Nitro Cut Review – Is it Worth It? An Amazon’s Choice Product

Nitro Cut Review: Nitrocut is an American Health and Fitness supplements brand founded in 2009. Their product line varies from pre-workouts to post-workouts and from gym wearables to daily usable products like coconut oil.

But the brand’s most recognizable and selling product is Nitrocut pre workout which we are going to review here for you in today’s blog.

So read the article “Nitro cut review” till the very end for I will provide you with the in-depth knowledge of pre-workout supplements, nitrocut products and the ingredients in its products.

First of all, before we jump to our article of Nitro cut review lets address the most common question among the people out there in the world.

Why do we need Nitrocut pre-workout or any pre-workout supplement for that matter? Or, do WE really need a pre-workout supplement?

Before answering that question let us understand how our body reacts when we workout.

Understanding what our body does, what various chemical and biological reactions take place when we lift those ass heavyweights in our gyms, will take us closer to the answer to our question.

When we start lifting those heavy weights our muscles go through a series of activities which is called contraction and extraction, for which they need energy. Energy comes in the form of GLUCOSE.

We need glucose for every action we do in our daily life. Just like the electricity for bulbs, glucose for muscles. Glucose is stored in the form of GLYCOGEN in our bodies.

Glycogen breaks up into glucose and glucose further breaks up into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). This all happens through a process called cellular respiration. You must have studied all this in your biology class in your school days.

Enough for bioscience. Our body needs to create more ATPs during a workout session and in order to increase the no. of ATPs we need more oxygen (remember cellular respiration) and in order to get more oxygen, our lungs need to function more and more.

Here comes our brain, brain signals heart to pump more and more blood to lungs to increase our breathing rate. Hence, more oxygenated blood is produced and transferred to the muscles which give our muscles the most essential element of a workout session – PUMP.

Besides this other body parts like bones and joints are also involved during a heavy training session but let’s not get into that for now, for this will make it more complicated for you to understand.

So coming back to our question (why do we need a pre-workout supplement?), pre-workout supplements are blended of certain ingredients like caffeine, guarana, creatine, etc., which increases the heart rate which further results in increased blood flow to muscles and skin. Ultimate result. An amazing pump and laser focus concentration.

It just changes the way we feel during the workout. That is why it is a so needy supplement for professional athletes because it increases the focus and it’s all about mind when it comes to pro-level competitions.

But another question comes up – Do we need pre-workout just for that feeling and pump?

The answer is absolute no. The main reason behind consuming pre-workout is not that pump. But the science that happens to create that pump. The great pump comes from the great flow of blood through blood vessels to muscles to skin. But with more flow of blood, more nutrition is fed to the muscles. Which helps in great recovery after the workout.

Nitro Cut Review

Nitro Cut Review
CC: Amazon

So, we go the answer to our first question why do we need a pre-workout supplement. Now, let’s discuss our second question.

Do YOU need it? Or, do WE really need it?

Addressing this question is quite simple. The answer to this question depends entirely upon whether the consumer of pre-workout is a beginner or intermediate or a professional.

Let’s keep the professionals keep out of this for now. A beginner definitely doesn’t need a pre-workout. An intermediate can start using a pre-workout when his or her body hits the plateau. And as I explained above professionals just can’t survive a workout session without having it.

Now coming back to our today’s topic of our blog nitro cut review.

In this article of “nitro cut review” we are going to provide you with a detailed review of Nitrocut pre workout and its other products naming – Nitrocut testosterone booster, Nitrocut fat burner, Nitrocut GNC, Nitrocut, etc.

Let’s start with what we started this article with – Nitrocut pre workout.

Nitrocut pre workout, unlike other pre workouts, doesn’t contain caffeine or creatine. It is a blend of 12 highly effective and result oriented products such as vitamin D6, B3, B12, 4X Nitric booster, etc., we will discuss its ingredients and their role in or nitrocut pre workout in detail later on.

But first addressing the most common question coming up. What is this Nitrocut pre-workout?

