Reebok ZR9 Treadmill Review: Worth Buying this year?

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Reebok ZR9 is a very famous treadmill but is it worth buying this year? To know the answer, read along to the end of this Reebok ZR9 Treadmill Review. 

It has lots of features and great things that make it different from the rest of the competition, and today we are going to see all its features.

In this Reebok ZR9 Folding Treadmill Review, we are going to focus on the treadmill and its performance, we will talk in detail about every aspect of this treadmill and will find out whether or not this low budget treadmill fulfils the needs of its users.

Having a treadmill at home is important nowadays, as people are spending more time in their offices and they don’t have enough time to stay active or go to the gyms or fitness clubs, and having a treadmill or a home gym can help them in staying fit and active.

And having a treadmill saves a lot of your time and money as well, and running on a treadmill is better than running on concrete floors, as a treadmill comes with cushioning systems that absorb the impact of your legs while running and jogging thus reduces the strain on your joints.

There are many health benefits of running, walking or jogging like, it helps in improving the immune system, improves blood flow, improves focus, and concentration strengthens the leg muscles and improves stamina and lungs function, etc. 

If you want to read about these health benefits in detail you can read this amazing article by Run Society. So, let’s start the review of the Reebok ZR9 Folding treadmill without wasting more time.

Reebok ZR9 Treadmill Review

Reebok ZR9 Treadmill Review

Reebok ZR9 is a folding treadmill that comes with 2 HP of motor and 12 different levels of incline settings, and before that, it comes from one of the most trusted and famous brands of the word, i.e. Reebok.

With its name, the years of trust comes and they made high-quality products and this ZR9 is no different, it is a well-built treadmill that is made by high-quality materials and you can have this for years without facing many issues.

There are some great things about this machine and there are some bad things as well, and today in our Review of Reebok ZR9 Treadmill, we are going to tell you about all of them.

So, that you can make a better decision, and can get all kinds of information regarding this product. But before going further in our review, let’s first see some of the Reebok ZR9 treadmill specifications.

Dimensions133cm x 85cm x 168cm
Dimensions (After Folding)148cm x 85cm x 104cm
Product Weight79 kg
Max. Weight Capacity120 kg
Incline Levels12 (automatic)
Treadmill Belt130cm x 41cm
Motor2 HP, 3 HP Peak Power
Display7″ LCD Blue Backlight
Workout Programs16
Max. Speed16kph
Warranty2 years
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The company doesn’t mention the materials they used to make the body of the machine, but in our testing, we found that it is made up of steel or aluminum kind of material with some kind of polycarbonate materials to keep the weight of the machine light.

The Reebok ZR9 treadmill weight is around 79 kg and it is not so light to move, but you don’t have to worry, as it comes with transport wheels at the front so that you can move this machine from here to there.

The body of the ZR9 comes with space saver design and can be easily folded up after finishing the workout and can be stored easily at tight places.

It also comes with a soft drop mechanism that helps in getting the machine back to its normal form with a press of a button, this can be useful for people who are old.

The overall strength of the machine is quite good and it can handle weight up to 120 kg, and the Reebok ZR9 treadmill dimensions are 133cm x 85cm x 168cm and after folding it becomes 148cm x 85cm x 104cm.

The looks of the ZR9 treadmill is similar to the looks of other treadmills that reebok makes, and it comes with ZigTech Cushioning under its deck, to absorb the impact of the legs while running or jogging, and reduces the strain of your joints.


The console of the Reebok ZR9 treadmill comes with a big 7 inches of LCD display that has blue backlit support, that can show you the stats of the workout like distance, speed, calories, heart rate, and incline level.

Reebok ZR9 Treadmill Review

There are many buttons provided on the console to change the speed, incline, and workout programs, and all are well built and big enough so that you can easily press them. 

The console of this machine also has two built-in speakers that you can use to listen to your favorite tracks and music with the AUX cable connector. The 3.55 mm jack is also there to connect your phone to the console.

But this doesn’t come with Bluetooth connectivity to share the workout stats or music, it doesn’t come with cooling fans, that can be an issue for some people.

It also has two bottle holders at the console that you can use to store your remotes, mobile or bottle while working out. 

And it also comes with a safety lock that prevents any kind of accident, if you fell off from the machine.


reebok zr9 review

There are many features that this machine has, and we will mention all of them in bullet points so that you can get an idea of all features easily and don’t get confused and without this, our Reebok ZR9 review is also incomplete.

