Proform Endurance 520E Review, Worth Buying?

The demand for compact home gym equipment like exercise bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals has risen considerably due to the recent global events. Personal gym equipment helps people in maintaining physical fitness within the comfort of their homes. 

They provide a quick yet effective way to squeeze in some physical exercise at any given time of the day. Today, we take a look at an elegant and feature workout option in this Proform Endurance 520E review.

Elliptical trainers, commonly known as ellipticals, are stationary exercise machines designed for non-impact cardiovascular workouts. Ellipticals are a great choice for people nursing injuries as they incorporate a push/pull motion that engages the arms and legs. 

This synchronized motion imitates the natural motion of the human body and thus reduces the risk of injury to the knee, elbow, and other such joints over extended periods of use. Ellipticals also ensure a higher calorie burn in a reduced time period.

Ellipticals like the Proform Endurance 520 E offer full-body workouts. However, the lower body and leg muscle groups such as the glutes, hamstrings, and calves benefit the most. 

The pull/push motion of an elliptical through the synchronized motion of the pedals and handles of an elliptical imitate the natural motion of our arms and legs. 

Ellipticals are very compact and offer flexibility in storage and transportation. Ellipticals also provide a good alternative for full-body and effective cardio workouts across all age groups. Ellipticals are therefore a great choice for homes and offices with space constraints. 

In our ProForm Endurance 520E Elliptical Review, we shall discuss at length the features, pros, and cons of this product. 

By the end of this review, you will have enough information which will help you decide if the ProForm Endurance 520 E is the elliptical for you.

Proform Endurance 520E Review

ProForm Endurance 520E Review
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ProForm is an iconic brand managed by ICON Health and Fitness Inc., with an established market presence in the home fitness-segment. 

The superior design and quality of their products have helped them dominate in this segment, especially their treadmills, ellipticals, and HIIT trainers. 

The Endurance range of ellipticals is forward drive-based ellipticals by ProForm. This design provides the user with a compact design while ensuring they do not have to compromise on stride length. 

The Endurance 520 E is the entry-level product in this series, and the oldest too. This elliptical has a beautiful design and superior build quality that complement its compact nature very well. 

The ProForm Endurance 520 E also features intensive and can serve people across different age groups and with very different requirements from their workouts.

We shall discuss the features and aspects in our ProForm Endurance 520 E review.

We shall discuss the features and other important aspects of the ProForm Endurance 520 E that make it an option worth considering while purchasing a new elliptical. Here are some of the Proform Endurance 520 E Spec:

Dimensions34.4” W x 68.25” D x 69.3” H
Max. Weight Capacity300 Lbs.
Display5” Backlit
Workout Programs18 
Flywheel Weight15 Lb. Effective Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel
Resistance18 Levels with SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance
Stride Length19” Power Adjustable
Warranty10-Year Frame; 2-Year Parts; 1-Year Labor


The Endurance 520 E has an attractive that grabs your attention very quickly. The forward drive flywheel is encased in a white and red housing that is very pleasing to the eye. 

Built from commercial-grade steel, this elliptical does not sacrifice on the stability and sturdiness aspect either and is built to last for longer periods of time. 

Along with the forward drive system, a width of 34” and length of 68.25” ensure the elliptical remains compact and stands at a height of 69.3”. Despite being non-foldable, it appeals to consumers with space constraints.

Weighing around 200 lbs, the ProForm Endurance 520 E is also equipped with wheels in the front, which makes it very convenient to transport and shift around the house. 

proform endurance 520e elliptical review
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The Endurance 520 E is also provided with manually adjustable stabilizers to ensure a smooth and stable operation of the equipment. These stabilizers can be adjusted just after assembly.

Like many other ProForm ellipticals, the Endurance 520 E is also provided with a bottle holder. This ensures users can maintain hydration levels even during the most intense of workouts

The console also has an integrated and adjustable tablet holder, which is equipped with the DeVice Grip Technology. 

As a result, workouts become a perfect time to multitask, be it catching up on the latest movies and entertainment or following customized workout routines using physical fitness apps and tools.

The Endurance 520 E is provided with cushioned and oversized pedals, making it suitable for varied foot sizes while ensuring sufficient grip.

The provision of fixed and moving handlebars is an additional bonus, as it helps isolate certain parts of the body according to the user’s workout requirements.

Display and Console

proform endurance 520e elliptical review
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The Endurance 520 E Elliptical has a 5” backlit display. The display isn’t the most appealing, especially if you are used to larger and more vivid displays, but it achieves the required functionality well. 

It provides essential data such as heart rate beats per minute, pedaling speed in RPM and power output in Watts, current resistance level, remaining time or time elapsed of the workout mode the user has chosen, theoretical speed, calorie burn rate, and the theoretical distance pedaled in miles or kilometers. 

The distance can be displayed in kilometers or miles and can be changed in the settings, which is an added advantage of the display console. 

The provision of a pause feature on the console allows the user to stop the workout in the middle. 

