Proform 590T Treadmill Review: Is This Really Worth The Price?

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Proform 590T Treadmill has been discontinued, but you can still check some of its alternatives

Proform is a well-known company for Gym based Equipment, this company is owned by ICON Health and Fitness which is the world’s largest fitness equipment company. 

Various working out machines that Proform brings to the market are treadmills, elliptical, exercise bikes, HIIT Trainers, etc, all these machines are available at a very affordable and reasonable price range since this is what Proform is known for.

Today we are here for one of Proform 590T Treadmill Reviews to find out if this treadmill gives you enough reasons to choose it above any other treadmill. 

In this Proform 590T Treadmill review, we will talk about its specs, about its features and pros and cons. So let us start Proform 590T Treadmill review.

Proform 590T Treadmill Review

Proform 590T Treadmill Reviews
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There is no doubt you can found several Proform 590T Treadmill reviews and the reason Why Proform 590T Treadmill reviews are important is the fact that even though it is an entry-level treadmill and is quite affordable.

But you still have to pay your hard-earned money for this machine and if you are willing to pay for this machine you need to know whether it actually is worth those bucks or just a waste of money. 

Since this model has been in the market for a long time and several other options are available now in the market that might be far more advanced, Proform 590T Treadmill reviews lets you find out if it is still the one to go for.

Dimensions70″ x 33″ x 55″
Tread Belt20″ x 55″
Speed0-12 mph
Weight capacity300lbs (136kg)
DisplayBacklit LCD

Let us now dig into details of Proform 590T Treadmill and review every function and feature that this treadmill has to offer.


The body of the Proform 590T treadmill has been constructed with metal and plastic material. This treadmill is equipped with a space saver design which means it can be folded in an upright position to minimize the space it takes when not in use.

Since it can be folded vertically the storage of this treadmill very easy and it can fit into small spaces. This treadmill machine comes with a weight capacity of 300 lbs that is 136 kgs but it is still recommendable to go for some other treadmill if your weight is anywhere around 300lbs.

It is a heavy machine overall but since it comes with wheels on the bottom it can be easily shifted from one place to another.


590 T Treadmill by Proform comes with an LCD backlit console, this backlit LCD console is a large 6 in a display which is quite impressive in terms of resolution too. It tracks time, total distance covered, speed, total calories burned, and pulse as well.

The console supports quick controls that let you adjust the speed and incline instantly with a single touch. It also has a water bottle and me, Pod holder. Why an I Pod holder? Well, it features I Pod compatible music port so you can train while listening to your favorite playlist and make working out a little bit more entertaining.

It features built-in Intermix Acoustic too which is a great EQ sound system.


It features ProTech Cushioning for extra support which means it will be a lot more comfortable to walk, jog or run on this treadmill.

The ProResponse cushioning absorbs all the shocks that might cause any harm to joints, this lowers the impact on joints and muscles thus can be a great option while one is suffering from injuries.

590 T treadmill by Proform comes with iFit workout card technology. iFit technology is a well-admired feature amongst treadmill users. With iFit workout card technology, 590 T treadmill by proform takes training experience to another level, one can set goals and can also interact with other users online.

One can even select any terrain and this treadmill will adjust itself to stimulate similar terrain. With the help of iFit technology, one can go for several new workouts for better training, however, to be able to use iFit technology one has to pay for its subscription.

Other than iFit technology compatibility Proform 590t treadmill comes with 16 different built-in workout programmes as well, so if you are not willing to pay for iFit subscription no problem, you can still enjoy several workout options that are designed by a certified personal trainer to help you reach your workout goals however you will definitely miss out some amazing advanced iFit features.

Proform 590T supports QuickSpeed and Quick Incline technology. QuicSpeed technology lets you change the speed instantly with one touch. So you can come from 12mph to 0 at no time very smoothly.

The same goes for Quick Incline technology; 590 T treadmill by Proform allows incline up to 10% with the help of quick incline control that Proform 590t supports one can easily adjust the incline with one touch.

