Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review, Is it one of the best money can buy?

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Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is a very popular low impact exercise bike, and there are many great customer reviews about this machine, but is it REALLY that good, or is that justifies its price. Today we are going to find out that here in our detailed Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review.

Schwinn 270 is a low-impact exercise machine, which is strong, quiet (uses magnetic resistance), comes with dual displays to show the workout statistics, and comes with loads of features that can help you in making a good workout session. But if your height is above 6 feet then it can be tight for you, it has height-adjustable seat. This is a perfect exercise machine for people who don’t like treadmills and traditional exercise bikes.

Dimensions64″ Long x 27.7″ wide x 49.9″ tall
Product weight86.6 pounds (39.28 kg)
User Weight capacity300 lbs. ( 136 kg)
Exercise Programs29
WarrantyFrame: 10 Years, Mechanical: 2 Years, Electrical: 1 Year, Labor: 90 Days

There exist many workout equipments in the fitness market which can be installed at home or the gym such as Trainer, Treadmill, Crawling machine, and many more. Among this equipment, there is a piece of equipment known as a Stationary bike or exercise bike.

A stationary bike is a fitness piece that allows aerobic workout and provides numerous health benefits. It helps in developing cardiovascular endurance, refining thighs, and legs, losing weight, etc.

There are 2 types of exercise bikes: upright bikes and recumbent bikes. An upright bike has a vertical orientation along with a front handlebar and pedals are situated under the body. It is much similar to a road bike.

A recumbent bike has a reclined body position in which pedals are situated in front of the body and you are supposed to sit with full back support.

Recumbent bikes are considered to be great cardiovascular machines and have a large group of working muscles during a workout such as Rectus Femoris, heart, Vastus medialis, Vastus lateralis, Semitendinosus, Tibialis anterior, Medial gastrocnemius, Biceps femoris, Gluteus maximus.

Recumbent bikes offer a safe and effective way to perform body workouts due to which they are often preferred over upright bikes for physical therapy.

Recumbent bikes have many benefits such as it encourages good spinal posture since it is much easier on the lumbar spine (lower back) providing itself as a good option for people with low back pain, it has larger seat has compared to upright bikes making it comfortable for the user, it is safe and gentle on the joints since the user doesn’t have to stand on the pedals thereby protects your ankles and knees from harmful impact.

It can be used for low-impact body workouts since it spreads the entire weight of your body which results in reducing the risk of pain and helps in building strength. Schwinn 270 recumbent bike is considered to be one of the best recumbent exercise bikes among fitness equipment.

It is a solid and durable bike loaded with numerous features such as a wide range of workout programs, mobile device connectivity, etc. which makes it the most recommended recumbent bike.

Schwinn is one of the oldest bike companies, popular for its traditional bicycles for over 100 years and its exercise bikes have gained popularity too.

Now it rules as one of the leading brands producing different types of bikes from mountain bikes to exercise bikes at a low price. Schwinn exercise bikes have many models such as Schwinn Air dyne, Schwinn 130, Schwinn 170, Schwinn 230, Schwinn 270, etc.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review is believed to bring this ingenuity into this fitness arena and people looking for budget-friendly exercise bikes are often attracted to it due to the functionalities it offers within the price range of $1K-1.5K.

Does Schwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise Bike give great features at a reasonable price? To get the answer, we need to do a Schwinn 270 Review. In this review, we will discuss its features, analyze its technical specifications and PROs and CONs to determine whether it is one of the best exercise bike money can buy.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review
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Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is an advanced and bigger version of Schwinn having high-quality construction and excellent functionality when compared to the exercise bikes in a similar price range. 

Features such as 29 workout programs, USB charging port, ECB magnetic resistance, 2 LCD window systems, Bluetooth connectivity, etc. make Schwinn 270 recumbent exercise bike stand out.

Let us take a detailed look at the features, specifications, and PROs and CONs of Schwinn 270. At the end of the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike review, we will conclude whether Schwinn 270 provides value for the money spent on it.


The Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike has some features which are to die for. So let us drill down the features one by one to get a much clearer picture.

  • Design: Schwinn 270 has a sturdy built with solid tubing and steel frame. It has a contoured and thick padded seat which provides enhanced lumbar support. The seat can be adjusted for different postures according to the comfort and is vented to keep you cool during workout. 

It has 3-piece pedal cranks. It has many convenience features such as accessory holder, 3-speed workout fan to prevent overheating, etc. It has a dual (Main and secondary) track LCD window system powered by an AC adapter, to view 13 workout programs.

It displays 13 types of feedbacks which are RPM, Time, Distance, Pulse, Calories, Speed, Resistance Level, Heart rate Zone Indicator, Course profile, Intensity meter, % complete Indicator, User Indicator, and Goal Achievement.  The LCD screen uses a plug to power itself and the plug is inserted into any standard wall outlet.

Every workout session is downloadable and you can transfer your activity levels into a USB drive. It has a ledge for holding magazines or phones. It also has a console for MP3 player and Stereo Speaker jack which can be powered using the USB port and the console is adjustable.

  • Bike resistance: It has magnetic eddy current resistance up to 25 levels which can be used to perform a wide range of exercises.

It has 17 lbs. weighted, high speed, and high inertia flywheel that provides resistance for a consistent workout. Users can set among the 25 settings using the digital controls. The machine is smooth and quiet to use.

