Marcy MWM 990 Review: Is it worth investing $$$?

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Marcy 990 is a great home gym machine under the $700 price tag, but is it really worth investing in? And before purchasing any product, a customer has many confusions, and today we are going to help you in understanding what this product is about, and is it worth buying in our detailed Marcy MWM 990 Review. We are going to see what are its features and how those features are going to help the user? So, sit back and read along to the end.

Marcy MWM 990 is a compact home gym, that anyone can use to train major muscle groups as it comes with a weight stack of 150 lbs or 68 kg (14 plates of 10 lbs or 4.5 kgs each), and you cannot add more weight to this machine. This is perfect for those who cannot take out time to go to the gyms, this can help you to target and train all your major muscle groups.

Dimensions68” x 36” x 79”
No. of Exercises36+
Product weight273 lbs (123 kg)
Maximum user weight capacity300 lbs (136 kg)
Max. Weight Resistance214 lbs (97 kg)
Warranty2 Years

Home gyms are getting popular nowadays, as people don’t have time to go to the gym or fitness clubs to stay fit and healthy. There are many Home Gym Equipments out there to pick, and we are here with one of the Marcy Home Gym MWM 990.

Staying fit and healthy is very important if you want to live long or wanna succeed in your life because if you are fit and healthy, you can achieve anything and put work to achieve that but if you are not fit, then you cannot achieve anything. 

But taking care of your health and body in this busy life is quite impossible for some people, but you can stay fit without leaving your home if you have a home gym, you don’t need to worry about the long traffics, expensive gym membership plans and taking time out from your busy life to stay fit.

Not a lot of people have the kind of cash that is required nowadays to keep going to a gym and take the gym subscription for extended periods of time. A home gym is an easier option for people like that. Marcy also made other gym equipment like Foldable Exercise Bikes.

A home gym can save you a lot of your time and money, and that is why Home Gyms are getting popular, and Marcy MWM 990 is one of them. And today we are going to see how good this machine is. Now, let’s start our Marcy MWM 990 Review.

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Marcy MWM 990 Review

Marcy MWM 990 Review
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Marcy made a lot of types of home gyms for every budget and need, there are a lot of models from which you can pick, there are only minor differences between all the models.

Marcy 990 offers a lot of features as it comes with a weight stack of 150 lbs, that you can use to do a lot of exercises, you can do around 30+ exercises with the Marcy MWM 990. 

Marcy MWM 990 Home Gym is a normal looking home gym that is affordable and compact and can be easily placed at any place, you don’t have to give a room to this machine, it can be easily fit at any corner. 

But its short height can create some problems for the users that are above 6.5 feet. There are a lot more features that Marcy MWM 990 comes with, so read along to the end to know all of them.

Marcy MWM 990 got around 373 reviews with 4 stars out of five on its amazon page. If you want to read the Marcy 990 Home Gym Reviews, you can read them from here


Marcy MWM 990 Review
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The body of the Marcy MWM 990 Home gym is made up of heavy-duty steel frame and it comes with powder-coated paint that will keep the body of the machine free from rust and corrosion. 

The size of the machine is also compact which means it can easily fit at any corner of the house, the dimensions of the Marcy MWM 990 is 69″L x 36″W x 79″H (173 x 92 x 201 cm). 

You can easily place this machine under the 7 feet of room height, the base of the machine comes with rubber feet that will keep your floor free from scratches, its base is quite long and wide to provide the user s stable base while working out.

The Marcy MWM 990 Home gym has a weight of 270 lbs or 121 kg, which is quite heavy, so we recommend you whenever you are going to assemble this machine, to that where you are going to place the machine because, after the assembly, it will be impossible to move this machine from its place.

The padding of the seats and other accessories is around two inches thick, which makes it quite comfortable while using it. The coating of the seats is made up of vinyl, which makes it rough enough so that you will not slip from it while working out. 

All the parts of this machine are strong enough to last for years, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of problem. It also comes with a weight lock, that you can also use so that no one will touch your machine without your permission.

The foam that comes with the machine which you are going to use while training your legs and hamstrings is also of good quality and doesn’t get lost after regular usage. It comes in two color schemes, one is black & red, and the second is black & white.


You can use the Marcy MWM 990 to do more than 30 exercises, it comes with all kinds of accessories that are going to need in training your different muscle groups. Marcy MWM 990 comes with Dual functioning, independent motion, chest press arm, and vertical butterfly that you can use to train your chest muscles.

