Sole E25 vs E35: Which ONE to PICK?

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Sole is a very popular brand in the elliptical machine world, they made a lot of models and that is why users tend to confuse between two or three models to pick which one is best for them and today we come with their two famous models that are Sole E25 and Sole E35.

Sole E35 is an upgraded model of Sole E25, and that is why it has some better features. Sole E35 has a higher user weight capacity, comes with a bigger display, it has a 5lbs. heavier flywheel, and it is much smoother as compared to the Sole E25.

Sole E25Sole E35
Dimensions27″ x 58″ x 71″27″ x 58″ 83″
Resistance Levels2020
Exercise Programs1010
Stride Length20-22″20-22″
User Weight Limit350lbs.375lbs.
Display Size6.5″ LCD7.5″ LCD
Flywheel Size20lbs.25lbs.
Inclination LevelYes (30 Degrees)Yes (30 Degrees)
WarrantyFrame: Lifetime
Electronics and parts: 3 years
Labor: 1 year
Frame: Lifetime
Electronics and parts: 5 Years
Labour: 2 Years
More InformationRead ReviewsRead Reviews

So, we are here again with the comparison of the two Sole E25 VS E35.
We have already compared many models of the Sole Elliptical Machines, that you can check out as well, and we also reviewed their Elliptical Machines as well.

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Now a day people don’t have much time for their health and fitness that is why people are now preferring home gym equipment for their workout and exercise, because now they don’t have to worry about the closing time of their GYMs and not to worry about being stuck in traffic on the route to their fitness centers.

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So, now without wasting much more time, let’s start our comparison of two great elliptical machines Sole E25 VS E35.

Sole E25 vs E35

The elliptical machine is all in one body workout machines that you can use to maintain a good physique and health from your home. Yeah, you don’t have to lift heavy weights or run miles to burn some hundred calories.

You can do the complete body workout with an Elliptical Machine. But which machine is best for you? It all depends on your needs and budget.

There are hundreds of Elliptical Machines out there that you can buy but today we are comparing the two models of Sole Elliptical Machines, Sole E25, and Sole E35.

These two machines are quite popular in their segments but there are some similar common features of these two machines, that create confusion among new buyers, and today we are here to solve that problem with our detailed Sole E25 vs E35 comparison.

We are going to divide this comparison of Sole E25 and E35 in three sections, first their reviews, and then detailed comparison which one wins in each of their segments, which will help you know the two machines in detail and then decide the winner.

Sole E25 Review

Sole E25 recently updated in its new model, and you can buy that from Amazon as well as from their site as well.

The Sole E25 Elliptical Machine is a great machine and it is the best machine if your budget is below $1300, as it comes with all kinds of basic features like USB Port, Tablet Holder, Different Resistance Levels, Bluetooth, etc.

Sole E25 is one of the Best Affordable Elliptical Machines, and if you are thinking that its cheap price makes it a low-quality product, then my friend you are wrong here, it comes with a strong and sturdy and Heavy Duty Steel Frame which also comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Sole E25 Review
CC: Amazon

It has 20 pounds of FlyWheel which comes with a high gear ratio that makes it a perfectly smooth workout without making any kind of annoying noise, and the high gear ratio also helps in increasing the top end resistance which makes it a great workout machine for intense workout sessions.


As we already show you some of the features of the Sole E25 Elliptical Machine, but more features come with this machine which makes it so popular among the fitness enthusiasts like you.

  • It also comes with four side wheels which help the user to move this machine easily from one place to another place. And the user weight limit of this machine is around 350 lbs.
  • Sole E25 also comes with a white backlit 6.25” LCD digital console, from where you can change the settings while working out and check out the workout details as well. It also comes with cooling fans as well.
  • It also has its own set of Bluetooth speakers that you can use to listen up your favorite tracks without having any kind of problem. 
  • And you can even share your workout stats from the machine to your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth as well. You can check the stats of your workout with the free SOLE APP or you can share it with other third-party fitness applications like Apple Health, Fitbit, Mapmyrun, Record)
  • And in the new model of the Sole E25, they also included a tablet holder as well, and you also get a bottle holder in the machine.
  • It has 20 levels of resistance levels to make your workout more tough and intense, and you can even change the incline levels to 30 degrees as well, which also helps in making the workout tougher. 
  • With a push of a button, you can change the inclination level of the pedals and this feature makes it unique in its segment as no other Elliptical Machine give you this feature in this price bracket.
  • And it comes with custom design foot pedals as well, as they said no two feet are the same, so they designed a two-degree inward slope that will reduce your ankle and knee strain.
  • This machine also comes with a Pulse Reading sensor which is present in its handlebars, and they also included a chest wrap for more accurate data, you can check your heart rate levels wirelessly with the help of that chest wrap.
  • It has six workout programs and two custom programs that you can set and program according to your need. 

Without the PROs and CONs table no review is completed, so here are some of the PROs and CONs list of the Sole E25 Review.


  • It has a pulse reading sensor and comes with a chest wrap as well
  • Two Degree of Foot Pedal Adjustments
  • 6.5” LCD Panel
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • 30 degree of Inclination Level


  • Every year a new model comes which creates confusion
  • Some customer has issues with the support system of the company

Sole Elliptical E35 Review

Sole E35 is another great elliptical machine from the Sole Company, and it got an amazing number of Reviews and Ratings on its Amazon Page as well.