  • Functionality: It offers 29 workout programs and can store 4 user profiles which can benefit the user if the bike is intended to be used by several people.

It also offers different programs and profiles such as 2 fitness tests, recovery test, quick-start program, and 9 heart rate workouts and one can also create 4 customized programs. 

It has a grip heart rate monitor on which you can check your pulse in seconds by holding the grip or you can use the chest strap to check your heart rate in a hands-free manner.

It has Bluetooth connectivity to share data with SchwinnConnect, MyFitnessPal and other fitness tracking apps.

  • Warranty: Schwinn 270 has a warranty of 10 years on its frame and warranty of 2 years on its mechanical parts and a 1-year warranty on electronics. Its labor is covered for 90 days.
  • Shipping and Assembly: The shipping cost of the Schwinn 270 Recumbent exercise bike depends on the place from where you purchase it and what kind of delivery service you use. One can check the Schwinn 270 Best Price (click here for the latest price from Amazon) and purchase. 

Schwinn 270 comes with detailed assembly manual which makes the assembling process easy. Since it has many pieces so it takes time to assemble and it might take maximum 2 hours to get it assembled.

All you need to assemble the bike is a set of wrenches and head screwdrivers to fix the nuts and bolts. Once completely assembled, you can ride the Schwinn 270 recumbent exercise bike and crush your fitness goals.


Schwinn 270 Review will be incomplete without a pros and cons assessment of Schwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise Bike. So let’s get started with PROs and CONs:


  • Top quality: While buying a Schwinn bike, the buyer can be sure of the quality because Schwinn has been leading the cycling industries for more than 100 years and has made its reputation.
  • Comfortable seating: It has an excellent adjustable seat with ventilated back. It gives enhanced lower back support and spreads the weight to prevent from any kind of strain.
  • Eddy current brake resistance: It has 25 levels of magnetic eddy resistance which can be changed to perform high intensity to low-intensity workout and offers smooth and quiet movement during the workout.
  • Workout programs: It has 29 preset programs for workouts which can be used for high intensity and low-intensity workout. It has multiple user profiles, fitness test programs, and heart rate programs.
  • Heart rate monitors: It has a pulse grip which can be used for measuring heart rate in a matter of seconds. The chest strap can be used for hands-free pulse counting.
  • App connected: It has the functionality of being connected with other fitness apps via Bluetooth. One can even download the progress and other details of each work out session using USB drive via USB port.
  • Accessory holder: It has an accessory holder to keep a phone or magazine and a water bottle holder so that you can have a water break without having to move from your place and remain hydrated.
  • Dual LCD console for tracking fitness/ workout progress: It has 2 backlit LCD screen system to display workout progress and allows you to track 13 types of feedback. One is secondary (3 inches x 5 inches) and another is the main screen (1-inch x 5 inches).
  • Small footprint: Schwinn 270 has a footprint of 72.5″ long and 36.6 wide which is relatively small as compared to its competitors.
  • Different Resistance Levels: It has 25 levels of resistance to carry out high intensity to a low-intensity workout and the resistance levels can be changed easily using buttons provided on the machine.


  • Very Short Labour Warranty: Schwinn 270 has a short duration of labor warranty. It has Labor warranty of 90 days.
  • Not Comfortable for Short Riders: It is small for rider taller than 6 feet
  • Missing Accessories: It doesn’t come with chest strap, one has to buy it separately
  • No Digital Console: Console might intimate non-digitally oriented users


So here we are at the very last part of the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review. The Verdict of Schwinn 270 review is Yes, Schwinn 270 is one of the best recumbent bike money can buy.

After assessing the machine we have concluded that Schwinn 270 recumbent bike is an excellent product in the price range of $500 with great features which can be installed at home and as well as at the gym.
It has 25 levels of eddy current resistance and features 29 pre-programmed workout programs. The user weight capacity of Schwinn 270 is up to 300 lbs.

There are some minor issues that do exist such as the bike is smaller for anyone taller than 6 feet and Schwinn 270 doesn’t come with a chest strap, one has to buy it separately. Apart from these, 

Schwinn 270 has all features that are required in a recumbent bike. While wrapping up Schwinn 270 reviews, I would recommend Schwinn 270 recumbent bike, since it comes with a package of comfort and convenience features to spice up your workout routines in the mid-price range. It offers moderate to low-intensity workout sessions.

If you’re a person who wants to workout at home or a person with knee issues, then don’t worry Schwinn 270 is here for your rescue.


  • Is Schwinn 270 best recumbent bike for home use?

    Yes, Schwinn 270 is a preferable option for home use because it has a footprint of 72.5″ long and 36.6 wide which is it’s relatively small as compared to its competitors.

  • Is Schwinn 270 recumbent bike good for arthritic knees?

    Yes, Schwinn 270 recumbent bike is good for arthritic knees because it provides a safe and low impact workout.

  • Can Schwinn 270 be used for high-intensity workouts?

    No, It offers moderate to low-intensity workout programs.

  • What types of warranty does Schwinn 270 have?

    Schwinn 270 has a warranty on frame, mechanical parts, electronics, and labor for varying durations.
    Frame: 10 years, Electronics: 2 years, Mechanical parts: 1 year, Labor: 90 days

  • Is Schwinn 270 recumbent bike good for weight loss?

    Though it can be used for losing weight but overall fat loss is low in recumbent bikes as compared to upright bikes.

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