Nitrocut pre-workout supplement is a pre-workout nutrition (which contains L- arginine A-AKG & A-KIC, HCL, L- citrulline DL-Malate) which if consumed 30-45 minutes before workout session with a meal or a drink increases blood flow and gives you a next-level pump.

Talking about its benefits in biological language:

  1. It prevents muscle glycogen from depleting during a workout session
  2. It reduces muscle breakdown during a workout.

About the product – Nitrocut pre workout

It’s advantages.

  • Nitrocut pre workout increases muscle strength and speeds the recovery process after a workout
  • It increases blood flow and energy (which we need during a heavy training session). Take Your Workouts to the Next Level Immediately.
  • It contains Vitamin D3, B6, B12 which we generally don’t get in a regular diet, therefore it provides a daily dose of nutrition we need.
  • Nitrocut is engineered with 4X Nitric Oxide Booster which helps outperforms the Competition.
  • It also contains herbs like Tribulus and Fenugreek.

Nitrocut Ingredients

Nitro Cut Review
CC: Amazon

Ingredients of Nitrocut pre workout and their functions.

  • L-Arginine – Arginine is of 3 types:
    • A-AKG
    • A-KIC
    • HCL

All 3 types of arginine are used in nitrocut. It is an amino acid essential for muscle growth and recovery. It produces the It also helps in converting fat into muscle, protein synthesis, and serious muscle growth.  

  • L-Citrulline – It plays a vital role in increasing blood flow in the vessels to the muscles. Another major role of l-citrulline is to stop the formation of lactic acid. Lactic acid makes the muscles easily fatigued and hence is undesirable during muscle growth.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – It is a natural testosterone booster. It is extracted from a tree called bindii. And it increases the testosterone naturally which is the main male hormone and the most important hormone in muscle development.
  • Vitamin D3, B6, B12 – there are no studies available that show the benefits of these vitamins in any pre-workout supplement. So the use of these in nitric cut pre-workout is not explainable because another point is the minimum daily value of these vitamins in Nitrocut is far less than what is desirable as per WHO.
  • Fenugreek Extract – this is also a natural testosterone booster and libido booster. But the use of testosterone boosters in a pre-workout is as I said above “unexplainable”. The only nitrocut can explain the reason why they were added to a pre-workout. And minimum daily requirements are also far higher than what you’ll get in nitrocut pre workout.
  • Eurycoma Longfolia – this is another supplement that is helpful in increasing libido but again there is not enough concrete evidence available that shows this supplement works.
  • Razberi-K – This compound is added, keeping in mind it’s fat-burning properties. It is more effective when taken through injectables than oral dosage.

Combination of L-arginine, L-citrulline is the only thing that gives effective results and all other ingredients have no benefits of adding. Nitrocut is completely safe when ingredients and their combination taken into consideration with the recommended dosage.

However, Fit Territory does not take responsibility for any side effects, it happens to appear in somebody while consuming any of the product reviewed at our website which includes this nitro cut review as well.

Nitrocut also runs a 60 days 100% money back guarantee in case of no results when nitrocut took for a regular of 60 days with the recommended dosage and minimum daily value. However, we could not found anyone, who could confirm this claim of nitrocut.

Fit territory is not a biased website hence we will also look into some cons related to this product.

  • Tribulus Terrestris and other testosterone boosting herbs have no use in a pre-workout.
  • Side effects have been noticed when the dosage was increased more than the recommended dosage.
  • It is not easily available at stores.



  • Increases Muscle Strength
  • Reduce recovery time
  • Contains many essential nutrients
  • Contains many herbs as well


  • Contains some not useful ingredients
  • Side Effects if you take more than the recommended dose
  • Not easily available

Nitrocut Side Effects

There are not so many side effects of Nitrocut, you can use this without any worries and tension. But if you are suffering from any kind of serious disease then first consult your physician and doctor and then use this.

And only use or take the recommended doses of Nitrocut, because if you take this more than the recommended dose then might be you will face some side effects. There are no major nitrocut side effects.