  • 12 Incline Levels: The Reebok ZR9 Treadmill comes with 12 different incline levels that you can choose and the controls of changing the level are placed at the console and in one handlebar as well for easy reach. This is an automatic incline, just press a button and you can change the incline level.
  • ZigTech cushioning system: The ZR9’s treadmill deck comes with this cushioning system, it absorbs the impact caused by running or jogging and reduces the strain on your legs and joints.
  • Heart rate monitor: The ZR9 treadmill comes with two pulse sensors that you can use to monitor your heart rate, and this is placed one each on the handlebar. 
  • MP3 connectivity: You can listen to your favorite tracks with the help of built-in speakers and AUX cable connectivity.
  • 16KPH: The maximum speed the treadmill can get to the 16kph, this is enough for an average user, and for runners as well. The buttons to change the speed is placed on the console and on one handlebar.
  • 16 Workout Programmes: The ZR9 treadmill comes with 16 programs to choose from, 3 of them are for weight loss, 3 for warm-up, 3 for aerobic, 3 mountain climb, 1 manual and 1 for body fat test.
  • 2HP Motor: The ZR9 folding treadmill comes with 2HP of motor that provides a smooth, quiet, and linear motion for your workout, and it can go up to the 3HP of peak power as well.
  • Wide Deck: The size of the treadmill belt is L130, W41cm, which is good enough for any kind of height user to run, walk, or jog. 
  • Auto Stop Safety: The treadmill also comes with a safety system, that you can attach to your clothes and if you fell off from the machine because of any problem, the machine will cut off the power of the motor.

Assembly and Warranty

The Reebok ZR9 Treadmill comes 80% pre-assembled, you only have to do the remaining 20% and doing that is also easy, they provided a detailed guide of the assembly process.

You can do the Reebok ZR9 Treadmill assembly in under 1 hour, and if you are new to this, you can take help from one of your friends, or you can watch the video below.

The Reebok ZR9 Treadmill comes with two years of warranty, if you find any issue with the machine you can get a replacement or the company will fix the issue for you.


No machine is perfect in this machine, we have covered many treadmill reviews on our site and all of them have some issues with them, and there are some issues with this machine as well.

And without discussing the issues, our Reebok ZR9 Folding Treadmill Review is incomplete.


  • Easy to assemble: The ZR9 treadmill comes pre-assembled, you only have to attach the rods and the console and the machine is ready for use.
  • Foldable Design: Reebok ZR9 comes with a foldable design and easy drop feature as well.
  • 12 Levels of Incline: Reebok ZR9 comes with 12 different levels of incline settings that are automatic.
  • Backlit Display: The ZR9 treadmill comes with a blue backlit LCD display for easy to read under the direct sunlight.


  • Heavy: The weight of the machine is quite heavy to move by one person.
  • No Wireless Sync or Bluetooth Connectivity: Reebok ZR9 doesn’t come with Bluetooth, and you cannot even share your workout stats to your smartphone from the treadmill.
  • No Built-in Fan: Reebok ONE GT40S doesn’t have built-in cooling fans.

The Reebok ZR9 Treadmill is a complete all in one treadmill that can be used to get a fit and active healthy life, and as it has so many features at a decent price. That makes it a perfect machine for people who want to have a treadmill in their homes.

We have mentioned the Reebok treadmill ZR9 problems as well in our article, there are no major problems other than this that you will face.

If you ask for a suggestion, then we will say you “GO FOR IT”, as it has many things to offer under its hood. You’ll never get disappointed with this machine.

We have covered reviews of some of the other Reebok Treadmills and other brand treadmills that are best in their class. So, you can read them out if you want.

If you want to know the Reebok treadmill ZR9 price, you can check that from the button provided above.

We hope our Reebok Treadmill ZR9 Review helped you in making a better decision, and if you have any questions or doubt regarding our Reebok ZR9 Folding Treadmill Review you can comment down below, we are happy to help you.

Dimensions142cm x 76cm x 163cm165 x 74 x 143 cm133cm x 85cm x 168cm142 cm x 83 cm x 174 cm
Motor1.5 HP2 HP2 HP, 3 HP Peak Power2 HP
Product Weight68 kg67 kg 79 kg85 kg
Max. Weight Capacity100 kg120 kg120 kg120 kg
Workout Programs31311632
Incline LevelsNot Defined (Manual)12 (automatic)12 (automatic)15 (Automatic)
Max. Speed13 KPH16 KPH16 KPH18 KPH
Belt Dimensions126cm x 47cm126cm x 41 cm130cm x 41cm132 cm x 45 cm
Cooling FanNoNoNoYes
Pulse SensorYesYesYesYes
Display3 LED Panels3 LED Panels7″ LCD Blue BacklightLCD Display
Music ConnectivityNoYesYesYes
Foldable DesignYesYesYesYes
Soft DropNoYesYesYes
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