Sole E95 vs E95s: In-Depth Comparison of Best Elliptical Machine

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Confused between the SOLE E95 & E95S, these two elliptical machines are quite similar, but which one is best and why it is best? We have done a detailed SOLE E95 vs E95S comparison that will answer all your questions.

There are very few differences between the Sole E95 and E95s, Sole E95s comes with an adjustable stride, and with more price, and this only feature is not worth spending extra on. Sole E95 is far a better elliptical machine from our Sole E95s vs E95 comparison, as it is more affordable and has many great features to offer.

If you are on this page you probably already know what an elliptical trainer is and that Sole is one of the reputed companies in that area, but for those who are still somewhere confused here is all of that in short- basically, an elliptical trainer is an exercise machine that works on upper and lower body by mimicking exercise movements like climbing stairs, walking and running.

Elliptical trainers have numerous benefits

  • Helps in weight loss
  • Decrease the risk of impact injuries
  • Less impact on joints

Elliptical trainers are available in varied ranges and should make to your list if you are a fitness freak or are about to start with some fitness training to help you meet your fitness goals.

Sole Fitness is a well-known brand that sells various fitness equipment like sole elliptical, treadmills, bikes, rowers, and other accessories. It is known for its well-built quality and high performance.

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One of its products that have caught every fitness freak’s eyes is it’s a ward-winning elliptical that is Sole E95 elliptical and after its success, they introduced the E95S sole elliptical. So now for the buyers, the question arises which one to buy since both of them are quite identical. So here is a Sole E95 vs E95S to answer all your queries and make you choose one of these.

Sole E95 vs E95S

Both Sole Elliptical E95 and Sole Elliptical E95S are not only similar by their names but also share a lot of other similarities as well, However, they do offer some exclusive features that give room to confusions thus making the selection even more complicated.

That is why a Sole E95 VS E95S is required to make you decide between these two. In this Sole E95 VS E95S we will compare both the models in detail, we will talk about their specifications, pros and cons, details, features and then finally we will come to the conclusion of Sole E95 VS E95S.

Following are the specifications of Sole Elliptical E95 and E95S Sole Elliptical.

Sole Elliptical E95Sole Elliptical E95S
Dimensions67” X 82” 31”70” x 84” x 32”
Max. User Weight400 lbs (181kg)400 lbs (181kg)
Display10.1″ TFT LCD10.1’’ TFT LCD
Exercise Programs1010
Incline20 (Power Adjustable)Not Adjustable
Flywheel Weight27 lbs.30 lbs
Pulse SensorYes & Chest Strap CompatibleYes & Chest Strap Compatible
WarrantyFrame: Lifetime, Electronics: 5 Years, Parts: 5 YearsLabor: 2 YearsFrame: Lifetime, Electronics: 5 Years, Parts: 5 YearsLabor: 2 Years
Product Weight236 lbs (107kg)265 lbs (120kg)
Check AvailabilityRead ReviewsRead Reviews
Controls and Features
Bluetooth SpeakerYesYes
Phone /tablet holderYesYes
Charging portYesYes
Standard Programmes66
Custom Programmes22
Heart Programmes22
Heart Rate MonitorPulse grips and Chest StrapPulse grips and Chest Strap
Chest StrapYesYes
Cooling FansYesYes
Sound SystemYesYes
Workout DisplayTFT LCDTFT LCD
Water Bottle HolderYesYes
Cushioned PedalYesNo
Incline Level1-201-20
Incline AdjustabilityPower AdjustablePower Adjustable
Maximum Stride Length20”18”-24”
Adjustable Foot PedalsYes,10 positionYes
Adjustable ConsoleYes, 10 position

Few noticeable experiences improving features in both Sole Elliptical E95 and Sole Elliptical E95s are USB charging port, Bluetooth compatibility and tablet holder.

Sole E95 Elliptical Review

Sole Elliptical is an award-winning Elliptical. Its flywheel has a whisper-quiet drive system that provides fluid motion and does not produce noise that would distract you from your vigorous exercise.

The flywheel is 34 lbs heavy combined with a high gear ratio that provides resistance to make the workout even more challenging yet very smooth to perform. It has a weight capacity of 400 lbs which is quite impressive.

Sole E95 Elliptical Review
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One noticeable feature of Sole Elliptical E95 is that it has oversized pedals with cushioning for comfort and to make it even better it has a 2-degree inclination to minimize stress on feet and ankles.

It adapts to user’s natural strides because it is equipped with ‘worm drive’ that helps to adjust the angle of the pedals according to the requirement.

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It also comes with 20 incline level so you get around 40 degrees incline that makes you feel you are climbing uphill, this feature is not much found in Ellipticals so Sole Elliptical E95 is one of those few Ellipticals that has this feature.

