Reebok ONE GT40S Treadmill Review: WORTH BUYING?

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Thinking about buying the Reebok ONE GT40S treadmill, but confused about whether is it worth buying and what are its advantages and disadvantages? Reebok ONE GT40S Treadmill is a very famous treadmill, but is it worth investing £££? Today in our Reebok ONE GT40S treadmill Review, we are giving the answer to this question, so sit back and read along to the end of the article, and there we also mention some of the alternatives of this machine.

Reebok One GT40S treadmill is targeted at home users, who cannot take out time for the gym or for any kind of workout, it has all the features a good treadmill must-have, but it lacks some minor features like Bluetooth connectivity and a cooling fan. But it has other great features to cover up these things. It is perfect for those who are looking for a compact and foldable treadmill, that comes with the trust of the Reebook.

DimensionsH- 133, W – 85, D – 168cm
Dimensions (after Folding)H – 148, W – 85, D – 104cm
Product Weight75 kg
Max. Weight Capacity110 kg
Workout Programs40
Incline Levels12 (automatic)
Display7 inches LCD
Max. Speed16kph
Motor2 HP
Warranty2 years
More InformationRead Reviews

Reebok is a well-known brand in the fitness industry and its products are best in their class, but is it worth buying this year, as there are so many options out there in the market. 

Treadmills are one of the most common exercise machines that you can find in gyms and fitness clubs because running, walking or jogging is one of the best ways to stay fit and reduce the extra body weight. 

And it is important for everyone to stay fit and healthy because we humans are very sensitive to diseases, and if you are active, it helps the body in improving the immune system, and there are many other health benefits of staying active as it helps in improving the mood, reduces the stress, builds confidence, keep your organs healthy, and increases the age. 

If you want to read about these health benefits in detail you can read this amazing article by Run Society. These are just some of the benefits of running, but having a treadmill has more benefits, like you can do running even in the rainy season, and can do your workout at your home comfort. 

But the question is here, which treadmill you need? There are many treadmills out there, and we have picked some of the best and top-class treadmills and reviewed them for our readers. You can read that if you want. Here are the links to all of them:

Reebok ONE GT40S Treadmill Review

Reebok ONE GT40S Treadmill Review
CC: Reebok

Reebok One GT40S is an amazing treadmill that has many things to offer, and it has some other features that it lacks and has some issues, and today in our review of the Reebok One GT40S treadmill, we are going to share that with all of our readers. 

We have tested this treadmill for more than 2 weeks and then we are making this review for you so that you can get an idea about this machine, and you can make a better decision. 

The Reebok ONE GT40S Treadmill has a folding design and can go up to the speeds of 16kph. There are many other features that this treadmill packs under its hood, so without wasting much of your time let’s start the Reebok ONE GT40S review. 


The first thing that comes to the mind of any buyer of a treadmill is about the body, the body of the Reebok ONE GT40S Treadmill is made of aluminum and polycarbonate materials to keep the overall weight of the machine lighter.

The weight of the treadmill is 75 kgs and it can easily take maximum user weight up to 110 kgs, which is enough for an average user.

The best part of the design of this treadmill is that it comes with a space-saver foldable design, which means you can fold this machine up after finishing your workout and store it in less space and save space.

reebok gt40s treadmill review
CC: Amazon

It comes with a soft drop folding function, you have to press a button and it will automatically come back to its original form easily.

The dimensions of the Reebok ONE GT40S are 133 cm x 85 cm x 168 cm before folding and after folding the machine it changes its dimensions to 148 cm x 85 cm x 104 cm.

The dimensions of the treadmill belt are 130 cm x 43 cm. And it comes with 12 different levels of inclinations as well, that you can change with the press of a button.

The control of changing the incline levels is at the one handlebar, and in another handlebar, you will find the speed controls and there you will also find pulse sensors for tracking heart rate.

It works on electricity and the cable is attached to the backside of the treadmill at the bottom part of the machine, and it comes with many other features that we are going to discuss at the features section.

Reebok ONE GT40S also comes with two transport wheels that are present at the front part of the machine, that you can use to move it from here to there easily.


The Reebok ONE GT40S Treadmill comes with seven inches of LCD display which has blue color backlit, that you can easily use under direct sunlight as well as in low light conditions. You can see all the information regarding your workout there like time used, calories burned, heart rate, speed, distance covered, etc.

