Proform 550R Rower Review: Worth UPGRADE or PURCHASE

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Confused about the Proform 550R Rower Review? We have made a detailed Proform 550R Rower Review and explained everything about this machine, read along to the end to know is this machine worth buying or not.

Proform 550R is a very simple rowing machine with very few electronic parts which makes it very easy to use and because of a unique design, it can be folded easily to store in tight spaces, and it doesn’t come with any kind of unnecessary feature that one rarely use. So, if you want a simple, compact, and lightweight rowing machine then Proform 550R is a great pick for you.

Dimensions5″ x 22.0″ x 25.5″
Assembled Weight103 lbs. (46.7 kg)
FrameHeavy Duty Steel frame
User Weight Limit250 lbs (113 kg)
ResistanceAir Resistance
WarrantyFrame: 5 years, Parts & Labour: 90 days

 ProForm is a brand that is known for its treadmills, elliptical, exercise bikes, HIIT trainers, rower, and other hybrid trainers.

It is one of the leading fitness equipment based companies in the market and if you are living under rocks and are not already aware ProForm comes under Icon Health and Fitness company that is an icon when we talk about fitness based equipment. 

Proform 550R Rower Review

There are n number of gym equipment that this brand brings into the market and each of its products is equally trustworthy. It is known for its quality, it is known for its features and its great price.

ProForm leads as home fitness equipment brand in the world and it is produced by Icon Health and Fitness Icon Health and fitness is known as the largest fitness company and is present in this fitness domain since 1977 and is the creator of popular brands like NordicTrack, FreeMotion, Weider, and Weslo Icon Health and fitness was founded by Gary Stevenson and Scott Watterson and till date this company holds 223 patents and 107 patents are pending.

Proform 550R Rower Review
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ProForm is the child brand of Icon and fitness and becomes a premium legacy in-home fitness equipment.

ProForm has become a legend in-home fitness industry and all thanks to its early day’s revolution when it was taking over the treadmill industry with its quality treadmills.

Till date, ProForm has maintained the level of quality which has contributed to making ProForm one of the preferred choice by fitness enthusiasts.

ProForm offers many fitness equipment such as rowers, elliptical machines, weight benches, exercise bikes and many more. ProForm provides a rower named 440R which is an entry-level, magnetic resistance rower at an affordable price range.

If you are looking for a cardio machine at an affordable price along with comfort and doesn’t take up much storage space, then you must know that ProForm 440R is popular having the above-mentioned qualities. You can check more about this rowing machine from the official Amazon page.

So by these specifications, we have got a basic idea of ProForm 550 R rowing machine, now to know more about this machine, let’s get into the details of this machine.


Proform 550R Rower Review
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ProForm 550R air rowing machine has a heavy-duty steel body; this steel body has a seat rail that is made of aluminum. Its length is 84.5 inches, width 22 inches, and height 25.5 inches after being fully assembled.

The frame is very well constructed and is quite strong and sturdy. There is no doubt about its quality since the ProForm 550R air rowing machine has been built to last. 

Some parts are made of plastic but one need not worry about its durability since all these parts are made of high cast plastic so one can trust this product when it comes to its quality.

The frame can easily handle user’s weight up to 250 lbs that are 113.398 kg which is not very impressive but most of the rowers at this price range offer a maximum user weight capacity of 250 lbs only, so that is not an extremely poor maximum user weight capacity.

Thus those who come under this weight limit have a great option that is worth considering however for people above this weight limit ProForm 550R rower machine is not the one.


Resistance is the major focus of this Proform Rower 550R Review because that is what you are buying this rower for since resistance is what your workout is based on.

This ProForm 550R rowing machine works on air-based resistance. One simply has to pull handles towards his body which makes the flywheel spin; this flywheel has blades in it that generate wind.

proform 550r rowing machine review
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One simply has to pull faster for more resistance, it depends on the exerciser’s performance; this is also called variable resistance. Its resistance is not adjustable at all, one can’t preset the desired resistance.