It comes with six standard programs that are manual, cardio, fat burn, hill climb, interval, and strength; two custom programs and two heart rate programs. It also has a chest strap for heart rate monitoring.

Its moving handlebars work on the upper body, with adjustable grips one can focus on different muscles. Along with these handlebars, there are two stationary handlebars as well that have heart rate sensors.

It has a built-in cooling fan which is a great add on but it is not adequate. Another small but important addition is a water bottle holder.


  • Oversized pedals
  • Large display
  • Great hand grip
  • Adjustable foot pedals and console


  • Not for short strides
  • Hefty
  • Assembling is a bit difficult
  • Fan is not adequate

Sole E95S Review

SOLE E95 vs E95S
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E95S Sole Elliptical is basically Sole E95 + adjustable strides but this addition comes with added cost thus making it slightly costlier than E95.

The plus point is the adjustable strides that are 18”-24” that was not present in E95 which had its stride fixed at 20”, so now Sole meets the requirement of a wide range of exercisers who are willing to invest in Ellipticals.

This wide range of strides also helps in emphasizing on different muscles. strides can be changed very easily just by the touch of a button.

The frame is very sturdy and well built, it comes with a heavy-duty flywheel and has an excellent weight capacity of 400 lbs like its predecessor which is again quite impressive. It has a 10.1 TFT LCD display which is very vibrant.

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Foot pedals are similar to E95 which means pedals are oversized and have a 2-degree inclination that ensures less stress on ankles and feet. It does add to comfort which can be noticed after a few hours of workout.

It has power incline to give an experience of climbing uphill. Even though it costs more than Sole Elliptical E95 it is most affordable Elliptical with adjustable strides.

It comes with a total of 10 inbuilt programs, 6 are standard programs, 2 custom programs, and 2 heart rate programs. It includes a chest strap for heart monitoring for wireless monitoring and also has pulse grip sensors on stationary handlebars.


  • 18”-24” stride
  • Larger display
  • Weight capacity


  • No water bottle holder
  • Costly
  • Entertainment options are less
  • Not much different from its predecessor (Sole Elliptical E95)

Sole E95S vs E95

Both Sole Elliptical E95 and Sole Elliptical E95s follow same technology which is quite expected since it comes from the same brand and close pricing.

  • USB Port– USB Port has been added which lets your devices charge while you workout.
  • Bluetooth Compatibility– Workout data can be synced with other devices via Bluetooth. It also comes with the Sole App that can be downloaded that can transfer the witness data to any device.
  • Worm Drive– Angles of the pedals can be adjusted that enhances comfort.
  • Incline– Both of these give incline up to 20 levels that change the slope to 40 degrees.
  • Tablet Holder– Both come with a tablet/mobile holder.
  • Whisper quiet drive system– This ensures noiseless exercise and makes Elliptical run very swiftly and fluidly.


And the winner of Sole E95 VS E95S is Sole Elliptical E95.

Both of the products are well built, have some extremely impressive features, and are quite satisfactory, however in this Sole E95 VS E95S Sole Elliptical, E95 wins the case with its unmatchable additional features and competitive price.

Sole Elliptical E95 is an award-winning Elliptical and we totally understand why. This powerful frame made with high weight capacity serves superior performance. Even though

E95S Sole Elliptical offers similar features and also offers a great range of adjustable strides it’s high pricing makes it lose to Sole E95.

But Sole Elliptical 95 is a great option for those only who have an average height or who don’t want to challenge themselves with different strides since the strides are not adjustable and are fixed on a standard measure of 20” only.

For shorter or longer people requiring adjustable strides, Sole Elliptical E95s is a better option to go for due to its 18”-24” stride adjustability.

So clearly through this comparison, Sole E95 wins Sole E95 VS E95S (provided adjustable strides are not required), nevertheless, E95S is a great option too.

Both of the products undoubtedly come under Best Ellipticals available in the market, packed with few features that no other Elliptical serves, and none of these is a bad choice.

  • What is the difference between the Sole E95 and Sole E95S?

    The Sole E95 comes with Power Adjustable of 1-20 levels, and E95S is Not Adjustable, and the pedals of Sole E95 comes with 10 levels of adjustability and Sole E95S has 15 levels, the Stride Length of Sole E95 has 20″-22″ adjustability, and E95s has 18″ – 24″ adjustability. The flywheel of Sole E95 has 27 lbs. of flywheel but Sole E95S has 30 lbs.

  • Which one is BETTER Sole E95 or E95S?

    It depends on your need and budget, as Sole E95S is latest model, and comes with lots of changes and price, if you need a feature packed machine then go with latest one, but if you need a reliable machine then go with the E95.

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