Playing Tennis, The Easiest Way Of Losing Weight

Tennis is still not the most popular sport around the globe. However, seeing the growing popularity of tennis in recent years a lot of people are becoming interested in it. Just a few years back it was thought to be an expensive game that can only be played by the rich.  

That theory does not exist anymore, people of all types and ages are participating in tennis. In summer, inside and outside the city (especially around various beaches), you can use the courts for free or for little money.

Tennis, a sport for all Ages

Tennis is meant for people of all age groups. Young people who are taking part in this sport would be able to improve their flexibility. Regular training could improve their strength, mobility, and agility.

Tennis is also helpful to adults. It not only helps seniors to lose weight but also holds back the aging process. Moreover, this sport is helpful in preventing some common diseases mostly found in older persons – such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and obesity.

Tennis players tend to have an effective circulatory system, as tennis players constantly oxygenate the blood while playing competitive games. Sometimes physicists recommend a patient who is dealing with chronic heart disease to participate in tennis. It’s turned out to be an effective way to hinder heart diseases.

Playing tennis regularly can also help lower the level of bad cholesterol, in strengthening leg muscles, and in increasing respiratory capacity. It also accelerates digestion, loss of extra weights, and also relaxes and improves our mood by de-stressing. It also can help you spend quality time with friends and family while having a nice exercise. You can read more about the health benefits of Tennis from here.

Is tennis difficult? How to play tennis

Tennis may seem intimidating at the beginning. This fear vanishes immediately if you manage to get some lessons under the supervision of a tennis instructor. He could guide you about this sport. An instructor could show you how to avoid mistakes and how to start playing right away.

Besides, you can dive into the world of the internet where you can learn some tips and tricks easily. At first, you find it difficult to implement the lessons that you learned earlier, but over time you will be invincible. Remember the most important rule of thriving – never give up.

It is worth investing in tennis equipment

Tennis, a sport for all Ages

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Like other sports, Tennis requires some equipment to play such as tennis rackets, balls, shoes, and nets. Among them, the most important equipment is the tennis racket. Depending on your skill level choose your tennis racket.

Tennis racket’s price may vary from low to high. When you are a beginner player, you should not spend much money on buying rackets rather buy an affordable tennis racket. When you reach the intermediate level you need advanced racquet. An intermediate tennis racket cost higher than beginner one but provides more power and control.

Shoes are another important element you should consider. Tennis shoes should have a wider and flatter sole to ensure more stability. A good pair of shoes also protect you from fatal injuries. Beginners should not spend a lot of dollars on shoes – they can go for the affordable options out there.

When it comes to tennis clothing choose such clothes that do not interact with your movement. It must not be too loose or too tight – must be comfortable to wear. Professional tennis players use terry wrists that wipe out a sweat while playing.

Warm-up before playing tennis

Before setting out to the court, a little warm-up would be helpful. A 10 minutes warm-up is more than enough. It could include, among others, running, jumping, semi-squats, stretching, arm swings, etc. This little warm-up before playing could save you from fatal injuries on the court.

It is also recommended that you apply stretching of the hands, calves, thighs, and back after leaving the court.

How many calories can I burn on the court?

It’s a valid question: how many calories are burned by playing tennis? The amount of calories burned mostly depends on the competitiveness of the game. The more competitive the game would become, the more calories would be burned.  Assuming moderate intensity of the game: an average height man could be able to burn about 600 kcal per hour, while a woman could burn 420 kcal.

Keep in mind that the more you indulge in the game or run-up to the ball with greater commitment, you can expect more unnecessary calories burned in the process. 

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