Even though it is not an adjustable rowing machine but it comes with damper settings, so by making adjustments in damper settings one can change the feel of the stroke.

You can adjust lever either up or down which will make you feel you are in a lighter or a heavy boat accordingly. This additional feature is appreciable.

The flow is extremely natural and works very smoothly so one can feel like he or she is rowing on water. So as far as resistance is concerned this machine does pretty well, but only if we talking about low to average intensity workout.

For a high-intensity workout, this machine is a big no since it has not been made for such workout sessions.


The overall design of any gym equipment can be a game-changer thus we just can’t miss adding this in our ProForm 550R rower review. Exercise equipment design is one thing that can bring a huge change in your overall workout experience thus it is important to talk about ProForm 550R air rower design.

Any gym or home gym equipment needs to be comfortable and convenient and we understand that.

Firstly the body is quite oversized and robust for better comfort. It comes with pivoting pedals, these pivoting pedals follow the natural movement of legs so there is no extra tension on leg muscles and joints; these pedals have adjustable straps too, these adjustable straps can fit every shoe size.

proform 550r rowing machine review
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To ensure that the feet stay at place pedals have a rough-textured surface on the top so that feet do not slip.

Handlebars are well cushioned for better grip; it also helps prevent another discomfort since these handlebars are ergonomically designed.

The seat of this air rowing machine is ergonomically designed for user’s comfort. The seat comes with extra padding; the cushioning is of high-quality material too, so with ProForm, 550R rowing machine one can work out for stretched out period without feeling any discomfort.

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Another thing we want to bring to light is that the ProForm 550R air rowing machine features a foldable frame which is also called a space-saver design. So, if you have a small house and are not able to bring rowing because it won’t fit anywhere in your house, well this rowing machine is here for the rescue.

With the help of its space saver design ProForm, 550R air rower can be folded, by folding it one can save a lot of space which it would have occupied otherwise.

Thus whenever not in use one simply has to fold this machine and store it and there will be no trace of this machine left.

Another addition is transportation wheels, there are transportation wheels at the bottom of the machine that enhances its mobility thus one can easily shift it from one place to another without much effort. These minor addition di play a big role in deciding since it adds to comfort and easiness.


Any experienced trainer would agree to the fact that a monitor can play a significant role in our training so we need to include it here in our Proform Rower 550R Review.

ProForm 550R rowing machine comes with an LCD monitor. This monitor is placed at the center of the machine. All the necessary data like total time is taken, total calories burned, watts, and total strokes per minute are displayed on this monitor.

Out of these three readouts are displayed at a time and one can navigate between these readouts with the help if priority display button.

It has automatic on and off feature too, so basically, this rowing machine automatically detects if there is some action and starts showing metrics and after a few minutes of inactivity it automatically turns off.

One downside to mention here about ProForm 550R air rowing machine is that it does not support heart rate monitoring so for those who are fitness conscious and are curious about their heart-related data this news can be a big disappointment.

All in all, this machine is quite basic so we can finish this section of ProForm 550R Review by saying that the monitor performance of this rower is pretty much average.


The good thing about this ProForm 550R air rowing machine is that it can be assembled within no time. Most of its parts come preassembled; this reduces the work of the users since only a few attachments are to be made to fully assemble this machine.

Assembling this rowing machine does not take more than half an hour and can be done single-handedly (no professionals are required), so if you are too eager to row on it no problem just a few attachments and you are good to go. This saves lots of time and effort for the exerciser so one can focus on the workout.


Warranty can be a major role player in any review since it plays a critical part in decision making there is no point in not including it here in our Proform Rower 550R Review. 

Sadly, ProForm 550R rower does not come with a great warranty. Its frame is covered for 3 years while on the other hand its other body parts and labor come with a warranty period of 90 days only.

This warranty period is quite disappointing since many other rowing machines under this price range do manage to offer a better warranty, however, one can still rely on this air rowing machine since it a ProForm product.

It also comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee so if any issues are found in the rower within the given period one can reach ProForm and will get the total sum back.