Marcy 990 home gym also comes with Dual functioning leg developer that you can use to train your legs, whether it is fronts quads, hamstrings, and glutes, it also comes with a small band that you can use to train your calves and side legs. It will give you a complete leg workout.

marcy 990 review
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Marcy 990 has a Removable Curl Pad that you can use to train your biceps and arms, and it also comes with an upper pulley that you can use to train your triceps, abdominals and back muscles. These are some of the Marcy MWM 990 Exercises that you can do:

  • Seated Bench Press
  • Pectoral Fly
  • Triceps Push Down
  • Wide Lat Pulldown
  • Seated Bicep Curl
  • Standing Bicep Curl
  • AB Crunch
  • Leg Curls
  • Leg Extension
  • Upright Low

You can use the Marcy MWM 990 to train all kinds of body parts, you can train shoulders, traps, triceps, biceps, abs, chest, back and legs. It can help you in gaining muscle mass and lose fat without stepping out of your home.

It comes with a weight stack of 150 lbs or 68 kg (14 plates of 10 lbs or 4.5 kgs each) that is enough for a normal user, and if you think that this is not going to enough for you, you can buy another model that has a bigger weight stack, but it will cost you more. You cannot add more weight to the machine as its design doesn’t support more weight.

You can learn about the Marcy MWM 990 Workouts from this detailed Marcy MWM 990 Exercise Chart. This chart also comes with the machine so that you can exercise without any problem.

Assembly and Warranty

Marcy MWM 990 doesn’t come all assembled, you have to do it by yourself, and this is one of the most difficult things, as it has a lot of parts, it comes with a detailed guide to do the assembly, but it will take time, you can ask a friend for some help, it will save you some of your time.

The instruction of assembling comes with proper diagrams, but it is not well explained, so we recommend you to do the assembly on a weekend as it can take your day to do the assembly.

The Marcy MWM 990 comes with two years of warranty on frame, and this warranty applies to the original owner of the machine only. You can buy this machine from amazon as it is a little cheaper there and they also provide free shipping as well.

PROs and CONs

Every machine or object has some good things and some bad things, and this is the same with the Marcy MWM 990 Home Gym, it has some good features and some problems that can be annoying for some people and we are doing the Marcy 990 Review, so we have to mention the problems also, and where are we with the PROs and CONs of the Marcy 990.


  • Affordable: The Marcy MWM 990 Home Gym is an affordable home gym, it comes under the price of $500. Now anyone can afford a great home gym and stay fit and healthy. But this price fluctuates a lot, and we don’t know what is the price right now, so you can check out the latest price from here.
  • Offers Great features: Marcy MWM 990 Home Gym comes with a lot of features like a full-body workout, 150 lbs weight, great warranty.
  • Strong Build: The body of the Marcy MWM 990 Home Gym is made up of heavy-duty steel frames, and the body is powder-coated which makes it a long-lasting machine.


  • Difficult Assembly: Marcy MWM 990 Home Gym comes with a lot of parts and pieces and it is very difficult to do the assembly, it can take you around 4-5 hours to do the assembly.
  • Cannot add more weight: The design of the Marcy MWM 990 Home Gym doesn’t support adding more weight plates to the machine, so it can be an issue for some.
  • Difficult to use by People above 6 feet: The size of the machine is quite compact, and that can be a problem for some people as if you are above 6 feet then your legs will not fit while doing some exercises.


Marcy MWM 990 Home Gym is an affordable home gym that comes with a lot of features but comes with some problems that we have mentioned above. If you are okay with that then you can buy this. Marcy MWM 990 Home Gym is a strong machine all of its parts and accessories are made up of high-quality material.

It can easily last years without giving any problems, but you have to take care of the machine by doing some minor maintenance, all the things related to the maintenance is listed in the manual. The best thing about the Marcy MWM 990 Home Gym is that it is so affordable that anyone can buy this without any problem. This machine is much more value for money than going to the gym.

Here we are ending our Marcy MWM 990 Home Gym Review. If you have any questions regarding our Marcy MWM 990 Review, you can comment down below, we are happy to help you.

I hope we helped you in making a better decision with our review. If you want to read some of the Marcy 990 home gym reviews, that are left by the users then you can check this link.

marcy home gym review
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