Where to buy?

If you think you will find nitro ut products from any store, then probably you are wrong. But you can find it on their website or on amazon. (It is always recommended to buy genuine products from their respective website to escape from the piracy or duplicity of these products.)

We are done with the first product of the day. So without wasting any time let’s move on to our today’s second product. Nitrocut testosterone.


If you think you will find nitro ut products from any store, then probably you are wrong. But you can find it on their website or on Amazon. (It is always recommended to buy genuine products from their respective website to escape from the piracy or duplicity of these products.)

You can watch some of the reviews of Nitrocut from youtube by following this link.

We are done with the first product of the day. So without wasting any time let’s move on to our today’s second product. Nitrocut testosterone. It has 4.2 stars out of 5 with 59 reviews on the Amazon page.


Nitro Cut Review
CC: Amazon

You guys won’t find much information on any other nitro cut product than nitrocut pre workout. So let’s break down nitro cut review – testosterone booster step by step. And the first step in this nitro cut review is understanding testosterone.

So what is testosterone? And do we really need to boost it?

Testosterone is the main male hormone that is responsible for various things in a male’s body. Like hair growth, sperm production, muscle growth, etc. basically it makes a man a man.

In the absence of testosterone or in case of low testosterone a man can suffer from following issues.

  • Mood swings. Yes, men do have mood swings and it depends upon on testosterone levels in a male.
  • Low testosterone results in low sex drive, which results in poor performance in bed and therefore making your partner go away.
  • Weight gains rapidly when testosterone level is low in a male.
  • Less body hair, thinner bones, depression, and low self-esteem are some of the other side effects of low testosterone.

Testosterone is male hormone but that doesn’t mean it isn’t present in females. It is present in female also but in a considerably very small amount. It is also present in animals.

Now we have understood that what is testosterone and it has been high all the time in order for a fruitful and happy living. But the problems appear to begin when it starts to drop. In a healthy male maximum testosterone is present when is in his teenage or when he is 18-19 years old to be exact.

After that age, testosterone productions starts to decline because of natural causes. And it is perfectly normal, so why are we worried?

As I mentioned above this hormone is responsible for the growth and maintenance of muscles so when it starts to drop muscle building also becomes difficult. That is why bodybuilding demands testosterone boosting after a certain period of time.

Now let’s discuss the answer to our second question which is-

Do WE really need to boost testosterone? Or WHO needs testosterone booster?

The answer to this question is quite simple. If you are in the age gap between 12-25 you really don’t need to use any kind of testosterone booster.

And a healthy male can continue to work out absolutely fine even after the age of 25 unless you want to go pro. And as I have explained in the above “nitro cut review – pre-workout” professionals cannot workout with testosterone either, because of the level of competition they have to face at the pro level.

Nitrocut Testosterone Booster Review

There is not much information available on nitrocut testosterone booster, so get one of our analysts to dig deep into this, and we are sharing with you whatever we found on this product.

There is literally very little information available on products of nitrocut. Sources have said Tribulus Terrestris and vitamins is used as the main ingredient in nitrocut testosterone booster.

The company’s website claims no side effects, natural test boosters are said to be free of side effects but again, fit territory cannot confirm or claims about no side effects of any product reviewed on our website be it nitrocut test booster, be it nitrocut pre workout or any other nitrocut products.

The company claims its product (nitrocut testosterone booster) has the following ingredients:

  • EPIMEDIUM EXTRACT – It is also known as natural horny goat weed (plant) and is mostly found in China. It is used as a cure for erectile dysfunction and is also found beneficial in fighting cancer cells.
  • EURYCOMA LONGIFOLIA ROOT EXTRACT – It is also a plant that is found in southeast ASIA and is used for increasing interest in sex, male infertility, boosting athletic performance, bodybuilding, and reducing body fat.
  • SAW PALMETTO FRUIT EXTRACT – It is the extracts of fruits of saw palmetto and is used to make medicines. It prevents testosterone from converting into dihydrotestosterone (which causes hair loss in humans).
  • BOVINE ORCHIC – It is extracted from cattle testicles and is used to make medicines to make human testicles function healthily. It is also a very good source of testosterone.
  • WILD YAM ROOT EXTRACT – it is extracted from the root and stems of wild yam tree and is used to increase sexual drive in both men and women. It is also used as an estrogen replacement and for various other purposes like breast enlargement, vaginal dryness, etc.
  • SARAPARILLA ROOT EXTRACT – It is a plant whose roots are used to make medicines. It is used to cure skin and kidney-related diseases. In bodybuilding, it is often used as a performance enhancement drug.

A heavy leg workout session increases the testosterone like nothing else on this planet. After the leg workout session happy hormones like dopamine and morphine are released which relaxes the brain, releases the stress hence boosting testosterone.

It is important to note that testosterone produced throughout the day but is released in the bloodstream during the night when we sleep. So it is highly recommended to have a good long sleep to have a high level of testosterone.

After looking at the ingredients list, it seems like a pretty good test booster. It is definitely worth a try. And if we talk about its cons then they start right from where we left them in our previous (nitro cut review – pre-workout) their unavailability in retail stores and very limited information available about them.

Truth be told there are 100’s or 1000’s nutrition brands out there and 100’s of newcomers with each passing day. The supplement industry is growing like never before because underestimate the importance of diet and over-exaggerate the importance of supplements.

And supplement industry brands are not leaving any stone unturned. They want to maximize their profits while minimizing the inputs. Faking and duplicity of supplements of most famous brands are a real threat to our health in today’s world.

That is why fit territory always recommends buying genuine supplements from reliable and genuine websites or retail stores.

Nitrocut testosterone booster can be purchased from the button given below.

Advantages of Nitrocut testosterone booster.

  1. It delivers results to some extent. You will experience a noticeable gain in strength, muscle mass, and stamina.
  2. It overall boosts testosterone levels to some extent.
  3. It is completely caffeine, creatine, and sodium free.
  4. It doesn’t have any side effects.

Disadvantages of nitrocut testosterone booster.

  1. It is a mild testosterone booster, boosting capabilities are not up to what should be.
  2. It is not a completely natural product, it contains animal extracted ingredients, hence making it a little inappropriate to consume for some people. Like vegetarians.
  3. Not available in retail stores.
Nitrocut Testosterone Booster Review

Nitrocut bodybuilding supplements can only be purchased from websites because the company is nitrocut has no physical stores available yet.

There are certain ways you can boost your testosterone without the use of supplements. Some of them are explained below:

  1. Watching horror movies. Weird right! But watching a real horror movie that scares you enough quickly boosts your libido
  2. Exercise. This one is easy and everyone can do this. we all know exercising regularly has unlimited no of benefits. Among that one is increasing your libido. Or yoga will also do just fine.
  3. Do not miss the importance of drinking lots of water.
  4. Avoid alcohol intake. It has a huge effect on decreasing your libido.
  5. Avoid taking pre-workout having a large amount of caffeine as an ingredient. Or having that morning cup of coffee. Caffeine can cause your sex drive to dip.
  6. Eat fish.
  7. Take supplements and spices which include – maca, yohimbe, ginseng, and zinc to increase your sex drive.

Note: None of the mentioned above works successfully if you are in stress. Stress is the main killer of your testosterone and libido. Having a stress free life is the key to a happy and prosperous sex life and good muscle growth as well. Stress is also the biggest killer of muscle growth.


Nitrocut fat burner: First let’s understand what is a fat burner? And who needs a fat burner?

A fat burner is nothing but a supplement made of a mix of several ingredients that increase your metabolism, which will help in fat loss goal of our body.

Let’s understand this in a detail.

Our body needs a certain amount of calories to perform day to day activities. We get calories from our food. And our food typically contains 3 essential ingredients:

  • Calories from protein
  • Calories from carbs
  • Calories from fats

We get calories from what I just explained above. The best calories among them are the calories we get from protein. They help us in the muscle-building process.

