PowerBlock Review (Elite Dumbells): Worth Buying?

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Thinking about BUYING PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbells? There are lots of great features that it comes with and we have made a detailed PowerBlock Review, that will help you in understanding the product.

Powerblock Adjustable Dumbells are a little different in appearance than the traditional adjustable dumbness, and that design makes it strong, as it can hold more weight than other adjustable dumbells. And PowerBlock Elite Dumbells are perfect for those who don’t want to buy a lot of dumbells for their hardcore workouts.

Adjustable dumbells are great workout equipment, and that is why today we are here with a popular adjustable dumbell in our PowerBlock Review. We will mention all the features and issues of the dumbells in our Powerblock Elite Dumbbells Review.

Adjustable dumbells become popular from the last two years, before that no one knows about them, and that is why there are many varieties of adjustable dumbells, and Powerblock Elite Dumbells are quite unique square-shaped dumbells.

They look a little odd and a little difficult to understand for the people who will see them for the first time. Traditional dumbells took so much space and it costs more than the adjustable dumbells, that is why people who love to exercise at their homes, prefer the adjustable dumbells over the traditional ones.

Staying fit and healthy is important for all of us, whether you are a regular 9-5 job person, a student or an old person, as health is the only thing which keeps us going if you are healthy you can focus on your job, work, studies or anything that you do, but if you are not healthy then you are not going to be happy or cannot focus on anything.

And home gyms are a great way to stay fit and healthy because you don’t have to worry about going to the gyms while having huge traffic jams, and you can exercise at your home whenever you are free.

And having a home gym is much more affordable than having a gym membership. We have covered reviews of some affordable home gym exercise machines, you can read them out if you want:

PowerBlock Review

Powerblock Elite dumbells are square-shaped dumbells that come with a lot of varieties over the weight that it can carry and that is why people are loving this dumbell, as no other adjustable are offering so many weight options. 

But it has some of its own problems and issues, and in our PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbells Review, we are going to address them as well so that you’ll get a better deal and you know everything about this dumbbell.

PowerBlock Review
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They come in various sizes and budgets, you can pick which one suits you best, Powerblock made five different models of adjustable dumbbells and today we are doing a review of the Powerblock Elite Dumbbell. 

The plates used in the PowerBlock Elite Dumbells are made up of metal, this is a good point and a bad point as well, good is that metal is heavier than the traditional rubber plates and that is why rubber plates take more space and metal plates don’t. 

That is the reason powerblock’s dumbells are more compact than the competition. But these metal plates sometimes make the dumbells heavy and if by mistake the dumbell falls from a height then it can damage your floor, as rubber plates bounce off but metal doesn’t.

There are many features as well as problems that come with the PowerBlock Elite Adjustable Dumbells and we will first see the features or things that we like about these dumbells. So sit back and read along to the end.

Things We LIKE

We will list all the features or the things that we like about these dumbells in list form so that you can understand the features pretty well and don’t get confused.

  • Compact Size: The size of the Powerblock Elite dumbells is quite small and doesn’t create any problem while working out, as you can easily train your complete body with the help of these dumbells. They come in three models Elite 50, Elite 70, and Elite 90.
  • Metal Plates: The Powerblock Elite dumbells come with metal plates and two metal rods that are placed inside the rods of each dumbell, there are two 1kg of rods in each dumbell that you can also remove or add according to your needs.

Comes in the weight range of 5-50 lbs per hand: It comes with various weight ranges, and you can make your own weight range as well with the help of those extra metal rods that are placed inside the dumbells. The weight ranges of PowerBlock Elite are 16 different weight settings: 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10,15, 17.5, 20, 25, 27.5, 30, 35, 37.5, 40, 45, 47.5, and 50 lbs.

  • Strong Body: The body of the dumbell is strong and well-built and easily lasts long for years without giving you any kind of trouble. The mechanism of adjusting the weight on these dumbells is the same as you do with the lat pulldown machine, you pull out the pin and then set it to any weight that you want to use.

It also comes with a pin that is attached to the dumbells with the help of a cord, and you can change it according to your needs. They also pasted a small sticker at the top of the dumbell so that you can see how much weight you are using based on the different colors. It has different colors on one side so that you can get an idea of how much weight you are lifting.

