Reebok JET 200 Treadmill Review: Worth Buying this year?

Reebok JET 200 is a mid-segment treadmill, but is it worth investing £££? Today in our Reebok JET 200 Treadmill Review, we are giving the answer to this question, so sit back and read along to the end of the article, and there we also mention some of the alternatives of this machine.

Treadmills are a very common exercise machine that you will find in gyms or fitness clubs, as they help people in reducing the extra body weight, and improves their cardiovascular health and stamina as well.

Staying fit becomes very important nowadays because there are many good things that come with being fit and healthy, and these are long-life, more focused, more productive, etc.

Doing any kind of physical activity can help you in achieving better goals, you can do any kind of physical activity like running, jogging, walking, cycling, swimming, weight training, etc.

If you want to read some of the benefits of doing a physical activity then you can read this article from Better Health. But people don’t have time to go for a walk or run, so how they stay fit?

The answer is, buy a treadmill, you can stay fit and healthy if you use a treadmill for at least half an hour a day. 

Now, the question rises, which treadmill is best for me, it totally depends on your needs and budget, and today we are here with a mid-range treadmill which can solve your problem. Reebok JET 200, it has lots of features that can help you in improving your body and health.

And you will get to know about all its features and how these features can help you out in our detailed Reebok treadmill JET 200 Review.

Reebok JET 200 Treadmill Review
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Reebok JET 200 Treadmill Review

Reebok JET 200 is popular in the UK, but in the US, people don’t know much about this model, and Reebok JET 200 Treadmill comes with a powerful 2.25HP motor, that provides a linear and constant power delivery, it can go up to the speed of 18 kph or 11.8 mph. 

Reebok JET 200 comes with an air motioning technology that absorbs the impact while running and jogging, and thus reduces the strain on your joints and ligaments.

This machine got amazing reviews and ratings over AMAZON.CO.UK, 4.8 stars out of 5 with 11 reviews, you can read the Reebok JET 200 Treadmill Reviews left by the users from here.

It comes with a lot of features and we are going to discuss all of them in our detailed Reebok JET 200 Treadmill Review, before going further in our review, let’s first see some of the specifications of the JET 200.

Dimensions181cm (L) x 78 cm (W) x 139 cm (H), 71.3″ x 30.7″ x 54.7″
Dimensions (folded)114cm (L) x 78cm (W) x 155.5cm (H), 44.8” x 30.7’’ x 61.2’’
Motor2.25 HP
Incline Level15
Product Weight92 kg (203 lbs)
Max User Weight120 kg (264 lbs)
Belt Size55″ (L) x 18″ (W) cm
Display128x32mm LCD display
Workout Programs28
Speed1-18kph (0.6-11.2mph)
WarrantyMotor: 10 years (UK), 2 years (USA), Frame, Parts, and Labour: 2 years (US & UK)
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The body of the Reebok JET 200 Treadmill is made up of metal as well as polycarbonate materials to keep the overall weight of the machine light and still provide the stability and strength to the body.

The strength of the treadmill is strong and it is built to last up to years without giving any kind of problem or issue.

Reebok JET 200 Treadmill Review
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The bodyweight of the Reebok JET 200 Treadmill is around 92 kgs or 203 pounds, and the maximum user weight it can take is 120 kg or 264 pounds.

The treadmill belt comes with air cushion technology that absorbs the impact of your body weight while you do the running or jogging over the belt, it helps in decreasing the strain to your leg joints and ligaments.

The best part of the design of the body is that it comes with space saver folding design, means you can easily fold this up after finishing your workout and set it to any corner of the room, and to bring the folded treadmill back to the normal form, all you need to do is to press a button and it will automatically come to normal form with the help of a hydraulic control.

The dimensions of the Reebok JET 200 Treadmill is 181cm (L) x 78 cm (W) x 139 cm (H) or 71.3″ x 30.7″ x 54.7″ and after folding it becomes 114cm (L) x 78cm (W) x 155.5cm (H), 44.8” x 30.7’’ x 61.2’’. The size of the treadmill’s belt is 55″ (L) x 18″ (W) cm, which is enough for any kind of person to do running or jogging.