Anyway, coming back to the basics. Our body needs a certain amount of calories every day to perform day to day tasks like breathing, walking, reading, exercising and even sleeping. We need calories to perform even the smallest task possible.

Now when the amount of calories we consume exceeds the no of calories we need, we are said to be in the bulking phase. And if those calories are coming from fats and carbs food sources then our body gains fat.

And if those calories are coming from protein food sources like fish, egg etc. they help in the muscle building process. Fat in over body are those extra calories we have had consumed regularly for a period of time.

Now coming back to fat burners, fat burners increases the rate of metabolism (the chemical process by body converts fats into energy) and hence the more no of calories are burned for the same workout session if someone had taken fat burner before the workout in comparison with a person who hasn’t taken a fat burner.

Fat burners are most effective when taken 30-45 minutes before workout session with a meal or a drink and the person consuming fat burner working on a strict cutting diet. Provided these conditions the fat burners give the best result possible.

Caffeine is the most common fat burner is also the most common pre-workout ingredient.

Coming back to the second question who needs a fat burner?

Fat burners can be used by anybody having any fitness goals, be it cutting for the competition, bulking for a season or just a regular fat guy trying to accomplish his fat loss goals.

Excessive use of fat burners is not recommended. Even after hours-long searching, our team could not find out any traces of NITROCUT FAT BURNER.

This is an essential supplement in which every brand must have it its product list and nitrocut is missing it. (If any member of nitrocut bodybuilding website is reading this article, we’d request them to look into this matter and launch a nitrocut fat burner as soon as possible.)

It is not available on nitrocut supplements website or any other website. Nitrocut does not sell a fat burner for now and that is why we could not complete our NITRO CUT REVIEW – FAT BURNER and we have a very efficient team working and researching on almost every fitness product out there but we have limited resources which makes us time inefficient.

But as soon as the nitrocut comes with a fat burner fit territory will come up with a review on the product with the same pace.

So stay connected to our website, and ask any fitness related questions in the comment section below.

The next nitrocut supplement which we are going to review in this series of nitro cut review is nitrocut probiotics.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nitrocut Fat Burner

This product has been removed from the official website of nitro cut, so there is not enough information available on the internet about this product like its ingredient formula, reviews, etc., to provide you with its pros and cons.


First things first. What are probiotics supplements?

To understand this let’s go back to when we were born. When humans or even animals are born their digestive system contains certain kind of bacteria. These are human-friendly bacteria and help us to digest our food.

These bacteria grow by themselves and are good for our digestive system. These bacteria help us in digestion by breaking down the fibers into small fatty acid chains and by synthesising vitamins and also plays a vital role in making our immune system strong.

Taking probiotics supplements can increase the no of these bacteria.

Now we have understood what is the Nitrocut probiotic supplement. But here comes our second question. Who needs them and why do they need them?

Mostly professional bodybuilders or individuals having digestive issues take probiotics supplements for better digestion.

Any individual can have bad digestion for any number of reasons and can consume probiotics supplements and a professional bodybuilder has to eat a lot.

Bacteria present in a normal individual digestive system are just sufficient to digest food we consume daily. But a professional bodybuilder consumes more food than a just normal individual will in his day.

So for better, fast and complete digestion, the professional bodybuilder need probiotics supplements.

Now I have answered your question of who can take probiotics supplements. Coming back to our main topic of nitrocut bodybuilding supplements review series, we will discuss the product and its ingredients.


NITROCUT PROBIOTICS is a proprietary blend of probiotic bacteria. It is a dietary supplement for gut health and digestion-related issues. Its ingredients are as follows:

  1. Lactobacillus acidophilus
  2. Bifidobacterium lactis
  3. Lactobacillus plantarum
  4. Lactobacillus paracasei
  5. Marine polysaccharide complex
  6. Fructooligosaccharide

Probiotics supplements are not shelf made that means they have to be stored in a cool storage like a refrigerator but NITROCUT PROBIOTICS does not need to be stored in a cool storage.

