JLL R200 Review: AMAZON #1 Best Seller, Worth buying?

JLL 200 Rowing Machine is an affordable, compact, foldable exercise machine, but is it worth it? We are going to find that in our JLL R200 Review. JLL 200 rowing machines have lots of features to offer, and today we are going to see is it really worth investing your hard-earned money? 

Getting fit is important if you want to be more productive, more focused, or wanna live long, but many people are still struggling between their busy lives, they don’t have enough time to go to the gyms or fitness clubs.

Many of us cannot go just for a small walk or run, so what to do then?

The answer is, buy a machine that can help you stay active and fit, and today we come back with the #1 Best Seller of, JLL 200 Rowing Machine, it is a compact, easy to use, affordable rowing machine, and we are going to do a detailed JLL 200 Rowing Machine Review.

There are many health benefits of having a rowing machine in your home, first, you will save hundreds of dollars on gym memberships, and money that you are going to buy gas for you cars to go to the gyms, and the second thing that you will save is the TIME, you can now train whenever you have free time, or when you get bored during your weekends. 

Rowing exercise has many benefits on your body like, it improves your cardiovascular health, improves stamina, reduces the body fat levels, complete body workout, improves blood circulations, etc.

If you want to read more about the health benefits of rowing exercise, you can read this amazing article by

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JLL R200 Home Rowing Machine Review

JLL R 200 Rowing Machine, is a compact rowing machine that has magnetic resistance and uses belt drive which makes the machine lightweight and easy to use.

There are many features that this machine packs, and today we are going to reveal the good things as well as bad things about this machine in our detailed JLL 200 Rowing Machine Review.

It is the #1 and best seller of, as people are loving this machine, it got around 4.3 stars out of 5 with 398 reviews. This means people are happy with the machine if you want to read some of the reviews left by the customers from here.

JLL R200 Review
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In our JLL 200 Rowing Machine Review we are going to first discuss the design, then about its features and then PROs and CONs of this machine, and at last we also add some alternatives to this machine.

But before going further in our JLL 200 Rowing Machine Review let’s first see some specifications of the JLL R200.

Dimensions180 x 52 x 49 cm
Dimensions (after Folding)71 x 52 x 127 cm
Product Weight23 kg
Max. Weight Capacity100 kg
Resistance Levels10
Display3” LCD 
Foldable Yes
Warranty1 year
More InformationRead Reviews


The body of the JLL R200 Rowing machine is made up of metal and polycarbonate materials, to keep the overall weight of the machine low. The weight of the working machine is only 23 kgs and it can easily take around maximum user weight up to 100 kgs. 

JLL R200 Home Rowing Machine Review
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This is enough for an average user unless you are a professional rower, the joints and parts of the machine are well built and can be easily last up to years without giving any kind of issue to the owner.

The seat of the machine comes with cushioning and has a perfect shape to sit on and do the rowing, but if you want to use the machine for long rowing sessions then you’ll find some problem with the seat, as it feels more hard in long use, we recommend you to use extra cushion for longer period of use.

The footpegs are made up of polycarbonate materials and come woven strap with velcro fastener and they are in the shape of footsteps, and it moves according to the strokes you do, it can accommodate the foot of any size.

The handlebars of the JLL R200 are well built and covered with foam and some kind of anti-slip material so that your hands don’t get off while working out, and it uses a belt drive system to move the handlebars, that makes it quit, smooth and easy to use.

The JLL R200 comes with two transport wheels at the front of the machine, that you can use to move the machine from one place to another, the best part about the design of the machine is that it comes with space saver foldable body, means you can fold the machine in half for easy storing.

To fold the R200 you have to use the two knobs that are present in the middle of the machine and then it can folds up, and there is a big knob that is present in the console to change the resistance of the rowing machine. 

And there is another button to go through the settings of the console, you can reset the console by long-pressing the same button.


JLL R200 Rowing Machine comes with many features and we are going to discuss them in bullet points so that you can get an idea of all the features without reading the complete section.

  • Magnetic Resistance: The JLL R200 rowing machine comes with magnetic resistance, which makes it quieter than the air rowing machine and smooth AF. LOL. Magnetic resistance is very smooth and easy to use resistance, and it is used by the high price segment rowing machines.
  • 10 Levels of Resistance: The JLL R200 comes with 10 different levels of resistance, you can change the level of the resistance with the help of a knob which is present at the console.
  • 3” LCD Display: The JLL R200 rowing machine comes with three inches of LCD display that shows all the stats like, total count, calories burned, count per minute, distance, scan, and time.
  • Belt Drive System: JLL R200 uses a belt drive to move the handlebars, as it makes the machine lighter and produces no noise while using the machine.
  • Best Seller: The JLL R200 is a best seller product of, which makes this machine best in its segment and class.
  • Strong Build: The build of this machine is strong and can last for years without creating any kind of issue, and if you face any problem then it comes with 1 year of warranty.
  • Foldable Design: The JLL R200 comes with foldable design, which means you can fold this machine up after finishing your workout, and save lots of space.

Assembly and Warranty

The JLL R200 rowing machine doesn’t come pre-assembled, you have to do the assembly by yourself, it comes with detailed instructions to do the assembly, you can do the complete assembly under 1 hour, if you are doing this for the first time, you can take help from your friend that knows how to use tools and how to read the instruction guide.

Now, let’s talk about warranty, the JLL R200 comes with one year of warranty, which means if you face any problem with the machine, you can easily call the company and they will repair the machine or replace it.

PROs and CONs

No machine is perfect in this machine, we have covered many treadmill reviews on our site and all of them have some issues with them, and there are some issues with this machine as well. And without discussing the issues, our JLL R200 Home Rowing Machine Review is incomplete.


  • Affordable: The JLL R200 is an affordable rowing machine, now anyone can afford the machine without losing all its savings.
  • Best-Seller: The JLL R200 rowing machine is the best seller product of the rowing machine category, people are loving this machine and they are buying this happily.
  • Foldable Design: The design of the machine is foldable design, now you can save space after completing the workout.
  • Magnetic Resistance: This feature only comes with the costly rowing machines, but you are getting this feature on this machine.


  • Not Built for people above 6 Feet: This machine is not built for people of over 6 feet of height, you will face problems while rowing if you are above 6 feet.
  • The display is not back-lit: The LCD display of this machine is not backlit, which means if you are using this machine in the dark, you will find some problem.
  • No wireless sync: You cannot sync your workout data with your smartphone, as it doesn’t have this feature.

JLL R200 is an excellent rowing machine for beginners as well as for intermediates, it comes with all kind of important features that are required while working out with this machine, but it has some problems as well, but you can ignore that, as they are not major issues, if you ask us what to do, then we recommend you to “GO FOR IT” as there is no machine that offers this much features in this price bracket.

We hope our JLL R200 Review helped you in making a better decision, and if you have any question or doubt regarding our JLL R200 luxury home rowing machine review you can comment down below, we are happy to help you.

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