Intrepid i300 comes under the $450 that is quite affordable for people who want to stay fit and healthy.
  • Inclination: Intrepid i300 comes with two different levels of inclination, that you can change it manually from the bottom section of the machine.
  • Foldable Design: The design of the machine is foldable means you can easily store this under your bed, you don’t need to worry about the storage of this machine.


  • Only 250 lbs of max weight limit: The maximum weight limit of this machine is 250 lbs which are not enough for the machine of this price range.
  • No backlit display: The 4.5-inch display of this treadmill doesn’t come with backlit, which means you cannot see the information in a dark room.
  • No custom profile: You cannot add any kind of custom programs to the machine, you have to use its pre-built 12 programs.

The Intrepid i300 is a great machine, that has some advantages as well as some disadvantages, it comes with a lot of great features and specifications but when you see the reviews and ratings of this treadmill, you will be not happy then. 

Many people reported about the problems that they face after buying this. It comes with a great warranty if you find any problem you can call their customer care, and they will fix that. 

We also reviewed a better treadmill than Intrepid i300, It called Weslo Cadence 5.9, it is more affordable than this and has more features, and Weslo Cadence 5.9 has great reviews and ratings as well. 

You can buy that instead of this. Hope our review helped you in making a better decision if you have any question regarding the Intrepid i300 Treadmill Review, you can comment down below, we are happy to help you. Below is the best seller treadmill of Amazon.

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