miR Weighted Vest Review: All 3 Products (PROs & CONs)

Thinking about buying a miR Weighted Vest? We have reviewed all the three products made by miR, in our detailed miR Weighted Vest Review, there are so many things that are different in each model, and we are helping you in making a better buying decision, and going to help you decide which one you need to pick.

If you step into the fitness space you would know there are a gazillion products, ideas, and ways that can help you get your fitness game up a notch. But, what is also true is that you can not know all about it. 

miR Weighted Vest Review

Here we have the miR Weighted Vest Review to help you know extensively about the all miR Weight Vest product line up if you want to buy one or just weight vests in general. 

A weighted vest as the name suggests is a pretty simple concept where the user wears this specially designed vest with a lot of pockets while performing exercises. These pockets are meant to store weights such as steel bars or sandbags.

This vest, when worn by the user, makes him put in extra efforts than he is used to and thus improving his strength and endurance.

Is that it? should you be spending your money just for one simple reason? Certainly, not. We have a complete list of benefits of using a weighted vest. Here are those:

  • Helps in building muscles faster: We know when you exert more and more force muscles grow and this happens while you are resting and not working out. Hence, when you wear a weighted vest and perform your daily exercise routine it will build the muscles faster in comparison to when you don’t. 
  • Improves the cardiovascular system: You must know that an athlete or sportsperson is more capable of utilizing the oxygen that has been absorbed by the lungs than a normal person. With exercises using a weighted vest this capability can be increased to a great extent and make the cardiovascular system even more healthy. 
  • Burning fat: A large number of people start working out because they want to lose weight and get into the so-called perfect shape. Working out every day in a proper routine can be helpful to a great extent but takes a lot of time. When exercises are done using weighted vest fat is burnt faster and you can see the results.
  • Core strength: Improving the core strength is a complimentary benefit of wearing a weighted vest. When you use this and put a considerable amount of weight, even when you do the simplest activity such as bending over it challenges your core and activates your abs. Moreover, having good core strength is beneficial in a lot of other activities as well.
  • Improves posture: Not paying attention to the posture while performing exercises is a common mistake all of us do. But did you know it can lead to a lot of serious problems in the long run? A weighted vest, in this case, will help you in maintaining the right posture since it aims for a stronger core. 

Similarly, there are a lot of other benefits of using a weighted vest which will enhance your workout experience. The weighted vest which we are going to talk about here is from a brand called a miR weighted vest which is solely dedicated to manufacturing weighted vests which are suitable for every type of consumer.

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In about ten years they have launched several products keeping in mind the various needs and expectations. You will get to see the miR weighted vest review of three of their products.

miR PRO Weighted Vest

Incorporating a weighted vest in your workout routine is like pushing yourself a step ahead and taking full advantage of the exercise routine you have been following through the years.

From burning fat to increasing core strength you can experience all the benefits mentioned in the previous section for yourself. The different features of the weighted vest are listed in this miR Pro Weighted Vest Review here: 

miR Weighted Vest Review
CC: Amazon
  • Material: The material that has been used up in the making of any of the weighted vest is really important since it decides the durability and comfort level of the user. The vest is supposed to be in close contact with your body so if it is a good one it won’t cause any discomfort during the workout hours. The mi pro weighted vest particularly is made up of 1200D reinforced nylon. In 1200 D, where D stands for denier which denotes the density and fabric of the fabric and 1200D is far better than the other qualities of nylon available in the market such as 300D or 900D.
  • Double padding: Along with the 1200D reinforced nylon, the weighted vest also comes with double padding. This can be seen as the second layer to provide ultra comfort to the user.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the weighted vest is responsible for providing the perfect fit for the user. The miR pro weighted vest is 15 inches in length,15 inches in width, and ¼ inch in thick. These dimensions will fit an average person perfectly and hug his body to not disturb the workout session. Moreover, it has adjustable straps too to make it the perfect fit if it isn’t.
  • Easy to clean: Since you are going to wear it during exercising it becomes extremely crucial to wash the vest regularly. About the miR pro weighted vest, though it has double padding and the 1200D nylon it is easily washable. You can just toss it into the washing machine and relax.


  • Fits well on everybody especially due to the adjustable straps
  • Weights inside the pocket stay in place
  • The weight of the vest is distributed evenly throughout
  • All of the weights can be removed
  • Can be easily washed into a washing machine
  • Apt for both beginners and intermediates
  • Comes with a zipper option as well


  • Both of the versions are closed on the front which will make it uncomfortable for women

The miR Pro Adjustable Weighted Vest review has to end with a summary consisting of all points. So, this particular product is suitable for both newbies and experienced people.

With the perfect fit, it only benefits you from the weight and nothing else. It comes in two variants- a standard and a zipper version and is decently priced as well.

miR Air Flow Weighted Vest 

The miR Airflow Weighted Vest Review right here is going to tell you all that you need to know before going to buy one. So, the miR airflow model is an upgrade of the original one and is designed to keep the body cool during workouts. 

miR Weighted Vest Review
CC: Amazon

Another feature that sets it apart from the previous model is that in dimension it is a little shorter which means it doesn’t cover the torso and doesn’t become an obstacle during basic movements such as bending down. 