You can also see the workout programs detail there if you want to use any of the 40 built-in workout programs that it comes with, it also comes with two water bottle holders, that you can use to put your mobile, TV remotes, etc.

It also comes with built-in speakers, and you can listen to your favorite tracks with the help of a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and it comes with its own AUX cable, that you can use, the 3.5 mm jack is placed at one side of the console, it is mentioned with the MP3 player.

You have to change the volume of your music from your device, as there are no buttons for changing the volume on the console. It also comes with a media shelf, that you can use to place your tablet, mobile or magazine to do binge-watching.

There is a button to change the settings of the machine on the console, and the size of the buttons is big enough so that you can press them while working out. And it also comes with a safety lock that is placed in the console. The only thing it lacks is the cooling fan, it doesn’t come with a cooling fan, which can be an issue for some.


There are many features that this machine has, and we will mention all of them in bullet points so that you can get an idea of all features easily and don’t get confused and without this our Reebok GT40S review is also incomplete.

  • Foldable Design: The Reebok GT40S comes with a foldable design, which means you can fold this machine and can store it easily, and it comes with soft drop features, it comes to its original form with a press of a button.
  • Soft Running Deck: The deck of the Reebok GT40S treadmill comes with a soft cushion, that absorbs the impact of your body while running and jogging and reduces the strain on your joints.
  • 16KPH Speed: The maximum speed you can run on this machine is 16kph, which is enough for all kinds of users for running and sprinting.
  • 12 Levels of Incline: The Reebok GT40S treadmill comes with 12 levels of incline, that you can change with a press of a button, and the buttons are placed at the handlebars.
  • Pulse Sensors: The Reebok GT40S treadmill comes with two pulse sensors that are placed at the handlebars, that you can use to track your heart rate.
  • 40 Workout Programmes: The GT40S comes with 40 different in-built workout programs that you can use, it has 36 programs, 3 targets (time, distance, calories), and a BMI program.
  • Auto-stop safety system: The GT430S also comes with a safety lock, that you can attach to your clothes while using the machine, and if something wrong happened and you get off from the treadmill, then it automatically turns off the machine.
  • Powerful motor: The GT40S comes with a powerful 2HP motor, that provides a linear and smooth motion to do your workout.

Assembly and Warranty

The Reebok ONE GT40S Treadmill comes 80% pre-assembled, you only have to do the remaining 20% and doing that is also easy, they provided a detailed guide of the assembly process.

You can do the Reebok one GT40S treadmill assembly in under 1 hour, and if you are new to this, you can take help from one of your friends, or you can watch the video below.

The Reebok ONE GT40S Treadmill comes with two years of warranty, if you find any issue with the machine you can get a replacement or the company will fix the issue for you. This is not enough Reebok One GT40S treadmill warranty, it must be 5 years minimum.

We are providing the Reebok One GT40S treadmill video, so that you can see what are its features and how it can benefit the user.


No machine is perfect in this machine, we have covered many treadmill reviews on our site and all of them have some issues with them, and there are some issues with this machine as well.

And without discussing the issues, our Reebok GT40S review is incomplete.


  • Foldable Design: Reebok ONE GT40S comes with a foldable design and easy drop feature as well.
  • 40 Workout Programs: Reebok ONE GT40S has 40 built-in programs that you can choose from.
  • 12 Levels of Incline: Reebok ONE GT40S comes with 12 different levels of incline settings that are automatic.


  • No Wireless Sync or Bluetooth Connectivity: Reebok ONE GT40S doesn’t come with Bluetooth, and you cannot even share your workout stats to your smartphone from the treadmill.
  • No Built-in Fan: Reebok ONE GT40S doesn’t have built-in cooling fans.
  • Heavy: The weight of the machine is quite heavy to move by one person.

Reebok ONE GT40S is a good machine to train your body and stay active and fit, but it has some small problems as well, but you can ignore that if you want, these are not big problems.

Reebok is a trustable brand that you can easily trust, and it can help if you find any problem with the machine. The Reebok One GT40S treadmill program comes with 40 workout programs that can be useful for the user.

If you ask us what to do, then we recommend you to “GO FOR IT” as there is no machine that offers this many features in this price bracket. If you are looking for the Reebok one GT40S treadmill best price, then you can check the price from the button provided below. 

We hope our Reebok 1 GT40S Treadmill Review helped you in making a better decision, and if you have any question or doubt regarding our review you can comment down below, we are happy to help you.

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