Sole F63 vs F80, Which one to PICK?

Treadmills are a definite addition in a gym be it personal or public. For the same reason, we have the Sole F63 vs F80 comparison. But that’s not it. We are yet to disclose a gazillion other reasons why we are discussing Sole F80 vs F63. 

To begin with, treadmills are the most common gym equipment we see in a household while they are a must in a public one. But what is it that makes it so popular amongst the consumers?

Well, there are several reasons but here are some of them which account for the inclination towards a treadmill machine:

  • User-friendly: When was the last time you spent hours of your day trying to operate a new machine or gadget that you bought? Nobody likes complications and so do these machines. Treadmills are designed in a fashion that seems very approachable to the average person and thus has a place in almost everyone’s home gym.
  • Keeps a track: Not noticing any changing while exercising continuously can be demotivating. But, with a treadmill, you need not worry. The display here keeps a record of distance covered, heart rate, calories burned etc. and in this way, you can continue to work out without having any second thoughts. 
  • Cardiovascular health: While aerobic exercises are known to improve your cardiovascular health exercises on the treadmill do pretty much the same job. Heart diseases are becoming more and more common nowadays amongst older people. Hence, if you have parents who crossed 50 even they can make use of the equipment and lower the chances of any heart disease.
  • Has pre-set workouts: Treadmills come with some pre-set workouts which will help you target a particular part of your body at a time. The speed, distance to be covered etc. is already set and thus all you have to do is achieve the target and see the results for yourself.
  • Keeps you consistent: Now, we all know and have been through the struggle of getting up early in the morning and heading to the gym. But starting with some treadmill exercise will not only put you in motion but motivate you to do other exercises as well.

Sole F63 vs F80

Sole F63Sole F80
Dimensions66” x 82” x 35” (HxLxW)66” x 82” x 37” (H x L x W)
Weight Capacity325lbs.375lbs.
Exercise Programs1010
Running Surface20” x 60”22” x 60”
Display6.5” White Back-lit9” White Back-lit
WarrantyFrame & Motor: Lifetime, Deck, Electronics, Parts: 3 years, Labor: 1 yearFrame & Motor, Deck: Lifetime, Electronics, Parts: 5 years, Labor: 2 year
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We hope this fairly explains the role of a treadmill and what are its advantages. In case you don’t own one yet and are looking forward to buying one there are a plethora of options out there in the market- different types and different technologies.

Hence, the next step would be knowing about the different types and different features in a treadmill. This will make sure that you understand all the terminologies and technologies used in such types of equipment while you are rummaging around for the perfect buy.

Now, there are two types of treadmills Manual and Motorized. 

Manual ones as the name suggests, have to do with the motion of the user. So, the action of your feet against the deck moves the belt and it moves only when you want it to.

Naturally, you would need to put in more effort and hard work while exercising. This would result in spending more energy but it has been that users like to keep it slow and steady. 

In motorized treadmills, a motor is responsible for setting the belt in motion and when you run you have to spend less energy and put in fewer efforts.

The horsepower of the motor is an important factor here. Equipment with higher horsepower is required for those who have heavier bodies or want higher speed.

While manual treadmills are more cost-effective, do not require electricity, and have fewer features motorized treadmills are more expensive and come with several different features.

Apart from this, there are various other factors that decide the quality and efficiency of a treadmill which we will be discussing further but for now, let’s come back to Sole F63 vs F80.

It would be better if we discuss the products one by one and then give you our verdict. So, here we have the first product we will be talking about:

Sole F63 Treadmill Review

If you have thought of building a home gym for yourself or already own one Sole F63 has all the qualities that would make it to your gym.

sole f63 vs f80
CC: Amazon

Firstly, we think of the price point because not each one of us is willing to splurge upon their gm buy.

But, this one comes under $1,000 and can compete with other treadmills with the same features but a higher price point.

About the durability of the equipment, you need not worry. With basic features, this is a simple yet high-quality machine.

This has been one of the simplest designs from the brand throughout the years.

