Kestrel Talon X Review: Is it worth SPENDING $$$$?

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Confused about buying the Kestrel Talon X0, whether it is worth buying? What features it comes with, and what are the problems that come with it? There are many questions before buying this bike, and we are here to help you in making a better buying decision here in our Kestrel Talon X Review.

Kestrel Talon X is a very lightweight bike around from 16 to 21 pounds, and it is because of the carbon fiber frame, which makes it stable, smooth and fun to ride, it has an adjustable and reversible Seatpost that can help the rider to find out the perfect spot for their riding style. These things make it a perfect bike for any type of rider, who looking for a stable and fun ride bike.

Body800K ultra-high-modulus carbon fiber
GearsShimano 105 11speed STI shifters
TiresVittoria Zaffiro Pro, 700 x 25c, folding tires
Weight of Bicycle18.35 lbs / 8.33 kg
Maximum User Weight Limit275 lbs. / 124.7 kg
Sizes48cm, 52cm, 55cm, 57cm, 60cm
ColorDark Blue
WheelsetOval Concepts 327, 700c 20/24H rims

Cycling is a great form of exercise, but picking the best cycle is tough work, so we are here with a great cycle with our Kestrel Talon X Review. In our busy lives, we don’t have time to take care of our health and body, but one can use a bicycle as transport for short distances and can improve his or her health.

Cycling can help you in improving your heart’s health as well as other parts of the body, in our lives we don’t have time to go to the GYMs or for running or doing any kind of fitness activity. But one can use cycles to cover small distances and can improve his or her health without taking any extra time from their busy schedule.

Cycling is a low impact exercise, it doesn’t give you strain or stress to your joints, and cycling doesn’t require any kind of special skill ride it, one can easily learn to ride a cycle in less than a week, and it can improve the strength and stamina as well.

You can ride your bicycle to any place of your choice that makes it full of fun and adventure. And if you don’t have time to go cycling then you can use it for your transport as well.

Cycling can improve cardiovascular health, can improve strength and flexibility, improves the mobility of joints, can help you in decreasing stress levels, improves body posture and coordination, help in decreasing anxiety and depression, and a fat level of the body.

Now, it’s enough talking about the health benefits of cycling, now we can start our Kestrel Talon X Review. We are going to discuss each feature in detail, so sit back and read along to the end of the article.

Kestrel Talon X Review

Kestrel Talon X Review
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Kestrel is an American based company which is specialized in making bicycles for triathlons and road races, this company is now owned by Advanced Sports International in 2007.

They are the first company who made a full carbon fiber bicycle, with a complete aerodynamic design. You can read about the company in detail from its Wikipedia page.

Kestrel made bicycles for all needs, whether it is for Road, Triathlons, and Mountain Biking. And this article is about Kestrel Talon X Road Shimano 105 Triathlon Bike.

It is a road bike that you can also use for Triathlons as well. You can also say that this is a Kestrel Talon X 105 Review.

The body of the Kestrel Talon X 105 is made up of Carbon Fiber which made the body of the bicycle lightweight, carbon fiber is stronger than aluminum and steel but lighter than both, and that is the reason the fighter jets, airplanes, sports cars, and sports bikes uses carbon fiber to make their bodies.

And the design of the Kestrel Talon X 105 is also aerodynamic which means it can easily cut the drag caused by air while riding, and that is why you can attain higher speeds without making more efforts.

The Kestrel Talon X 105 is best for all kinds of riders, whether you are a beginner or a professional cyclist, you can easily ride this without facing any major problem. 


Kestrel Talon X Road has so many features, we are going to see all the features of the bicycle in bullet points so that you will get an idea about all the features. And without discussing the features, our Kestrel Talon X 105 Review is also incomplete.

  • Carbon Fiber Body: The first and most important feature of the Kestrel Talon X Road is that it comes with a carbon-fiber body. It is lighter than steel and aluminum but stronger, that is why premium cars, bikes, and fighter jets are made up of this material.
  • Aerodynamic Design: The body of the bicycle is constructed so that it can easily cut off through the drag caused by the wind, it can help you in getting higher speeds without making more efforts. The design of this bicycle is tested in wind tunnels to ensure the rider and the bicycle can easily cut the winds.
  • Shimano Drivetrain: The Kestrel Talon X Road comes with a Shimano drivetrain which makes the gear shifting easy and hassle-free. Kestrel Talon X Road comes with 11 gear speeds to choose from.
  • Comes in Various Sizes: The Kestrel Talon X Road comes in various size options and you can even change the settings of the bicycle by yourself. 
  • Excellent Brakes: The Kestrel Talon X Road is built for speed but to stop its speed you need great brakes as well, and that is why Kestrel Talon X comes with Tektro R540 Dual-Pivot Callipers, you will not face any kind of harsh braking or slow braking with these calipers, it works smoothly and stops the bike without any problem.
  • Comfortable: The Kestrel Talon X Road Shimano 105 Triathlon Bike comes with an adjustable Oval Concepts seat or saddle, this saddle is comfortable and can support your body without giving any kind of body pain.
  • Lightweight Body: The body of the Kestrel Talon X weighs around 20lbs and can easily take weights up to 275 lbs. The tires of the bicycle come with Vittoria Zaffiro Pro 700c x 25c of aluminum forks, which makes your ride more smooth as well as more comfortable.

PROs and CONs


  • Carbon Fiber BodyThe body of the Kestrel Talon X Road Shimano 105 Triathlon Bike is made from carbon fiber which makes it stronger and lighter than the rest of the bikes.
  • AffordableThe pricing of the Kestrel Talon X Road Shimano 105 Triathlon Bike comes under $1600 that makes it a perfect choice for people who don’t want to spend too much on their bikes.
  • Aerodynamic DesignThe body of the bicycle is tested inside the wind tunnels and designed to cut the drag caused by the wind easily.
  • 11 GearsThe Kestrel Talon X Road Shimano 105 Triathlon Bike comes with 11 gears that helps the rider to ride the bike in any train without facing any problem.


  • Doesn’t come with paddlesKestrel Talon X Road Shimano 105 Triathlon Bike doesn’t come with paddles you have to buy them separately.
  • Difficult AssemblyThis bicycle is quite difficult to assemble, but you can take help from the professionals, they are providing the assembly service with the purchase of the bike.
  • Comes in only one color: The Kestrel Talon X comes only in one color which is blue.

Kestrel Talon X is an excellent all-rounder bicycle that you can use for daily transport as well as for racing and long triathlons, it is also affordable as compared to the other bikes that provide similar kind of features.

If you ask us what to do? Then we will say, you can Buy this bike without thinking twice, as you will not see or find these features in any other bike at this price point. People who purchased this are happy customers, you can read the customer reviews of Kestrel Road bike from here.

Here we are ending our Kestrel Talon X Review, if you have any questions regarding the Kestrel Talon X 105 Review, you can comment below, we are happy to answer all your questions.

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