Reebok JET 200 Treadmill comes with pulse sensors that are placed on a separate handlebar, in front of the console of the machine, and you will find speed controls along with the heart rate monitoring sensor. And it also comes with two bottle holders and a media shelf.

Reebok JET 200 Treadmill also comes with two transport wheels at the front part of the machine, you can move the machine from one place to another with the help of transport wheels.


The console of the Reebok JET 200 Treadmill is divided into 6 separate parts, and it comes with 128x32mm of LCD displays that show all the stats like speed, time, distance, pulse, calories burned, and incline level. The display is not backlit.

Reebok JET 200 Treadmill comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, from which you can play your tracks from your phone or tablet, it comes with inbuilt speakers, and it also comes with cooling fans that are hidden underneath the console, and they are adjustable, you can adjust the speed of the fans from the console.

Reebok JET 200 Treadmill comes with 28 workout programs to choose from, 24 of them as preset programs, one target time, one distance, one calorie burned, and one body fat analysis. You can learn how to use them from the manual.

It also comes with a safety lock, that is red in color on the bottom of the console, you can attach that to your bottoms and if anything wrong happened, it will automatically stop the machine. But there is only one problem with the console, it doesn’t come with a user-customizable workout program.


There are many other features that the Reebok JET 200 Treadmill comes with like, it comes with Bluetooth, which means you can connect your treadmill to your phone with the help of Reebok Fitness App and then can share your workout stats.

Reebok JET 200 Treadmill comes with 15 different levels of incline settings that you can control from the console, and you can even change the incline settings while using the treadmill.

Reebok JET 200 Treadmill can go up to the speed of 18 kph or 11.8 mph, anyone can train their body with this treadmill, unless you are Usain Bolt, LOL. The treadmill belt is 1.6mm (0.06”) thick, it can easily last long years, without any problem.

Assembly & Warranty

The assembly process of the Reebok JET 200 Treadmill is very easy, as it comes 90% pre-assembled from the company, you only have to do 10%.

And to do the remaining assembly they provided a detailed guide with instruction and images. In our test, we completed the assembly under one hour, you can do the same as well.

If you are new to this, then you can take help from your friend that knows how to use tools and how to read the instruction guide.

The best part of this Reebok Running Machine is the warranty, it comes with 2 years of frame warranty for USA and UK, 10 years of moto warranty for EU, and 2 years for the USA, and 2 years of warranty for parts, electronics and labor for both US and UK.

PROs and CONs

No machine is perfect in this machine, we have covered many treadmill reviews on our site and all of them have some issues with them, and there are some issues with this machine as well.

And without discussing the issues, our Reebok JET 200 Treadmill Review is incomplete.


  • Bluetooth Enabled: Reebok JET 200 Treadmill comes with Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect your smartphone with the treadmill easily with the help of Reebok Fitness App.
  • Foldable Design: The design of the treadmill is foldable, you can fold the treadmill and save a lot of space.
  • Air cushion technology: The Reebok JET 200 Treadmill comes with air cushion tech, that absorbs the impact of the body weight while running or jogging.
  • 28 Workout Programs: Reebok JET 200 Treadmill comes with 28 workout programs to choose from to do your workout.


  • No user-customizable program: Reebok JET 200 Treadmill doesn’t come with any kind of user-customizable programs to set.
  • Fan Speed is low: The fan speed of the Reebok JET 200 Treadmill is quite low, as it is reported by some of the pre-existing users.

Reebok JET 200 Treadmill comes with a lot of features, but it has some slight problems, these problems can be ignored. This is a pretty amazing machine that has a lot of things to offer, we suggest you if you are looking for a mid-segment treadmill then you can go for this machine, you will never regret your decision.

There are many other treadmills that you can look up for, we have made reviews of some of the best treadmill available on, you can also buy them if you want.

I hope our Reebok JET 200 Review helped you in making a better decision, and if you have any question or doubt regarding this machine you can comment down below, we are happy to help you.

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