Here are the specifications and features which make it easily operable by beginners or even elderly people:  

Dimensions66” x 82” x 35” (HxLxW)
Weight Capacity325lbs.
Exercise Programs10
Running Surface20” x 60”
Display6.5” White Back-lit
WarrantyFrame & Motor: Lifetime, Deck, Electronics, Parts: 3 years, Labor: 1 year
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Sole F63 comes with some great features and we have mentioned all of them here as well:

  • Steel frame: The equipment from Sole are known for being sturdy and durable. The Sole F63 treadmill is also one of those. Made of steel the frame is powder-coated. 3” side rails and 18” long step up zone provides extra support. 
  • Cushioned deck: A lot of expensive treadmills come with high-quality cushioning to protect your spine and other joints from suffering shock. The Sole F63 treadmill also comes with such cushioning. Though, it might not compete with the expensive ones but is helpful when it comes to walking and light running. Such activities on the outdoor even surface can produce a large amount of impact while with such cushioning it is transferred to the deck.  
  • Deck dimensions: Again, the larger running surface comes with paying good money but treadmills at sole come with all these features at an affordable price. Featuring a 20″ by 60″ deck it has sufficient space and plenty of kick-back as well.
  • Motor: Being a motorized treadmill the power of the motor matters to a great extent. Here, it has 3.0 HP which is quite impressive and the fact that it is almost quiet makes it even more worth a buy. Moreover, it responds real smoothly even when it is changed to different settings and played around. 
  • 6.5” LCD screen: The size of the console screen is 6.5″ which is pretty decent. The numbers and other to-the-point information are properly visible on the screen. Buttons present below the screen are for controlling speed, program and incline.
  • Console layout: The buttons on this treadmill are raised-rubber tactile and can be easily felt and pressed even while you are running or walking. Buttons for speed and incline are present on the lower part of the console. 
  • Tablet/phone holder: Since the screen doesn’t enable a user to surf the net or watch videos like the expensive ones, it comes with a holder with an adjustable clip so that you can keep your phone or tablet and tune in some music. 
  • Storage: The manufacturers have been considerate enough to look into storage space for the users. On either side of the screen and above the deck there are two large pockets with an internal divider and an additional tray respectively. 
  • Pre-programmed workouts: Comes with simple and basic pre-programmed workouts and two user profiles to see your progress and growth. These programs are Cardio, Strength, HIIT, Manual, Hill, and Fat Burn.
  • Heart rate monitoring: Throughout your workouts, you can also track your heart rate and monitor it with the grip heart rate monitors which are compatible with wireless chest straps monitors as well.
  • Bluetooth speakers: The updated version of the Sole F63 treadmill comes with Bluetooth speakers as well so that you do not have to worry about another device for listening to music. This feature is a sixer for the sole treadmills because many of the expensive ones still don’t have this.
  • Water bottle holder: This might seem not that useful at first but when your treadmill doesn’t have you find the need. This will make sure that you are well hydrated during your workout hours.

A Sole F63 review is incomplete without their warranty conditions because Sole takes pride in their gym equipment and their qualities. The warranty for different parts is as Frame & Motor: Lifetime, Deck, Electronics, Parts: 3 years, Labor: 1 year.

Assembly: Another very important concern in this Sole F63 treadmill review is the assembly. To begin with, the treadmill weighs around 250 lb so you must have a helping hand while you are assembling the equipment and all the instructions to do so are in the manual.


  • Heavy duty but quiet motor
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • 325lbs weight capacity
  • Can be folded when not in use to not occupy a lot of space
  • Comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Power incline
  • Cushioned deck
  • No useless feature
  • Amazing warranty


  • Complains about squeaking
  • Sometimes slow to accelerate

Many a time customers complain that a lot of products that need to be assembled don’t come with the tools needed during the process but that is not the case with sole F63 treadmill.

It comes with a screwdriver and a couple of Allen wrenches. Moreover, the deck of the machine is pre-assembled so there isn’t much work there just joining the console and supporting frame. 