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Heart Rate Monitoring: Heart Rate Monitoring is one of the major features of a treadmill hence it comes with no surprise that Proform has paid attention to the accuracy of its Heart Rate Monitor.

It comes with a Dual-Grip Heart Rate Monitor that lets you monitor your pulse quite accurately. However, it is not compatible with the chest strap which remains the most accurate way of heart rate monitoring.


The motor is a 2.25 continuous horsepower Mach Z motor that does not disappoint you in terms of performance. It works very smoothly and does not produce much noise which is a plus point.

It is equipped with an axial cooling fan that keeps the motor cool thus increasing the motor life. However many people have questioned the quality of the motor.


Warranty is crucial for any gym equipment; no one would like to pay a hefty price for a machine that is not even backed by its company.

590 T treadmill by Proform comes with a decent warranty period, the frame of the treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty, the motor comes with a warranty of 25 years and other parts and labor come with a warranty for a year.

There are a lot of Proform 590T Treadmill reviews that talk about the good side of the product but to get a clear view it is important to be aware of both positives and negatives of any product.

Proform 590T Treadmill reviews can’t be over until we talk about its PROs and CONs.


  • Price: This treadmill is extremely affordable. It is an entry level treadmill and has been priced reasonably making it a good option for those who are about to start working on a treadmill.
  • SpaceSaver Design: It comes with SpaceSaver design; it can be stored in upright manner which helps in saving a lot of space. The SpaceSaver design also makes its storage a lot easier.
  • ProTech Cushioning: Being a Treadmill designed for home use it comes with cushioning that provides extra comfort. This cushioning absorbs the shock which lowers the impact.
  • Speed and Incline Adjustment: One can easily adjust speed and incline in no time with one touch buttons. This makes it quite convenient for the users since with a single touch adjustments can be made.
  • CoolAire Workout Fan: It comes with CoolAire Workout Fan that keeps the motor cool and increases the life of the motor.
  • Solid Warranty: Its low price range does affect the warranty at all. It comes with impressive warranty periods; the frame comes with a lifetime warranty, motor comes with a warranty of 25 years and parts and labour come with warranty for a year.


  • Tread Belt: One noticeable issue with Proform 590t is its Tread Belt length. The Tread Belt falls short for people with good height since it is only 20 in x 55 in which is not enough for long strides. So if you have a good height this affordable Treadmill is of no use to you.
  • Not for extreme users: This treadmill might be good for walking and jogging but when it comes to running this treadmill might fail and not live up to your expectations. This treadmill is certainly not for professionals who always want to challenge themselves. It is a very basic treadmill machine suitable for those who prefer less vigorous workouts.
  • Quality: Proform 590t treadmill is not the best quality treadmill you get in the market. Its parts are of average quality and might get damaged with intense use so it is advisable not to use it for extreme running.


We have finally reached our conclusion of the Proform 590T treadmill Review. Proform 590T treadmill is a considerable option for beginners or someone who prefers walking or jogging. Being a product from Proform that is owned by ICON Health and Fitness there is no harm in saying that it is a durable product that would last years if its limitations are taken care of.

But the question here is, is Proform 590T treadmill a considerable option for you? Well, the answer relies on your requirements. At such a low price it delivers lots of interesting features that would attract customers. However, it is not meant for runners and that is clear.

It is not a treadmill that could train you for a marathon but it can certainly help you build stamina and lose some weight. Proform 590T treadmill is not the most advanced Treadmill which is quite evident in all the reviews but it supports all basic functions that a beginner might need.

So basically if you want to work out vigorously and want yourself to feel like a beast this Proform 590T treadmill is not the one for you but if you just require a basic treadmill that helps you to avoid outdoor walks it is not a bad option.

So the conclusion we draw is that even though it might not be the best treadmill in the market but it still is not a bad choice for beginners. Proform 590T treadmill is a great value for money and won’t disappoint you if you have minimal requirements.

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