With this feature, it comes out as a perfect choice for various other activities too such as running, hiking or playing games such as football or volleyball which require the full-body movement. Here is the feature section of the miR Air Flow Weighted Vest Review:

  • Airflow Design: The main reason for introducing this model right here was that during workouts it became very sweaty and messy for the users. But, the airflow design in this vest acts as ventilation and keeps your body cool even during workouts. The sweat is absorbed by the vest and thus it becomes easier to breathe and continue the exercises. The type of material has been used keeping in mind the comfort of the user.
  • Adjustable: Though the vest has been designed to fit most of the frames in case it doesn’t, you always have the option of using the adjustable straps, a feature miR weighted vests boast about. The straps are designed horizontally to help it snug your body perfectly and allow you to work out perfectly without thinking of the fit or the weight.
  • Machine washable: This is one of the features that come with all of the miR weighted vests and miR Adjustable weighted vest review talks about it too. This gives the consumers another reason to buy it because they don’t have to worry about getting it damaged during machine wash. This was necessary also because the vest is supposed to absorb most of the sweat.
  • Iron weights: It comes with solid iron weights which weigh about 3 lbs and can be easily added and removed to find out what works best for you.


  • Sleek and non-bulky design
  • 100%machine washable
  • Holds up to 60lbs of weight
  • Crafted for maximum mobility
  • Comes with an adjustable belt and an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Airflow breathability


  • The dye from the vest can be transferred to your clothes

The miR Airflow Adjustable Weighted Vest Review, in a nutshell, is that it comes with adjustable straps, solid iron weights of 3lbs each, and airflow design. The company says that it is designed keeping in mind the cardio workouts and maximum mobility needed for it.  

miR Short Weighted Vest

The miR Short Weighted Vest Review consists of all the points to help you decide if you should buy this one or not. So, the miR short version does the job of a weighted vest perfectly fine. 

Apart from helping you grow muscles faster, improving the health of your cardiovascular system, improving the balance, increasing your core strength etc. 

mir weighted vest review
CC: Amazon

It protects you from any injury caused by the unequal distribution of weight during training. The other features of this short weighted vest are listed below:

  • Double padded shoulder: Like the first version of miR Short Weighted Vest this too comes with a double padded shoulder. Now, the problem of the not sufficiently padded shoulder is that if you carry a lot of weight in your vest and it doesn’t fit you perfectly from the bottom then your shoulders will have to suffer all the pain and resistance. Hence, a double padded shoulder helps in that case.
  • Vented mesh: The mesh material in this vest is vented to provide breathability during heavy exercises. With this brilliant feature even if it is sweltering you do not need to take the vest off and then wear it again. The process of removing the weights taking off the vest and then repeating it all over can be an irksome task. 
  • Adjustable weight: The weight that you can handle or the resistance you want to fight can be anywhere between 3 to 60 lbs with the miR short weighted vest. You can decide on it and then adjust the weight level accordingly.

The cost for this depends on the weight variation you select. You can check out the latest price of the miR Short Weighted Vest from the button provided below.


  • Perfect for heavy-duty use
  • Vented mesh enables breathability
  • Weights come included
  • Compact design with an 11-inch length
  • Weights can be easily adjusted
  • One size fits the most


  • Not comfortable for women, especially large breasted

The miR Adjustable Short Weighted review says that the product is completely worth every penny. The consumers talk about its durability, comfort, and that it is easy to carry and can be adjusted according to one`s fit.

There are many weighted vests in the market but this one is surely comfortable, durable, and worth the money. 

  1. How to use miR short weighted vest?

    The miR short weighted vest comes with five straps-two identical shoulder traps, a long one and two safety straps. The shoulder straps can be easily fitted into the D ring and adjusted according to your fit. The upper strap can be adjusted in the same way too. Notice that, all of this is to be done with the backside of the vest facing you. The longer one goes onto the lower pocket of the vest. The two safety straps go with the long one as well. Now that all the straps are in place you can wear the weighted vest and adjust the left ones according to your size and fit.

  2. miR weighted vest here to buy?

    miR weighted vest that comes in about six to seven models. Three of them have been reviewed here along with the prices. You can head on to Amazon.com to buy whichever one fits your needs and requirements. The links for the products have been provided after every review as well.

  3. Where is the miR weighted vest made?

    The miR weighted vest is manufactured by the company called as “miR Weighted Vest” which boasts about their companies policies that they keep their consumers ahead of them and every step that they take is per them. Their products are made by their manufacturing units and since they take pride in the quality of every product that they manufacture they have a list of shipping and return policies as well. All of their products are covered by Full 30-day money-back guarantee, 30-day exchange policy, lifetime service warranty and one year warranty on manufacturing defects.

  4. Where is the miR Weighted Vest made in China? 

    miR weighted vest does not have any record or information that says they manufacture their products in China. Though, any other information does not speak of the fact that the weighted vests are made in China. However, they supply their products all over the world through different sellers and that returns or exchanges are possible as well.

  5. How to strap miR Weighted Vest?

    The package of miR weighted vest comes with the vest and straps which are yet to be assembled. For all of the models, the assembly process is nearly the same and simple. You will find five straps in the packet, two of which are the upper straps, another long one and two other safety straps. There are a lot of other weighted vests in the market that don’t come with a safety strap but this one does. To strap them at their places you just need to loop them through the D ring and you are done. To see if it fits you right you can wear the vest once and then adjust it accordingly.

  6. How to assemble miR weight straps?

    The miR weighted vest as mentioned above comes with five straps that need to be assembled. The first task is to identify which one goes where. So, the straps are in three sizes-the the longest one which goes into the lower pocket, two short but identical ones for the upper part, and two shortest ones which are for safety purposes. The shoulder straps are going to be the easiest ones to assemble since you just need to stick it with the desired length and then loop it through the D rings and make sure they are perfectly done. About the upper parts, they go through the next D ring just below the reflector that is one the backside of the vest. About the longest strap, it goes in the middle of the lower pocket of the vest and sticks it over there. The last part is where you loop both ends of the longest strap through the safety strap and there, you are done.

These are the three products that are made by miR, and as the name suggests, each product is different, and you can buy which suits best to your needs, and they have different features and uses.

If you have any doubts regarding the miR Weighted Vest Review, you can comment down below and we are happy to help you all.

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