Schwinn 411 Elliptical Review: WORTH BUYING?

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Confused about buying the Schwinn 411? Yeah, there are many confusion before buying any product, and that is why we have made a detailed Schwinn 411 elliptical review. Schwinn 411 is a popular elliptical machine but what makes it so popular? Let’s find out.

Schwinn 411 provides all the features that come with a full-fledged elliptical machine, like a long stride, stable base, a big display, pulse reading sensor, magnetic resistance, but it doesn’t have some high-end features to make it more affordable.

Dimensions53.8″ L x 24″ W x 62.5″ H OR (136.7 x 61.0 x 158.8 cm)
Product Weight100 lbs (45.4kg)
Max. Weight Capacity300 lbs (136 kg)
Resistance Levels16
Display5.5″ LCD
Workout Programs13
Stride Length18”
Pulse SensorYes
WarrantyFrame: 10 years, Parts: 2, Labour: 90 days
More InformationRead reviews

There are many elliptical machines out there, but all of them are huge and bulky. And this is the reason Schwinn made a compact easy to use elliptical machine that can be used by anyone and can be moved easily. 

And today we are going to see all its features that it has which makes it so popular and also mentions the problems that it comes with, in our Schwinn 411 Review. Staying fit and active in this modern time becomes a difficult task, as people are so busy in their work-life, and that is why many companies made many home gyms and exercise equipment that one can use while staying at home.

And elliptical trainers are one of them, it comes with so many health benefits, one can use the elliptical trainer to do a complete body workout.

If you have any kind of joint pain, then the elliptical machines are the best exercise machines for you, as it uses a natural motion of legs to train your body without creating any kind of strain on your joints, unlike other home gym machines.

The health benefits of elliptical machines are: it improves stamina and cardiovascular health, burns calories, improves balance, improves immunity and blood flow, etc. If you want to read about these health benefits in detail, you can read this article by StyleCraze. 

That’s enough talking about the health benefits of elliptical trainers, let’s get back to our topic of Schwinn 411 Compact elliptical machine Review.

Schwinn 411 Elliptical Review

Schwinn 411 Elliptical Review
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One of the most known companies in the market that serves fitness-based machines is Schwinn if you are a fitness freak who knows everything about home gym equipment this name is certainly not new to you.

However, if you have not heard of Schwinn Fitness here is a small introduction to this fitness-based brand.

Schwinn Fitness is a company from Chicago that was founded by Ignaz Schwinn in 1895, so now you know where its name comes from. Now it is owned by Dorel Industries.

It was founded in 1895 and since then it has maintained its position as one of the most prominent fitness-based machines like indoor cycling, Airdyne bikes, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, classic cruiser, ellipticals, treadmills, rowers and other accessories.

Schwinn 411 is a compact elliptical trainer that packs a lot of features, and it can easily replace most of the big elliptical machines. The Schwinn 411 compact elliptical machine is one of the most popular elliptical trainers as it got  1,053 ratings with 3.9 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

The key selling point of this elliptical trainer is its space saves compact design, it doesn’t have a full-fledged wheel at the front or at the back, we are going to discuss all its features here in our Schwinn 411 Elliptical Review.

We are going to first discuss the Body, then about the console and then about its features and about the problems then. So, sit back and read along to the end of our Schwinn 411 compact Elliptical Machine Review.


Schwinn 411 Elliptical Review
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The body of the Schwinn 411 compact elliptical machine, is made up of metal and polycarbonate materials to keep the overall weight of the machine light, and that is why this machine weighs only 100 pounds or 45.4 kg.

The Schwinn 411 elliptical dimensions are 53.8″ L x 24″ W x 62.5″ H (136.7 x 61.0 x 158.8 cm), as it comes with a compact design, you can easily fit this machine anywhere you want.

But don’t get confused by its size, it comes with all the features of a big elliptical machine, the maximum user weight it can handle is 300 lbs or 136 kg.

The overall strength of this machine is great, the base of the machine is strong and well built, and it doesn’t move while using the machine. It comes with four stabilizers at the bottom of the base, that you can adjust according to the surface, it is painted in red and black color.

