Pure Cycles Road Bike Review: WORTH BUYING?

Pure Cycles Road Bike Review: Biking changes you forever. It makes you face your fears; feel the air kiss your cheeks, the exhilaration, relaxation, anxiety and the adrenaline running through the blood, together with give you an unparalleled experience that you cherish for life.

Defying gravity and breaking through the air seems so thrilling and exciting that you fall in love with your amazing bike.

Adding fun to your biking experience and instilling confidence in you are these stunning ranges of pure cycles rode bikes.

The Pure Cycles Classic 16-Speed Road Bike offers you the joy of your life. This elegant model portrays a manly opulence with its sturdy frame construction and splendid finish.

Offering you an adrenaline-fueled riding experience, you can feel the rush of going downhill against the wind, the wheels blowing the dust and dirt in your eyes and your enhanced senses that put you in a hyper-aware emotional state.

The journey from dreading to put your steps on the pedal first to fall in love with the speed and then becoming obsessed with it is worth all the efforts.

Cycling is a great way to exercise, interact with new people and get unique experiences and as you explore your journey. With the experience of riding for years, it becomes our responsibility for taking precautions and respecting the safety rules.

This alternative greener mode of transportation to cars and bikes should be encouraged between the younger generations. Let’s put this detailed pure cycles road bike review at a glance:

  • They are designed for riding on paved surfaces like smooth roads and bike paths; not an ideal choice for rough or unpaved surfaces.
  • Lightweight and compact model to cover long-distance travel with faster speeds.
  • Feature narrow wheels and tires
  • Are designed to carry a maximum load capacity of 250 lbs.
  • It is ideally used by fitness enthusiasts, professional and competitive riders
  • Drop handlebars for efficient grip and multiple hand positions.
  • Efficient and smooth gear shifting mechanism for controlling speed and safety.
  • Better aerodynamics for efficient functionality.
  • Smooth paint finishes for corrosion resistance.
  • All-weather tolerant ideal for riding on all types of climatic conditions.
Frame styleClassic Diamond
Riding PositionSport
Gearing Single-Speed16-Speed
Wheel Size700 C
Frame BuildChromoly steel

Pure Cycles Road Bike Review

Pure Cycles is a renowned brand for manufacturing some of the coolest bikes that appeal to young minds. Inspiring them, they aim to spread the idea of fitness by designing some versatile bikes that not only serve their purpose but also offer you style and comfort.

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Out of their amazing collection of different types of bikes designed for specific purposes, we choose to do a detailed Pure Cycles Road Bike Review.



  • Wise investment for those on a tight budget
  • Stylish and classy looking to enhance your personality
  • Comfortable drop bars offer a good grip, stability and multiple hand positions and body positioning
  • Smooth paint finish is corrosion-resistant
  • Sturdy tires have a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs.
  • Dual-chain mechanism aids in effortless riding on rough terrains and steep climbs.
  • Better energy transmission between the tires and the road for an efficient functionality.
  • Rack and fender compatible
  • A one year warranty on the components and a lifetime warranty on the frame


  • Comes partially assembled hence requires times and efforts for professional set up
  • Doesn’t allow frequent sharp and tight turns
  • Not recommended for mountainous terrains

Things to Consider While Buying a Bike

#1. Frame Geometry

With a lot of similar-looking models, it can be confusing for the buyers to make a choice. To understand these subtle differences, we have tried to give you a clear idea with this Pure Cycles Road Bike review​.

The pure cycle road bike is designed with sport geometry. If you plan to ride up to 3 times a week and up to 20 to 150 miles a week, this bike will surely meet your needs. The riding position is more upright and comfortable and the steering is relaxed.

#2. Frame material

The lightweight steel frame is corrosion and fade-resistant and provides a comfortable, vibration-and-impact absorbing ride.

Like other commonly used materials like titanium and aluminum, steel is also favored by many brands for its higher stiffness to weight ratio.  

#3. Wheels

Keeping in mind the main purpose of this Pure Cycles Road Bike review of educating and guiding you about to help you make an informed decision, we will discuss one of the important traits in a road bike, i.e. its wheel-tire mechanism. The wheels are an essential and basic component that needs to be given attention by the users.

The wheels of the pure cycle road bike influence these following 3 factors,

  • The weight of the bike
  • The bikes acceleration/deceleration and momentum
  • The bikes aerodynamics and how efficiently it handles wind

Pure cycles ensure you optimum tires that do not add up to the weight of the bike thus increasing the responsiveness.  

#4. Gears

A frequent rider who has experience of riding different types of road bikes will tell you that the exact mode of operation varies with brands. Read a lot of pure cycles road bike reviews online and be sure of taking a test ride before choosing the final bike. By doing this you will get an idea of which one suits your comfort. Giving you a good grip on the handlebars while changing grips, the pure cycles road bike can be an ideal choice.