They can then resume their workout later by just resuming pedal action. This resumes the workout from where they had left off without any hassle. 

The addition of quick resistance change buttons with varied settings give the user a seamless option to increase or decrease their resistance quickly.

Additional features on the console include a USB charging port for mobiles and music players as well as iPod connectivity. 

It also features an auxiliary port to connect your smartphone and tablet to the inbuilt sound system with dual 2” speakers. This ensures the user can enjoy their entertainment or workout instructions with improved clarity.

The Endurance 520 E is provided with an adapter that powers this model from ProForm.


This ProForm Endurance 520 Elliptical review will help you understand some of the main features which make it a great product

The Endurance 520 E has 18 preset workout modes designed by certified personal trainers. Users are provided with additional flexibility with 18 resistance levels to choose from, which help them customize their workout programs.

The handlebars are fitted with dual EKG grips which measure vitals like the heart rate of the user. The grips feel plush and soft, which increases user comfort even during intense workouts. The sensors are quick and detect the heart rate in a couple of seconds after being gripped.

proform endurance 520 elliptical review
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A major benefit of the ProForm Endurance 520 E is its iFit compatibility. A 2-year free iFit subscription is provided to users on the purchase of the 520 E, which unlocks infinite possibilities and unlimited workouts. 

Access to personal trainers in the middle of an intense mountain hike or a studio session really caters to the differing requirements of multiple users.

As part of the ProForm 520 E review, the adjustable incline feature included in the product really stood out. With just a button and lever, the incline can be manually adjusted from 0° to 20°, which helps train for a variety of scenarios such as hikes and mountain trails. 

The preset workouts and iFit routines automatically adjust the incline according to the intensity requirement or the virtual terrain mapping of the workout.

The adjustable stride, which can be increased up to 20” makes for a comfortable user experience, even for those who are 6’ or taller. 

The oversized pedals and added cushioning ensure multiple foot positions that a user can choose according to their comfort without having to worry about the loss of grip. This stability ensures the users do not put themselves at risk of injury.


The ProForm Endurance 520 E Elliptical is equipped with an 18 level resistance setting that can be accessed quickly using the main console. 

The patented Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) technology, which features in other elliptical models from ProForm, ensures smooth and frictionless operation at every individual level no matter the intensity. The magnetic resistance is also extremely quiet. 

The flywheel weighs around 15 lbs and is inertia enhanced. It combines well with the oversized pedals to provide a steady and smooth pedal stroke. 

The large stride length and flywheel help the users experience a very natural stride. This is further complemented by the quicker gear ratio and efficient weight placement. 

Using the SMR system, the user can seamlessly adjust the intensity of their workouts without being too much of a nuisance to their surroundings. 

The flywheel is placed in front of the pedals, with attractive housing. This front-drive mechanism also boosts the performance and stride length of this elliptical. 

The Endurance 520 E has a maximum weight of 300 lbs (115 kg), which accommodates the requirements of most users while providing a stable and compact workout option.


The ProForm Endurance 520 E Elliptical is delivered to the customer in a flat packaging and can be assembled by the customer themselves. 

The Endurance 520 E Elliptical manual provides a simple, step by step process to assemble the elliptical by yourself. With the help of simple instructions and concise and clear diagrams, the steps can be easily understood. 

proform endurance 520 e elliptical manual
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Despite a number of moving parts, the assembly can be completed by a single person. However, certain steps such as screwing things into place may prove difficult to an individual. 

Hence, this ProForm 520 review recommends two people to complete the assembly of this elliptical. 

During the final installation, the drive system and resistance system need not be put together as they come pre-assembled from ProForm. The assembly of this elliptical could take approximately an hour to complete.

The tasks undertaken during assembly will include attaching the console, adjusting the pedals and handles. The final step will be to adjust the stabilizers to ensure stable operation even on uneven surfaces.

A major advantage is that the customer can assemble the Endurance 520 E without any professional help and does not necessarily need any prior assembling experience or skill whatsoever. You can read all the instructions regarding the assembly from the Proform Endurance 520 E Elliptical Manual.


Ellipticals, like every machine, require routine maintenance to ensure the performance of the product remains optimum during operation. This ProForm 520 Elliptical review states a few maintenance tips that will ensure the longevity of the product. 

After every use, the handlebars must be cleaned with a dry lint-free towel. Apart from absorbing sweat, this will reduce the chances of odor and sweat staining due to perspiration. 

ProForm Endurance 520E Review
CC: Amazon

Another benefit of doing so is that the dual EKG sensor incorporated into the grips will work correctly and give accurate details on vital parameters. 

Every month, the area around the rollers and the stride rails must be thoroughly cleaned. Once in six months, the plastic casing housing the flywheel must be removed carefully to vacuum the dust in and around the internal components. 

Care must be taken that the arrangement of these internal components is not disturbed. At least once a year, moving parts and joints must be lubricated to ensure smooth and frictionless operation. 

Caring and maintaining the product properly will ensure the longevity of the product without having to get it frequently serviced by the company for problems and performance-related issues.