It comes with two sets of handlebars, one is fixed and another one moves, and the fixed handlebar is equipped with pulse sensors. The moving handle is covered with a rubber-like material to keep your hands on the handle, and it also has a round shape grips at the top as well.

Schwinn 411 also comes with a water bottle holder that is attached to the body and it also comes with a media rack as well.


schwinn 411 elliptical review
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The console of the Schwinn 411 is a very basic looking console, it comes with a 5.5” LCD panel which is non-backlit, it shows the workout stats like time, distance, speed, calories, and heart rate.

It comes with 11 buttons to control all the settings of the machine, two buttons are there to change the resistance levels, one start and one-stop button, three exercise program buttons, and two additional buttons.

It also comes with a media rack, but when you put anything on this rack, this will cover the display. There are some features that this machine lacks like, a cooling fan, music connectivity.

But it comes with wireless connectivity to share your workout stats to your phone, you can connect the machine with the Run Social app, and race through 19 locations with 27 routes Alongside friends while tracking pace and distance. You have to buy the subscription separately, it doesn’t come with the product.


schwinn 411 compact elliptical machine review
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Schwinn 411 Elliptical Machine has lots of features and we are going to show you all the features, but in bullet style, so that you can understand all Schwinn 411 elliptical features without getting confused. 

  • Pulse Sensors: The Schwinn 411 comes with pulse sensors that are placed on the fixed handlebars, and it can detect your heart rate and shows that on the display.
  • Magnetic Resistance: Schwinn 411 has a motorized magnetic resistance, that you can only control from the console when the machine is connected to the mains, without the connection you can not change the resistance levels.
  • 16 resistance Levels: This machine comes with 16 resistance levels to choose from, and as it is magnetic, it means it is smoother and quieter than the weighted flywheels.  
  • 18” Stride: Schwinn 411 is a compact elliptical machine, but the dimensions of the machine don’t justify the stride length, it comes with a big 18” stride length, which can accommodate the foot of any size.
  • Belt Drive: Schwinn 411 is a belt-driven elliptical machine, as belts don’t require lubing and any kind of cleaning, which means you don’t need to do a lot of maintenance of this machine.
  • Chest Wrap Support: You can connect a chest strap with the console of this machine. You have to buy this separately.

Assembly & warranty

Schwinn 411 comes 70% pre-assembled. You only have to attach the base stabilizers, connect the body, then add the console and attach the handlebars. This Schwinn 411 elliptical assembly process will take only one hour, it also comes with a detailed guide to do the assembly, and they also provided the tools that you need to do the assembly.

And for maintenance, you have to lubricate the rails and check the bolts and other small parts, you have to do the basic checking every month. It will increase the life of the machine and make it smooth as well. Schwinn 411 elliptical comes with 10 years of frame warranty, 2 years of warranty on parts, and 90 days on labor.


No machine is perfect in this machine, we have covered many machine reviews on our site and all of them have some issues with them, and there are some issues with this machine as well.

And without discussing the issues, our Schwinn 411 Elliptical Review is incomplete.


  • Compact Size: The size of the machine is so compact, that one can easily get confused about the machine as it doesn’t look like an elliptical trainer.
  • Great Ratings and Reviews: Schwinn 411 comes with 1053 ratings with 3.9 stars out of 5.
  • Amazing Features: This elliptical machine comes with all kinds of features that you needed for a good workout.


  • No Cooling Fan: Schwinn 411 doesn’t come with any kind of cooling fan.
  • Uncomfortable for a user above 6 feet: If you are above 6 feet of height, then you will face some problem while using this machine.

Schwinn 411 Elliptical Trainer is a great compact elliptical machine that has 16 resistance levels, 13 exercise programs, 5.5” LCD display, pulse sensors, 300 pounds weight limit, and many other features.

These all features make this one of the best elliptical machines that you can buy right now, it also comes with 10 years of warranty frame as well. There are many great reviews of this machine left by their users on Amazon, you can read those from here.

We hope our Schwinn 411 compact elliptical review helped you in making a better decision if you have any questions or doubts regarding our Schwinn 411 compact elliptical review you can comment down below, we are happy to help you.

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