#5. Budget

Before coming to the final decision, make sure you research and go through different Pure Cycles Reviews. You should be clear with your need and how is this bike going to fulfill them. Ask yourself these two questions before making the jump.

  1. What are your maximum and minimum budget range?
  2. If you intend to spend more, are you going to use it regularly for keeping the machine active and maintained? 

Regardless of the budget, choose a bike that suits you and serves your purpose. Spending money on a bike that does not give you value returns is a waste of both time and effort.

Therefore, choose a bike that offers optimal durability, great comfort, improved shift quality, increased stiffness, and doesn’t add up significantly to the total weight of the bike.

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​Pure Cycles Classic 16-Speed Road Bike Details

his elegant piece is made from lightweight and durable material ensuring you long-lasting usability. Complementing your style and offering you optimal comfort, this ergonomically designed road bike is worth the value.

Witness the perfect blend of functionalities and convenience is this skillfully engineered pure cycle road bike. 

pure cycles road bike review
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It is essential to understand what the challenges that your previous bike offered were and what do you expect in your new one.

Keeping a clear idea of the priorities and taking advantage of this pure cycles road bike review, let’s understand what are the essential factors that you need to take into consideration while making the final buying decision. 

  • A road bike is ideally designed to run on smooth paved surfaces. If you want to ride on sand and rough terrains, a mountain bike would suit your needs.
  • With skinny tires and drop bars, these lightweight bikes can be a task to ride on unpaved surfaces.
  • Road bikes are not designed to carry a heavy load capacity, hence are a no-no for long-distance commuting or touring.
  • Ideal for on-road racing and daily commuting, they are safe and comfortable with a padded seat and gripping tires.


Striking a tick mark to all the basic features, these following are what define the pure cycle road bike:

#1. Curved drop bar

A common attribute that road bike reviews need to cover is the curved drop bars. They make or break your riding experience, making them a primary feature to inspect.

Allowing the riders to smoothly take tight turns and ensuring safety and efficient functionality, pure cycle road bike features a trusty handlebar. Influencing the overall reliability, handling and stability of your ride, this perfectly curved drop bars ensure you the following 3 C’s:

  • Comfort: Keeping your hand in a neutral position, these attractive pair of handlebars offers optimum comfort. With more leverage, you can exert more pressure on the pedals hence enhancing the speed with ease.
  • Control: Offering you extra hand-positions and efficient aerodynamics, these handles are ideal for every bike enthusiast who not only wants to do general biking on flat town roads but also some track type of biking.
  • Compact-sized: These ergonomically designed handles are compact-sized and portray a cool and sturdy visual appeal. Ideal for climbing, these stunning pairs fit all your biking needs.

#2. The Hutchinson Nitro II tires

Tires are like the backbone of a road bike and thus needs to be deeply invaded in this pure cycles road bike review.

The Hutchinson Nitro II tires are skillfully designed for the occasional riders who are on the mission to explore the sensations of a road bike.

These reassuring and dynamic tires are durable to offer excellent performance and long life. Offering your grip and protection against wear and tear due to frequent usage, these stunning tires ensure your safety and security.

Slim and compact, they are specially designed to withstand rigorous use, long mileage, and abuse. 

These puncture-resistant and lightweight tires are suitable to tolerate all weather conditions. With an extra-strong casing and surface covered with treads, it allows you to enjoy the unhindered and unmatchable biking experience to the fullest. 

#3. 4130 Chromyl Steel Frameset

The foundation of these elegant road bikes is the lightweight steel frame construction. Being corrosion-resistant and all weather-tolerant, it enhances the life of the cycle.

The frame geometry of a bike needs to be responsive and comfortable. The steel built has high tensile strength and machinability which aids in its sturdy look and long-term usage.

It is always best to measure inseam that is compatible with your height before making the final buying decision.

#4. Front and Rear Alloy Caliper Brakes

Calipers brakes are essential to your road bikes ability to stop on instant application. Offering you maximum deceleration, they are unarguably one of the most important parts to be mentioned in the pure cycles road bike review.

#5. 16-speed Shimano Claris STI Shifters, Cassette, and Derailleur

STI levers also are known as Shimano Total Integration have two levers that aid in changing gears and resistance while in operation. The big one is followed by the smaller ones on the rear side of the bike.  

The left shifter controls the front derailleur and is further connected to the chainrings. To add more resistance, you have to change it to a larger chain-ring, by pressing it with a bigger lever and to ease the peddling vice versa.

Likewise, the right shifter controls the derailleur at the back, can help in making any changes to the cassette. In case you want to add resistance to control the speed on a flat road, you push it with the smaller lever and vice versa for effortless pedaling.