The Sole E35 elliptical machine is a piece of great equipment that will help you keep healthy while causing no difference to a busy schedule.

Expertly built and designed by Sole fitness, this elliptical machine was made to ensure comfortable and easy use for absolute results. Perfect for your home, the E35 comes with easy to adjust controls to ensure an uninterrupted workout.

Equipped with fluid natural motion which is provided by whisper-quiet drive motion for ease which also allows the machine to move forward and backward.

The combination of the 25-pound flywheel and high gear ratio will provide a smooth and comfortable yet high resistance workout giving great results. With its wide range of inclination settings, it is a machine that ensures adaptability and easy use for everyone.

The handlebars have inbuilt sensors for monitoring the heart rate while your workout, but this feature can also be used while wearing the chest strap for a hands-free experience.

Sole E25 vs E35
CC: Amazon

While working out, ambiance and surroundings are important, and the Sole E35 comes equipped with a sound system with a phone and tablet holder and is also Bluetooth compatible.

As far as comfort while working out goes, the machine also has inbuilt water bottle holders which allow for fewer intervals and help you with a non-stop and more energized workout. While the machine has great inbuilt systems, one of the crucial features of the Sole E35 is the comfortable foot pedals.

The foot pedals allow a range up to 20-22” ensuring inclusivity to all sizes. What’s more exclusive about the Sole E35’s foot pedals is that they are designed in a 2-degree inward slope to reduce and diminish ankle and knee stress.

Carefully designed in collaboration with leading fitness enthusiasts and physical therapists, the foot pedals are adjustable and have been made with diligence for the ultimate comfort and support.


Machine specs:

  • Combination of 25 lb. flywheel and a high gear ratio for extreme smooth feel and resistance.
  • “Whisper drive” for a noiseless workout.
  • Built-in sensors on the handlebars for monitoring heart rate.
  • Chest strap also included for handsfree heart monitoring.
  • Handlebars carefully patterned for comfortable and multiple grips.
  • 20 different incline levels for variation of difficulty level.
  • Foot pedals designed in collaboration with physical therapists.
  • Water bottle holder and inbuilt fans to emit and reduce heat

Electronic features:

  • 7.5 inch backlit LCD screen
  • 10 different workout presets
  • In-built speakers
  • Bluetooth
  • USB port charging
  • Heart rate monitoring

There is no doubt that the Sole E35 is a great piece of equipment which is loaded with features for the best workout giving you the desired results.

While it ensures a comfortable workout, it also assures that you are succeeding in breaking a sweat to achieve your desired goal with safeguarding features to prevent stress and injuries in the comfort of your home.


Now the main part of this article comes, which is the core difference between the Sole E35 and E25. Which one will be the winner of the Sole E35 vs E25 comparison.

There are not so many differences between these two so we are here just mentioning the things which are different between these two machines and also declare the winner here as well.

Then you will decide which one you like most and why you can buy whichever you want in the end, it’s your money and it’s your decision, we are here to help you to conclude which one is best among the Sole E35 vs E25.

  • PRICING: These two machines come in different price brackets, Sole E25 is cheap then the Sole E35. If you have a tight budget then you can go with the Sole E25. (Winner: Sole E25)
  • DISPLAY CONSOLE: Sole E35 comes with a bigger 7.5” display if you have any need for a bigger display then go with E35. (Winner: Sole E35)
  • FLYWHEEL: Sole E35 has a bigger FlyWheel, which is 25 lbs, 5 lbs more than the Sole E25. This only helps in making the workout more difficult or tough, but this 5 lb doesn’t make a huge difference. (Winner: Sole E35)
  • USER WEIGHT LIMIT: The user weight limit of the Sole E35 is 375 lbs which is 25 lbs more than the Sole E25. This again doesn’t make much difference, but there is a difference. (Winner: Sole E35)
  • WARRANTY: The Sole E35 comes with a longer warranty period than the Sole E25. Sole E25 comes with a Lifetime Warranty on Frame, 3 Years on Electronics and parts, 1 Year on Labour. But the Sole E35 comes with a Lifetime Frame Warranty, 5 Years on Electronics and parts, 2 Years of Labour. (Winner: Sole E35)

These are some of the difference between sole E25 and E35, now you can decide which one is best suited for you from our Sole E25 VS E35 comparison, there are not so many differences between these two machines, and our detailed Sole E25 VS E35 comparison might help you in deciding which one is best for you.

If you want to check some other popular Sole Elliptical Comparison then we are also providing the link to those articles from the below section, and if you have any questions or doubt regarding these two machines or regarding the Sole E35 vs E25 comparison you can comment down below.

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  • What is the difference between the Sole E25 and E35?

    The major differences between the Sole E25 and Sole E35 are the user weight limit and the weight of the frame of the machines, the Sole E35 uses a heavier frame with higher user weight limit, and the console of the Sole E35 is also bigger than the Sole E25. The flywheel of the Sole E35 is also bigger than the Sole E25.

  • Does the Sole e35 fold up?

    Sorry, you cannot fold the Sole E35, it is a pretty compact machine and can fit in very tight spaces as well, it comes with a dimension of 27″ x 58″ 83.

  • Is Sole a good brand?

    Sole Fitness is one of the top brands in the fitness industry, they are known for their performance and reliability of their machines, and they are the ones who update their machines from time to time.

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