The sole F63 price is around thousand dollars but for Sole F63 best price you can visit amazon from the button provided below.

Moving on to the next product of our Sole F80 vs F63 article we have:

Sole F80 Treadmill Review

By this segment of the Sole F80 vs F63 comparison, you would have decided what it is that you need in your next gym buy. It could be a compact one, basic or maybe a smart one. 

sole f63 vs f80
CC: Amazon

To make it easier for you we have the right recommendation for you if you need something that you can fold easily or you can’t spare much space for gym equipment you would need to buy one that can be easily folded as and when required or if you are obese and couldn`t find something with the required weight capacity and motor power.

You might also be amongst those who want all of the data and on their fingerprints and would like to track your growth or workout stats with fitness apps.

Now, in case anyone of these is relatable to you then we have the perfect product and the most helpful review for you which is Sole F80 treadmill and Sole S80 review respectively. 

The Sole F80 treadmill, an upgrade of the previous model is more spacious and more powerful with the 3.5 HP motor. Featuring a 9″ display and built-in phone holder gives that extra touch to this model which was absent in the previous one.

But, like the previous model, it also has ten pre-set programmed workouts which can be viewed on the LCD screen, mobile phone or your tablet. The other specifications and features of the Sole F80 treadmill are as follows:

Dimensions66” x 82” x 37” (H x L x W)
Weight Capacity375lbs.
Exercise Programs10
Running Surface22” x 60”
Display9” White Back-lit
WarrantyFrame & Motor, Deck: Lifetime, Electronics, Parts: 5 years, Labor: 2 year
More InformationRead Reviews
  • Sturdy build: To make the machine durable and sturdy it is built with steel side and cross beams. Handrails too are epoxy-covered steel which is very rare to find in treadmills since most of them get away with plastic molded ones. 
  • Spacious Deck: The Sole F80 dimensions and that of its running belt which is about 60” long by 22” wide which is quite spacious than other models. This will contribute to the overall weight of the machine but it is still manageable. 
  • Height weight capacity: The weight capacity for this treadmill is around 375 pounds which is perfect for heavy or obese people. This accounts not just for the quality of the product but the stability and ability of the machine to handle the weight.
  • Speed and stability: We agree that many of the treadmills out there provide this speed range but what we don’t agree with is the stability they will be providing at this speed limit. Apart from that, since there is a range of speed options to choose from various types of exercises can be performed. 
  • Console display: The 9″ LCD screen displays workout time, incline, distance, speed, calories burnt, pace, pulse, heart rate, etc. With the well-lit screen, all the information is completely illegible.
  • Storage: Like the previous model, there are two large pockets on either side of the console and another under the console. With that, it has three other storage pockets. 
  • Noise level: With a sleek and placid kind of design the experience with this treadmill is very peaceful as well since there is no unnecessary noise of the motor or belt. 


  • 375lbs. weight capacity
  • Though the frame is made up of steel it doesn’t contribute to the overall weight much
  • Decent speed options where 12 mph is the maximum
  • Easy assist folding where all the four wheels help in an easy and smooth movement
  • 3.5 HP powerful motor
  • The machine is very durable with a top-quality frame and other parts
  • Spacious deck
  • Large and bright display
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty on frame, motor, and deck


  • There are only ten in-built workouts
  • Handrails could have been longer
  • The cushioning in the deck isn’t as comfortable and good-quality as others in the market with the same price point

This Sole F80 treadmill review wouldn’t be entirely helpful if we do not discuss the warranty period of its different parts which are Frame & Motor, Deck: Lifetime, Electronics, Parts: 5 years, Labor: 2 years.

We think for the price that you are paying this is the perfect warranty period on different parts considering that the motor, deck, and frame have a lifetime one. 

Assembly: For the Sole F80 assembly instructions you will have to refer to the owner’s manual. This sole F80 manual has mentioned the precautions one needs to take before attempting to assemble the machine.