  • Budget-friendly: This bike is a great deal for a price of $400 and a sought-after unit in this price range. The perfect blend of an ergonomic design with excellent functionalities, it makes this product worth every penny spent. Investing in this pure cycle road bike is worth the time and efforts.
  • The perfect balance of looks and versatility: The first impression of this road bike is a positive one. This is because it is a fine-looking piece and there’s so much detailing and functionalities that it has to offer.
    The thing that took us off guard is how multifunctional and versatile it is — it is just as cool as it looks in the photos.
  • Outstanding functionality: Balancing looks with functionalities, these are some of the exclusive features that we found out worth mentioning in this pure cycles road bike review,
    · Comfortable drop bars are cushioned for a good grip and slip resistance, offering you more hand positions and body positioning. Giving you a powerful stance this stunning bike serves wonders. Something that you won’t see on other road bikes is the comfortable sitting posture that it offers even to tall riders. Preventing strain on the back and neck, it ensures you comfortable usability.
    · Smooth finish and painted for corrosion resistance
    · The low weight boosts your speed, decreasing inertia for faster acceleration.
    · Dual chain-ring mechanism, ideal for tough climbs and long roads.
    · The compact-sized frame with slim yet sturdy tires can manage a maximum weight capacity of up to 250lbs.
  • Smooth gliding mechanism: A wheel-tire system is based on two essential factors, the aerodynamics, and weight.
    The tires provide you with a dynamic ride, thanks to its versatile built and better energy transmission between the two engaged surfaces, which are the road and the tire. Improving traction, control and reducing inertia, it offers a secure and comfortable ride.A rear tire maximizes the energy transferred to the road while minimizing the rolling resistance. On the other hand, the front tire provides stability, good control, and safe cornering.
    Rim slows down the wear and tear, keeping it intact and extending the life span of the frame.
  • Comfort: Ensure that you are properly dressed for enjoying a fun biking experience. Along with that, you must ensure clearance of 2 inches between the rider’s crotch and the tube that connects the handlebars to the seat. You need to keep in mind that this is when the rider is standing flat-footed on the ground. With adjustable seat height, angle of the seat, tight tubing and tire pressure are some factors that are to be kept a check on to ensure optimal comfort and convenience. This sturdy bike is the best fit that offers you to hold a good posture while you ride.
  • Warranty: Pure cycles have got you back by offering you with a one year warranty on the components and a lifetime warranty on the frames. You can now ride stress-free and confidently, as they’ve got you covered.


  • Comes partially assembled: Coming in a 90 % assembled structure; it can be a pain for completing the final look. Offering you this challenge it needs professional help for completing the task. Hence you can get it done at a shop or can refer to the guide for doing it yourself. Taking some effort, time, and patience, this model can ideally take less than an hour for assembling.
  • Not an ideal choice for frequent sharp and tight turns: Every mountain bike has a suspension under the seat which absorbs shocks and impacts, offering comfort, stability, and preventing pressure on your lower body. However, it is absent in a road bike, making it strenuous while riding on roads that feature some sharp turns. Not compatible with the required quickness and spontaneity, the bumps and thuds can be hard and impactful, leading to strain and back pain. The tires are narrow offering lesser friction as compared to broad and flat ones, making them more prone to accidental injuries and slippage.
  • Not compatible for mountain treks or trail biking: It is a suitable option while considering for short commuting on paved and smooth roads. But, when it comes to mountainous terrains and steep slopes it can be physically demanding. You can get sores after continuous driving for more than 3 hours and mentally drained. Hence, it is highly recommended to take breaks in between to prevent any strains and pains post-operation.


Demonstrating world-class performance and optimal results are this ergonomically designed road bike. A choice made by the best racers and bikers, they suggest you some safety tips for an unparalleled riding experience:

  1. Ride a bike that fits your size. A bike that is too large for you can lead you to a mishap.
  2. Keep your tires inflated to a recommended air pressure range and keep a check on the chains, brake, and gears.
  3. Keep a constant check on loose nuts and bolts
  4. Ensure that you have the right frame size. If you are confused, it is better to consult an experienced rider or salesperson to guide you in 
  5. making the decision
  6. Wear a helmet that fits you well and retains the shape of your head perfectly.
  7. Make hand signals to indicate vehicles running behind you that you are turning or stopping.
  8. On moist and damp roads on rainy days, applying brakes becomes difficult.
  9. Choose wide roads and avoid riding on sidewalks.
  10. Maintain your speed and slow down at intersections of roads.
  11. Wear bike gloves for an enhanced grip and both the hands on the handlebar.
  12. Ensure you have lights on the bike to travel in dark and poorly lit areas.
  13. Keep yourself hydrated.
  14. You can also attach a bell for the self-security and safety of pedestrians.

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