JTX Freedom Air Rower Review: Is it WORTH BUYING this year?

There are many rowing machines out there, but why you need to buy the JTX Air Rower? Today in our JTX Freedom Air Rower Review, we are going to find out that.

Quarantine has paused the workout for those who were gym freaks. But the JTX Freedom Air Rower has got into huge consideration. To make sure that customers take the product without a second thought, let’s run our eyes through the important points in the checklist in detail and give you a detailed JTX Air Rower review.

The JTX Air Rowing Machine is designed with a keen eye on comfort, efficiency, durability, space consumption, and most importantly tech-savvy. 

From planning your target, staying focused on it, managing the level in all aspects of the body requirement, and accomplishing your target, it has its features designed in a way to cater to all these requirements. It limits no man to workout at their convenience. 

Moving on to the JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine Review, we have all the information here which reduces your task of scrolling meters through the internet.

JTX Freedom Air Review

JTX Fitness is known to design and distribute fitness equipment that includes folding treadmills, cross trainers, and vibration plates to name a few. JTX specializes in designing and distributing A1 quality equipment, especially across the UK. JTX Fitness caters to the fitness, hardware, and wearable industry. 

They started back in the year 2009. This Shoreham-by-sea based company, West Sussex, has its showrooms where customers can test and try the equipment to make sure they are buying exactly what they have learned about.

We all have these big plans and determination to start our workout “from tomorrow”. JTX Freedom Air Rower with advanced magnetism technology is strong and attractive enough to attract you. 

This is definitely something that can turn your tomorrow into today! It has features so good thinking of which you would have no time to feel lazy anymore. And what can be better when you don’t have to pack up your bag and walk down to your gym and rather just dress up in your sportswear and workout in a place at your home that’s your “the spot”. 

Moreover, JTX Air Rowing Machine’s best price is here to serve your purpose. Well, moving further on to the JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine Review, first let’s have a quick look at the specifications.

Dimensions225 x 58 x 86 cm
Product Weight38kg
Max. Weight Capacity130kg
Resistance16 levels DualTorque airflow and Electro-magnetic resistance
DisplayBlue Backlit LCD (12cm)
Workout programs8
Adjustable footrest6 Levels
BodyReinforced aluminum frame
Warranty2 years
Free accessoriesHeart rate chest strap
Transport WheelsYes
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JTX Freedom Air Rower Review
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Styled and strengthened with a reinforced aluminum frame and the JTX MotionRail system, the parts of the JTX Freedom Air Rower machine are assembled in the best possible way to manage its weight, provide a super smooth movement of it and stay stable during heavy workouts.

It has an easy fold system with transportation wheels. Probably the most convenient feature of this machine is that it is foldable. This won’t consume the entire machine space when not in use. It is available in matte black and silver color.

The wheels make it easily portable from your storeroom to your balcony maybe?

Well, it can move to any place that suits you best for working out. The JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine Review weight is 38kgs and it can easily take maximum user weight up to 130kg. 


jtx freedom air review
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The JTX Freedom Air Rower has this unique and advanced computerized speed tracking. You just have to set your target and stay focused to achieve it meanwhile the computer records the speed. Along with this it also records the distance you have covered and has the 500m split time.

The monitor of the JTX machine has the backlight which makes it convenient to view it under any light conditions. It has a blue backlit LCD display fo 12cm.

You can control the resistance levels through the monitor. The stroke, torque/power, and revolutions are duly calculated respectively of the heart rate as well.


  • The handles of the JTX Freedom Air Rower are ergonomic so that you can pull it right up to your chest to accomplish the entire rowing motion stroke.
  • They are easy to hold on to and have a good grip.
  • Its pedals have 6 different adjustments which help a number of people to adjust in a number of positions.
  • Its capacity is up to a 130kg person. It has a light machine weight of 38kg. The machine is long enough and can assure a 6ft2 user to complete a full row with the comfort provided.
  • It has 8 preloaded programs with 2 heart rate training and also includes hill climbing training programs.
  • Its seat is generously padded and is comfortable enough to spend hours on it.
  • It has this free accessory that is the chest strap. It can be used to regulate the pre-programmed workout routines. You can set a target heart rate using the strap and the machine’s resistance will automatically sense it ensuring the optimal effort leads to the desired heart rate. 
  • The entire package comes with a well-detailed manual. “JTX Freedom Air Rower assembly” is probably the most important part of the manual you would search for.