Apart from that, the manual contains an assembly pack checklist to see if you have received all the tools and parts needed for the assembly. The instructions to assemble the machine have been explained with images as well.

The Sole F80 price is above the price of Sole F63, but for great deals, you can visit  below.

With this, we have given you a detailed Sole F63 vs F80 comparison but as we mentioned in the types of treadmills section we will be talking you through the different varieties and specifications of a treadmill.

Hence here are some of them which will help you understand the Sole F63 vs F80 comparison even better: 

Know your running surface:

  • Length matters: The running surface or the deck comes in lengths varying from 45 inches to 60 inches. While the ones with 45 to 50 inches are perfect for walking, for running purposes the ones with greater length are required. 
  • Width, too: About the width of the running surface it can be anywhere from 16 inches to 22 inches. The ones with greater width are for little heavy or obese people but most of us can do with the lesser ones too.
  • Thickness: The thickness of the deck decides if you are going to have a comfortable treadmill session or not. The more the thickness or cushioning of the deck, the better it absorbs the shock and protects your joint from any kind of injury. 

Like any other machines treadmills too are equipped with technologies and they decide the quality and pricing of the equipment to a great extent. Some of the commonly used technologies are:

  • Wireless compatibility: No doubt that this generation wants to have every kind of information stored in their cell phones and for the same reason treadmills that have wireless compatibility become popular. They enable you to track your performance with the help of certain apps.
  • Built-ins: There are treadmills that have built-in speakers and thus you need not carry your phone or tablet while running for music. 
  • Pre-programmed workouts: The ones we have mentioned above have a total of 10 workout programs that are pre-planned at a certain speed and incline. The same goes with other treadmills as well.

Sole F80 vs F63

These are the detailed reviews of both the products and now you know what they have to offer, but here in our Sole F80 vs F63, we are going to do find separate winners in each category.

  • Price: In terms of pricing the Sole F63 is more affordable then the F80, you can get this under thousand dollars or even in some sale season you can even get it less than the traditional price. (Winner: Sole F63)
  • Features: The Sole F80, comes with more features like bigger display, bigger deck, powerful motor, lifetime warranty, and many other small features. (Winner: Sole F80)
  • Overall Best: If you want the best among the best then we will say go with the Sole F80, it has more features with a lifetime warranty on frame, motor, and deck, and it is not so costly as compared to the price of Sole F6. (Winner: Sole F80)

Here, we have told you everything worth knowing about treadmills before you buy one and we wind up with the conclusion.

In this Sole F63 vs F80 comparison, we took you through treadmills in general, their uses and advantages, the types and then two products we aimed to compare based on their quality, durability, technology etc.

Although, we have mentioned every smallest detail of the gym equipment which one you want to bring home completely depends on your expectations from the machine and the price we are willing to pay for it.

In a nutshell, Sole F80 is a better and upgraded version of the Sole F63 treadmill with better durability, better cushioning, better experience, etc. but all of this comes with a price to pay.

If that doesn’t bother you go with the latter one but if you do not wish to spend $$$$ on a treadmill go with Sole F63 treadmill. I hope this would have been able to give you a final name in your mind without any doubts.

  • What is the difference between the Sole F63 and F80?

    The main difference between the Sole F63 and F80 is the motor, warranty time, display size, and weight limit, Sole F80 comes with 3.5CHP, 9 inch LCD display, Lifetime warranty on Frame, Motor, Deck and 375lbs. of the weight limit and F63 come with 3CHP, 6.5 inch LCD, LifeLifetime warranty on Frame, Motor, and 325lbs. weight limit.

  • Which one to BUY Sole F63 or Sole F80?

    IF you need affordable treadmill go with Sole F63, but if you need a feature loaded treadmill then come with the Sole F80, if you are one which doesn’t have money problem, and looking for overall best then F80 is for you, it comes with great warranty time.

  • Which one is Better Sole F63 or F80?

    The Sole F80 is a better in the Sole F63 vs F80 comparison, as it comes with bigger display, bigger size, higher weight limit, powerful motor, etc.

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