The pin that comes with the dumbells that you use for changing the weight is also strong and can easily handle weight up to 500 pounds and it also comes with magnets so that it can easily get stuck to the metal plates and never comes out.

And it comes with a stand so that you can place the dumbells over it.

  • Saves a lot of space: These are adjustable dumbells, which means they can save a lot of space than the traditional dumbells if you go with the 70 lbs version of these dumbells then it can easily replace the 22 pairs of dumbells that can weigh around 1575 lbs. of free weights.
  • Made in USA: These PowerBlock dumbells are made in the USA, and it comes with 10 years of warranty if you are using it for home use, but if you are going to buy this for your Gym then the 10-year warranty is not for you. 

Things We DON’T LIKE

There are many things that we don’t like about Powerblock Elite Dumbells, and it is important to mention those problems with you guys so that our review will be fair and doesn’t seem to look biased. And without mentioning the problems our Power Block Review is also incomplete.

  • The Gap of Grabbing Handel is small: If your palm size is bigger than the average person, then you will find some problems while using the Powerblock Elite Dumbells, as it has a small passage to grab the handles. For an average size person, the gap is enough to grab the handle but for some people, it can be a serious problem.
  • Using the Dumbells are complicated: In our test, while using the dumbells for workout we face this problem so many times, we started our workout with chest press and I decided to set the weight to 20 lbs to start my workout, but when I placed the pin to 20 lbs, one side of the pin goes to the 20 lbs mark but other side goes to the lower ones, and we faced this problem in each set of our workout.
PowerBlock Review
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It can be annoying for some people, and when this happens the dumbells got stuck to the set, and to remove the stuck dumbell, it took 5-10 minutes if you stuck the pin to the higher weight limit.

  • Changing weight takes so much time: The problem we mentioned in the above point, is related to this one, it took so much time to set the pin in the correct place in a single try, and that is why it took time to change the weights.

The process of changing the weight is a little bit complicated with the Powerblock Elite Dumbell, because of their odd design.

  • Weight distribution is not well balanced: This issue only comes when you are using the dumbell with lesser weight, the weights of the dumbells are not well distributed because of their odd design, and when you pull out the dumbell and start doing the exercise, suppose I am doing bicep curls with the dumbells, and as the weights of the dumbells are focused at the bottom of the dumbell, it feels like the dumbell is trying to rotate itself to come to its original position, and it can cause some strain to the joints of my wrist. If you are a beginner, then it can create some issues for you.



  • Compact Size
  • Metal Plates
  • Comes in the weight range of 5-50 lbs per hand
  • Strong Build


  • The Gap of Grabbing Handel is small
  • Using the Dumbells are complicated
  • Changing weight takes so much time
  • Weight distribution is Odd


These are the features and issues that come with these dumbells, but the one thing we missed is that people are loving this product, as we read some of the PowerBlock Reviews that people left on the amazon seller page, they are in love with this product.

If you want to read the Powerblock Dumbbells Reviews, you can read from here as well. Powerblock Elite Dumbbells got 1193 reviews with 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon, now you can guess how much people are liking this product. 

These are the complete details about the Powerblock Dumbbells, and if you have any questions regarding our PowerBlock Review, you can comment down below and we are happy to help you all.

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  • Are PowerBlocks worth it?

    Yes, they are worth buying, they are stronger than other plastic adjustable dumbells, but they are a little complicated to use, but one can easily learn how to use them properly. They are affordable as well, and comes with loads of features, that no other adjustable dumbell offer.

  • How much PowerBlocks weigh?

    The weight of the PowerBlock adjustable dumbells depends on the model you choose, and how much weight it comes with, the Elite PowerBlock adjustable dumbells weigh around 90 pounds or 40.8kgs.

  • What are the difference between PowerBlocks and Bowflex Adjustable Dumbells?

    Bowflex dumbells are easy to use, but they are too big to do some exercise bike bicep curls, and they are not as strong as the PowerBlock adjustable dumbells, and PowerBlock adjustable dumbells are not as popular as the Bowflex, but they are pretty good.

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