The recommended dosage is prescribed on the label of the supplement. While the company claims it has no adverse effects, fit territory suggest the recommended dosage of any health supplement and does not supports or rejects any such claims made by the company.

Again NITROCUT STORES are physically available yet, so you won’t find any of NITROCUT SUPPLEMENTS through offline means.

This product is among one of the best products of nitrocut bodybuilding supplements available at present.  

Maybe a reason for companies a limited range of products could be this that they focus on the quality of products more than the number of products they have. This product is definitely worth a try.



  • It is very effective and result oriented product and delivers results.
  • Ingredient formula used is of a healthy composition.
  • No negative reviews were found on this product even after a thorough study. (it could be because of not sufficient content is available on this product.)


  • Not everyone needs this product. If you have issues with your digestive system, then you may need to consider this. otherwise a big cup of curd or yogurt will do just fine.
  • Price is considerably high if we compare it to its peers.
  • Brand recognition is a major factor while using these type of product (This point can’t really be considered as the negative point).

Nitro Cut Review – DAILY CLEANSE

Nitro Cut Review – DAILY CLEANSE

Next and last review in our NITROCUT SUPPLEMENTS REVIEW series is Nitrocut Cleanse. But what is a cleanse supplement?

A cleanse supplement is a mix of ingredients that is consumed to flush out all the toxic agents we fill ourselves within a day during our normal routine.

Our body in our daily normal routine absorbs lots of toxic agents that degrade our health and skin and makes us look older than our actual age.

Absorption of these agents has side effects like bloating, headaches, mood swings, tiredness, etc., so the cleaning of our body by these agents are very much needed.

Nitrocut daily cleanse is a mix of natural ingredients that helps detoxify our entire body and also helps our digestive system. Its ingredients are as follows:

  • Fennel seed powder
  • Cascara sagrada bark powder
  • Oat bran fiber
  • Buckthorn root powder
  • Citrus pectin powder
  • Pumpkin seed powder
  • Aloe vera leaf powder
  • Cayenne fruit powder
  • Ginger root powder
  • Licorice root extract
  • Rhubarb root powder
  • Acai berry fruit extract
  • Cape aloe leaf powder
  • Bentonite clay powder
  • Senna leaf powder
  • Prune fruit extract
  • Flax seed powder
  • Goldenseal root powder
  • Lactobacillus acidphilus

The recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day and it is strictly recommended to keep it from the reach of children and cannot be consumed by an individual below 18 years of age.

Increasing dosage than the daily recommendation can lead to side effects and fit territory recommends to play by the rules of the game that is to keep the daily consumption in prescribed limits. It is definitely worth a try as per fit territory.

Thank you all for being a part of it territory community and that’s all for today’s review on nitro cut products (nitrocut pre workout, nitrocut testosterone booster, nitrocut fat burner, nitrocut probiotics, and nitro cur daily cleanse) and nitrocut ingredients.

Be sure to check our other articles on fitness-related topics and do visit again for detailed reviews of fitness products.

Which product do you want us to review for you? Tells us in the comments section below and we’ll provide a detailed review of that product on our website.

Its advantages.

  • Ingredient formula used is really impressive and result oriented.
  • After looking at the ingredient formula and the composition, and after reading the reviews of several people it was found that the product actually delivers the result.
  • No side effects.
  • No use of chemical compositions.
  • Natural product.

It’s disadvantages.

  • Most of the ingredients used can be found in your kitchen easily and can be consumed on a daily basis and will deliver similar results. There is no need to spend extra money to buy a supplement for detoxification of your body. This is the only disadvantage of this product.

These are the reviews of some of the most loved products from Nitrocut, if you have any queries regarding Nitrocut, you can visit their site as well. 

So, here we are ending our Nitro Cut Review. If you have any suggestions or queries you can comment below as well.

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