JLL IC300 Pro Review: Is it WORTH BUYING this year?

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JLL IC300 PRO Exercise Bike is a very popular Indoor Bike, but is it worth buying? To know the answer, read the JLL IC300 Pro Review along to the end. 

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The JLL IC300 Pro Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike packs a lot of features under its hood, and today we are going to see what are those features and how they can help us in our JLL IC300 Review

Staying fit and healthy in this world becomes very important but it becomes difficult for some people to stay fit, as they don’t have time to go to Gyms or fitness clubs.

But one can stay fit by doing cycling, as it is one of the most common and famous methods of exercise. Cycling has many health benefits like it improves the stamina, improves focus, improves heart health, improves the leg muscles. 

And if you want to read more about the health benefits of cycling, you can read this amazing article by Cycling Weekly.

This is enough talking about the health benefits of the Cycling, let’s start our JLL IC300 Pro Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Review.

JLL IC300 Pro Review

JLL IC300 is one of the best indoor spin bikes of the, it has 212 ratings with 4.3 stars out of 5 on its amazon selling page. 

JLL IC300 comes with tons of features that make people’s favorite exercise bike. We have also covered a detailed article about the Best Spin Bikes

JLL IC300 comes with magnetic resistance, which makes the workout quiet and comfortable, and it also comes with adjustable handlebars and adjustable seats which makes this machine a perfect choice for everyone.

There are many things that this feature offers and we are going to see those in our detailed JLL IC300 Pro Review. But before going further, let’s see some of the basic specifications first.

Dimensions131 x 51 x 112 cm
Product Weight45 kg
Max. Weight Capacity130 kg
DisplayLCD (Non-Backlit)
ResistanceMagnetic Resistance
Flywheel Weight20 kg
Pulse SensorYes
Adjustable Seats and HandlebarYes
Warranty12 months
More Information Read Reviews


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The JLL IC300 PRO comes with lots of features and we are going to discuss all of them here in bullet points so that you all get an idea what are those without getting confused.

  • Strong Body: The body of the JLL IC300 comes with metal as well as polycarbonate materials, which increases the overall strength of the bike.
  • Magnetic Resistance: JLL IC300 comes with magnetic resistance, it has a 20 kg flywheel that is attached to the magnet which created the resistance. 
  • Quiet in Use: JLL IC300 comes with magnetic resistance, which makes the workout more smooth and quiet. And it is adjustable as well, you can adjust the resistance with a knob which is provided below the console.
  • Belt DrivenJLL IC300 comes with the belt-driven system, which makes the machine more smooth and quiet, and prevents many things like lubrication, and you don’t need to tighten up the belt.
  • Pulse Sensors: JLL IC300 comes with pulse sensors that you can use to check the heart rate while working out.
  • Adjustable Seats and Handlebar: The JLL IC300 comes with many levels of adjustable settings that can use the machine for more than one user.

Maintenance & Assembly

The JLL IC300 comes with 12 months of warranty and as it comes with the 70% pre-assembled, and you have to only do the remaining 30% and it takes only one hour.

And one can do the JLL IC300 Pro assembly easily, as it comes with a detailed guide to do the instruction.

As it comes with the belt drive system, that makes the workout more clean and smooth, and it makes the maintenance less and you can use the machine for the long term.

And it doesn’t create any kind of friction as it doesn’t have a chain drive.


No machine is perfect in this machine, we have covered many treadmill reviews on our site and all of them have some issues with them, and there are some issues with this machine as well.

And without discussing the issues, our JLL IC300 review is incomplete.


  • Magnetic Resistance: JLL IC300 comes with magnetic resistance which makes the machine smooth.
  • Adjustable Seats and Handles: It comes with 6 vertical handlebar adjustment levels, 6 horizontal and 10 vertical seat adjustment levels.
  • Great Ratings and Reviews: The JLL IC300 has great ratings on the Amazon sale page, you can read the reviews.
  • Compact Design: The design of the bike is very compact, means you can store this machine easily anywhere.


  • Unstable: Many users report that the bike has some stability issues, as the base of the bike is very small which makes it a little bit unstable.


The JLL IC300 is a great all-rounder magnetic resistance bike, that anyone can use without any problem, as JLL IC300 indoor cycling bike feature many things like magnetic resistance, adjustable seat and handle 130 weight limit, great ratings and reviews, which makes this the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a cycling machine. 

It has some issues, but you can ignore that as it will not affect your workout anymore, as it is reported by only a few of the users, not by all users, and if you still want to read some JLL IC300 Pro indoor cycling exercise bike reviews, you can read that from here.

If you are looking for the JLL IC300 Pro best price, then you can check that from the buttons provided below.

We hope our JLL IC300 PRO Review helped you in making a better decision, and if you have any questions or doubts regarding our JLL Exercise Bike review you can comment down below, we are happy to help you.

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