The manual is the secret and solution to anything that comes to your mind about the machine. It has everything mentioned and elaborated in layman’s language.

Starting from the introduction of the machine, it further explains the precautions you have to take before starting to assemble and use the air rower. 

jtx freedom air rowing machine review
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It has given the medical/ physical condition guide, what is to be strictly followed, and what is to be avoided. Moving ahead in the manual you will see the details about the parts provided in the package along with a part code for assembly reference and the quantity of that particular part. 

Then comes the assembling instructions part. Now, this is where you have to be very keen. The name of the part, the code, and the quantity should be followed by you precisely to make the assembling efficient and easy. Also, you have to be careful while assembling that you don’t hurt yourself. 

Next in the line comes the usage of the machine. And the manual has the different programs planned for the age group and BMM based chart as well. You hence get a guide on what is best suitable for you if you are in pink of your health. 

The manual also contains the warm-up and warm-down exercise guidelines. If you suffer any kind of injury or uneasiness due to the workout, worry not! The manual has the reason and solution.

The troubleshooting section of the manual gives you the complete idea of maintenance, the reason for the dysfunctioning of any part of the machine as well as the solution to it. Lastly, it has the customer care service number and the other important details you might need handy in some cases.

So this is a well-packaged item as we can conclude. The nearly structured manual makes the machine usage easier and faster.

The maintenance of the machine isn’t very high. You just have to make sure that:-

  • You have the strength to pull the machine.
  • You can fold and unfold it properly without damaging any parts.
  • The plug point should be properly working, i.e, there’s no spark or current leakage.
  • The manual provides you with all the other necessary do’s and don’ts.

Assembly & Warranty

The JTX Freedom Air Rower comes with a detailed manual that will help you to perfectly assemble the machine. It is easy to assemble it as it comes with part by part instructions in a simplified language and graphic pictures.

The JTX Freedom Air Rower assembly is an easy process you can do it under one hour.

The delivery for this machine is free all over the UK mainland. The warranty period of this machine is a long term of 5 whole years. In fact, it comes with the benefit of a free maintenance plan including 3 free visits from the technician.



  • Fabulous advanced display monitor and computer console
  • Robust body, stable and easily portable
  • 16 resistance levels and 8 pre-programmed routines
  • Foldable machine with transportation wheels
  • Suitable for tall and small users with no compromise in comfort
  • Well programmed and evaluated workout routines via the chest strap


  • Machine body seems heavy at the beginning
  • Although worthy quite expensive
  • A complex mechanism for beginners
  • Assembling the parts is time and effort consuming

JTX Freedom Air Rower Reviews

It is noticed that people loved it. It has a smooth working mechanism. Good for the family. It is not high maintenance equipment and its parts don’t heat up even if you workout at the 16th level resistance.

It absolutely fits in easily in small places as well. The parts are well attached and don’t just come off while moving and folding. The assembling looks easy when you go through the manual but needs a lot of patience and attention.

It is definitely time-consuming but the after the product is so convincing that users are said to accept the effort and time put in as worthy.

Perhaps it has its own cons. People have reported that it takes up to an hour to assemble as well. It is a heavy machine for the beginners, 38kg seems to be light for a gym alternative machine but oops! The JTX Freedom Air Rower machine gives you the perfect professional gym quality.


Here we are at the end of our JTX Freedom Air Rower Review, there are so many great things about this rowing machine, and there are some issues as well.

So far the machine seems to be an excellent choice to go for. Even if you have trouble assembling it, moving it, and unfolding it at the beginning due to the heaviness, probably you can overcome that and it is going to be a part of your progress itself.

JTX Freedom Air Rower is highly satisfactory keeping the minor cons aside. It is easily accessible by anyone and absolutely safe. A gym alternative equipment that gives the professional quality training topped with comfort is all a gym freak or a beginner could ask for. I would give this exuberant machine a 4.7/5 rating!

Go get yours right away! Here we sign off for the JTX Freedom Air Rower review. Your queries are more than welcome in the comment section at the bottom of the page. Here are some alternatives of this rowing machine:

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