All in all ProForm 550R air rowing machine warranty is not the most impressive warranty you would get in the market however for a rowing machine priced at this rate it is still quite acceptable.


We just can’t conclude our ProForm 550R rower review until and unless we talk about its PROs & CONs so let’s finish this ProForm 550R rower review by stating all its pros and cons that can affect our judgment for this rowing machine severely.


  • Space saver design: Its space saver design is an advantage since due to its space saver design ProForm 550R air rowing machine can fit into small places; it can be stored very easily in an upright position and does not occupy much space. Hence, this air rower is a perfect home gym machine for small houses.
  • Easy transportation: Since it comes with attached transportation wheels its transportation becomes extremely easy which is another plus point of this air rowing machine. These wheels make the rower extremely mobile thus shifting it from one place to another is very convenient. So it is not only easy to store but also easy to transport which makes this ProForm 550R rower machine very handy.
  • Quality: For many of us quality is certainly one of the primary requirements and why not? Thus it is quite important to know about its build quality. Well, kudos since this machine does not compromise in terms of quality. This machine is quite sturdy and stable and is made of durable supplies. So we can say ProForm 550R rower price is not affecting its quality by any means.
  • Assembly: As we mentioned before its assembly is very easy. It can be assembled within 30 minutes and most of its part comes assembled so it saves you from the hectic task of assembling every bit of this machine. For those who have suffered the pain of assembling a rowing machine from scratch can appreciate these extra efforts made by ProForm.
  • Damper settings: Another plus point of this air rowing machine is its adjustable damper settings. With the help of these damper settings, the exerciser can adjust the feel of the stroke, so there is some amount of customization available to the users. However one should know that these damper settings have nothing to do with resistance.
  • Price: Last but not least, the ProForm 550 R rower price is the one to make into our pros list. At a price like this 550R rowing machine can be considered one of the best air rowing machines available in the market without any doubt.


  • Lack of heart rate monitor: One major downside of this ProForm 550R rower machine is that it does not support heart rate monitoring. This is one crucial feature for any fitness enthusiast and most of the advanced rowing machines do offer heart rate monitoring.
  • Basic console: Its console might be pretty satisfactory for beginners and people who are not too much into fitness and don’t need many metrics other than some basic ones, however for those who can’t do without advanced features this rowing machine is a big no. There is nothing extraordinary, neither is equipped with advanced features which are a drawback of this air rower.
  • Resistance: It has variable resistance so the resistance depends on the user’s performance which is fine but the problem is that the resistance is still not enough for hardcore trainers and as we said earlier resistance is a major aspect of this ProForm 550R Review, this can be a deal-breaker for many.

Firstly, it does not allow manual adjustments at all so one cannot preset the resistance and secondly, the resistance falls short for extreme trainers. This rowing machine is not challenging enough for experienced users who want extremely high resistance.

So in the last section of this ProForm 550R rower review, we got to know that even though this rowing machine is a great value for money yet is not advisable for people who prefer high-intensity workouts. So even though ProForm 550R rower price might excite you but if your necessities are not being satisfied there is no point in wasting money on this machine.

Now it is time to conclude our Proform Rower 550R Review. This ProForm 550R Rowing Machine Review verdict is in support of 550R air rowing machine and we have enough reason to support our verdict.

Even most of the other ProForm 550R rower reviews have generally concluded in favor of ProForm 550R rower, the reason being its an undeniably great performance at such a low price. ProForm 550 R rowing machine is a dream come true for many of us who wanted an affordable yet high-performance air rower. 

Firstly it is from a company that has a reputation in the market for its product so one can rely on this air rower machine and secondly this heavy-duty product comes at a great price.

However, we should not forget the fact that this machine will not be able to live up to the expectations of trained exercisers who prefer high-intensity workouts. This machine is for medium to low-intensity workout only. Users who desire extremely challenging workout need to look out for another option since this machine is not the one that would fulfill their needs.

But for beginners this rowing machine is a full package, it has great features, resistance and is of great quality, and all of this at a surprisingly low price. Thus the verdict of this ProForm 550R Review stands in favor of the 550R air rower.

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