ProForm Fitness offers a 10-year warranty on the frame alongside a 2-year warranty on the parts and 1-year warranty for labor. The 10-year warranty is an added benefit to the Proform Endurance 520 E Elliptical but an improved overall warranty would work wonders for the product.

Other benefits: All ProForm products are delivered free of charge, including the Endurance 520 E. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the product or the service offered to you, ProForm offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to its customers as well.

Pros and Cons 

This review of the ProForm 520 E discussed at length the various features of the Endurance 520 E Elliptical. The next section highlights the pros and cons of this product.

This will help you make up your mind if the ProForm Endurance 520 E is the right elliptical for you. There are some important things that you need to take care before buying an elliptical machine, You can watch this video which covers everything or you can read this article.


  • Competitively priced – The $999 price tag makes the ProForm Endurance 520 E a very competitive elliptical in its segment, considering the array of features.
  • Forward drive design – The forward drive technology allows for a compact design to suit space constraints in homes and offices
  • Appealing design – The white flywheel housing and sleek design make this product a real eye-catcher along with a large display
  • Adjustable stride – The adjustable 20” stride makes it suitable for even tall people and helps create a natural feel during workouts
  • Multiple workout options – 18 inbuilt workout options designed by certified trainers
  • iFit subscription – The elliptical is provided with a 2-year free subscription which unlocks an unlimited amount of workout options along with personalized trainer access
  • Auto and manual inclination adjustment – A simple lever mechanism helps adjust the incline between 0° and 20°, while the computerized programs automatically adjust the incline according to the virtual terrain mapping of the iFit location-based programs. Adjustable incline also allows for different muscle groups to be focussed on during the workout
  • Modern tech features – The provision of an integrated tablet holder as well as a sound system with dual 2” speakers enhances the overall user infotainment experience
  • Integrated water bottle holder – The water bottle holder allows the user to remain hydrated during intense workouts without having to interrupt the workouts
  • Oversized cushioned pedals – The pedals provide multiple foot positions for additional stability during workouts while providing sufficient grip


  • Hazardous materials – As per California Proposition 65, contains carcinogenic chemicals that may affect health in the long run
  • Short warranty – This elliptical is provided with a 10-year frame warranty, as well as 2-year parts warranty and 1-year labor warranty, which is good but not the best in the segment compared to other models
  • Lack of a fan – The lack of the fan can be felt during intense workouts due to the lack of much-needed ventilation and cooling
  • Lackluster display – While the 5” backlit display provides all the relevant information, it fails to appeal to the user with its outdated design and layout
  • Lower weighted flywheel – At 15 lbs, the flywheel fails to provide much resistance for seasoned gym users looking for a challenging and intense workout
  • Fixed vital monitoring – The dual EKG handlebar grips are the only sensing locations on the elliptical. Wireless monitoring would have ensured a more comfortable and enhanced user experience

Here is a quick summary of the main features in our Proform Endurance 520 E review

  • iFit, iPod and USB connectivity along with integrated sound system
  • Integrated tablet holder
  • 18 preset workouts for various workout requirements
  • 18 resistance levels equipped with patented Silent Magnetic Resistance technology
  • Dual EKG grips for heart rate monitoring
  • Variable stride length adjustment
  • Water bottle holder for user convenience
  • Auto inclination function for virtual terrain mapping
  • Appealing forward drive design and sturdy build quality


The ProForm Endurance 520 E review has extensively discussed the various features of the 520 E, which is the oldest model in the Endurance series. Here are our conclusions about this entry-level product in the series.

Like other products in the ProForm range, the 520 E is loaded with features and accompanied by a beautiful design for office and home gyms. 

The forward drive technology manages to nullify the fact that this elliptical is non-foldable, thus enabling the ProForm Endurance 520 E to remain relatively compact and stable

Careful attention has been paid to the product during the design phase to ensure maximum user comfort and satisfaction after using the product, thus enhancing the overall user experience. 

Integrating a water bottle holder to the frame, precise manual instructions, and well-designed pedals are proof of this fact. 

This elliptical is provided with the latest Bluetooth and iPod connectivity, as well as an integrated speaker system, making sure the ProForm Endurance 520 E is loaded with the latest technological features.

The performance of the 520 E is also worth the money spent. While multiple preset workouts with an option to expand your options using iFit are a great bonus, the light flywheel prevents regular gym-goers from getting the required workout intensity. 

The patented SMR technology ensures smooth and comfortable operation at different resistance levels, while adjustable incline and stride length ensures workouts on this elliptical have maximum impact. 

Overall, the ProForm Endurance 520 E  is a dependable product from ProForm loaded with great features. Its USPs include adjustable stride length and incline, multiple workouts preset, and smooth operation. 

If you are a beginner or an intermediate fitness enthusiast, this is a great product to consider, especially with its $999 price tag. 

We hope this review of the ProForm Endurance 520 E Elliptical has helped you learn more about the product. If you want to read some of the Proform 520E reviews, then you can click on the button provided below.

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